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by Dave Gray.. also see liminality page

adding page via this day/share by Dave on fb
post about roots and sources (it’s also in the appendix of the book):…/the-roots-of-liminal-thinking…
Liminal Thinking is a discipline with deep and tangled roots that are not easily unraveled
The word liminal means “a state, stage, or period of transition.” It derives from the Latin root limen, which means threshold. This root appears in the English words preliminary (an event preceding something important), subliminal (below the threshold of consciousness), and lintel (literally threshold).
Another branch in the Liminal Thinking root system is the concept of nonviolent resistance
same day Dave shared this..Joi had this convo with Jamil – on nonviolent action


adding page because of our need to live/communicate a nother way

ie: hosting-life-bits via self-talk as data.. could get to the root of us.. help us dance.. help us see what only the heart can see/hear

auroville ness .. for 7 bill..

we can.. so we can’t not..

going to the limit.. of idiosyncratic jargon/thinking/being ness..


io dance

short – problem/mechanism/system


art ist bot ist ness

structure less ness




small world network

ni ness

www ness


Tom Barrett (@tombarrett) tweeted at 4:45 AM – 7 Feb 2017 :

5 Questions with Dave Gray: Liminal Thinking, Doom Loops, Attention, Beliefs, Filter Bubbles & More (

the moments or times of transition and change that are all around us in life.

image: conscious: supraliminal … unconscious: subliminal.. inbetween: liminal

where there are a lot more opportunities for change than usual.

haven’t got routine yet…opportunity to change your habits and create new behaviors.

if you think something is obvious.. bears closer examination

When you hear something that doesn’t make sense to you, try not to quickly discount them, saying “that this person’s crazy” or “they’re an idiot,” but actually listen to them and ask yourself, what would you need to believe for those things to be true? Try to understand where those beliefs came from.

Instead of arguing with someone who’s beliefs are different than yours, ask how they came to those beliefs.

If you can recognize that your beliefs are the product of your own experiences and emotions, and that other people’s beliefs are the product of their experiences and emotions, it becomes much easier for you to start understanding the beliefs.

danger of single story ness.. i know you ness

What is it that makes me feel threatened or emotionally unsafe when I hear this?

unoffendable ness


fb share by Dave Gray about Elon Musk:

This is really really interesting. It’s liminal thinking

liminal thinking

“The most important point I want to make is [that] the true problem, the true difficulty, and where the greatest potential lies is building the machine that makes the machine. In

imagine building the machine/mech that frees up all the people

new factory would deliver a “ten-fold improvement” in productivity.

would deliver a never ending x-fold improvement in eudaimoniaive surplus

Musk had reverted to his childhood state as a devourer of information and had emerged from this meditative process with the realization …

that’s huge part of ..freeing up all the people.. so imagine 7 bn of us doing that..

reverting to childhood state as a devourer of info – aka: curiosity


cuire ios city

The seed of each idea was planted by calculating what physics dictates is possible, not extrapolating from the status-quo.

imagine thinking diff (beyond status quo) even moreso.. deep enough for 7 bn today

Musk turned his attention to the factory where he said the same amount of effort yielded an order of magnitude more results.

yeah.. so again.. magnitude beyond.. ginorm small..

Lot of engineers don’t realize this is possible. They think there’s like a wall. They’re basically operating according to these invisible walls and we’re in the process of explaining those walls don’t exist.

a nother way – no walls .. no prep.. no training


and now reading Dave’s book liminal thinking.. linked above

when you’re on autopilot.. you can’t be in the moment (from 5 min video on site)..t

[first request to library to buy a book that they actually bought.. and w/in a few weeks of request]



a new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels – einstein

and/or deeper ones..


liminal thinking is the art of creating change by understanding, shaping, and reframing beliefs


this is what the story of the blind men and the elephant is all about. we are all blind. reality is like the elephant. we may be able to grasp pieces of he truth but the whole truth about reality is unknowable..

because people confuse their beliefs w reality, they say the other side is stupid, evil, or crazy.

engaging in a battle for the obvious

just because something seems obvious to you doesn’t necessarily mean it’s so.


beliefs are not reality they are not facts. they are constructions..

in most cases, the question of whether a belief is right/wrong is a kind of distraction..t

all beliefs are approximations.. because the whole of reality is unknowable..t


the obvious is not obvious. it is constructed. we work together, as individuals and in groups, to construct the obvious every day. we band together in ‘obvious clubs’ that defend competing versions of reality..t


learning loops start when you feel a need


people rarely test ideas for external validity when they don’t have internal coherence… if it doesn’t make sense from w/in the bubble, you’re going to think it’s a mistake, a lie, or somebody got it wrong.. you will tend to do whatever is necessary to protect the consistency and coherence of that bubble because to you that bubble is reality itself..

liminal thinking requires a willingness to test and validate new ideas, even when they seem absurd, crazy, or wrong..t

perhaps liminal thinking allows us to disengage from thinking: 1\we need to test/validate.. 2\validation is even legit

godin might not work law


conspiracy theories thrive w/in groups who feel that they don’t have control over their lives..

superficial, surface beliefs are relatively easy to change.. but some beliefs are deeply connected w your sense of self, your id.. they define who you are.. hard to change…because to change them would mean changing how you see yourself..


governing beliefs are so important to group cohesion that their very existence depends on not talking about them..t

when someone brings them up they can be face w rage, sometimes violence, and expulsion from the group…


he didn’t realize.. that his behavior was causing the very problem he wanted to solve..t


only w heart that one can see rightly.. what is essential is invisible to eye – antoine de saint exupéry

see w heart


i used to think that good communication was all about clarity and understanding. i named my company xplane because we focused on explaining things. the purpose of our co, originally, was to make info crystal clear so everyone would know what to do.

i was convinced that the biggest problems of org change were complexity and confusion and that if we could help co’s explain things more clearly their change probs would go away.. boy, was i wrong..


when not a safe place to share feelings/needs.. you get people saying one thing and doing another… why do people say they agree when they don’t agree? because somebody asked them to leave emotions at the door..

and even deeper.. our society makes us not really free..

if trust is lacking for some reason, people will conceal their needs..


(on talking about *safe spaces).. **trust has to be earned

*spaces of permission

i think if it has to be earned.. it’s not really **trust.. perhaps that’s a legit statement in the society we’ve manufactured..(ie: making supposed to‘s.. ie: meetings.. and work for pay.. into spaces of trust) but i think for humanity.. we have to let go.. and assume good.. 100% (i think that’s why we haven’t yet gotten to global equity.. we haven’t yet let go of things like ie: thinking we have to earn trust)


the think to remember is that people act in ways that make sense to them. if something doesn’t make sense to you, then you’re missing something

thinking i know you ness.. and shaw communication law.. and esp (w all the war ie’s..) queen noor’s story and peace law


(on mitch – wandering around, asking questions and connecting the dots)..  finds liminal, in -between spaces that people may not have seen or considered.. creating new opps..

or.. that people have just not been heard

begs a mech to listen to all the voices/curiosities.. and facil them.. every day..

ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way


we spend so much time on autopilot. sometimes when a problem seems intractable, there’s an invisible routine at work, and simply disrupting that routine, even in random ways, can shift the situation and allow you to see it in new ways


the constraints were imaginary. they were just old rules, and nobody even knew why they were there..t


simply act as if it were true and see what happens..

anarchism ness – david – living as if already free


if you give people facts w/o a story, they will explain ti w/in their existing belief system. they best way to promote a new or diff belief is not with facts, but w a story

and/or free space.. to create 7bn plus stories.. everyday..


liminal thinking is a way of navigating change by opening the door to ambiguity and uncertainty..


write a story about your future.. what are the changes you would like to see..

a nother way book



hooks & barlow

so to.. how to measure innovation.. (from dave:Measurable does not necessarily mean absolute precision, just a greater reduction in uncertainty.).. maybe you need free people.. so.. maybe.. if you must measure.. measure the liminality/entropy/an-increase-in-uncertainty..

(distinction matters too if you’re talking innovation in business.. or innovation for humanity/life)