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Don’t make people pay for music, says Amanda Palmer: Let them. In a passionate talk that begins in her days as a street performer (drop a dollar in the hat for the Eight-Foot Bride!), she examines the new relationship between artist and fan.

i love this kind of random closeness

falling into the audience and trusting each other [crowdsurfing & couchsurfing]

i become the hat – and i’ve actually had a lot of practice

this is the moment i’m going to give my music away for free

i didn’t make them, i asked them, and in the very act of asking – you connect

asking makes you vulnerable

they weren’t with us on the sidewalk – they couldn’t see the fair exchange

it’s about a few people loving you that close – and a few people being enough

the perfect tools aren’t going to help us if we can’t face each other

when we really see each other – we want to help each other

obsessed with wrong question – how to we make people pay for music, what if we started asking – how do we let people pay for music





nov 2014:

The Art of Asking | Talks at Google

there’s a difference between wanting to be looked at and wanting to be seen

exhibitionism vs connection.. not everyone wants to be looked at but everyone wants to be seen

24 min – trust. no strings attached to how money is spent.

27 min – please take the donuts.. accept the help in whatever form.

30 min – street performer for 5-6 yrs – breaks you – no sense of entitlement – and gets you really comfortable.


notes/highlights from book:

this book is not about seeing people from safe distances… uncomfortably close is exactly where we need to be if we want to transform thsi culture of scarcity and fundamental distrust…  her lab is a love affair with her art… her ability to see into the parts of our humanity that need to be seen the most. take the flower. – forward – Brené Brown

p 6 – shame pollutes an environment of asking and giving that thrives on trust and openness.

afterward via Jamy Ian Swiss – in a culture that routinely sees creativity, art, and the human body as mere commodities, many find it difficult to grasp that there might be another point of view.

p. 17 – when artists work well, they connect people to themselves, and they stitch people to one another, through this shared experience of discovering a connection that wasn’t visible before.

notice the unlikely. art.

art pries us open.

free\ing art ists.

artist connect the dots –  we don’t need to interpret the lines between them. we just draw them and then present our connections to the world as a gift, to be taken or left.

p. 36 – they didn’t understand that they were breaking my heart. gifting them my flower – my holy little token – was what made me feel like an artist, someone with something to offer, instead of a charity case. over the years, though, i got used to it, and instead of taking it personally, i began to understand: sometimes people just don’t want the flower. sometimes you have to let them walk away.

p. 38 – it was essential to feel thankful for the few who stopped to watch or listen, instead of wasting energy on resenting the majority who passed me by.

i liked giving permission to people to look at my face.. i wanted them to feel invited to meet my gaze and share a moment. ….having invited them in to my face…. i would be equally invited to look back into theirs. then we could see each other. and in that place lies the magic. i see you. believe me. as any great actor: sometime the mask is the tool that lets you get at the truth. (her white painted face)

p. 39 – there is something about silence….. one of the things i loved best about the bride was how, though she was silent, she could make it possible for people to talk to one another.

John Cage ness

p. 41 – ..he (Anthony) knew the way to win my heart. he never told me what to do. instead he told me stories. (favorite one – dog sitting on a nail… doesn’t hurt enough yet)

p. 42 – i’ve had a problem feeling real all my life .. imposter syndrome.. the fraud police: we’ve been watching you and we have evidence that you have no idea what you’re doing…

p. 43 – there’s no “correct path” to becoming a real artist. you might think you’ll gain legitimacy by going to art school, getting published… but it’s all in your head. you’re an artist when you say you are. and you’re a good artist when you make somebody else feel something deep and unexpected.

… outside approval can make the fraud police louder..

the professionals know they’re winging it. the amateurs pretend they’re not.

p. 44 – sometimes up on the box, i would fall in love with people. pretty often come to think of it. it was easy, given how safe and swaddled i was up there in my could of pretty, white, untouchbale stillness. no commitment. just this, just now, just us….. i hope to god you know that you and i are, i this moment exactly the same.

i never felt guilty about those dollars, though, because there was such a beauty and humanity in the fact that these homeless people were, right along with the rich tourists, stopping to connect with me. they saw value in what i was doing they saw the power and necessity of the human connection.

opposite of addiction hari

here’s your flower. i see you.

p. 46 – i wanted to be seen. that was absolutely true. all performers – all humans want to be seen; it’s a basic need. even the shy ones who don’t want to be looked at…. but i also wanted, very much, to see.

i was being looked at. but i never felt seen.

p. 47 – sometimes i would get home and have a nice little breakdown, having no idea what to do with all the loneliness i’d collected.

p. 48 – those who can ask without shame are viewing themselves in collaboration with – rather than in competition with – the world.

p. 49 – … the field of asking is fundamentally improvisational. it thrives not in the creation of rules and etiquette but in the smashing of that etiquette. which is to say: there are no rules.

improv\e ness

p. 56 – hate is fear.

p. 57 – Lewis Hyde, in the gift, writes: the opposite of “indian giver” would be something like “white man keeper” … that is, a person whose instinct is to remove property from circulation.. the indian giver (or the original one, at any rate) understood a cardinal property of the gift: whatever we have been given is supposed to be given away again, not kept… the only essential is this: the gift must always move.

the cloud club – communal living space –

commons ness

p. 68 – i wanted to stay anyone. it was easier.

every pair of gazing eyes that locked with mine, a reminder: love still exists.

p. 77 – just by seeing someone – really seeing them, and being seen in return – you enrealen each other.

what is possible on the sidewalk is unique. no song needed, no words, no lighting, no story, no ticket, no critic, no context.

it cannot get any simpler than a painted person on a box, a living human question mark, asking: love? and a passing stranger, rattled out of the rhythm of a mundane existence, answering: yes. love.

p. 79 – facing the street as a statue had its challenges, but truthfully, it all felt like cheating, because i wasn’t actually showing myself. i was hiding behind a blank, white wall. i love the connecting. i loved the seeing. but it wasn’t enough. people loved the brie because she was perfect and silent. anyone. i wanted to be loved for my songwriting…which showed me for what i actually was. imperfect.

p. 91 – managing the band didn’t mean talking to labels, agents, or publishers; we didn’t know any. managing the band meant making friends with other freaks in other cities, finding performers to share the stage with, lining up couches to crash on, chasing down a gallery where a friend was hanging paintings and was happy to have a band play at the opening. (email list per city – cloud club parties as happenings)

p. 93 – the spirit of an artist’s gift can wake our own. – Lewis Hyde

p. 97 – i’d learned that it was pointless trying to tell these people what their music had meant to me. it meant everything. their songs were the landscape of my inner life. i was modeling my own style of songwriting after theirs. it would just sound trite if i tried to explain it out loud. .. but i could make them eggs.

no words ness

p. 98 – we wanted the people who came to the shows to feel like they were part of our weird little family, that they would never be turned away at the door for not being cool enough. brian an i had both been insecure freaks in high school; we’d already spent our entire lives on the outside of that door, and we didn’t just want to gain entrance. we wanted to smash the door down completely.

p. 103 – on hours of signings after concerts – if i hadn’t made the effort to stand at the merch table every night; i might have stayed afraid for years (of the audience). and when you’re afraid of someone’s judgment, you can’t connect with them. you’re too preoccupied with the task of impressing them.

p. 124 – i kept the eyebrows – i found, to my delight, that it had the unintended side effect of causing people to look me in the eye. when you have creatively painted eyebrows, people will assume you’re approachable and affable, and talk to you. it’s like having a funny mustache.

p. 126 – Anthony.. asked me to be punctual for our groks – “to grok” from Robert Heinlein’s made-up word from stranger in a strange land, meaning to communicate and understand deeply, empathetically, completely.


p. 128 – i learned to love that about my fans: they weren’t sheep, they were people. i never knew what to expect, or how they’d react. (sharing on Amanda Todd – got the response of a bullied person’s bully committing suicide.. so convo – now with 2000 comments – turned to…. at the end of the day, we’re all human. we’re all broken in a way, and we’re just trying to feel whole…..

p 130 – the ability to connect directly, under our own umbrella, was making one thing very clear..we were the media.

p. 147 – (w/ukelele and twitter) – i felt like i was in control of my life again. i had missed the freedom of the street.


p. 156 – managers kept telling me to stop twittering and get back to work. i broke up with a lot of managers. they didn’t understand. that was the work.

p. 157 – couchsurfing is about more than saving on hotel costs. its a gift exchange between the surfer and the host that offers an intimate gaze into somebody’s home, and the feeling of being held and comforted by their personal space. it’s also a reminder that we’re floating along due to a strong bond of trust, just like when i surf the crowd at a show safely suspended on a sea of ever-changing hands.

p. 158 – i’m often asked: how can you trust people so much? because that’s the only way it works.


p. 177 – these are new forms of patronage, and it’s messy; the artists, and the patrons are making up the rules as they go along. …. the fundamental building block of all these relationships boils down to the same, simple thing: trust. .. as long as art is coming out the other side and making your patrons  happy, the money you need to live – and ” need to live” is hard to define – is almost indistinguishable from the money you nee to make art…. it’s not like her fans’ money is an “allowance,” with nosy and critical strings attached. it’s a gift, in the form of money, in exchange for her gift, in the form of music.

gift..? be cool if we could get to truly gifting.. expecting nothing in return. no?

p. 179 – please take the donuts.

p. 208 – Anthony once told me: it isn’t what you say to people, it’s more important what you do with them. it’s less important what you do with them than the way you’re with them.

p. 231 – if you love people enough, they’ll give you everything. (text from anthony after getting million)

p. 253 – everybody i know, i said, especially the performers, has such a complicated relationship with being looked at.

Nic‘s film of being seen… and Heisenberg – observation changes you

i erased and redrew, thinking about how we judge one another was i trying to make her more beautiful?

p. 255 – i started to enjoy the feeling of absolute uncertainty.

embracing uncertainty

p. 262 –  i experience the physical truth of what it felt like to dwell in the act of creation as a direct escape hatch from an unbearable reality.

it hurt enough. i got up off the nail.

p. 263 – all i wanted was to plug neil into my brain and show him the entire history of our friendship. the love.

Jerry’s brain – would have helped.. no..? here’s to us all having that..

p. 267 – he (anthony) had love me way beyond enough. i would give him everything.

p. 276 – real isn’t how you are made, it’s a thing that happens to you…..once you are real you can’t be ugly. except to people who don’t understand.” – the velveteen rabbit, Margery Williams

p. 300 – if you want to know what you believe, ask the people you taught.

p. 302 – seeing each other is hard. but i think when we truly see each other, we want to help each other. i think human beings are fundamentally generous, but our instinct to be generous gets broken down.

science of people et al

the value of the gift rises in transit, as it is passed from hand to hand, from heart to heart. it gains its value i the giving, and in the taking. in the passage.

..i no longer see these things as risk. i see them as acts of trust. i think the real risk is the choice to disconnect. to be afraid of one another.

how do we create a world in which people don’t think of art just as product, but as relationship?

perhaps we model another way. a money\less ….way.

as art returns to the commons and becomes more and more digital, uncaged, freely shareable, we need to figure out how people sustain a new artistic ecosystem…. even the perfect tools aren’t going to help us if we can’t face one another. if we can’t see one another.

see better/deeper

p. 305 – your acceptance of the gift is the gift…. the gift must always move.

p. 316 – i/you/we are bigger on the inside…. than another one can ever see.


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Amanda MacKinnon Gaiman Palmer (born April 30, 1976), sometimes known as Amanda Fucking Palmer, is an American performer who first rose to prominence as the lead singer, pianist, and lyricist/composer of the duo The Dresden Dolls. She has had a successful solo career, is also one half of the duo Evelyn Evelyn, and is the lead singer and songwriter of Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra.

On April 20, 2012, Palmer announced on her blog that she launched a new album pre-order on Kickstarter. The Kickstarter project was ultimately supported by 24,883 backers for a grand total of $1,192,793 — at the time, the most funds ever raised for a musical project on Kickstarter. The album, Theatre Is Evil, was recorded withThe Grand Theft Orchestra, produced by John Congleton, and released in September 2012.

On November 16, 2010, Amanda Palmer hosted a flash mob wedding (not legally binding) for Gaiman‘s birthday in New Orleans. On January 3, 2011, the couple announced, via Twitter, that they had legally married in a private ceremony.

her site:

amanda palmer site


Bucky – allowing for art-ists to not obsess with earning a living.

Seth – allowing for 7 billion + art-ist. finding the thing you can’t not do. finding/being your fittingness.


nov 2013:

amandapalmer's avatar

wow MT @tommycollison Today, I flew for the first time since reading #ArtofAsking. I’m disabled & found it easier to ask for help thx to you


dec 10 2014:

mad world..

i love in my mind Amanda Palmer..

– –

had only heard it at google and at school of rock..




Art is a business – and, yes, artists have to make difficult, honest business decisions

the comments section of my @guardian piece is truly fascinating (and well moderated). GO WEIGH IN.

Original Tweet:


awesome RT @emmitly You seen this… Solidarity at its finest. #illridewithyou

twitter usage solidifying the human family. this can be such a powerful tool.…


Amanda and Maria – nov 2014:

Amanda Palmer on the Art of Asking

36 min – validation/permission to go do your art..

not everyone wants to be looked at but everyone wants to be seen

47 min – talking about doing your art when there’s no title/pay

commons ness – no commodity – so much that matters is invisible/undefinable.. can’t label contributors.. et al. we need to assume everyone is contributing.. there’s never nothing going on.


mar 2015 – amanda experimenting with patreon (pay per thing): 

mar 4 – 2015 – so far she’s got $13000 per thing – 14 hrs after – via 1400 backers:


pic – how live conf may 2015

The one and only @amandapalmer is in the #howlive house!!!!!

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#omg loving @amandapalmer and @brainpickings @brainpicker closing keynote #HOWLive #SVAxHOW @HOWbrand #ukulele

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may 2015 – playing the hitler card

And slowly, over the next few days, I received a string of emails and voicemails from local Bostonians who wanted to tell me, in private, that they, too, had felt empathy and compassion and even concern for this 19-year-old kid. But they dared not say it aloud.

not alone. pluralistic ignorance keeping us silent. isolated.

I kept running the phrase in my head: “wondering if this trend of empathy had gone too far”. What’s too far? Is there even such a thing?

radical love.

i know you ness


june 2015 – on anthony – words when there are none

we’d been talking about that the night before…how screwed up the new systems are, how we’re all so far from death and life and birth all the time because we no longer live in tribes and villages and close quarters. it used to be that there was always someone around dying, and someone around being born, and it rolled out right in front of your eyes, this great cycle of life, instead of being hidden in locked, poorly-lit buildings with visiting hours.




bigger on the inside. for anthony.

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ah thank you….it was, in a way, a long love letter. RT @petersagal I feel like I do know him from your book. A great monument to him.


www (heavily influence by Amanda and Tim and David):


behind the trees:


artist & fan & mom..

to work whenever inspired.. instead of working on the forced binge/purge feast/famine cycle..

please don’t terrify and jinx me..

i’m just about to jump into this net that I’m praying will appear to catch me, my art, and this baby — all at the same time.

i love you too..


he’s here..


life while you wait  reading by Amanda – via Maria


gaiman/degrasse whatever law

i sat there trying to figure out how people know what you’re allowed to do when you can’t directly google it. and then i thought, wait a minute, i’m the kind of person who doesn’t do what you’re allowed to do and i just do it and then it’s a Thing People Do because I Just Did It and i’m technically People.

and i realized i was thinking that and that thinking that is what makes life bearable, when you realize you can just Do Things.

what if it’s not what makes life bearable.. but rather.. what makes the dance dance (where ie: bearable ness becomes irrelevant)

it’s important to be reminded that you can do anything you want.

the need for a nother way. because none of us if one of us.

something we’ve not yet tried. perhaps why we can’t yet imagine… that you really can do anything you want. that this is what the world needs.


Neil interviews Amanda oct 2015:

Neil Gaiman Interviews Amanda Palmer @ 2015 Boston Book Fest

7 min – the book is not supposed to be instructional.. it’s supposed to be about the theme of asking

11 min – it’s not as 1’s and 0’s as people want it to be but it does work..

12 min – art only works when you make people feel something

19 min – on anthony – he put up with me thinking he was perfect.. he taught me about imperfection/compassion….

love embraces the imperfect….

21 min – when you get sick.. you’re forced to get off the train.. to ask for help

23 min – asking and illness are like this (the same)

same as being vulnerable

24 min – in so many cases.. it’s just easier not to ask.. the fear of rejection is bigger than whatever the thing being asked for

27 min – it also made me understand the 1000 yard stare… that happens when you’re holding 89 concepts and figuring out how to thread them together

29 min – maria.. on the art of not having to ask – (theraue) –

love is the ultimate art of not having to ask…

32 min – we edged toward each other day by day … a slow self-conscious work..  alice never gets what she asks for… she gets these unexpected things

35 min – she spoke fluent neil and fluent amanda.. and she would translate for us

37 min – we both (neil and i) always have an idea of how it’s supposed to be…. you both want control of the narrative.. it’s how we’ve both learned how to survive…

the beautiful thing about the baby – is we’re both going to have to let go of his narrative…

let go ness

39 min – maria: love only works when you learn to let go of it

42 min – asking connects us

43 min – on the internet being the poison and the antidote

www ness

52 min – q: on balance of making art for self and art for others.. a: in a vacuum for a long time.. but always created with an audience in mind

56 min – everytime something significant happens (ie: death of anthony) i feel it’s my part to make more art… i take stalk of my own mortality… i ask myself..

why would i not go as deep as possible… it’s stupid to be safe… the risky/unsafe place really is the gift you have to give..

the safe spot.. whatever you think is going to be pleasing.. will make people like you.. that’s not your gift..



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on teaching art of asking to business class


strung out in heaven – Patronage vs. Commerce, Art as Non-Ownable Nourishment,

feb 2016 – Maria and Amanda:

If you were going to make music in 1985, you looked at the system and figured out what your options were. Very few people decided to change the system. 99.99999% said, “okay, I’m going to find a record label to sign with” — because that was the method of distribution in 1985


makes me think of Simone Weil, who wrote in the early 1940s: “When someone exposes himself as a slave in the market place, what wonder if he finds a master?”


but I do think the pendulum is eventually going to swing back into the world of music being not something you have and own but something you share and you convene around, music as community glue. And that’s going to mean the simultaneous death of the superstar — it’s going to mean the death of the David Bowie types who can sell millions and millions and millions of records and be glorified by a system that no longer exists.


What I found was what I expected to find — there wasn’t a single person on Twitter who took the position of this woman, in part because I’ve been trying to educate and expound on what patronage is going to mean now, in these Internet days.


They would probably stop trusting me and go away. I talked about this so much when the Kickstarter happened — which happened because people trusted me. And then there was conversation number two, which was about whypeople trusted me, and that became The Art of Asking, because it’s not a two-sentence answer. But they trusted me because I toured the world for ten years and got to know them — and people don’t trust you without getting to know you and watching you work and seeing you make good on your word.

huge.. what if we just trust first.. i know you ness..( of course no money – no earn a living ness… not measuring..judging transactions..just living in love.. trust)
not I trust you when… be/cause really… isn’t that judgment…?.
but i trust you 100%.. as the day… because you are human.. just like me.
every actor has a reason ness

AP: Exactly. A bizarro-world example of art as product. And one of the questions that keeps coming up in my life, and kept coming up endlessly in the Kickstarter, was people asking whether I feel like I would be beholden to my fans — which is another way of asking whether I’m afraid of turning my audience into consumers. And that was so outside the realm of my imagination that it hadn’t even occurred to me to be worried about that until journalists started asking all the time. And my answer was always “no.” I’m not worried about that because I don’t have that kind of relationship with my audience — they’ve given me their support not because they have an expectation of a particular product that they want to arrive in their inbox, but because they have a curiosity about where my path is going to take me and they want to see what’s created.


Right. But the boundaries are also very fluid. When I pitched my audience Patreon, I pitched them a mystery into which we were all going to be going. But, as their art-maker and enthusiasm-provider, there’s a part of me that just wants to make them happy and delight them and surprise them and impress them and emotionally challenge them. And there’s a part of me that takes delight in finding new ways to do that rather than just sitting down and writing another delightful, emotionally challenging ukulele song every two weeks for which I get paid — that would be so fucking boring.

And this, actually, takes us full-circle to Bowie — because Bowie, like a certain lineage of shape-shifting art-world artists who didn’t just follow the script, fed off doing the unexpected while not departing so far off to the left that they lost their audience. And that’s a dance that you do with expectation — a dance between your audience’s expectation and the awareness that if you give them what they actually expect, you’d lose them.


most of the project from home, on my computer, in collaboration with Jherek, and I could spend two days at the studio and find a babysitter. I looked at the entire project and thought it was manageable, I could do it right now, which is the way I like to work — fast and furious and surprising and very chaotic and manic


seven months to put out our David Bowie tribute, it just wouldn’t feel the same. It is of the moment, and it was of the moment to sit on the couch and listen to Bowie songs with Neil [Gaiman] and read my patrons’ favorite Bowie songs and go on hunts for obscure tracks and sit there with the baby between me and Neil, immersing ourselves in this artist’s world — because all that felt like part of the project, it felt like part of the patronage.

local global ftf w b

That was our way of mourning, and that became our ritualistic David Bowie funeral.

woke ness..

it isn’t possible to love and part. you will wish that it was. you can transmute love, ignore it, muddle it, but you can never pull it out of you. i know by experience that the poets are right: love is eternal.      –em fosrster.. a room with a view


That is the point. It’s about making enough money to make art, and making enough money to live, and making enough money to give to Bernie Sanders if I wanted to. Actually, this is going to be a very interesting question for me in the next five or ten years — how transparent am I expected to be and how demanding are my patrons going to be, because none of us have ever done this before and there is no rulebook.


mar 29 – 2016 – live concert – strings et al

oh my.


via Maria.. live podcast interview of Amanda with Debbie Millman

to be in a true convo w the world and w people…

3 min – an incredible tool in the human voice… how the ear works.. ie: by ear.. match voice to whatever you’re hearing… and match on piano… partly talent… gift.. and practice… ie: match brown on tree to brown in crayon box…

that’s just because you’re thinking of eyes and ears differently… if you think of ears as eyes that see sound….we’re constantly taking in audio….

if we learn through repetition… always is a huge hodgepodge…. unless living in a bubble..

11 min – music used to have a common purpose… ie: no copyright et al…

14 min – i was confused about going to college.. because there wasn’t rock college…… i was terrified to be seen as failure… w/ ie: bad grades et al..

18 min – graduated weslyan… got full ride to hidelburg uni.. then thought.. o hmy.. another 2 yrs of school. why am i doing this… ditched scholarship/germany…

22 min – jobs as stripper et al… i met the most lonely people… people that just wanted to be seen…

25 min – any job i’ve ever had has taught me about the human condition.. vulnerability… the wanting to be seen..

28 min – when you’re in the street… an unchosen audience… it’s a service job… you’re asking the environment to give you attention.. to listen…. esp when people are busy and you fell like you’re bothering them.. it wears your ego down… and you’re not there to demand attention from any of them…. you become a zen performer.. you are not in the driver seat whatsoever…

30 min – a two way street.. helping them feel seen/real.. and they help me feel seen/real… i am so happy that i walked through the hall of street performance… esp in silence…an ego less ness that i didn’t start with but that i came to understand… above all connection… when audience/artist merge in a mutual gaze… that’s the moment… in any media/art form…

32 min – fundamental building blocks of anything in realm of art..

the condition of two human souls in mutual recognition… everything else is colorful noise….

2 needs – a nother way

33 min – all boiling down to one thing: believe me. i’m real..  modern society has dis connected us in a way we can barely comprehend… one thing i’ve become conscious of… nothing will underline/highlight how disconnected we have become……. as how crazy we must seem to that baby…  ie: none of human beings are talking to each other.. none recognizing presence of baby…  we are so isolated from one another in so many situations… we think we’ve progressed and are so connected… but when strip it down..not so.. so many depressed..paranoid.. worried…  medicated… and fundamentally feeling very unseen…

36 min – maybe we’ve constructed culture in a way that people are not feeling recognized.. loved.. accepted.. happy w their place in society… where they’re supposed to be… rolling along with their day….oh my god what have we done to create such unhappiness…

indeed… so let’s construct..

a nother way

let’s do this firstfree art-ists.

for (blank)’s sake

37 min – took many years of me being on receiving end of fellow mammals.. that i was important to them…

39 min – for evertyhing that wanted a nother cd signed… had a story – your song got me through the death of my father,.. et al.. to hear them say to us… please keep doing what you’re doing.. that what we’re doing is of value…

40 min – what i wanted was to be in a true convo w the world.. the currency of human connection…

42 min – debbie: you’ve said if you love people enough they will give you everything.. i want to know how you love people enough.. amanda: i don’t know

i think everything we’ve talked about upt o this point is part of that answer… i never wanted to separate.. it was a busienss approach… brain and i considered our fans our comrades in this mutual convo… and everything we did fed that narrative… an ongoing intimate relationship… by the time i landed in 2012 and went to that community…. i was asking for pre orders.. asking them to trust i will give them something back in 6 mos… their answer was of course… becasue we’ve been iengaged in a relationship w you for yous…

45 min – debbie: why the backlash.. amanda: that kind of trust is so delicious.. there might have been some degree of jealousy..couldn’t believe pepole would trust me… but it was possible because we were in a long term relationship… i then went out of my way to give those guys the moon..

47 min – anothy making you wish you could turn back clock to 60s… where you could hitchhike, smoke.. listen to joni mitchell…

49 min – doing something till it hurts sitting on a nail… we are so cruel to ourselves… we punish ourselves..

51 min – not pushing people away… but falling straight into them…

52 min – anthony gave me the tools that he himself couldn’t even use…

56 min – he saw me as a piece.. that if it worked… could fit together in an unpresidented way

59 min – on constant exchange…. keeping score is the kryptonite…

we are not keeping score.. love cannot keep score..

on need for mech simple enough.. and that does not keep score (actually huge key to simplification)

ie: hosting life bits on blockchain (not to measure/validate transactions/people – imojean heap et al)  to help people see each other .. find each other.. better…

on having a child.. and surge of energy to keep up identity as artist ..beyond mother..

1:11 – (singing) bigger on the inside – so much bigger than another one can see.. trying is the point.. so don’t stop trying…

1:19 – quote from neil – in song mother’s confession:she survived the warsaw ghetto
and she always says “i love you” when she sees you ’cause she knows you never know



Put on a pair of good headphones, open your heart, and savor @amandapalmer‘s stunning string cover of “Purple Rain”…


feb 2016 ted -Amanda Palmer, Jherek Bischoff, Usman Riaz: “Space Oddity”



@amandapalmer I hope you realize the strength in your ability to connect us all. The net caught me tonight and I could shout with gratitude.


it will widen. i am incredibly inspired right now to work and help.

www ness .. has to be all of us.. you model it well amanda..grazie


behind the trees


goodnight moon


Amanda Palmer (@amandapalmer) tweeted at 6:31 AM – 31 Jan 2017 :

america NOT first. nobody first. world first. togetherness first. everybody fucking first. goddamit (

human\e constitution ness


feb 2017 – Expanding our definition of smart | Sir Ken Robinson + Amanda Palmer

6 min – simple way to solve problems is to stop causing them.. don’t do that.. do something else.. – ken

a nother way

18 min – we cannot measure what’s important.. just what’s easiest to find.. – amanda

measuring things


Amanda Palmer (@amandapalmer) tweeted at 5:28 AM on Fri, Mar 31, 2017:
my 1st attempt to podcast! in conversation w @missyhiggins, premiered in @rollingstoneaus! join patreon 4 downloads.

43 min – oh my… amanda

48 min – let it be – both

52 min – i don’t want him to see me being afraid.. i can use him as a reason not to be afraid..

roots of healing



this is where i spent last week. shot by fridoon joinda, my new filmmaker friend, and a refugee from afghanistan.…


via Maria.. Amanda reading.. having it out with melancholy – by Jane Kenyon

If many remedies are prescribed
for an illness, you may be certain
that the illness has no cure.

The Cherry Orchard

cure ios city

roots of healing


Elavil, Ludiomil, Doxepin,
Norpramin, Prozac, Lithium, Xanax,
Wellbutrin, Parnate, Nardil, Zoloft.
The coated ones smell sweet or have
no smell; the powdery ones smell
like the chemistry lab at school
that made me hold my breath.

thinking of many.. but first to mind.. Kosta and Josh.. and..

i no longer hated having to exist

What hurt me so terribly
all my life until this moment?

roots of healing


Amanda Palmer (@amandapalmer) tweeted at 4:53 PM on Sun, Oct 15, 2017:
about to write/record another new song using the patreon. for this next batch of songs, i’m releasing the results to patrons only. JOIN

selling self.. shouldn’t have to happen


exactly. and this is what you get when art meets capitalism. INSANITY.


When I worked at a gallery people would get SO upset with me over the prices like? Don’t buy it if it upsets you so much?

insanity.. that we keep playing this made up money game.. even nice crowdfunding

we now have the means to not.. we have the means to facil curiosity.. rather than measure transactions/art/us..

ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way



Amanda Palmer (@amandapalmer) tweeted at 4:23 AM – 16 Nov 2017 :

{thread}. this is about a lot of things, so bear with me. first of all, i’ve never seen a more overwhelmingly emotional & respectful high-five reaction & from my community for *anything* i’ve made. so thank you. but something is really freaking me out: (

in my entire career, i’ve never heard such silence from the press. a few of my personal allies covered this video (thanks @xeni and @hollycara) but despite doing my usual press-release to the US and UK the day this video came out, the non-response has been deafening…

…and i’m like: is it me? is it the video scaring people? are there really no journalists anymore, like some of my writer friends have been telling me? is it really possible to make a project so massive and not even get a mention from a single music blog? it’s so WEIRD…

and i find myself thinking: what if i didn’t have the patreon? i would be FUCKED. i have never believed more than NOW that my community is becoming the Media Itself and that i have to turn my fragile-ego-self away from the idea that the press is going to validate my hard work…

…and how ironic, given my vide & all of trump’s hatred of the Fake News Media. but maybe it’s like the death of anything dear. maybe we have to collectively grieve the death of Old Media and celebrate whatever is taking its place, and make that thing work.

in closing: facebook is strangling my reach, the media won’t alert you, i’m not on a record label. so if you want to support me, there is only one channel left to assure i can still work and connect and survive, and it’s the patreon. please, join.

so if over 11k isn’t enough.. then this won’t be for everyone.. there’s got to be a nother way.. where anyone/everyone can do their thing.. and not spend energy asking for support.. thinking it’s time to take that leap .. now.. for (blank)’s sake

Amanda Palmer (@amandapalmer) tweeted at 5:55 AM – 16 Nov 2017 :

to the 100+ people who have joined my patreon since the video came out: thank you from the bottom of my heart. it means everything to me. (

Amanda Palmer (@amandapalmer) tweeted at 5:58 AM – 16 Nov 2017 :

there’s one solution: revolt & find new channels of communication. they planned this. artists/musicians/writers have worked for years to amass these communication networks & FB has simply waited to cash in & capitalize. not their fault. profits first. but we don’t have to play.

perhaps we don’t have to play the money game at all.. a nother way

Amanda Palmer (@amandapalmer) tweeted at 5:58 AM – 16 Nov 2017 :

thank you. it’s going to be more and more important as the internet becomes less free. (

Amanda Palmer (@amandapalmer) tweeted at 5:45 AM – 17 Nov 2017 :

yeah…it’s not a tip if there isn’t a minimum wage underneath. it’s more like the minimum wage, actually. ( do you ask people to patreon you w/o patreon ing them back..
and then.. same song second verse english accent little but worse

Replying to @amandapalmer

It’s kinda funny, because if the average Joe has to make a choice between giving AFP a donation or one to me, he will pick me. Because it’s assumed that I need it more. So their big earners will leave. Then the smaller ones, because we follow the big boys.


i do have quite a few people say “i am leaving you because it seems like you have enough dough and i’m gonna go support the smaller artists” in my exit surveys. which is GREAT. crowdfunding should be transparent and democratic. i applaud those people. they’re getting it.

patreon and kickstarter et al

crowdfunding ness

panhandle\ing ness

graeber grant law


Amanda Palmer (@amandapalmer) tweeted at 5:41 AM – 17 Feb 2018 :

you know it girl. it’s a hard knock fucking life this show business shit. (


Amanda Palmer (@amandapalmer) tweeted at 5:06 AM – 27 Feb 2018 :

i just watched my own TED talk. i am not ashamed to admit it. sometimes i literally watch my own TED talk when i’m getting weirded out by my life and @patreon and need to remember why i am doing what i am doing. thanks, amanda. (

imagine if we focus on self-talk as data as the big data.. coupled with the luxury to do whatever we want everyday.. thinking if we are truly that free.. our self-talk would be\become the gold our souls/world crave(s)..

2 convos .. as the day..

Amanda Palmer (@amandapalmer) tweeted at 5:41 AM – 27 Feb 2018 :

:D you serious? send it! management@amandapalmer.net (

your past self can really give your present self a motivational kick in the ass sometimes. we used to have journals/pens/parchment. now: recordings. media. life. i wouldn’t even be able to access my TED talk if youtube and went away. so weird.


Yes you would, some of us archived your ted talk into our personal archive to give ourselves motvational kicks in the arese when we are on a tram ( they dont have wifi here in melb). You would ask and we would send you our copy of your talks, the flower and our thanks :)


let’s not wait:


the original video for “Strength Through Music”, which was on my first solo album Who Killed Amanda Palmer”, was shot on location at and featuring students from Lexington High School, Lexington, Massachusetts, USA. the original video was filmed as a response to the mass shootings at columbine high school. people were shocked and horrified at columbine, and gun laws didn’t change. newtown happened, and laws didn’t change. since then, school shootings have become regular. commonplace.part of “life”. there is a school shooting in the US ALMOST EVERY DAY. it’s got to stop. we made this new version of the song and video, featuring the names of those murdered at marjory stone man douglas high school – and newtown elementary, and columbine high school – as a response to this ongoing insanity. the thousands of dollars that this remix will earn on my patreon page will all be donated to March For Our Lives ( which is taking place on march 24th, and the song is also available on bandcamp for $1 – all of that money will be donated to the march as well. i hope it helps. we have had enough. #NeverAgain


bride tripping (30 min video)

are we ever satisfied w what we have and what we have done


Amanda Palmer (@amandapalmer) tweeted at 5:38 AM – 19 May 2018 :
whatever forces conspired – british people, weddings – to get millions of humans on the planet to simultaneously listen to a black preacher in a white ol’ church & ponder the words of MLK on the redemptive power of love & 1 human family…fuck it. i’m in. good job, #royalwedding (

Amanda Palmer (@amandapalmer) tweeted at 6:08 AM – 19 May 2018 :
…FYI, i tuned into the wedding about 5 min after seeing the news of the school shootings in the US. we need this message – this reminder that we are all one inextricably connected family – so desperately these days. we are one. when one suffers, all suffer. history is now. (


Amanda Palmer (@amandapalmer) tweeted at 6:45 AM – 23 May 2018 :
it is REALLY GODDAMN hard to write about. the experiences are so personal, so intimate, so fragile. and gross. and complicated. it’s weird. it feels both holy and sacreligious to make art about stuff like this but you said it: the only way out is through. (

Sarah H (@cherryfizzwhizz) tweeted at 5:25 AM – 23 May 2018 :
I’ve had this song swirling around in my head last 2 nights…YES to taking back the narrative. Shaping it. Sharing. Not keeping calm & carrying on. @TIMESUPNOW
“Mr. Weinstein Will See You Now” by @amandapalmer & @jasziepower.
Listen! w/ headphones. (


shut your eyes pay no attention
just keep calm and carry on


Amanda Palmer (@amandapalmer) tweeted at 6:16 AM – 25 May 2018 :
watching news of #harveyweinstein getting arrested while thousands of women in ireland vote #together4yes for the right to choose = the most powerful zeitgeist of history i’ve ever witnessed. this is it. this is what happened when women take back their power and narratives. (

Sinéad Gleeson (@sineadgleeson) tweeted at 9:19 AM – 24 May 2018 :
“Girls are coming out of the woods.
wrapped in cloaks and hoods carrying iron bars and candles
and a multitude of scars”.
The incredible title poem of Tishani Doshi‘s new collection makes me think of the army of women who have worked so hard on the referendum to #Repealthe8th. (


yellow taxi



Anne McCarthy (@annemitchmcc) tweeted at 12:38 PM – 26 Jun 2018 :
“If we didn’t have any fear, life would be super fucking boring.” Loved chatting with the amazing @amandapalmer for @MsMagazine about fear, music, feminism, the Patreon, and how motherhood *hasn’t* changed her. (

I love being impulsive. It’s one of the things that keeps me interested in doing this artist job as a job.

fromm spontaneous law

 It (connecting w fans) didn’t feel like distraction; it felt like….the point.

One of the things I find notable about motherhood—because people keep asking me this question—is that no one asks me how motherhood hasn’t changed me.

I’m totally on Team “Whatever Works for You,” and please don’t believe anyone who tells you there’s a right decision or a right time to do it. That’s all bullshit.

supposed to ness

Oh, but someone might be uncomfortable. So I’m just trying to teach my kid to be really comfortable around everyone, with everyone, in any and every situation; to be trusting and not suspicious—but not dumb, [to be] street-smart. I have no idea what kind of choices he’s going to face; I just feel like I can arm him with good, empathetic, emotional tools, then he’s gonna have to figure it out.

Patti Smith is one of my favorite artists heroes. I tend to select for authenticity, and Patti strikes me as one of the most authentic women on the planet. She’s unapologetically herself.


I love this part of being songwriter; I love that I’m wrong a lot about what is and isn’t gonna resonate with people, and what is and isn’t gonna stick.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

I wouldn’t listen to me as my younger self. It would be totally fruitless. I would probably remind myself that most people don’t know what they’re doing..I would remind me that I’m a lot smarter and more powerful than I thought.

dancy advice law


watched Amanda Palmer & Jasmine Power – Mr. Weinstein Will See You Now (Official Video | NSFW) [] while reading trauma and recovery.. see p 28 et al.. dang..


FIGURED IT OUT. saturday morning voice-blog – the experiment commences !!! 13 minutes of 7 am dream-ramble just for you. (& thanks for the twitter tech soundcloud help – i had to swap to desktop)
Original Tweet:

self-talk as data


Amanda Palmer (@amandapalmer) tweeted at 7:19 AM – 17 Mar 2019 :
and given that the dictionary definition of “excruciating” is “intensely painful”….i’ll take it as a high compliment that the reviewer actually listened to the content. here’s a link to said excruciating record, btw:

isn’t it amazing how we can never tell.. who is in an identical hell


ted interview may 2019

Dr Victoria Bateman (@vnbateman) tweeted at 4:24 AM – 23 Jul 2019 :
The best interview I’ve heard for a very long time – @amandapalmer @TEDTalks interview. It’s a must listen! #AmandaPalmer (

3 min – i’ve been trying to master the art of honesty.. and how bare i can be.. saying the difficult/embarrassing/vulnerable thing.. is always what connected me more.. what am i afraid to say? .. that’s probably what’s going to resonate w people

6 min – one most difficult things as a kid was trying to untangle paradox.. of wanting to be seen..  and wanting/needing love and attention.. wanting to be seen as an artist/performer.. and not being able to square that with what parents/teachers taught.. that seeking attention is bad

batra hide in public law

that’s what artists do.. they try to get your attention.. that’s our job .. to get your attention.. about something larger than ego

? i don’t know

chris: if you think about the modern world.. everyone is trying to win teh attention war.. otherwise you’re irrelevant

whoa.. dang man

9 min – being vulnerable is about intention

11 min – anytime you’re using yourself as the canvas.. the source material.. you are literally.. full of yourself.. of course anyone could frame that as narcissistic

12 min – calling attention to selves? or something much larger.. anything is going to be universal in the right artists hands

14 min – you’re never going to be for everybody.. if what you want is universal acclaim.. you have a really rough job cut out for you

not if we go deep enough.. (not about acclaim.. rather.. about accessibility.. because it has to be everyone for the dance to dance)

undisturbed ecosystem: ‘in undisturbed ecosystems ..the average individual, species, or population, left to its own devices, behaves in ways that serve and stabilize the whole..’ –Dana Meadows

27 min – such a turning point for me because i thought all my leftists friends shared my thoughts on all compassion and empathy for all people (on re writing of boston bomber)

has to be all of us.. we can’t start drawing any lines.. that will never get us to peace

30 min – chris – (on seeing good glowing thru all .. and empathy in enemies).. we must.. w/o that bridge.. society doesn’t work.. it collapses

33 min – the kickstarter story grossly eclipsed the art.. that was heartbreaking.. (actually lost money on it)

39 min – song – exactly the person i was wanting to be


43 min – the older i’ve gotten and more i’ve considered a lot.. the more on board i am of constantly ripping up the script.. a lot of suffering i see is based on that.. people still working on their scripts..t

ie: supposed to’s.. of school/work

let go

47 min – we do a lot of self defining.. and then it’s really hard to evolve..t

48 min – i think we are incredibly unimaginative today when it comes to how things are exchanged..t

marsh exchange law

49 min – everything has specific value meted out by specific people.. this is not the case in human history.. i don’t think we’re tapping remotely into the possibilities that are out there.. t

we need to let go of money (any form of measuring/accounting)

56 min – (on patreon) something liberating about making art and knowing i don’t have to go out and sell it.. and that i was so trusted by these 15 000 people to give me 3-4$ a month just to hear what i had to say.. these are people that just want my voice in the world

58 min – chris: can this scale to.. beyond amanda palmer.. can we picture a world where we double down on investing in creating and creativity

59 min – the shame associated with crowdfunding has been slowly chipped away

1:00 – revolution of taking back what is allowed to be art..  (but) kickstarter really didn’t take off.. and patreon hasn’t yet either.. a nervous dance.. are we really allowed to dance with each other.. without .. some giant building deciding what needs to be out in the world.. the more i see that happening the more i see.. way beyond art.. anything can manifest when enough people get together and decide (they can create something different)

1:03 – (on people telling me i had to realize there is a limit to compassion and empathy – but after ie: visiting prison et al).. not only are empathy and compassion possible in darkest of circumstances.. they are the most necessary in the darkest of circumstances.. if we don’t have it there.. we can’t change anything.. t

i know you ness

thurman interconnectedness lawwhen you understand interconnectedness it makes you more afraid of hating than of dying – Robert Thurman (@BobThurman)


Maria Popova (@brainpicker) tweeted at 7:37 PM – 8 Aug 2019 :
Gorgeous, haunting new video for @amandapalmer’s “Drowning in the Sound,” written in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and inspired by the otherworldliness of the 2017 total solar eclipse (Amanda performed it and told the story behind it at #UniverseInVerse) (


Amanda Palmer is touring Australia and Aotearoa (@amandapalmer) tweeted at 5:18 AM – 9 Jan 2020 :
just because there are houses on fire doesn’t mean that there aren’t artists on fire.
in fact, when the flames of the world rise, the art-flames must rise to match.
they battle suffering with connection & expression.
we’ve been doing this as a species since the dawn of time. (



amanda on water

Amanda Palmer is touring Australia and Aotearoa (@amandapalmer) tweeted at 5:52 AM – 29 Jan 2020 :
i have figured out a lot of my life in the bath or shower or swimming pool. it is proven. time in water and away from your phone is the fucking key. (

mermaid swim law: deep water is magic.. just like her love.. whenever she can’t breathe.. all she need do is swim..


@karendarnton zero long
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