invited to exist

invited to exist

i knew i liked/resonated with being found/invited to exist.. per Gabor Mate‘s description of attachment. but i was struggling with the word invited. do i not exist unless i am invited? what if i don’t want to be invited to your party.. or any party.. (this brings to mind/heart the it is me ness)

during rhizo14 w2, for some reason, terry elliott’s post/kevin hodgson’s comment edged a synapse for me… so taking note of it here..

how intentional we were about inviting people to play, about how we were purposeful in making everyone feel part of the conversation – kevin hodgson on setting up clmooc

my unresolve had to do with the feel that (all of life really – but esp lately with tech and changes in ed ness) everyone is trying to create THE platform/party.. so they can invite everyone to it. – host ness – invited vs invented ness

why are we doing that. why do we feel the urge to host. to be THE one. and to make sure everyone likes our party. (this also makes me think of an important element of play – the option to quit. which naturally/inherently makes the game more rich/fair/empathetic to all – if you want people to keep playing.)

rather than thinking we’re inviting everyone to a party.. perhaps the way to make us all free.. is more along the lines of inviting everyone to exist.. to be.. to be their own platform ish.. at my house/your house/alone/together/24/7/all of the above.. but always about you as a person .. being found/invited to exist – as you.. be you ..

pluralist ignorance keeps ringing in my ear as this unfolds. ie: how many don’t really like this situation.. but continue to go to inflate the notion of a party, of an invite.. of a missing piece..


so – perhaps – the more we perpetuate the idea that the only invitation that matters is the invitation to exist (discrimination as equity ness) – and that that invitation is unconditionally offered – (ie: are you human – ok – you’re in)… the less we’ll all be missing it – the it being life – aliveness.

the beauty here – is that if this is indeed the craving of each soul.. to be themselves and to be known by someone.. 7 billion people will not only exponentiate it’s spread, but also sustain its betterness. every day.


look at what you have.. here\ness:


Jean Liedloff ness