catching fire

catching fire

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author: Suzanne Collins

hunger games



Spokesperson and Digital Content Strategist (hp alliance): Lauren Bird

catching fire

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From now on your job is to be a distraction – so people forget what the real problems are.

 – Haymitch

the odds are in our (everyone’s) favor..


resonating parts:

now reading catching fire..
wasn’t going to add notes here.. i was just going to read..
p. 100.. what about the families.. the ones that can’t run away.. this isn’t just about saving us anymore (and I hear charters and et al screaming in my head) a
p. 111… when a sick or dying person is brought to her.. this is the only time i think my mother knows who she is
p. 122… i can’t let the capital hurt prim.. and then it hits me. they already have. (let’s wake up and listen to the youth around us.. to everyone.. what is more of a risk..? playing it safe is certainly not boding us well.)
p. 143… the disbelief of the chronically hungry..
p. 144… discontent was always there, of course, to some degree. but shat differed was that talk was no longer sufficient, ad the idea of taking action went from a wish to a reality
p. 205.. cinna – don’t worry. i always channel my emotions into my work. that way i don’t hurt anyone but myself
p. 253 – the mockingjay has come to symbolize so much more…  and i’m suddenly so afraid for him. what has he done? something terribly dangerous. and act of rebellion in itself…. don’t worry i always channel my emotion sin to my work. that way i don’t hurt anyone but myself.
p. 257 – how real are the tears? s this an acknowledgment that he has been stalked by the same fears i have? that every victor has? every parent in every district in panem?
p. 258 – and then it happens.. the visitors begin to join unbroken line.. first public show of unity among the districts since the dark days

remember who the enemy is.

– Haymitch


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the hp alliance et al

Andrew Slack et al 2013:

Can Fandom Change the World? LeakyCon 2013 Panel w/ Hank Green, Anthony Rapp, Mark Oshiro & more

fantasy is not an escape from our world.. but an invitation to go deeper into it…

in Harry Potter’s name – we are seeing injustices in the world.. and taking care of them

over 100 different chapters on 5 continents

usually civic engaged youth come from families that have been civically engaged.. but with hpalliance – most are the first in their families to be civically engaged..

Hank – key is to figure out what matters to you.. find your people.. to make world a better place – wanting to understand the world.. we are all the to make the structure more equitable.. people who think hard about problems

making the thing that is a thing a thing..

via the power of awesome

perhaps harry potter is the beatles of fandom.. it’s not that we don’t like harry potter anymore – we just like all the other fan doms..

24 min – Hank – switching out – what cohesiveness is.. it’s not really about harry potter – it’s about who we are.. and what we care about… the cloud/network – as big ness

26 min – Andrew  – how do we make justice viral… money and charity are essential – but can we go deeper..

…how can we fully leverage the brilliance of the nerd fighters

by sharing a narrative that’s already written on all of their (7 billion people’s) heart.. which also happens to be the deep/flexible/alive ongoing equitable leverage…

38 min – sliding fan\dom into the classroom

yeah – but could we not be more timely.. if timeliness and if free dom matters… and all.

Ron Suskin – disney therapy – no sidekick left behind