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Shareable is an award-winning nonprofit news, action and connection hub for the sharing transformation.

What’s the sharing transformation? It’s a movement of movements emerging from the grassroots up to solve today’s biggest challenges, which old, top-down institutions are failing to address.

Behind these failing industrial-age institutions are outmoded beliefs about how the world works – that ordinary people can’t govern themselves directly; that nonstop economic growth leads to widespread prosperity; and that more stuff leads to more happiness.

Amid crisis, a new way forward is emerging – the sharing transformation. The sharing transformation is big, global, and impacts every part of society.

New and resurgent solutions are democratizing how we produce, consume, govern, and solve social problems. The maker movement, collaborative consumption, the solidarity economy, open source software, transition towns, open government, and social enterprise are just a few of the movements showing a way forward based on sharing.

co-founder: Neal Gorenflo

part of advisory board: David Bollier, David Hodgson, Douglas Rushkoff, Michel Bauwens, Rachel Botsman

part of sharing cities project team: Sharon Ede, Ryan Gourley (trust computer)

book: sharing cities


Shareable, Ouisharefest 2014 Paris

seats to meet – again much like app function – world widely glocal..



shared by Bert Ola – Martijn of crowd expedition interviewing Neal –  mar 2015:

my drive is just – wanting more people along with me for this ride..

the american dream was about free time..

we lost sight of that dream.. the dream became about something else.. about accumulation.. about salary…

we can re think things…

12 min – coops.. task rabbit.. open value network.. spiral… blockchain

they have created – policies for shareable cities

americans spend $9000 on cars – one car shared takes car of 15 people

23 min – create ecosystems (in cities) where it’s easy to start coops

coops blockchain –

27 min – the idealists are the practical people.. the impossible is necessary


city ness





sept 2016 – shareable explains platform coop – via p2pfoundation fb share:

these winner-takes-all “sharing” platforms are emerging in other industries across the globe.

The good news is that there is an alternative — one that places control and ownership of digital services into the hands of its users. It’s called a platform cooperative, or platform co-op.


A platform co-op is a digital platform — a website or mobile app that is designed to provide a service or sell a product — that is collectively owned and governed by the people who depend on and participate in it

imagine we disengage from any measuring of transactions (ie: selling/owning..).. imagine truly sharing.. as one/interconnected..

ie: a nother way.. deep/simple/open enough for all of us.. hosting-life-bits via self-talk as data. as the day


article from april 8 2018

P2P Foundation (@P2P_Foundation) tweeted at 5:31 AM – 8 Apr 2018 :

The Sharing Cities Network encourages local actors to organize face-to-face and online in multiple cities simultaneously and connects diverse stakeholders including individuals, community groups, sharing enterprises, and local governments. (

In the paper I show how narrative framing of the sharing economy for community empowerment and grassroots mobilization have been used by Shareable to drive a “sharing transformation” and by Airbnb through “regulatory hacking” to influence urban policy

The Sharing Cities Network created the conditions for grassroots actors to demonstrate that another sharing economy grounded in cooperation, solidarity, and support for the urban commons was already underway through a “sharing transformation” in communities around the world. At the same time, Airbnb used “regulatory hacking,” political campaigning, and grassroots mobilization to remove policy blockages to commercial home sharing in key city markets to further its growth ambitions. The Sharing Cities Network succeeded in framing a new story about the sharing economy based on community empowerment that was co-opted by Airbnb’s Shared City narrative and its development of Home Sharing Clubs.

just focus on facil cure ios city.. ie: 2 convos


Shareable (@Shareable) tweeted at 7:45 PM – 2 Jun 2018 :
Blockchain as a force for good: How this technology could transform the sharing economy

The core idea of the Brooklyn Microgrid is to utilize a tailored blockchain to align energy consumption with energy production, and to do this with rapidly-updated price information that then changes behavior around energy.

Since blockchain can deal with these issues, reduce administrative costs, and increase transparency, WeTrust sees potential in applying this technology to people’s existing behavior around finances. “We’re realistic here,” he says

This is where the concept of a self-sovereign identity comes in. Simply put, a self-sovereign identity on the blockchain is a permanent identity that can only be accessed in full by the person or entity to whom it belongs, yet portions of that identity can be shown to any individual, organization, or agency whenever it becomes relevant.

mply’s smartphone app simplifies the process of recording student attendance, and the organization aims to increase the app’s versatility via blockchain in quite a few ways. “The longer term goal, also here is that each child and staff member gets a decentralized identity (a DID). That identity, we hope, will eventually build up to become a self-sovereign identity,” explains Joyce Zhang, project lead at Amply.

ugh..  money, id, school, .. let go

force for good.. only if we let go of money.. of measuring transactions/people


on digi town partnering w shareable (goal.. to own own city..?)

Those people need DigitalTown every bit as much as somebody who is trying to decide to buy new or used baby equipment from Amazon or from a local seller. This is a global problem, and it requires a global solution.



Commons Transition (@Commons_Trans) tweeted at 5:44 AM – 10 Aug 2018 :
Save money, reduce waste, and build community thanks to @Shareable’s 300 brilliant ‘how-to’ guides: cc @carolinelucas @storyofstuff @halsparks #postgrowth #collecon #sharingeconomy #economiadelbiencomun #coops #socent #uniteforgood #activism #buenvivir


We want to report on the critical issues that are underreported, but we need your help to identify great story ideas. That’s why we’re launching the “Ask Shareable” campaign. Let us know:

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What are 1-3 issues you want Shareable to explore in 2019?

a means to get to the roots of healing for 7b plus people..

until we do that (wake us all up) we’ll keep producing/consuming/surplussing/hoarding/bureaucratizing/et-al.. and sharing.. things that don’t really matter to us..

Are you aware of any individuals or organizations taking action to tackle some or all of the issues you’ve listed above? If so, please list the name(s) and provide any other relevant details. This information will help us reach out to them, in case we decide to cover it.

lots of people/orgs.. but we all keep getting distracted with things irrelevant to first setting 7b people free.

i believe the focus of that means (to get to roots of healing) is in 2 needs/desires that are deep enough to resonate with everyone.. today..  and Gabor Maté has keen insight into those 2 needs


community solutions to loneliness epidemic via shareable


Coronavirus catalyzes growing wave of grassroots action – Shareable
one more time, to give you hope in difficult times; a report on the wave of collaboration and mutual aid:
@Shareable has been a beacon for so many years; a heartfelt thanks
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lifelines not just for the most vulnerable, but for entire communities..ordinary people around the world ..with great passion and ingenuity

has to be all of us (everyone in sync)

let’s listen for and use that data (self-talk as data)

via tech as it could be (as it could be.)