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by Krishnamurti

on freedom and krishnamurti free will law.. and krishnamurti partial law




(ralph buultjens)


his popularity sometimes fluctuated, but krishnamurti persisted in his efforts to

set man absolutely, unconditionally free’

do this first


again and again, k declared that people do not need guidance, they need awakening..t

thurman alive law

his voice is silent but his message never ceases to speak


truth is a pathless land 

[talk given august 2 1929]

story of devil not worried about man picking up a piece of truth because ‘i am going to let him organize it’

krishnamurti organization law:

truth, being limitless, unconditioned unapproachable by any path whatsoever, cannot be organized; nor should any organization be formed to lead or to coerce people along any particular path.. t

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Human rights are not real. They are a social invention, without meaning unless reproduced by that society.

Failure to enact these conventions except when convenient makes clear the one-sidedness of the ‘social contract’, on which nation states claim validity.

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if you first understand that, then you will see how impossible it is to organize a belief. a belief is purely an individual matter, and you cannot and must not org it. if you do, it becomes dead, crystalized; it becomes a creed/sect/religion, to be imposed on others.. this is what everyone throughout the world is attempting to do.. truth is narrowed down and made a plaything for those who are weak, for those who are only momentarily discontented..

truth cannot be organized for you..

interest in ideas is mainly sustained by organization, but organization only awaken interest from without. interest, which is not born out of love of truth for its own sake, but aroused by an organization, is of no value.. the organization becomes a framework into which its members can conveniently fit.. they no longer strive after truth ..


this is why we need 2 convos as the start of each day.. the curiosity in each one of us.. everyday/second a new.. is the energy we need and we are currently missing big time..


i would make use of an org which would take me to london, for ie, this is quite a diff kind of org.. merely mechanical..

rowson mechanical law

i do not want followers.. the moment you follow someone you cease to follow truth

self-talk as data]

i am not concerned whether you pay attention to what i say or not. i want to do a certain thing in the world and i am going to do it w unwavering concentration. i am concerning myself w only one essential thing: to set man free..t

i desire to free him from all cages/fears, and not to found religions, new sects, nor to establish new theories and new philosophies..


you are accustomed to authority.. or to the atmosphere of authority, which  you think will lead you to spirituality.. you think/hope that another can, by his extraordinary powers – a miracle – transport you to this realm of eternal freedom.. your whole outlook on life is based on that authority..when you look for an authority to lead you to spirituality, you are bound automatically to build an org around that authority by the very creation of that org, which, you think, will help this authority to lead you to spirituality, you are held in a cage..


as i said before, my purpose is to make men unconditionally free, for i maintain that the only spirituality is the incorruptibility of the self.. which is eternal, is the harmony between reason and love..

meadows undisturbed law

organizations cannot make you free.. no man from outside can make you free; nor can organized worship, nor the immolation of ourselves for a cause, make you free; nor can forming yourselves into an org, nor throwing ourselves into works, make you free.. you use a typewrite to write letters, but you do not put it on an altar and worship it.. but that is what you are doing when organizations become your chief concern. ‘how many members are there in it?’ that is the first question i am asked by all newspaper reporters. ‘how many followers have you? by their number we shall judge whether what you say is true or false’ i do not know how many there are.. i am not concerned w that..


you have the idea that only certain people hold the key to the kingdom of happiness. no one holds it. .. that key is your own self..

so you still see how absurd is the whole structure that you have built, looking for external help, depending on others for your comfort/happiness, strength.. these can only be found w/in yourselves..

you are accustomed to being told how far you have advanced, what is your spiritual status. how childish.. who but yourself can tell you if you are beautiful or ugly within?

but those who really desire to understand, who are looking to find that which is eternal..will walk together w greater intensity.. will be a danger to everything that is unessential, to unrealities, to shadows..

because of that real understanding there will be true friendship.. real cop on the part of each one..

maté basic needs.. authenticity and attachment.. once you are you you crave the others

part 1 – early works


what i want to do

[talk given oct 20 1935 – mexico city]

the background of tradition prevents the complete understanding of life, and so causes confusion and suffering..

either you are conscious of the chaotic state of the world, or you are completely asleep.. if you are aware, you must be grappling w these problems..  (poverty, war, exploitation, racial hatred..).. in trying to solve them, some turn to experts for the solution, and follow their ideas and theories.. gradually they form themselves into an exclusive body, and thus they come in to conflict w other experts in their parties; and the individual merely becomes a tool in the hands of the group or the expert..


or you try to solve these problems by following a particular system, which, if you carefully examine it, becomes merely another means of exploiting the individual..  or you think that to change all this cruelty and horror there must be a mass movement, a collective action..

now the idea of a mass movement becomes merely a catchword if you , the individual who are part of the mass, do not understand your true function.. true collective action can take place only when you, the individual, who are also the mass, are awake and take the full responsibility for your action w/o compulsions..

so the question is: how can there be this profound individual *revolution? if there is this true, voluntary revolution on the part of the individual, then you will create the **right environment for all, ****w/o the distinction of class/race. then the world will be a ****single human unit..t

*quiet revolution

**right environ for all

***no distinction of class/race

****single unit

how are you going to awaken as individuals to his profound revolution? now what i am going to say is not complicated, it is simple; and because of its very simplicity, i am afraid you will reject it as not being positive.. what you call positive is to be given a definite plan, to be told exactly what to do..

to have this profound revolution, you must become fully conscious of the structure which you have created about ourself and in which you are now caught.. .. before you can act fully and truly, you must know the prison win which you are living.. how it has been creating; and in examining it w/o any self defense you will find out for yourself its true significance.. which no other can convey to you..

each one of us is seeking security, certainty, thru egotistic thought and action, objectively and subjectively. if you are conscious of your own thought, you will see that you are pursuing your own egotistic certainty and security, both onwardly and inwardly.. in reality no such division.. i make this division only for convenience..



objectively, this search for egotistic security and certainty expresses itself thru family, which becomes a center of exploitation, based on acquisitiveness..  if you examine it, you will see that what you call the love of family is nothing but possessiveness…

that search for security again..  expresses itself thru class divisions, which develop into the stupidity of nationalism and imperialism, breeding hatred, racial antagonism, and the ultimate cruelty of war..t

marsh label law

then there is the search for egotistic security, certainty, thru what we call religion..  you are seeking subjectively a diff kind of security, certainty , which you call immortality.

in your search for that security, fear is born, and so you submit yourself to another who promises you that immortality. thru fear you create a spiritual authority and to administer that authority there are priests who exploit you thru belief/dogma/creed/show/pomp/pageantry.. which throughout the world is called religion..  it is essentially based on fear

now you, the individual, must become conscious of all this intricate structure, conscious of the source of fear, and be willing to eradicate it, whatever be the consequence..

what are you seeking?

[talk given jun 16 1934 – ojai, california


and again, moral standards are merely the creations of society, so that the individual may be held w/in its bondage.. to me, morality cannot be standardized.. there cannot be at the same time morality and standards..


if you look closely you will see that your search is nothing but a search for comfort/security/escape; not a search for understanding/truth.. but rather a search for an evasion and therefore a search for the conquering of all obstacles; after all, all conquering is but substitution and in substitution there is no understanding..t

begs a story about people grokking what matters

there are escapes thru religions.. w their edicts, moral standards, fears, authorities; and escapes thru self expression; what you call self expression .. is but the reaction against environment,..t ..

begs 2 convos.. first thing everyday

here i am not including the true, spontaneous expression of beauty, of art, of science; they in themselves are complete. i am talking to the man who is seeking these things as a means of self expression.. a real artist does not talk about this self expression, he is expressing that which he intensely feels; but there are so man spurious artists, like the spurious spiritual people, who are all the time seeking self-expression as a means of getting something, some satisfaction which they cannot find in the environ in which they live..

as if a man becomes highly moral and virtuous thru depression, you say what a nice man he is, how he has changed.. for that change you depend upon environment; and so long as there is the dependence on environment of righteous action, there must be means of escape, substitutions, call it religion or what you will ..whereas for the true artist, who is also truly spiritual, there is spontaneous expression , which in itself is sufficient, complete, whole..

you are seeking a means to overcome that environ.. so as to perpetuate your own self.. which is but the result of that environ.. or .. because you have been thwarted so often by environ.. which prevents you from self expressing as you call it, you seek  anew means fo self expression thru service to humanity, thru econ adjustments, and all the rest of it..

conflict can exist only between two false things.. if your mind is merely concerned w the overcoming of that struggle, then you are perpetuating falseness and hence, there is more conflict, more sorrow..


but if you understand the significance of environment, that is, wealth, poverty, exploitation, oppression, nationalities, religions, and all the inanities of social life in modern existence, not trying to overcome them but seeing their significance, then there must be individual action, and complete revolution of ideas and thought. then there is not longer a struggle, but rather light dispelling darkness. there is no conflict between light and darkness.. there is no conflict between truth and that which is false.. there is only conflict where there are opposites..


the significance of environment

[talk given jun 17 1934 – ojai, california]


now, conflict is the result of environ.. when are you conscious of environ..?  only when there is conflict and a resistance to that environ.. so..if you observe..if you look into your lives, you will see that conflict is continually twisting, perverting, shaping, your lives; and intelligence, which is the perfect harmony of mind and heart , has no part in your lives at all.. that is.. environment is continually shaping, molding your lives to action, and naturally out of that continual twisting, molding, shaping, perversion, conflict is born.. so.. where there is this constant process of conflict there cannot be intelligence.. and yet we think that be continually going thru conflict we shall arrive at that intelligence, that fullness, and that plenitude of ecstasy. but by the accumulation of conflict we cannot find our how to live intelligently; you can find out how to live intelligently only when you understand the environ which is creating conflict, and mere substitution, that is, the intro of new conditions, is not going to solve the conflict..

so we are trying to give excuses for the present conflict in which the mind is caught and are not trying to find out what is the cause of conflict itself, which its to inquire into the significance of environ.. t

conflict then can exist only between environ – environ being economic and social conditions, political domination, neighbors – between that environ and the result of environ.. which is the ‘i’.. conflict can exist only so long as there is reaction to the environ which produces the ‘i’ the self.. the majority of people are unconscious of this conflict.. the conflict between one’s self..


what happens when you become conscious of the conflict? what happens when in that intensity of suffering you become fully conscious of the battle, the struggle which his going on? most people want an immediate relief/answer.. they want to shelter themselves from that suffering and therefore, they find various means of escape such as religions, excitements, inanities, and the many mysterious avenues of escape which we have created thru our desire to protect ourselves from this struggle..

suffering can only awaken the mind (will not lead to fullness).. and when the mind is acute, then it begins to question.. the environ/conditions.. and in that questioning.. intelligence is functioning.. and it is only intelligence that will lead man to the fullness of life and to discovery of the significance of sorrow..

intelligence begins to function in the moment of acuteness of suffering, when mind and heart are not longer escaping, .. thru the various avenues which you have so cleverly made.. which are so apparently reasonable, factual , real.. if you observe carefully, w/o prejudice, you will see that so long as there is an escape you are not solving.. therefore suffering is merely the accumulating of ignorance..


the question is not whether we can create a perfect environ.. but rather how to awaken that intelligence which shall be free of environ, imperfect or perfect.. not being twisted, perverted, shaped by environ..t


we are so fully conscious of the divisions between the false things, between the result and the environ.. that we fight them and .. therefore, we want to reform/change/alter .. w/o fundamentally changing the whole structure of human life..

to me the superficial will exist so long as you are merely concerned w the alteration of environ so as to alleviate conflict..

environ is moving because it is beyond your control.. it is false so long as you don’t understand its significance.

a dynamic society

[talk given jun 18 1934 – ojai, california]


suppression is the gross form of the subtler self discipline, which is also repression..  that is, both suppression as well as self discipline are mere adjustments to environment.. .. both are based on fear..

self discipline is merely an adjustment to an environ which we have not completely understood; therefore, in that adjustment there must be the denial of intelligence..t.. why has one ever to discipline one’s self? why does one discipline/force one’s self to mold after a particular pattern? .. you will see that the more you discipline/train the mind, the greater its limitations..  i am using self discipline .. as after a certain pattern, preconceived .. this continual twisting .. must eventually cripple the mind. the mind, which is really intelligent, is free of self discipline.. for intelligence is born out of the questioning/discovery of environ..  in that discovery is true adjustment.. free of the particular condition..

intelligence is not born out of self discipline or suppression

so must observe.. become aware how your own thought/feelings function.. w/o wanting to guide them in any particular direction…. in awareness there is no discipline

fromm spontaneous law

ie: supposed you don’t know you are snobbish but you want to find out.. by becoming conscious of your thought/emotions… suppose you discover you are snobbish.. and that discovery creates a disturbance/conflict.. and that conflict dissolves snobbishness.. whereas if you merely discipline the mind not to be snobbish, you are developing a diff characteristic which is the opposite of being a snob, and being deliberate, therefore false, is equally pernicious..

wilde not us law

so because we have established various patterns/goals/aids, which we are continually – consciously or unconsciously – pursuing, we discipline our minds/hearts toward the and therefore there must be control/perversion, whereas if you begin to inquire into the conditions that create conflict, and thereby awaken intelligence, then that intelligence itself is so supreme tha ti t is continually in movement and therefore there is never a static point which can create conflict..

huge.. again.. fromm spontaneous law.. spontaneity vs stasis

you always ask for a method.. what does it indicate.. this desire for a method.. every demand for a method indicates the desire to escape..  you want me to lay down a system so you may imitate that system.. the desire for a method indicates essentially the desire to escape..t

escapism ness

escape from freedom


you create artificially a conflict because you are afraid you are missing something.. life will not miss you.. if you think it does, something is wrong w you. perhaps you are neurotic, not normal.

if you are in conflict.. you will not ask me for a method.. were i to give you a method you would merely be disciplining yourself according to that method.. trying to imitate an ideal, a pattern which i have laid down and therefore, destroying your own intelligence.. .. whereas if you are really conscious of that conflict, in that consciousness suffering will become acute and in that acuteness, i that intensity, you will dissolve the cause of suffering, which is the lack of understanding of the environ

i do believe today we are shellness and disturbed.. so we do need help/method.. ie: 3 and 30 as infra..

you know we have lost all sense of living normally, simply, directly. to get back to that normality/simplicity/directness.. you cannot follow methods..  you cannot merely become automatic machines; and i am afraid most of us are seeking methods because we think that thru them we shall realize fullness/stability/permanency.. to me methods lead to slow stagnation and decay and they have nothing to do w real spirituality, which is, after all, the summation of intelligence

if you feel that that is necessary.. then there is neither an outward nor an inward revolution; there is only revolution.. but the moment you begin to limit it by saying, ‘i must not hurt my family/friends’.. then you really don’t see the necessity for radical change, you merely seek a change of environ


you begin to consider fam/friends/ideals/beliefs.. the established order of things, only when you are still clinging to a particular safety.. when there is not that inward richness, but merely the dependence on external stimulation for that inward richness..


so individually we must become conscious.. individuals establish a goal, strive after its attainment, and after attaining, collapse.. they try all the time to reach some goal and stay at that stage which they have attained..  the individual must be in constant movement, must ever be becoming.. not seeking  culmination, not pursing a goal..  the self expression, which is society, will be ever in constant movement

langer outcomes law

so one has to find out what creates this lack of understanding what prevents the individual from gathering the full significance of the environment.. and to discover that significance, mind must really be free of prejudice.  it is one of the most difficult things to be really free of a bias.. and to approach environ w a fresh openness.. demands a great deal of perception..  most minds are biased thru vanity, thru the desire to impress others by being somebody.. or thru desire to attain truth or to escape from their environ… or to expand consciousness.. all these desires prevent the mind rom perceiving directly the full worth of the environ..


it is fatal to meet life w the burden of certainty.. w the conceit of knowledge.. because, after all, knowledge is merely a thing of the past..t..  so when you come to that life w a freshness, then you will know what it is to live w/o conflict.. w/o this continual straining effort.. then you wander far on the floods of life.

living in ecstasy

[talk given jun 29 1934 – ojai, california]


a simplicity born of this delicacy of thought, in which there is neither search nor contentment.. when we say search , our mind is rejecting something and seeking a substitute that will satisfy it, and thereby it creates duality and from this there arises compulsions.. the choice of the one is the overcoming of the other..

influence then is the negation of understanding  and can exist only where there is division.. .. that is, when the mind is trying to overcome, it must creat duality, and that very duality negates understanding and creates distinctions… this influence must be a hindrance to that understanding which is beauty, truth, and love itself..

if you rely on memory as a guide to conduct.. then that memory must impede your action/conduct.. because then that action /conduct is merely the result of calculation and therefore it has no spontaneity/richness/fullness of life

fromm spontaneous law.. spo


what is it that we call suffering.. isn’t suffering merely a shock to the mind to awaken it of its own insufficiency?  the recognition of that insufficiency creates what we call sorrow.. suppose you’ve been relying on your son/spouse to satisfy that insufficiency, that incompleteness; by the loss of that person whom you love, there is created the full consciousness of the emptiness, of that voice, and out of that consciousness comes sorrow, and you say, ‘i have lost somebody’

so thru death there is, first of all, the full consciousness of emptiness which you have been carefully evading.. hence, where there is dependence there must be emptiness, shallowness, insufficiency and therefore sorrow and pain..  we don’t want to recognize that; we don’t see that that is the fundamental cause.. so we begin to say.. i miss my friend/ spouse, child.. how am i to overcome this loss/sorrow..

now all overcoming is but you begin to discover various means of escape and substitution, which momentarily relieve you from suffering..  whereas if there were the cessation of this desire to overcome and if there were really the desire to understand – to find out , fundamentally – what causes pain and sorrow, then you would discover that so long as there is loneliness, shallowness, emptiness, insufficiency, which in it outer expression is dependence, there must be pain..  and you cannot fill that insufficiency by overcoming obstacles, by substitutions, by escaping or by accumulating,  which is merely the cunning of the mind lost in the pursuit of gain..

memory creates greater and greater dependence.. the continual looking back to an even emotionally.. to get a reaction from it.. which prevents the full expression of intelligence in the present..


where there is no creative expression of life, we give undue importance to sex..  so not how one can overcome passion, sexual desire, but how to release that creative living and not merely one part of it.. which is sex,.. that is .. how to understand the wholeness, the completeness of life


in your work you are being prevent ed by circumstances/conditions, from expressing yourself fundamentally/creatively  and so there must be an outlet; and this outlet become the sex/drink/inane problem..  undue importance is given to those things that should be normal… but.. if you were to deal w life, not in parts but as a whole.. then you would see that these problems.. disappear.. and intelligence functions normally..


to me the true artist is one who lives completely, harmoniously, who does not divide his art from living, whose very life is that expression, .. not divorced .. from his daily conduct/living.. that demands the highest intelligence/harmony.. .. all this demands that exquisite poise… that intensity of awareness..


all of us (early he says there are few artists).. if we are truly free in an undisturbed ecosystem..

to be a true human being

[talk given jun 30 1934 – ojai, california]


what i call happiness or ecstasy is, to me, creative thinking. and creative thinking is the infinite movement of thought, emotion and action..  that is .. when thought, which is emotion, which is action itself, is unimpeded in its movement…. not compelled or influenced or bound by and idea, and does not proceed from the background of tradition or habit, then that movement is creative.

so the question every thoughtful person puts to himself is how can he awaken this creative thinking; because when there is this creative thinking, which is infinite movement, then there can be no idea of a limitation, a conflict

gershenfeld sel

now this movement of creative thinking does not seek in its expression a result, and achievement; its results and expressions are not its culmination.. it has no culmination/goal.. for it is eternally in movement.. most minds are seeking a culmination/goal/achievement. and are molding themselves upon the idea of success, and such thought/thinking is continually limiting itself, whereas if here is no idea of achievement but only the continual movement of thought as understanding/intelligence.. then that movement of thought is creative..  creative thinking ceases when mind is crippled by adjustment thru influence/tradition/fixed-point.. so long as this limitation/adjustment exists there cannot be creative thinking, intelligence, which alone is freedom..

division only exists when there is search for a goal.. the complacency of certainty..t

when mind is functioning w/o seeking culmination/goal.. that thinking is action, which is the relationship between the individual and society..

so to me there is no art of thinking there is only creative thinking. there is no technique of thinking but only spontaneous creative functioning of intelligence, which is the harmony or reason, emotion and action , not divided or divorced from each other


now this thinking/feeling, w/o a search for a reward/result.. is true experiment, isn’t it?..t  .. to experiment, mind must be continually freeing itself from the environ/past.. there can be no creative thinking if mind is hindered by search for reward, by pursuit of a goal.. practice does not bring about creative thinking..t


fear is the cause of the search for protection or security.. so long as there is that search there must be fear..

so where there is this search for security, for a certainty, for a goal, preventing creative thinking, there must be adjustment, called self-discipline, which is but compulsion, the imitation of a pattern, whereas when the mind sees that there is no such thing as security .. then mind is released from fear and mind is intelligence, and that which is intelligence does not discipline itself..  there is self discipline only where there is no intelligence..  where there is intelligence, there is understanding , free from influence, from control and domination

this is so huge to ie: no train.. and no purpose plan.. et al.. and each day (hour/minute) starting with self talk rather than seeing what’s happening ..  or who’s liking what you did in the past.. et al

antifragility et al

being vulnerable to truth 

[talk given july 1 1934 – ojai, california]


i think most people have lost the art of listening.. if you know how to listen, then you will begin to understand the whole and your mind will not be entangled by the particular..

then you begin to ask.. what is the end.. the purpose of living..  you are concerned w the purpose.. the end .. rather than w living in the present..


such ideas (purpose) and ends have become merely a haven of refuge .. you begin to use these ideals to measure your experiences..t

the very inquiry into the purpose of life indicates the lack of intelligence in the present; and the man who is fully active – not lost in activities, as most americans are, but fully active, intelligently, emotionally, fully alive – has fulfilled himself. therefore the inquiry into an end is futile… you want to arrive at that perfect evasion which you call ideas at that perfect refuge which you call the purpose of life, which is but an s escape from the present turmoil

resonating w all dave’s school of possible convos..


naturally, when you seek to overcome, to dominate, to evade, and to arrive at that ultimate goal, there arises the search for system and their leaders, guides, teachers, and experts; to me all thee are exploiters..  the systems, the methods, and their teachers, and all the complications of their rivalries, enticements, promises, and deceits, create divisions in life known as sects and cults

marsh label law

that is what is happening.. when you are seeking an attainment, a result, an overcoming of the turmoil, and not considering the ‘you’.. the ‘i’ consciousness and the end which you are ceaselessly and consciously, or unconsciously, pursing, naturally you must create exploiters, either of the past or present.. and you are caught up in their prettinesses/jealousies/disciplines/disharmonies/divisions..

such a mind cannot understand environ, and.. must rely on the accumulation of memory for guidance; for memory is but a series of accumulations which act as a guide toward and end. that is the purpose of memory..

this memory is acting as a guide toward an end, and that end , being preestablished, is merely a self protective refuge which you call ideals, attainment, truth, god, or perfection..  the beginning and the end, the ‘you’ and the goal, are the results of this self protective mind

self protective mind comes into being as result of the consciousness/awareness of emptiness.. of void..


spiritually and economically you are seeking security, because you rely on accumulation for your richness/comprehension/fullness/fulfillment..  and so the cunning, in the spiritual as well as econ world, exploit you, for both seek power by glorifying self protections..

the man who has money and many possessions, and who has secured comforts and pleasures for his body, is generally, if you will observe, most insufficient and unintelligent, and is groping after so called spiritual protections

let us inquire however if there really is spiritual self protection, because economically we see there is no security..  the illusion of econ security is shown through out the world by these depressions, crises, wars, calamities and chaos..

i say there is only wisdom, which is understanding, not protection. that is.. security..  self protection.. is the outcome of insufficiency, in which there is no intelligence.. no creative thinking..  constant battle between the ‘you’ and society  and in which the cunning exploit you ruthlessly.. as long as there is the pursuit of self protection there must be conflict, and so there can be no understanding/wisdom..

so the mere search for the solution of our problems is not going to free the mind from creating further problems..  as long as this center of self protectiveness, born of insufficiency, exists, there must be disturbance, tremendous sorrow, and pain: and you cannot free the mind of sorrow by disciplining it not to be insufficient..  that is, you cannot discipline ourself, or be influenced by conditions and environ, in order not to be shallow..  you say to self.. i am shallow.. how am i going to get rid of it? i say.. do not seek to get rid of it, which is merely a process of substitution..  but become conscious/aware of what is causing this insufficiency..  you cannot compel it; force it; it cannot be influenced by an idea, by a fear, by the pursuit of enjoyment and powers..  you can find out the cause of insufficiency only thru awareness..


after all.. self protection is the result of insufficiency, and as the mind has been trained, caught up in its bondage for centuries, you cannot discipline it you cannot overcome it.. if you do, you lose the significance of the deceits and subtleties of thought and emotion behind which mind has taken shelter; and to discover these subtleties you must become conscious, aware…

if you are aware, you will discover the full significance of the environ. therefore there is not modification, but entire freedom from that environ

full awareness of mind and heart.. then there is an ecstasy, there is that living movement of truth, which is not and end/culmination, but an ever creative living, an ecstasy which cannot be described, because all description must destroy it..

part 2 – insights into everyday life


the first and last freedom

to communicate w one another, even if we know each other very well, is extremely difficult.. i may use words that may have to you a significance different from mine..  instantaneous understanding comes when we meet on the same level at the same time..

i would like to convey, by the very simple words which we use in our daily life, a deeper significance; but that is very difficult if you do not know how to listen..

there is an art of listening.. to be able really to listen, one should abandon or put aside all prejudices, preformulations, and daily activities..  when you are in a receptive state of mind things can be easily understood; you are listening when your real attention is given to something..  but unfortunately most of us listen thru a screen of resistance..  we are screened w prejudices..  or with our daily worries, desires, and fears..  and w these for a screen, we listen.. therefore we listen really to our own noise, to our own sound, not to what is being said..  it is extremely difficult to put aside our training/prejudices/inclination/resistance .. and .. reaching beyond the verbal expression, to listen so that we understand instantaneously..

if during discourse, anything is said which is opposed to  your way of thinking and belief.. just listen; do not resist. you may be right and i may be wrong; but by listening and considering together we are going to find out what is the truth.. truth cannot be given to you by somebody.. you have to discover it and to discover, there must be a state of mind in which there is direct perception.. there is not direct perception when there is a resistance, a safeguard, a protection.. understanding comes thru being aware of what is..  to know exactly what is, the real, the actual, w/o interpreting/condemning/justifying it.. is.. surely.. the beginning of wisdom..


what is is constantly moving and if the mind is tethered to belief/knowledge, it ceases to pursue/follow..


the more confusion.. the more we seek security.. .. a leader..  to guide out of mess…


you do not have to quote books to find out that your values/riches/econ and social existence are based on things made by the hand or by the mind..

the real is near.. you do not have to seek it; and a man who seeks truth will never find it..  that is why we have to be still, observant, ..

you ..seeing this social and econ confusion, this chaos/misery, withdraw into what is called the religious life and abandon the world, you may feel that you are joining these great teachers; but the world goes on w its chaos/misery/destruction.. the everlasting suffering of its rich and poor.. .. if, living in the world, you refuse to be a part of it, you will help others out of this chaos.. not in the future, not tomorrow, but now..

in other words.. can you be instantaneously free..? because that is the only way out of this misery.. perception can take place only in the present..


what is generally called revolution is merely the modification or the continuance of the right according to the ideas of the left.. the left after all is the continuation of the right in a modified form…

until i, in my relationship to you, understand myself, i am the cause of chaos, misery, destruction, fear, brutality..  understanding myself is not a matter of time; i can understand myself at this very moment..

understanding is now.. not tomorrow.. when you are interested in something, you do it instantaneously, .. the change that takes place tomorrow is merely a modification.. it is not transformation.. the revolution is now, not tomorrow..



why are we ambitious?..

‘if we were not, nothing would get done in the world.. ambition is another name for progress. w/o progress, we would decay, wither away’

in getting things done in the world, we are also breeding wars and untold miseries. is ambition progress? for the moment we are not considering progress, but ambition. why are we ambitious? why do we want to succeed, to be somebody?.. why do we struggle to be superior?.. why all this effort to assert oneself, whether directly, or thru an ideology or the state..?  is not this self assertion the main cause of our conflict and confusion..?  w/o ambition would we perish..? can we not physically survive w/o being ambitious?


does this desire for success, for applause, bring conflict both w/in and w/o? would being free of ambition mean decay? is it stagnation to have no conflict?

why are we clever and ambitious? is not ambition an urge to avoid what is? is not this cleverness really stupid, which is what we are?.. why are we so frightened of what is?.. what is the good of running away if whatever we are is always there?.. we may succeed in escaping, but that we are is still there, breeding conflict and misery.. why are we so frightened of our loneliness, of our emptiness..

any activity away from what is is bound to bring sorrow and antagonism.. conflict is the denial of what is or the running away from what is; there is no conflict other than that. our conflict becomes more and more complex and insoluble because we do not face what is.. there is no complexity in what is, but only in the many escapes that we seek


the individual and the ideal


it is comparatively easy to substitute a new pattern of condition for the old; but for the individual to free himself from all conditioning is quite another matter..t


it will revolutionize education, our whole way of living and working. i think i see them implications of a mind that is free from the ideal, from the what should be

supposed to ness


i see how foolish we are, searching the universe for that bliss which is to be found only in our own hearts when the mind is purged of its activities.. i begin w what i am..

fear and escape


love is not identification; it is not thought about the loved. you do not think about love when it is there; you think about it only when it is absent, when there is distance between you and the object of your love.. when there is direct communion, there is no thought, no image, no revival of memory; it is when the communion breaks, at any level, that the process fo thought, of imagination, begins.. love is not of the mind. the mind makes the smoke of envy, of holding, of missing, of recalling the past, of longing for tomorrow, of sorrow and worry; and this effectively smothers the flame..

time and transformation


when we use time as a means fo acquiring a quality, a virtue, or a state of being, we are merely postponing or avoiding what is


when you no longer depend on time as a means of transforming what is because you see the falseness of that process, then you are confronted w what is, and as you are interested to understand what is, naturally you have a quiet mind..  in that alert yet passive state of mind there is understanding.. .. so long as the mind is in conflict, blaming , resisting , condemning, there can be no understanding.. if i want to understand you, i must not condemn you obviously.. it is that quiet mind, that still mind, which brings about transformation.. when the mind is no longer resisting/avoiding/discarding/blaming what is but is simply passively aware..

revolution is only possible now, not in the future; regeneration is today, not tomorrow..

the mind is always still when it is interested, when it desires or has the intention to understand.. the difficulty w mos of us is that we have not the intention to understnd, because we are afraid that, if we understood, it might bring about a revolutionary action in our life and, therefore we resist.. it is the defense mechanism that is at work when we use time or an ideal as a means of gradual transformation..

a man who sees that time is not the way out of our difficulty and who is, therefore, free from the false, such a man naturally has the intention not to understand; there fore  his mind is quiet spontaneously w/o compulsion, w/o practice.. when the mind is still, tranquil, not seeking any answer or any solution, neither resisting nor avoiding – it is only then that there can be a regeneration.. because then the mind is capable of perceiving what is true; and it is truth that liberates, not your effort to be free..

sorrow from self pity


it was aware of the falling petals, but it had no focus of attention, no point from which to attend.. all energy was in that empty stillness.. it was not the energy what is built up w intent, and which is soon dissipated when pressure is taken away.. it was the energy of all beginning; it was life that had not time as ending..

sorrow is not to be compared. comparison breeds self pity, and then misfortune ensues.. adversity is to be met directly, not w the idea that yours is greater than another’s

education and the significance of life


we are turning out, as if thru a mold, a type of human being whose chief interest is to find security, to become somebody important, or to have a good time w as little thought as possible..t

conventional ed makes independent thinking extremely difficult. conformity leads to mediocrity. to be different from the group or to resist environ is not easy and is often risky as long as we worship success.. the urge to be successful, which is the pursuit of reward .. this whole process smothers discontent, puts an end to spontaneity and breeds fear; and fear blocks the intelligent understanding of life..  w increasing age, dullness of mind and heart sets in

from spontaneous law

our whole upbringing and ed have made us afraid to be different from our neighbor, afraid to think contrary  to the established pattern of society, falsely respectful of authority and tradition..

there are many who revolt against the established orthodoxies only to fall in to new orthodoxies, further illusions and concealed self indulgences..t

but there is an intelligent revolt which is not reaction, and which comes w self knowledge thru the awareness of one’s own thought and feeling..t

self-talk as data

it is only when we face experience as it comes and do not avoid disturbance that we keep intelligence highly awakened; and intelligence highly awakened is intuition, which is the only true guide in life..t

zinn energy law.. thurman alive law

what are we living and struggling for? if we are being educated merely to achieve distinction, to get a better job, to be more efficient, to have wider domination over others, then our lives will be shallow and empty. if we are being educated only to be scientists, to be scholars wedded to books, or specialists addicted to knowledge, then we shall be contributing to the destruction and misery of the world.


thought there is a higher and wider significance to life, of what value is our education if we never discover it? we may be highly educated, but if we are w/o deep integration of thought and feeling, our lives are incomplete, contradictory and torn w many fears; and as long as ed does not cultivate an integrated outlook on life, it has very little significance..

damaging if it is ‘cultivating an integrated outlook on life’.. from outside of us.. not after an integrated outlook.. after eudaimonia..

to attempt to solve the many problems of existence at their respective levels separated as they are into various categories, indicates an utter lack of comprehension..

we have been educated for various professions w/in a system based on exploitation and acquisitive fear.. such a training must inevitably bring confusion and misery to ourselves and to the world, for it creates in each individual those psychological barriers which separate and hold him apart from others..

no train

ed is not merely a matter of training the minds. training makes for efficiency, but it does not bring about completeness..  a mind that has merely been trained is the continuation of the past, and such a mind can never discover the new..t..  that is why, to find out what is right eduction, we will have to inquire into the whole significance of living..

no train..


if ed leads to war, if it teaches us to destroy or be destroyed, has it not utterly failed..?

a consistent thinker is a thoughtless person, because he conforms to a pattern; he repeats phrases and thinks in a groove…. to understand life is to understand ourselves, and that is both the beginning and the end of ed..

ed is not merely acquiring knowledge, gathering and correlating facts; it is to see the significance of life as whole. but the whole cannot be approached thru the part, which is what govts, org’d religions, and authoritarian parties are attempting to do..

we have made exams and degrees the criterion of intelligence and have developed cunning minds that avoid vital human issues.. t

maté basic needs

intelligence is the capacity to perceive the essential, the what is; and to awaken this capacity, in oneself and in others, is education..t

gupta roadblock law

the present system of ed is making us subservient, mechanical and deeply thoughtless; though it awakens us intellectually, inwardly it leaves us incomplete, stultified and uncreative..

the purpose of ed is not to produce mere scholars, technicians, and job hunters, but integrated men and women who are free of fear; for only between such human beings can there be enduring peace..

it is in the understanding of ourselves that fear comes to an end. if the individual is to grapple w life from moment to moment, if he is to face its intricacies, its miseries and sudden demands, he must be infinitely pliable and therefore, free of theories and particular patterns of thought

antifragility and spontaneity


when there is no self-knowledge, self-expression becomes self-assertion, w all its aggressive and ambitious conflicts.. t

2 convos

as we are having a series of devastating wars, one right after another, there is obviously something radically wrong w the way we bring up our children.. t.. i think most of us are aware of this but we do not know how to deal w it..

hg child et al

the individual is of first importance, not the system; and as long as the individual does not understand the total process of himself, no system, whether of the left or of the right can bring order and peace to the world..t

grammatis broken law

let’s do this firstfree art-ists.

for (blank)’s sake

life ahead


it seems to me that a totally diff kind of morality and conduct and an action that springs from the understanding of the whole process of living, have become an urgent necessity in our world of mounting crises and problems. we try to deal w these issues thru political and organizational methods.. thru econ readjustment and various reforms; but none of these things will ever resolve the complex difficulties of human existence, though they may offer temp relief. .. w/o understanding the whole complex being of man, mere reformation will bring about only the confusing demand for further reforms.. there is no end to reform; and there is no fundamental solution along these lines

political econ, or social revolution are not the answer either,

but there is a revolution which is entirely diff and which must take place..has to do not w theory and ideation, which eventually prove worthless, but w a radical transformation in the mind itself. such a transformation can be brought about only thru right ed and the total development of the human being. ..

at present we are tinkering w results, w symptoms.. we are not bringing about a vital change, uprooting the old ways of thought, freeing the mind from traditions and habits.

there is no learning if though originates from conclusions.. .. learing is possible only when there is no coercion of any kinds.. and coercion takes man forms, does it not?.. there is coercion thru influence, thru attachment or threat, thru persuasive encouragement or subtle forms of reward..


authority as ‘the one who knows’ has no place in learning..

when cultivating intelligence there must be a sense of freedom.. this does not mean **freedom to do whatever one likes.. it is the freedom in which the student is being helped to be aware of his own urges and motives, which are revealed to him thru his *daily thought and action.

*which begs to be **whatever one likes.. otherwise you are contradicting yourself big time (ie: otherwise you are saying his urges and motives.. as he reacts to someone else’s agenda)


since we are concerned w the total development of the individual, the student may not be allowed in the beginning to choose his own subjects, because hei choice is likely to be based on passing moods an prejudices, or on finding the easiest thing to do; or he may choose according to the immediate demands of a particular need.


just dang.. total freedom..?

sad day..


but if he is helped to discover by himself and to cultivate his innate capacities, then he will naturally choose not the *easiest subjects, but those thru which he can express his capacities to the **fullest and highest extent.. if the student is helped form the very beginning to look at life as a whole, w all its psychological, intellectual and emotional problems, he will not be frightened by it..

but this is coercion.. and *comparison.. and **ambition.. and you just said they all cause fear..

ugh – goes on to say the teacher must keep a report of student progress.. but make sure parents don’t use it as coercion.. and make sure parents focus of career doesn’t get in way ie:


so the educator not only has to educate the children in the right way, but also to see to it that the parents do not undo whatever good may have been done at the school.. really the school and the home should be joint centers of right ed, and should in no way be opposed to each other, w the parents desiring one thing and the educator doing something entirely different..

i thought this wasn’t about coercion.. and supposed to’s..  why is it about the parent’s and teacher’s desire.. and why are you even using those labels (teacher and student).. this contradicts you strong admonitions of parents.. where you said they have to let go of their own desires..

the child’s natural curiosity, the urge to learn, exists from the very beginning, and surely this should be intelligently encouraged continually, so that it remains vital a w/o *distortion, and will gradually lead him to the study of a variety of subjects. if this eagerness to learn is encouraged in the child at all times, then his **study of math, geography, history, science, or any other subject will not be a problem to the child or to the educator..

**this is *distortion..

so not total freedom


it is important in a school that the child should feel at ease, completely *secure from the very first day. the first impression is of the highest importance. but if the educator artificially tries by various means to gain the child’s confidence and allows him to do what he likes, then the educator is cultivating **dependency; he is not giving the child the feeling of being secure, the feeling that he is in a place where there are people who are deeply concerned w his total welfare.

dang.. i thought seeking *security was the problem.. and if the kid has to be told what to do.. that’s the dependency..


being at ease, feeling secure, the child will do what he likes; but in doing what he likes, he will find out what is the right thing to do

being sensitive, the child in his conduct will be open and not secretive; therefore, a mere suggestion on the part of the teacher will be accepted easily, w/o resistance or friction..


only a mind tha tis in a state of inquiry is capable of learning.. but when inquiry is suppressed by previous knowledge, or by the authority and experience of another, the n learning becomes mere imitation, and imitation causes a human being to repeat what is learned w/o experiencing it

like this: a mere suggestion on the part of the teacher will be accepted easily, w/o resistance or friction..


learning in the true sense of the word is possible only in that state of attention in which there is no outer or inner compulsion..

how is the state of attention to be brought about..? it cannot be cultivated thru persuasion, comparison, reward, or punishment, all of which are forms of *coercion..  the elimination of fear is the beginning of attention..  fear must exist as long as there is an urge to be or to become, which is the pursuit of success w all its frustrations and tortuous contradictions..

*like telling the kid what to do.. because he can’t do whatever he wants (ugh)


attention is not something to be learned, but you can help to awaken it in the student by not creating around him that sense of *compulsion which produces a self contradictory existence.. then his attention can be focused at any moment on **any given subject..

*like telling the kid what to do.. because he can’t do whatever he wants (ugh)

**as long it’s from teacher.. or some pkg deal of the teacher’s/school’s (ie: math, science, history).. so basically.. any.. as long as it falls into the category of spinach or rock..

when the truth is seen by all, the detail can never become an issue over which there is dissension


teaching is the noblest profession

ugh..  i see it as disturbance to our ecosystem..

freedom from the known


learning about yourself is always in the present and knowledge is always in the past, and as most of us live in the past and are satisfied w the past, knowledge becomes extraordinarily important to us. that is why we worship the erudite, the clever, the cunning. but if you are learning all the time, learning every minute, learning by watching and listening, learning by seeing and doing, then you will find that learning is a constant movement w/o the past..

learning implies a great sensitivity. there is not sensitivity if there is an idea, which is of the past, dominating the present..  then the mind is no longer quick, pliable, alert.. most of us are not sensitive, even physically..  we overeat.. oversmoke and drink so that our bodies become gross and insensitive; the quality of attention in the organism itself is made dull

not yet scrambled ness

your self is not a static state, it is a fresh living thing.. and to live w a living thing  your mind must also be alive. and it cannot be alive it if is caught in opinions, judgments, and values..

thurman alive law


most of us don’t know how to look at or listen to our own being any more than we know how to look at the beauty of a river or listen to he breeze among the trees

when we condemn or justify we cannot see clearly, nor can we when our minds are endlessly chattering; then we do not observe what is, we look only at the projections we have made of ourselves.. each of us has an image of what we think we are or what we should be, and that image, that picture, entirely prevents us from seeing ourselves as we actually are

wilde not us lawsupposed to‘s

it is one of the most difficult things in the world to look at anything simply.. because our minds are very complex we have lost the quality of simplicity..  the simplicity that can look directly at things w/o fear..  that can look at ourselves as we actually are w/o any distortion..

not yet scrambled ness


the moment you have achieved anything you cease to have the quality of innocence and humility; the moment you have a conclusion or start examining from knowledge, you are finished, for then you are translating every living thing in terms of the old, whereas if you have not foothold, if there is not certainty, no achievement, there is freedom..  and when you look w freedom it is always new. a confident man is a dead human being..

if everything is perfectly happy around you, your wife love you, you love her, you have a nice house, nice children and plenty of money.. then you are not aware of your conditioning at all. but when there is a disturbance.. then you know you are conditioned..

disturbed ecosystem


there is a tendency i all of us to put up w things, to get used to them, to blame them on circumstances.. if one gets used to the disturbance it means that one’s mind has become dull.. if we do not get used to it we try to escape from it by takin some kind of drug, joining apolitical group, shouting, writing, going to a football match or to a temple or church..


what is pleasure.. thought steps  in and chews over the delight and turns it into pleasure. thought wants to repeat the experience, and the more you repeat, the more mechanical it becomes; the more you think about it, the more strength thought gives to pleasure.. so thought creates and sustains pleasure thru desire, and gives it continuity; and therefore the natural reaction of desire to any beautiful thing is perverted by thought. thought turns it into a memory and memory is then nourished by thinking about it over and over again..

have you ever noticed that when you respond to something totally, w all your heart, there is very little memory.. it is only when you do not respond to a challenge w your whole being that there is a conflict/struggle.. and this brings confusion and pleasure or pain.. and the struggle breeds memory..  anything that is the result of memory is old and therefore never free. there is no such thing as freedom of thought.. it is sheer nonsense..

thought is never new, for thought is the response of memory, experience, knowledge..

if you can look at it (all things) w/o wanting the experience to be repeated, then there will be no pain, no fear, and therefore.. tremendous joy

it is the struggle to repeat and perpetuate pleasure which turns it into pain.. the very demand for repetition of pleasure brings about pain, because it is not the same as it was yesterday


violence is not merely killing another. it is violence when we use a sharp word, when we make a gesture to brush away a person, when we obey because there is fear..


when you call yourself an indian or a muslim or a christian or a european or anything else, you are being violent. .. because you are separating yourself from the rest of mankind..

marsh label law


to live completely, fully, in the moment is to live w what is, the actual, w/o any sense o condemnation or justification – then you understand ti sot totally that you are finished w it.. when you see clearly the problem is solve..


youth today like all youth are in revolt against society, and that is a good think in itself, but revolt is not freedom because when you revolt it is a reaction and that reaction sets up its own pattern and you get caught in that pattern. you think it is something new. it is not; it is the old in a different mold.  any social or political revolt will inevitably revert to the good old bourgeois mentality

freedom comes only when you see and act, never thru revolt..


the demand to be safe in relationship inevitably breeds sorrow and fear. this seeking for security is inviting insecurity..

what you are saying is ‘as long as you belong to me i love you but the moment you don’t i begin to hate you.. this belonging to another, being psychologically nourished by another, depending on another, in all this there must always be anxiety, fear, jealousy, guilt; and so long as there is fear there is no love.. jealousy is of the past.. love is always active, present..  if you know love you will not follow anybody. love does not obey..  when you love there is neither respect nor disrespect..

when you do something out of duty is there any love in it..? in duty there is no love.. when there is love there is no duty and no responsibility..

most parents, unfortunately, think they are responsible for their children .. takes form of telling them what they should do/become.. when you prepare your children to fit into society you are preparing them to be killed.. if you loved your children you would have no war..

no one can tell you how to love..  you can’t practice love..


beauty is not something you can see.. there is beauty only when your heart and mind know what love is.. love can only come into being when there is total self abandonment

krishnamurti to himself – feb 25 1983

117 – feb 28 1983

i find this awfully difficult, not only to grasp the idea, the depth of it, but the feeling of quiet emptiness, .. i never could feel my way into it.. i have tried various methods to end the chattering of the mind, the endless occupation w something or other, this very occupation creating its problems. and as one lives one is caught up in all this.. this is our daily life, the tedium the talk that goes on in a family, and if there isn’t talking there is always the tv or a book. the main seems to demand that it should be occupied, that it should move from one thing to another, from knowledge to knowledge, from action to action w the everlasting movement of thought…. why does the mind – perhaps the word brain may be better – demand that it should be occupied..?

122 – may 9 1083

the word, the phrase, the explanation are not the actuality..  the actual never conditions the brain, but the theory/conclusion/description/abstraction, do condition it.. so the words which have been used for 2000  years have conditioned the brain..


suffering is the fact, the actual.. but when we try to escape from it thru some theory or thru some idealized person, or thru a symbol, those forms of escape mold the brain. suffering as a fact doesn’t.. and this is important to realize..

it is quite extraordinary to watch this whole phenom of communication w words, each race giving diff significance and meaning to the word and thereby creating a division, a limitation, to the feeling which mankind suffers.. the suffering of mankind is common, is shared by all human beings.. the actual feeling of pain, grief, loneliness, that feeling never shapes or conditions the brain.. so one becomes very attentive to, aware of, the subtleties of the word, the meaning, the weight of it..

the universal, the global feeling of all human beings and their interrelationship, can only come into being when the words nation, tribe, religion have all disappeared.. 


either the word has depth, significance, or none at all. for most of us words have very little depth, they have lost their weight..


(on 19 yr old asking him how to not become mediocre) if i may suggest, never under any circumstances ask ‘how.’ when you use the word how you really want someone to tell you what to do, some guide, some system, somebody to lead you by the hand so that you lose your freedom, your capacity to observe, your own activities, your own thoughts, your own way of life..

detox begs a mech (ie: 2 convos) to facil how.. by letting 7bn decide.. everyday

krishnamurti how law

when you ask ‘how’ you really become a secondhand human being; you lose integrity and also innate honesty to look at yourself, to be what you are and to go beyond and above what you are.

facts are there to observe. if you observe them they never frighten you. facts are not frightening. but if you want to avoid them, turn our back and run, then that is frightening.. to stand, to see that what you have done may not have been totally correct, to live w the fact and not interpret the fact according to your pleasure or form of reaction, that is not frightening..


to find out what is true, surely that requires a mind that is not held in the bondage of any conclusion

a conclusion is merely the response of a particular conditioning, is it not..

so, if we are at all serious, our first problem, even before we ask what this whole process of life means, is to find out whether the mind can be free from all conclusions..

can the mind investigate if it has a conclusion, or compares one conclusion w another

huge.. this is spinach or rock ness.. it’s not a choice/decision/serious.. if we only have 2 options..

chomsky serious things law

tentative or permanent a conclusion is already a bondage ,is it not..


how is the mind to be free? ill h mind ever be free if it follows a method to be free? can any method, any practice, any system, however noble, however new or tried out for centuries, make the mind free..? or does the method merely condition the mind in a particular way, which we then call freedom?

perhaps if we imagine a turtle.. this method/means (via 2 convos) would work.. ie: returning shells.. and letting go

can a mind that is seeking security ever be free..? the mind is seeking security, permanency; it is moved by a desire to be safe, and can such a mind be free to find out what is true..?  to find out what is true, must not the mind let go of its beliefs, put away its desire to be secure…?

can you be aware of how your mind is conditions..? surely, that is our problem, not what freedom is…. can you just be aware of your conditioning, which is to see that your mind functions in a particular manner..  we are not talking of how to alter it, how to bring about a change; this is not the question. your mind functions as a hindu or a modified hindu, as a christian or a communist; it believes in something. are you aware of that..?

if freedom were a gift it would only be for the chosen few, and that would be intolerable..

no.. for everyone.. has to be


it is only to the serious that truth is shown, not to those whoa re merely seeking security and are caught in some form of conclusion…

when you can look at the fact of your conditioning w/o comparison, w/o judgement, then you are seeing it as a total thing, and only then is there a possibility of freeing the mind from that conditioning..

when the mind is totally aware of its conditioning, there is only the mind: there is no ‘you’ separate from the mind..  but when the mind is only partially aware of its conditioning, it divides itself, it dislikes its conditioning or says it is a good thing; and as long as there is condemnation, judgment, or comparison, there is incomplete understanding of conditioning and therefore, the perpetuation of that conditioning,


if the mind is aware of its conditioning w/o condemning or judging but merely watching it, then there is a total perception and you will find, if you so perceive it, that the mind frees itself from that conditioning.

if there is not that stillness, which is the outcome of a total understanding of conditioning, your search for truth has no meaning at all. it is merely a trap..


can we create a new culture

it seems to me that this is the real issue, not what kind of political reform to work for, or what kind of religion to follow.. how is it possible to bring about the creative release of the individual, not only at the beginning of his existence, but throughout lifet

2 convos that io dance.. as the day..

i feel that revolution is necessary at the most profound level, not fragmentary revolution, but integrated/total revolution starting not from the outside but from w/in…. and to bring about that total rev.. surely we must understand the ways of our own thought.. w/o the foundation of self-knowledge, what we think has very little meaning…  t

not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake.. via self-talk as data

it is essential to find out what it means to listen…. very few of us listen directly to what is being said.. we always translate or interpret it according to a particular pov..  we are all only listening in terms of our own particular prejudices, conclusions, or experiences. we are always interpreting what we hear, and obviously that does not bring about understanding

interpretation ness

it is possible to listen w/o prejudice, w/o any conclusion .. w/o interpretation..? it is very important to know how to listen, not only to what is being stated, but to everything..t

perhaps a jumpstart/leap .. to listen to all the voices.. as it could be..


it is clearly necessary that a total rev should take place in the individual, but such a rev cannot take place unless there is effortless comprehension of what is truth.. effort at any level is obviously a form of destruction, and it is only when the mind is very quiet, not making an effort, that understanding takes place.. but w most of us, effort is the primary thing; we think effort is essential and that very effort to listen, to understand, prevents comprehension, the immediate perception of what is true and what is false..

quiet enough.. to hear beyond words.. (tech to help us in our intoxicated state: as it could be..

as long as our minds are conditioned .. any revolution is w/in the pattern of that conditioning and is therefore, not a fundamental revolution at all…t

unless we do free the mind from its conditioning, all our social problems, our conflicts in relationship, our wars and other miseries, are bound to increase and multiply, which is exactly what is happening in the world, ..t

let’s do this first..

freedom is not a reaction.. not a motive.. it is not the opposite of slavery..

i think the rev of which i am talking is possible only when the mind is very quiet, very still.. t

so the beginning of freedom is self knowledge, and self knowledge is not in the withdrawal from life but is to be discovered in the relationships of our everyday existence..

the undiscovered self.. via  2 convos that io dance.. as the day.. rev of everyday life

but that quietness of mind does not come thru any effort.. cannot be sought after.. pursued; if you pursue and bring about stillness of mind, it has a motive.. and such stillness is never still 

still ness

pascal quiet law


our thinking at present is merely a reaction.. the response of a conditioned mind.. t



i think it is always important to ask fundamental questions.. but never be satisfied w the answer.. because moment you have an answer, the mind has concluded and conclusion is not life.. it is merely a static state..


as long as we belong to the collective culture, collective civilization, there can be no creativeness..

maté trump law.. and public consensus always oppresses someone(s).. and eudaimoniative surplus

only the man who understands this whole process, whose action is not a reaction, can find out what is truth, and it is the truth that creates a new culture, not the man who pursued truth..

equity – everyone getting a (fresh/individual-curiosity) go .. everyday


it is only when the mind understands and is free from the conditioning influences which have been imposed upon it, or which it has created for itself, that there is the perception of truth, and its in the action of that truth which brings into being a new society, a new culture..

it is only a confused mine that wants to return to something dead.. and the important thing is to understand why there is confusion..

truth is neither yours nor mine, and as long as the mind interprets or translates that truth, we create confusion.. that is what the reformers do, what all the saints have done who have tried to bring about reformation in a certain social order.. because they translate truth to bring about a given reform, that reform breeds more misery and hence needs further reform..

the truly religious man is not concerned w social reform, he is not concerned w improving the old, rotting society because it is truth and not reform that is going to create the new order..  i think if one sees this very simply and very clearly  the revolution itself will take place..t

short – 3 ships – simple enough


it is the innocent mind – innocent though it may have lived a 1000 yrs and had a multitude of experiences  that is creative, not the cunning mind, not the mind that is full of knowledge and technique.. revolution is not w/in society but outside of it..


the problem is to experience directly the state of complete uncertainty.. to be w/o any feeling of security .. t.. and that is possible only if you understand the total process your own thinking.. or if you can listen w your whole being, be completely attentive w.o resistance..

taleb antifragility law


the truth is that as long as there is a point in the mind which is moving toward another point, that is, as long as the mind is seeking security in any form, it will never be free from pain.. security is dependency, and a mind that depends has no love..t..  w/o going thru all the process fo examination, observation, and awareness, just listen to the fact, let the truth of the fact operate, and then you will see that the mind is free from pain..

a simple message

but we do neither (see/listen).. all that we want is to know how to end pain, we want a ready made formula by which to end it..

it is actually in each one of us

already on each heart 


w most of us, the difficulty is that we are unaware of our escapes. we are so conditioned , so accustomed to our escapes, that we take them as realities.. but if we will look more deeply into ourselves, we will see how extraordinarily lonely/empty, we are under the superficial covering of our escapes


escape from freedom


we are constantly covering it (emptiness) up w various activities, whether artistic, social, religious or political. but emptiness can never finally be covered – it must be understood.. to understand it we must be aware of these escapes…. then we shall see that the emptiness is not diff from ourselves, that the observer is the observed.. in that experience, in that integration of the thinker and the thought, this loneliness, this anguish, disappears..


most of us are not concerned w that; we do not say, ‘ i will free my mind from envy – from wanting more’.. we are concerned w the world, .. w mechanization of industry.. anything to get away from the central point, which is that i cannot help to bring about a diff world until i as an individual have changed fundamentally.  to see that one must begin w oneself is to realize an enormous truth; but most of us overlook it; we easily brush it aside because we are concerned w the collective, w changing the social order, w trying to bring about peace and harmony in the world..

few people are concerned w themselves except in the sense of achieving success.

this explosive transformation is the result of all one’s energy coming together to solve the fundamental problem of envy. i am taking that as the central issue, though there are many other things involved in it


a mind that is really humble has an immense capacity for inquiry, whereas the mind that is under the burden of knowledge, that is crippled w experience, w its own conditioning , can never really inquire. a humble mind says, ‘ i do not know, i shall find out’ which means that finding out is never a process of accumulation.. not to accumulate you must die every day ,and then you will find, because you are fundamentally, deeply, humble, that this capacity to inquire comes of itself, it is not a thing that you have acquired.. humility cannot be practiced, but because there is humility, your mind has the capacity to inquire into envy, and such a mind is no longer envious..


we are not trying to find out whether ambition is right or wrong, .. whether it is essential to life, but whether it is conducive to a life os simplicity i do not mean the simplicity of a few clothes; that is not a simple life. the putting on of a loincloth doesn not indicate a man that is simple; on the contrary, it may be that by the renunciation of outer things, the mind becomes more ambitious, for it tries to hold on to its own ideal, which it has projected and which it ahs created.


my mind, not being able to resolve the problem, creates a certainty, something to which it can cling..

cling ness

what is the factor essential to the understanding of a problem? obviously if i wish to understand the problem there must be no formula, no conclusion.. no judgment.. our minds are steeped in formulas/conclusions.. and so we judge/condemn.. .. as long as we have formula/conclusion/judgement, a condemnatory attitude, we shall not understand the problem.

the mind that is wishing to comprehend a problem must not be concerned w the problem.. but w the workings of its own machinery of judgment..


is that not what is happening in the world because we have never fond out what is our true vocation.. we are only being conditioned by society, by a particular culture, to accept certain forms of vocations which breed competition and hatred between a man and man..

eudaimoniative surplus

the one vocation for man is to find out what is real..

if i and you are finding out what is truth, which is our true vocation, then in the search of that we will not be in competition.. as long as we do not find out that true vocation of man, we must be in competition w each other..

competitive ness


the mind constantly letting the past float by, never id-ing itself w it, never being occupied w it; so that the mind is firm, not in experience/memory/knowledge, but firm, stable in the process, in the way of experiencing continuously..

a mind that accumulates is already in decay.. but the mind that allows memories to go by and is firm in the way of experiencing – such a mind is always fresh, always seeing things a new

that capacity can only come when the mind is very quiet.. that quietness, that stillness, is not induced, cannot come about thru any discipline, thru any action of will, but when the mind understands the whole process of accumulation of knowledge, theory, experience.. then it establishes itself on the waters of life, which are always moving, living , vibrant..

the mind that has learned to meditate, which is to concentrate, the mind that has learned the technique of shutting out everything and narrowing down to a particular point – such a mind is incapable of meditation.. that is what most of us want. we want to learn to concentrated, to be occupied w one thought to the exclusion of every other thought.. and we call that meditation.. but it is not meditation..


our first problem is why does the mind demand that it should be occupied..?

so the next thing is to find out why the mind demands occupation. ..we are meditating now.. this is meditation.. meditation is not a state at the end. freedom is not to be got at the end; freedom is at the beginning.. if you have no freedom/love in the beginning, you have no freedom/love at the end…  the very inquiry into what mediation is is to meditate..

i am conscious of myself only when there is motion in and out.. so consciousness is this motion of action, .. this breathing out of responses, of reaction, of memories, and then collecting them back again.. so my mind is.. i am.. only when i am thinking.. so the mind knows itself as in motion when it is ambitious..  so.. can the mind be w/o occupation.. that is the problem..


can the mind be blank w/o comparing, because the ‘more’ is the way of the mind knowing that it exits? the mind that knows it exists is never satisfied w what is; it is alway acquiring, comparing condemning demanding more and more..  in the demand for.. in the movement of.. the ‘more’ it knows itself as existing, which is what we call self consciousness, the conscious on the surface and the unconscious..

i want to know what meditation is so i say i wan to be occupied w meditation.. .. can the occupied mind ever be capable of meditation..

so the mind must find out how it is occupied; then it begins to see with that it si occupied.. then finds that all occupations are the same.. filling itself w words, ideas, constant movement, so that there is never a quietness..

it is only when the mind is totally free then only is there a possibility of immense profound stillness, and in that stillness that which is eternal comes into being.. that is meditation..


so how shall i ed myself, become mature in a field where very few people have taken the trouble to investigate, to inquire? or they have done it and imposed their thinking on others, not helped them to find out for themselves..  freud, jung, adler, and other analysts, who have gone into this and stated some facts, traced all behavior to childhood conditioning. they have laid down a certain pattern and you can investigate in that direction and get more info, but that is not you learning about yourself; you are learning according to somebody else.. knowing what life is, what is happening in the world – wars, antagonism, politician, priest, hippies, w their little bit of philosophy, people who take drugs, the makers of communes, and the hatred between various classes – how will you set about to find out for yourself?  seeing all this.. what shall i do.. shall i conform to some pattern.. which is comforting..?  because if you don’t have a certain spark a flame in you now at the age of fifteen, sixteen, twenty, or twenty-five it is going to be very difficult when you are fifty.. then ii is much more difficult to change.

i agree w guy earlier.. saying:

188: some of us area already too old. we are already shaped.. already we have had experience that make us all very bored w life..

1 yr to be 5 ness

how shall i face all this, look at it, listen to all the terrible noise in the world, the priests, the technicians, the clever men, the workers, the strikes that are going on.. shall i choose a particular noise that appeals to me and follow that noise for the rest of my life? this is a tremendous problem it is not a simple problem


spending our days on the shiny.. the spinach or rock.. and missing us.. the energy from alive us…


you can all go to colleges and unis and get degrees and jobs, but that is too simple.. that is, a way out doesn’t solve anything if i had a son or daughter, i would ask how they are going to be educated in the field *where they themselves don’t take an interest, and where others don’t know how to help them to understand that enormous field that has been neglected..



i would say.. ‘look, listen to all this.. don’t take sides, don’t jump to conclusions, but just listen.. don’t say one noise is better than another.. just listen.. and listen also to your own noise, your chattering, your wishes.. find out what it means to listen.. find out, don’t be told.. watch yourself but don’t become self centered in your watching..

detox – listen to own chatter

if i were a parent i would be tremendously concerned w the problem, the question, of how to ed people in this field where there is no real understanding or help.. i would discuss to find out how you think, why you think and what you think. not in order to change it, not to suppress it, not to overcome it, but to find out why you think at all.. question it..? . most books… are based on thinking. ‘this is right, this is wrong, this should be, this must not be’.. it is based on the structure of thought, i want to find out if that is the way of living, to base everything on thought, on what i like/don’t like… wha ti want/don’t want to do..

2 convos.. as infra..


the speaker is either talking out of the silence of truth, or he is talking out of the noise of an illusion, which he consider to be the truth.. the word is not the truth..

you hear him talking about these things and you wonder if he is really speaking out of this extraordinary silence of truth, or as a reaction and from a conditioned childhood and so on.. how will you find out..


is he speaking out of experience or from knowledge, or not out of any of these things? most people speak out of knowledge, .. what i would do.. i would put his personality/influence, all that, completely aside.. because i don’t want to be influenced..if i have rejected all that.. then i am listening very carefully to what he has to say..

am i listening to him w the knowledge that i have acquired thru books/experience.. and therefore .. comparing, judging, evaluating..? then i can’t find out whether what he is saying is the truth.. is it possible for me to put aside all that..? .. so i put aside everything i have known.. then i proceed.. i want to know.. but i am not going to be easily persuaded.. pulled into something by argument, cleverness, logic…. then i am listening out of silence..


this is a very interesting question.. i have answered for myself.. how would you answer it..?

(other person): i wouldn’t be concerned w that word truth.. when you use that word.. you indicate you have the ability to judge what is true, or you already have a defn of truth.. or you know what truth is.. which means you will not be listening to what somebody is saying.. is there truth in that silence..

i don’t know. that is one of the things i have got to find out.. how would you answer this questions..


the core of krishnamurtis’ teaching is contained in the statement he made in 1929 when he said ‘truth is a pathless land’.. man cannot come to it thru any org/creed/dogma/priest/ritual/philosophical-knowledge/psychological-technique.. the has to find it thru the mirror of relationship, thru the understanding of the contents of his own mind.. thru observation, and not thru intellectual analysis or introspective dissection..

man has built in himself images as a sense of security – religious, political, personal. these manifest as symbols, ideas, beliefs. the burden of these dominates man’s thinking relationship, and daily life.. these are the causes of our problems, for they divide man from man in every relationship.. his perception of life is shaped by the concepts already established in his mind..

freedom is not a reaction; freedom is not a choice. it is man’s pretense that because he has choice he is free.. freedom is pure observation w/o motive;  .. in observation one begins to discover the lack of freedom. freedom is found in the choiceless awareness of our daily existence..


not a ‘free’ reaction to a choice


when there is so much sorrow int the world it is necessary to find out for oneself  thru careful, slow, patient, hesitating investigation – if there is any other way of solving all thees problems other than thru the operation of thought.. is there an action which is not based on thought..

you may meditate for hours, sitting in a certain posture, breathing in a special way, but it si still w/in that area because you want something out of your meditation..


whenever thee is disorder, a ma springs up and tyrannically brings about some kind of order, which is total disorder… so can the mind put away authority..when you react against authority are creating another authority..


yoga exercises are excellent to keep the body healthy, and so on. but thru them you can never come upon the other never.. because if you give them all importance you are not giving importance to the understanding of yourself, which is to be watchful, to be aware, to give attention to what you are doing, ever day of your life..

if your behavior is based on pleasure or on reward, it is not behavior.. it is merely the pursuit of pleasure, and from that fear arises…


the word discipline means to learn – not control, subjugate, imitate, and conform…


as long as there is a center, the ‘me’ or the idea of the ‘me’ w all its attachments, that very center creates a space around itself. where there is a center, there must be a border.. meditation means to come upon that space in which there is no center; therefore, no direction, therefore, no time.. w/o meditation and the coming upon that thing which is not able to be experienced, which is not to be put into words, which has no time which has not continuity, life has very little meaning.. only when you come upon this space – not invent it, not project it, not bring it about thru any system – then only does life have an extraordinary sense of beauty and meaning..


one of the causes of this disintegrating society in which we live is that we are followers.. we become incapable when we give ourselves over to another to find out about ourselves..

we must find out what it means to have right relationship, accurate relationship..

if that whole nature and structure of relationship is not understood clearly and lived daily, to go to meditate is utterly infantile, has no meaning, because then meditation becomes merely a futile escape. unless you establish right relationship between you and another, that being the very basis of existence, trying to meditate becomes and evasion of the actual that leads to all kinds of neurotic, destructive results..

words are a mirror, and the mirror becomes useless when you are looking at yourself actually..


the relationship is between these two verbal pictures in memory; it is not actual; and therefore, there is always division and conflict. when you have been hurt in that relationship, it is the image you have built about yourself that has been hurt..

you have built an image about yourself and that hurt exists because of that image..

any form of comparison hurts.. any form of imitation, conformity, hurts, not only verbally but deeply…


as long as you have an image about yourself, you are everlastingly hurt

it is very important to find out if one can live that in daily life. (innocent mind, incapable of being hurt).. not to go off to some monastery or some community where you all agree together.. becoming mushy and sentimental, but actually in daily life

look at the analytical tradition… we have accepted analysis as part of our life.. if you cannot analyze yourself you go to the professional..

hurt and flattery are the same.. both are diff forms of hurts…

how is a human being to be free of hurt? so we have to go into the question of what it is to be attentive..

have you ever given total attention to anything?complete attention in which there is no center from which you attend? .. to look at it w/o any choice, judgment, just to look.. then there is no observer.. the moment the observer comes in prejudice begins.. the like and the dislike..

sounds like convos around detox (in closet of be you house).. how to not be judged.. when you are self talking..

so there is attention only when there is one entity who says, ‘i am attending’.. please it is important to understand this…..the moment the observer comes in then the observer gets hurt..

so when there is complete attention.. there is no hurt..

to have real human relationship is to have no image whatsoever, no picture, no conclusion.

what is the relationship between two human beings who have no image..? you will find out if you have no image. that may be love..


thought cannot see the while, because it is fragmentary.. now the observer is fragmentary..


the movement of thought is time, and we think time will make us progress, evolve, grow, but time is also fragmentary..

is there an action that is complete, whole, not caught in the net of time.. is there an action not based on a conclusion – because conclusion is the movement of thought.. ..action not based on an idea, which is agin fragmentary, action not based on a prejudice, an action that is every moment whole, complete, so that in that action there are no regrets, no sorrow, no pain.. don’t you want to find such an action..


i think this is what whatever intelligent in a human being demands, and not being able to find it one invents an outside agency..

can you look at wha tis w/o the observer.. w/o prejudice/prejudgment..?  say you are envious of people.. you are envy.. when you have grasped the observer is the observed.. then that which is observed undergoes radical change..  what prevents a radical change of what is is the interference of the observer..


we are educated to conform to the division of the observe and the observed.. and the observer is always trying to do something about the observed.. he says, ‘i am envious; i will find it reasonable to be envious; if i am not envious what will happen in society.. .. when there is only observation of the fact, the fact undergoes radical transformation..

can it realize there is an action that is not fragmentary, which can only take place when the observer is the observed, and that in that, that which is undergoes a radical change.. t

bateson simple/complex law

our consciousness is filled w the things of thought and, therefore, our consciousness is fragmentary. is there a consciousness that is not fragmentary.. and can thought find it…? is there a consciousness that is not but together by thought..? we have divided the universe as the ‘me’ and the ‘you’ ‘we’ and ‘they’, good and evil.. we have divided it, that is, thought has divided it..

binary ness

now how are you a human being going to find out if there is a consciousness that is not put together by thought..? man has tried this for millenia.. and so he says, ‘i must control thought ; there must be a system by which thought can be controlled and then when thought is controlled, held, perhaps i will know what the other is..’  and this is the whole basis of meditation: control thought.. but he doesn’t ask who the controller is.. the controller is still thought..

so to find out, to come upon that which is not put together by thought, we have to understand the place of thought as knowledge and where thought has not place whatsoever, w/o suppressing it.. … thought as knowledge has its right place, but it has no place in the psyche.. that means.. can the mind, can this whole structure of the psyche cease to be? then only is there a totally diff kind of consciousness – which you will never find thru meditation..


so the ‘me’ to which we cling is fictitious. that may be the root cause of fear, clinging to something that is nonexistent..

cling ness


most human beings disregard fear, do not know how to deal w fear, and pursue pleasure constantly..

thru culture/tradition/habits/environ… part of our brain has become mechanistic. is pleasure mechanistic..? its it the repetition of a certain delight of yesterday.. which becomes a memory and we pursue the memory as pleasure..? we are concerned w the transformation of the human mind.. we cannot live as we are living… there must be a radical change in our minds/hearts/.. in our whole way of living.. and so it is very important to find out why we human beings have been caught in this everlasting pursuit of pleasure..

the moment thought interferes w that thing called joy, which is uninvited, it becomes pleasure. therefore, it becomes mechanistic..

rowson mechanical law

so that is our life, a way of living, that is constantly repetitive, constantly going over something that was, that is already dead, making it live thru thought and pursing that as pleasure.. you can look as something beautiful, the trees/clouds/light.. but when thought comes in and says ‘that was a most lovely thing’ it is already finished..  so can you watch the beauty of nature, the beauty of this world, w all your senses and not let thought come in ..?


can you watch it w/o thought coming into it, and end it there, not wanting to continue it? what has continuity becomes mechanistic,. in that which has an end, there is a new beginning..

insight or intelligence is not the product of thought; it is nonmechanistic action…. can you act always according to that intelligence, not according to he repetitive movement of thought?


if you don’t escape, that is, if there is no rationalizing/avoiding/justifying/.. just remaining w that totality of suffering.. w/o the movement of thought then you have all that energy to comprehend the thing that you call sorrow

krishnamurti sorrow law

if you remain w/o a single movement of thought, w that which you have called sorrow, there comes a transformation.. that becomes passion (sorrow is root meaning of passion).. when you escape from it.. you lose that ..sorrow/passion.. when you have an insight into sorrow and remain w that thing completely, .. out of that comes this strange flame of passion.. and you must have passion, otherwise you can’t create anything..

.. out of passion comes compassion.. compassion means passion for all things, for all human beings..  so there is an ending to sorrow and only then you will begin to understand what it means to love..

if you have an insight into all that, you have ht intelligence tha transforms you mechanistic activity into something totally nonmechanistic.. .. thinking about it is just a waste of time.. when you are sharing something, you are sharing it now..


none of these things exist as attachment when you have understood that that emptiness in ourself can never be filled by something else. you have to look at it. you have to not escape from it, observe it totally. then you will see that loneliness goes completely away..


when you strip yourself of ambition, anxiety, attachment, and understand pleasure and desire.. then you perhaps come up on that strange thing called love…. compassion is the highest form of intelligence.. when you have compassion and  therefore, intelligence, you will do the right thing at the right moment.

eudaimoniative surplus


to endless struggle we cling and say that is living..

don’t ask how to stop it, how to break the mechanical routine, but be aware of it w/o any choice, just look at it, because if you intro an effort you have already destroyed it..

if you are totally aware during the day of all the mechanical movement, the ways of your thinking, desire, then you will find at night when you go to sleep, in spite of what all the scientists say, there are no dreams.. the mind the brain is quiet because all your problems, all your activities have been dissolved during the day, if you are attentive, are watchful, aware..  then when you go to sleep there is peace..  a quiet movement.. not agitated, anxious..  therefore, the brain brings order in itself, so the brain becomes young, fresh.. it cannot be young/fresh and decisive if there is any form of hurt..  when it sees hurt the brain has no resistance



from awareness w/o any choice of disorder comes order; that is, from then understanding, from the observation of our daily life, which is disorderly..

dis order ness

you can only see it when your mind is quiet.. silence is absolutely necessary to perceive outwardly and inwardly..

quiet enough


the outward and the inward are the same movement, they are not diff. it is one unitary movement, but we have divided it as the inner and the outer..

out of the desire to find out what silence is, people begin to invent systems, methods, ways to come upon that.. now if once you understand this you will never touch any system: because what is implied in a system and a practice? repetition, practice, practice,, control, make an effort, which is, become mechanical.. 

rowson mechanical law

as we have said part of our brain has become mechanical.. we said thought in its essence is mechanical, because thought is the repetition or the reaction of memory..  and when you already live a life that is  mechanical and try to go beyond that mechanical life by introducing another mechanical process, , which is systems, methods, practices, you are still mechanical.. so when once you see the truth of this, the logic, the reason of this, you will never touch systems, methods, practices.. anything that is contrived, put together by thought – however beautiful , however logical, however ancient, traditional makes the mind more mechanical and eventually dull. the very seeing of the truth of that ends the demand for systems, methods.

we never just observe: we look and say ‘how beautiful/ugly/useful’ depending on our conditioning.. so we never observe things as they are .. .. just observe w/o any reaction of like or dislike..  just to observe.. that is awareness..


to understand that consciousness, will you examine it portion by portion? or is there a way of looking at it wholly, so that you don’t have to take time

there is a way of looking at it wholly, not fragment by fragment. and that is only possible if you understand awareness..

this is part of meditation: to see th outer actually as it is, now what you wish it to be, the wars/antagonisms, hatreds… sorrow, pain anxiety, loneliness, lack of love.. to observe all that.. then what takes place? then you will see that energy is being gathered, because there is order and, therefore, there is no wastage of energy..  when there is mathematical order in our daily life, there is not wastage of energy

remember.. he redefined order.. to accept the disorder.. and so.. entropy.. ness



where there is a division there must be conflict. conflict w all its violence is a wastage of energy. the gathering or total energy is the beginning of silence..

for that turmoil to come to an end is part of meditation. not by control. the moment you control, who is the controller..?

the end of content of consciousness is complete silence. then that silence is full of energy. it is not vacant silence. it is not a silence that wants something more..

so meditation is not the repetition of mantras, not merely sitting down breathing carefully. meditation must be totally uninvited, not contrived, not put together.. which means there is no measurement..


and to come upon that (something not touched by thought) is not only part of meditation , but the ending of sorrow, which is the beginning of wisdom.. so wisdom is not learning from books or going to a school. when there is an ending of sorrow in yourself as a human being, then out of that comes wisdom

krishnamurti sorrow law


can there be absolute order.. not an order that is intellectually brought about, an order based on values, not an order that is the outcome of environ pressures or adaptation to a certain norm, a certain patter.. we are talking about absolute total order in which there is no division as disorder at all. we are asking whether there is an order in which there can never be disorder


if it (this disorder/division) is unnatural, which obviously it is, what is the cause of it.. what is the basis of it, the root of all this..?

roots of healing – deep enough

are you approaching to find order out of disorder and therefore, your approach is already directed..?  rather.. find the root of disorder.. then direction is not diverted.. wasted in various intellectual , verbal, and emotional directions, but my whole attention is directed to the cause of it..

if i am concerned about my livelihood.. whole problem will be directed by my desire to have  job.. or if i have been thinking along a certain pattern/direction.. always approaching it according to the pattern..


when there is complete attention there is no confusion.. confusion arises when there is division, which is inattention..

first.. deal w the wider fear.. the psychological fears are far more important; they make us such ugly human beings..  when there is fear, we become violent..


do you try to find an answer for it.. overcome it (fear).. if so… you are dissipating energy… but if you realize that fear is you, there is no movement to be made.. you are that and, therefore, all your attention is directed.. in that attention fear is held..

as long as we try to overcome, the very overcoming has to be overcome.. but if you say ‘yes it is a fact and i won’t move from that’ then the thing dissolves.. completely, not relatively, not gone one day and then the next day is full of fears.. it is gone when you have given complete attention to it..


you must have a mind that is capable of receiving the whole universe, and that is possible only when the mind is clear of confusion, fear..  then there is no shadow of division as the ‘me’ and ‘you’ , my country, your country, my dogma.. and so on..  that means, where there is complete freedom then there is the perception fo the whole..

the ‘must/will/shall-be.. is the movement of time.. so the mind si caught in time because it is always moving away from this, from what is..  it will change in tim: i will be good, give me time..


so the question is: can what is be transformed immediately, which means never allowing time to interfere..  it is really simple.. if we apply our mind we can solving anything..

7 bn can leap to a nother way to live.. if we focus on self-talk as data

if you do not allow time, or ever think in terms of time, then the fact is not. because we allow time the fact becomes important.. if there is no time it is resolved..  suppose i died this second, there is not problem. when i allow time, i am afraid of death..  if i live completely w/o psychological time, it is an extraordinary thing.. time means accumulation/remembrance..  time means accumulating knowledge about oneself.. but when there is no time at all, psychologically , there is nothing..

because we have allowed time as a factor to intervene between living and dying, fear arises..

most of us are frightened of dying because we have never been able to live properly, we have never lived. we have lived in conflict/struggle/pain/anxiety, and we call that living.. living is not all that.. if all that can be ended, then there is living…


so our brain , our mind, is the mind of humanity. if you can understand that one real fact then we will live w/o any division, which is causing such disaster in the world

thurman interconnectedness law

if you are quiet,  you might inquire, if you are quiet, you might begin to doubt. but if you are occupied all the time, you never have tome to look around, to question, to doubt, to ask.. that may be one of the great tricks of the human mind..

having acheived a little quiet mind i can go off and do their mischief all day long..

2 convos .. as the day.


why does the mind demand experience.. ask yourself.. please.. you cannot experience enlightenment… the very idea of experiencing it is a stupid thing to say..  to say ‘i have achieved enlightenment’ is really dishonest… you cannot experience truth because there must be an experiencer to exprience..

we do not want to give up all those efforts; we are caught in time. . you don’t have to make the mind quiet. if you end all conflict.. the mind naturally becomes quiet. and then the mind is absolutely silent w /o any movement of thought, then perhaps you will see something perhaps there is something sacred beyond all words

lanier beyond words law


if you leave all the psychological memories, hurts, pains, behind, every day, then it means dying and living are together. in that there is no fear

equity.. everyone getting a go everyday


not to record flattery or insult is to have a brain that is free, not burdened by a thousand records of a thousand yesterdays..

if a human being, you, has the intention, the drive, the energy, the passion to find out if there is something sacred, holy, to do that there must be no fear, there must be no sense of anxiety, there must be complete freedom. and that is meditation..


so the brain must be absolutely quiet, not thru control, not thru following some method, system, not by cultivating silence. silence implies space. have you noticed how little space we have in our brain.. it is cluttered up, full w so many thousands of things…. and for silence there must be space because that which is immeasurable, that which is unnameable, cannot exist or be perceived or seen by a narrow little brain.. 


we depend on others so much to be helped, to be encouraged, to solve our problems; therefore, out of our confusion we create authority, the gurus, the priests

it is good to ask questions. you know, we have lost the art of investigation, discussion, not taking sides but looking at things. it is very complex


if is a very complex problem: to realize deeply that we have been going on this way for centuries and we have not changed at all. we are sill violent, brutal, .. if we actually perceive that, not intellectually or verbally  but deeply, then we turn in another direction.. at that second there is the mutation in the very brain cells themselves..


time and thought are the root of fear

experience, knowledge, memory, and the response to memory, is thought..


when you yourself become both the teacher and the disciple – disciple being a man who is learning, learning, learning, not accumulating knowledge – then you are an extraordinary human being..

to look at ourselves very clearly, accurately, precisely, is only possible in the mirror or relationship; this is the only mirror we have.. in the mirror or relationship you see what you are, if you allow yourself to see what you are


can there be an end to disorder? when there is the end of disorder there ie: naturally order. that order is living that is not according to a pattern or mold..


as w hatred.. when there is sorrow there is no love.. when you are suffering, concerned w your own suffering, how can there be love..  so one must ask.. to find not the answer but the ending of sorrow..

when there is an end to sorrow there is passion.. and passion has tremendous energy.. it doesn’t seek stimulation.. it only comes when there is the end of sorrow..

when you have the ending of this sorrow, it is not personal, because you are the rest of humanity..

your consciousness is not yours, it is human consciousness.. shared by all human beings.. . ..when you realize that.. not verbally or intellectually or theoretically or as a concept, but as an actuality.. then you’ll not kill another, hurt another..

thurman interconnectedness law


love is something that cannot be invited or cultivated.. it comes about naturally, easily, when the other things (hate, vanity, arrogance, power, pleasure, desire, thought, ambition, aggression.. )are not..

it is only when there is complete love and compassion that there is that excellence of intelligence that is not mechanical

death is also something most extraordinary; it must be; and you won’t see the depth and the greatness of it if you are frightened..

death comes and makes a clean sweep of all that (furniture, pictures, bank account, all the established roots.. et al).. so i ask.. is it possible to live w death all the time? not at the end of 90 or 100 yrs, not at the end of my life but w all my energy, vitality and all the things that go on, can i live w death all the time.. not commit suicide.. but live w death.. which means the ending every day of every thing i’ve collected..

equity.. everyone getting a go everyday.. anew


that which continues can never renew itself, be reborn. so can i live w death.. ending is more important than continuity.. the ending means the beginning of something new.. if you merely continue, ti si the same pattern being repeated in a different mold. so can i live w death? that means freedom, complete, total, holistic freedom.. and in that freedom there is great love and compassion and that intelligence which has not an end, which is immense..

fromm spontaneous law

good bye cycle

the man who pursues money, success, power, and the man who pursues so called spirituality are both the same

attention now to everything,e very word/gesture/thought.. to pay complete attention, not partial.. when you are completely attentive there is no self, .. no limitation


not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake


the brain is now full of info, cluttered up, there is no space init, and one must have space. space means energy.. freedom.. complete freedom, is to have that limitless space..

again.. thinking entropy.. and liminal ness

the brain is extraordinarily capable has infinite capacity, but we have made it small and petty..  that truth does not lie in any temple/mosque/church.. and it has no path to it except thru one’s own understanding of oneself, inquiring, studying, learning..

already in us



as it could be..

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krishnamurti free will law


bishop freedom law

escape from freedom