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followed Gary’s work for some time.. (especially love hearing about his work with Seymour Papert), adding page today while watching his talk in chicago – parker school.. mar 2015 – (shared on fb by Nancy prefaced by her note):

Even though the parents I work with are aware of these problems in traditional schools, I feel it’s important to share videos like this for those who sense something is wrong but can’t quite put a finger on why they feel this way.

Many are still trapped in the mindset that their kids need to suffer through school so they can be prepared for the tough and cruel world out there. We believe that teaching children that they are empowered to create amazing lives for themselves will help them create amazing lives for themselves.

I’m guessing there are parents I know that have friends and family that are confused about why you support unschooling, homeschooling, or democratic education. If you know those folks, this is a great video to share with them!

driven by fear

if you’re a 6 yr old thinking of nothing more than pleasing your teacher, et al..

young people have a remarkable capacity

papert quote: at best school teaches a billionth of a percent of the knowledge of the world, yet we quibble endlessly over which billionth of a percent is important..

another good long quote from papert on the bureaucracy ness of the institution at 9:30



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wednesday, october 13, 2010

gary stager
maine youth center project with papertwhen people visited – they met kids who were interesting and polite and were engaged in interesting work – so they never asked for test scores.. they just walked out thinking – this is how school should bephd in math and science… had self esteemed crushed by math teachers from 8th grade on
2 kinds of kids –
1) good at arithmetic
2) good after 8th grade
tested into unified math in 7th grade – smart kid math class – would be together through 12th grade
by end of 8th grade hated teacher and ended up in lower track
ended up in alg 2 with computer programming – loved it
12th grade – math for liberal arts – let me see if i can help you understand the math my colleagues failed to teach you… 3/4 had started with him in the high flying class. – how did that happenmost great mathematicians are drop outs…
a lot of kids are made to feel really badly in maththese kids tried to keep journals, eportfolios, but these kids were deeply damaged.. so decided – every morning make a to do list.. at end of day take a picture of what you did and that’s your documentation.
he used the term detox – yeah.. detox
the documentation interfered with that they wanted to do – the meaningful stuff
kids were keeping secret portfolios – if it was their idea it was ok –

less us more them

50% of math was invented since ww2 in 1989… so much more now
yet not represented in curric

papert – idea aversion

carolcarruthers: Seneca College, Toronto, Canada – pilot program that has been hugely successful

milogardner: new ideas bridge subjects … 10 years ago chemistry, physics and biology were combined into one subject … at the surface of water … where photothesis takes place with UV light from sun .. per

Moderator (David Weksler):

2004 spent time with papert in australia – seymour was really agitated about the need for reform in math ed
140 diff reasons why critically important to do something about the way math was taught
if you look at all the major school reform efforts of the last century – not one had a good affect
lack of change means – regardless of what other interventions and reform efforts – you’re reintroducing cohersion into the system
maybe the math we’re feeding them is noxious – toxic
thos: I’m trying to do this with

carolcarruthers: Move past calculators (old tech) and get to learning objects – take a look at

Moderator (David Weksler):

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thursday, april 7, 2011

gary stager

TEDxNYED – 03/05/2011

Loris Malaguzzi – things about and for children are only learned from children

young people have a remarkable capacity for intensity  – leon botstein
it’s incumbent upon us to build upon that capacity for intensity

while the prescribe one school for their kids, they prescribe obedience schools for others’ kids
gates – extreme budget cuts and larger class sizes

innovation is a synonym for cheaper
reform tm – their one model – it ignores all the good potential
if test scores don’t improve, they offer yelling louder or lengthening the day
reform tm is insanity
it’s doing the same thing over and over
we know what to do – we must do better, we can
1917 – angelo patri – a school master of the great city – wrote about and solved every single problem in ed

how can we expect people to take geniuses like Dennis Litky seriously

worked with Seymour Papert for 20 years, father of ed computing
3 yrs worked creating an alternative learning environment inside a state prison for teenagers in main
most at risk members in society, told over and over again that they weren’t capable, they were damaged
yet they too have a remarkable capacity for intensity

if we are serious about innovation in education we have to be willing to change everything
what if school were the best 7 hours of a kids day
what if we were free of all the assessment and curriculum requirements
what if there were no discipline problems
in their 3 yrs there were none
we can have high standards without standardization

turned school on it’s head to do this
normally do projects, etc in order to convince them to learn skills
skills per their desires

only rule – you have to be doing something
13000 word autobiography
i just like reading about puppies, i liked reading about nasa

we didn’t have a curriculum, we had a list of prompts
1) a good prompt, challenge, problem or motivation
2) appropriate materials
3) sufficient time
4) supportive culture (including expertise)

he knew this was a place where he could do hard things
project ideas are everywhere

can you help me make a guitar – 500 hours
a funny thing happens when you make a guitar – you want to play it, then you can use that to tell about what you’ve done

we need to create environments that are cohersion free – where kids do what they do because it matters to them

we need to remove all of the stakes – everything i know about reading instruction i learned from oprah winfry

no grading, no ranking…

less us, more themmy other posts on gary
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invent to learn

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