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[after spending a few years in intense read mode.. accessing the following books is secondary to accessing 7 billion plus commonplace/document everything ish books. now possible – so we can’t not.]

*not available, recommended, et al refers to (online library – overdrive) access, unless otherwise said otherwise – (jan 2016 – it appears my limit for recommending titles has been reached. who knew. dang.)

[mostly these days.. 2017-8 ff – library is supplying me w every whim i send them.. so not really listing here anymore]

Lost Connections, Johann Hari.. thanks library

Designing Reality, Neil Gershenfeld & bros – Alan and Joel-Cutcher.. thanks library

Instrumental, James Rhodes – not available yet in the u.s. – thanks al

To Have or To Be, Erich Fromm

What Computers Still Can’t Do, Hubert Dreyfus

Imaginary Cities, Darran Anderson – thanks library

Drawing Blood, Molly Crabapple – *recommended – thanks al

Lost People, David Graeber – thanks library genesis

Insomniac City – NY, Oliver, and me – Bill Hayes (@BillHayesNYC)

Waking the Spirit, Andrew Schulman

via : Great new book on power of music therapy by /AndrewSchulman  is a must read.   Original Tweet:

Whiplash, Joi Ito and – thanks library

The Moose Belongs to Me, Oliver Jeffers

Big Wolf Little WolfNadine Brun-Cosme

City of Thorns, Ben Rawlence – *limit reached – thanks library

The Optician of Lampedusa

This book moved me to the core. Everything about humanity is contained in it – the worst and the best.

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The Good Death, Ann Neumanne – *recommended

The Stack, Benjamin Bratton – *not available – stack, thanks library

On a Beam of Light – Story of Einstein, Jennifer Berne

The Wander Society, Keri Smith – out mar 2016

The Boy Who Could Change the World, Aaron Swartz, intro by Lawrence Lessig – *not available – reading.. thanks al

Understanding Power, Noam Chomsky – *recommended (book that aaron’s changed his life)

unoffendable, Brant Hansen – *not available – thanks library

Blockchain Revolution, Don & Alex Tapscott – *not available – out may 10

Postcapitalism, Paul Mason – *recommended – thanks library

When the Body Says No, Stress Disease Connection, Gabor Maté – *only available via audio, thanks library

In the Realm of Hungray Ghosts – Close Encounters w AddictionsGabor Maté, thanks library

Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free, Cory Doctorow forwards by: Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer – *not available

Multitude Empire – Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri – *not available – but i see mult in pdf now..

Throwing Rocks at the Google BusDouglas Rushkoff – *not available

With Liberty and Justice for SomeGlenn Greenwald – *recommended – thanks library

Writing My Wrongs, Shaka Senghor – *recommended – thanks library

Status Syndrome,

Participatory Culture in a Networked EraHenry Jenkins, Mimi Ito, danah boyd – *not available





Little Bets, Peter Sims – not available


three decades of books via Mary Ann

oh my.. no wonder.. the love/connection/soulmateness

upon reading the list.. my heart ..more than wanting to read a bunch of them.. long ing for a mate to read/have-read with


Jon Winokur (@AdviceToWriters) tweeted at 3:00 PM on Fri, Feb 17, 2017:
It was books that taught me that the things that tormented me most were the very things that connected me with all…people.


Recommend this one with all my heart
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out may 5 2020
Change the World by Jacqueline Novogratz



(starting to list) books i’ve read/skimmed.. that didn’t resonate.. neither recommended nor frustrating (just on record if i forget): frenemies; what works may hurtsapiens; bad blood; recovery; little bets; dare to lead; owners of kinship; palaces for people; doesn’t have to be crazy at work; becoming; of hospitality; this life; white fragility; on fire; could be our future; radicalized; stillness; consolations; no one is too small; how to speak machine; fiber; hierarchy in forest; spirit of the disciplines; designing regen cultures; changemakers; local is our future; decolonizing methodologies; free fair and alive; braiding sweetgrass; the body in pain; blueprint; buy nothing; limits; soul keepingthe remarkable ordinary; can’t pay won’t paycastehiding in plain sight (epilogue – frustrating); guide to the endunderstanding peoplewhat is a human (mostly frustrating); direct action an ethnography; seed & spark (though didn’t note as so.. some parts extremely  ..frustrating);..

i keep forgetting to do this..


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