trina paulus

trina paulus bw

an apparent death and then life again..

what else is there

if we give our life for others, this first life that we have, isn’t that what we’re meant to do

her message –

don’t crawl over others and hope that you’re going to get to some place good, because there’s nothing up there that way..

you have to become your deeper self, and you probably will need others to do that, but it’s not by crawling over them that you’re going to find such others,

you’re going to find them by looking in each other’s eyes and seeing the beauty there…

hope for flowers eyes meet

eye opening – ness


what do i much need..

spiritual poverty much deeper than any physical poverty – mother teresa


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hope for the flowers

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The book follows the travels and transformation of two caterpillars, Yellow and Stripe.  Stripe is on a mission to figure out the meaning of life when he stumbles upon a pillar of caterpillars. 

hope for flowers pillars

There must be something at the top, he figures and starts to climb.  Along the way

he steps on Yellow and finds sympathy in his heart.

hope for the flowers 1

They descend and travel together until the call of the pillar is too strong and they part ways.


very cool that i had this deep embedded image. but i had forgotten where that deep embedded image had come from.. couldn’t find it by googling .. needed my sister. love that.