adding page after reading my heart by corinna luyken – (intro’d to it via maria here: https://www.brainpickings.org/2019/05/23/my-heart-corinna-luyken/ – thanks library)

my heart.png

mostly because of this:

from moments of great joy and exuberance to necessary times of quiet contemplation, your heart is your guide.. listen to the voice w/in .. ode to love

imagining a world if we all would listen to our hear\t.. everyday.. ie: 2 convers as infra

my heart 2.png

my heart 3.png

my heart 4.png

some days it is tiny but tiny can grow

there are days it’s a fence between me and the world.. days it’s a whisper that can barely be heard

rumi words law

my heart is a shadow, a light and a guide

listen to your heart/rhythm – a simple message

already on/in each heart

the little prince – see with your heart

closed or open i get to decide

garden ness


corinna on twitter – @CorinnaLuyken

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image from book of mistakes


s& h .. with all my hear\t