by Nic & David Sheff




n: we are addicted to distraction.. i had to learn to stay w the pain, stay w the uncomfortable feelings.. t

n: because that was the only way to grow up and live the life i wanted to live.. all i have to do is hold on.. things will get better


n: i really wish for that sometimes.. a life do over

global do-over.. reset


just say know: know yourself.. figure out what you want in life. weigh the risks of using. know the truth and decide

cure ios city to eudaimonia


n: as long as you look for someone else to validate who you are by seeking their approval, you are setting yourself up for disaster..t



n: you have to be whole/complete in yourself. no one can give you that. what others say is irrelevant. you have to know who you are

balance that with.. our  interconnectedness.. never just me ness.. and eudaimoniative surplus


many of us are socialized to please people.. learning to say no can be challenging, but it will serve you for the rest of your life

supposed to’s


outcomes on a variety of life satisfaction and achievement measures: complete college; earn more than 30 000

poor guides guys.. big part of the problem.. go deeper.. supposed to’s of school/work

(book is a lot like clean)



n: it’s just that nobody talks about it..

n: a part of me that felt like i could never admit to what i was afraid of, because to admit to my fears would be to make them real or something. if i admitted i was afraid, i would have to face my fears.. and that was my biggest fear of all.. but the fear of the fear is always way worse than whatever it is i’m afraid of in the first place.. and when i run away from my fears, everything just gets bigger and bigger and worse and worse..  i think that’s a message that transcends drug abuse..


d: people are always looking for something to numb the pain.. t

yeah.. let’s just go there (maté addiction law).. rather than.. all the other suggestions.. let’s get to where the pain starts.. for 7b people.. and let’s focus on that (almaas holes law)

there’s a nother way.. that could help all of us.. at once.. you guys could help make it happen.. wish you could hear me – which is a big part of the problem – we can’t hear everyone.. (as it could be)

ie: cure ios city.. via 2 convers as infra

d: we can’t help people .. unless we look at the root of the problems.. which are always complex..  a combo of factors, including biology, psychology, and environment..t

maté basic needs – basically all have same needs.. let’s go that deep.. ie: short bit (bio/chem/phys)

d: and i learned about love.. more powerful than almost any other force..t

imagine a nother wayall we are saying


a little frustrating reading about suggestions/measures – seeing a nother way