when body says no

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More beauty from Gabor Maté – on the mind/body connection, and how mental/emotional stress is the root cause of cancer, depression, auto-immune disorder, etc. With references for the skeptic.

Let’s say you repress anger. You’re one of these really nice people, you’re always helping people, you never say no… what happens to anger that you don’t express? Does it evaporate, go away, fly to the moon? Where does it turn? It turns against you, in the form of depression. What does the word depression mean? It means to push something down. It’s that simple. It was an adaptation. Depression begins as an adaptation. You had to push down your feelings to stay attached [to your parents]; 30 years later you’re taking prozac. And they tell you, ‘You’ve got this genetic disease.’ Nonsense. The fundamental thing that happened, and the greatest calamity, is not that there was no love or support. The greater calamity, that was caused by that first calamity, is that you lost your connection to your essence. – Almaas


with the link to this talk:

2 min – separations are not valid.. although.. this science doesn’t penetrate medical practice

3 min – modern sci terms.. a bio/psycho/social approach .. or bio/psycho/spiritual approach.. by separating these dimensions from another.. you can’t understand what happens to human beings..

yeah.. i’m thinking bio/chem/physics.. as well… all of it.. ie:

deep prob: restore human nature.. (bio)

simple mech: via ginorm/small scale sci.. (chem)

open system: in physical space.. (phys)

children who’s parents are stressed.. more likely to have asthma.. what’s connection between parent’s stress and child’s lung functioning.. but we don’t ask about childhood trauma.. we give meds..

4 min – we give adrenalin and cortizal to make child’s lung function properly… yet .. they are the stress hormones.. the hormones manufactured by our adrenal gland and cortex

5 min – adrenalin.. if you’re threatened/stressed.. will increase your heart rate.. send more oxygen to brain/muscles.. make your muscles stronger.. so  you can fight/escape….  cortizal will elevate your blood sugar so you have more energy for the fight/flight response..

the connection is.. that when parents are stressed.. kids are stressed

8 min – lump being cancerous 9x greater if both isolated and stressed.. but no change indivdually.. how does 0 and 0 add up to 9… if stressed.. corizone high.. in short term that’s positive..

9 min – reading from article.. saying.. if only understood this article in a major sci journal.. everything would be diff..  what he read – in other words:

the adaptations that a child makes to endure stress in the short term help him survive.. and in the long term make him sick..

11 min – which is to say.. cancer is not a disease in an individual.. it reflects a whole set of pyschological and social relationships..

this is why we’re not finding the cure for cancer.. we’re not looking where we need to..

13 min – i found that who got sick and who didn’t wasn’t accidental.. what these patterns were.. were no exceptions..

14 min – reading .. who’s illness prone.. 1\ high regard for emotional stability of others over your own..  2\ what we value in one another is what kills us… automatic identification with duty/role/responsibility.. rather than needs of self..

16 min – 3\ suppression/repression of negative moments.. particularly anger

17 min – 4\ responsible for how other people feel.. wanting to please everyone..

18 min – these four.. quite capable of killing you.. these are not chosen patterns… ie:

these are all adaptions

21 min – ie: the please love me syndrome..

22 min – w/o attachment.. there’s no life..

when attachement needs are not met.. source of all pathology.. whether physical or mental

23 min – how does it become the source of physical pathology..? well because we have another need.. we have a need for attachment and that’s clear.. but

we have another need.. and that’s for authenticity.. the sense of being ourselves..

maté basic needs law

to be authentic is to be in touch with your body and your gut feeling

authenticity need is as powerful as attachment need.. but what happens to a child where the authenticity threatens attachment

maté trump law

24 min – pure adaptation.. but in long run.. that repression leads to not being authentic self.. is what leads to disease..

the child .. when it comes to attachment and authenticity.. has absolutley no choice in the matter.. because w/o attachment they can’t survive

25 min – once you make the choice.. although it’s no choice at all.. then we spend the rest of our lives living that out.. suppressing our authenticity..

leads to illness becasue you can’t separate the mind from the body..

26 min – not discrete systems.. but differentiating functioning of the same supersystem…

27 min – immune system called floating brain.. then gut ..

28 min – why is your gut much more intelligent than your thoughts.. it sends many more messages to the brain.. than the other way.. gut has more seratonin than the brain..

29 min – it (gut) receives messages from whole brain.. getting whole picture.. intellect/thoughts only a small part of your evaluative apparatus.. emotions came before thoughts…

30 min – those without language capability.. can tell when someone is a liar.. because taking the whole system in .. body language et al

31 min – who gets guy feelings..? children.. until learned that in order to stay attached had to suppress it.. if we keep chosing attachment over authenticity..we get sick

33 min – healthy anger is in the present.. not about past/future.. it says.. you’re in my space get out

34 min – immune system and emotional system do exactly the same thing.. that’s why repression of anger is cause for cancer

35 min – depression – to push something down.. you have to push down emotions to remain attached.. 30 yrs later you’re taking prozac.. and they tell you.. you’ve got this genetic disease.. nonsense..

36 min – not that there was no love/support.. greater calamity.. loss connection to your essense.. – almaas..

that’s good news.. we can undo past.. our essence is still here.. we can reconnect..

38 min – what is my body saying no to that i didn’t say no to.. the illness can become your teacher.. toward authenticity

almaas calls this.. the precious pearl


Gabor Maté on stress

when body says no


There is strong evidence to suggest that in nearly all chronic conditions, from cancer, ALS, or multiple sclerosis to autoimmune conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease or Alzheimer’s, hidden stress is a major predisposing factor


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