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mar 2017 – xiuhtezcatl with chance the rapper


“I love what he does, his message and how everything he does has positivity behind it,” Martinez says. “He’s a really amazing storyteller.”

nice.. two of my favs for change

Last year, Raury direct messaged Martinez on Instagram asking for a collaboration, which led to the two kicking it with Jaden Smith and a track feature on the Georgia rapper’s upcoming album

and other change guy.. – jaden

This intersection between action and art

“The most important music of our times are what reflects the greatest issues that happened,” Martinez says of the ongoing battles indigenous peoples fight.

a nother way – set us all free  [has to be allfor (blank)’s sake]


july 2016

little to no substantive convo about this critical issue during entire primary election cycle.. that means …

we’ve seen a massive disconnect between what my generation cares about and what the conversation has been

this isn’t about political parties..


jan 2017 – kickstarter for breakfree



june 2016 – interview with Bill Maher

maher – on not voting enough


tech/media is showing us… crises all over the world.. and no way for our voices to be used to create solutions.. young people are searching for that.. there’s no outlet for us to engage in a world that is stacked against us… we’re systemically disempowered from the time that we are born..  so this generation… young people are ready to use there art… poetry/passion/music.. to engage with the world and be leaders today.. sure .. we’re a future generation.. but we’re here now.. we’re not going to wait..

whoa. spot on.

a nother way.. perhaps what you’re searching for X.. let’s talk.

ie: hosting life bits  via self talk as data

Real Time with Bill Maher: Overtime

2 min – q: what can one person do to influence global climate policy  a: i’d like to think that there’s more than one person that cares about influencing global climate policy..

q: how do we clone more kids like you  a: the good thing is we don’t have to… lot of young people already thinking the way i’ve been thinking for a long time..

ready for change.. but disempowered…. ie: we’re not going to make a diff *till grad college and get a career – then contribute to society.. but ..we’re one of the most powerful forces on the planet right now.. we gotta use that..

*till – on hold ness

q: how are you dealing with the system  a: working with the system..

4 min – artists that are already thinking.. how can we use this passion/talent that we have

there’s a lot of other people we can focus on that aren’t kanye.. that are more likely

5 min – the bling is very important.. (how to make bling sustainable) big part of rap culture.. hard to rap about not having bling..

just what xiu does.. ha..

whoa.. last half.. so much talk about voting for one person.. did they not hear xiu earlier. we have to change the system. it has to be all of us..

ie: redefine decision making.. disengage from consensus..


feb 2017 – fresh approach to activism..


“I think music helped me find myself more than anything else ever has. It’s a connection to a voice that allows me to tell my story in a different way. It makes me more real as a human being.’

we all have creative gifts that are needed by the earth right now:

so.. a mech to facil the chaos of 7 bn people find/use their art – the thing they can’t not do..


dec 2016

such an image

xiu suing.png

We have a claim that the atmosphere is a very important resource that doesn’t belong to anyone, but it affects every human being on the planet. And our government has a very important responsibility to uphold our constitutional rights, as well as our right to have the atmosphere, which they are failing to do because of their action to create climate change, their inaction to regulate it, and to mitigate it.”


jan 2017 – uniting – be\cause.. earth guardianz




dec 2016 – talk at bioneers


9 min – thinking climate change as a environmental problem.. when it’s a human problem.. if you look at how a natural system responds to crisis.. the roots will stay strong.. if forest burns down.. grows back.. but if human destroyed by crisis… it takes just as many resources to rebuild…

11 min – we can’t resonate with the environment because we’re not connected to the earth anymore

13 min – regardless of whatever.. we’re all indigenous to this earth… biggest problem.. disconnection .. from selves (suicide, depression, pills, ..); from one another (racism, hatred, violence, war, ..); disconnected to our food; our planet …. we no longer see the earth as our home.. it’s a resource... something we can take from

16 min – solution… the intergenerational movement that needs to be created is more important than anything… because.. the tech/innovation/creativity of young people… and… remember knowledge of our ancestors.. need to give back.. the balance between new and that that has come before…

eagle and condor

18 min – what happened to the solutions.. we have the power to create change.. our voices are more powerful than any corp industry.. any govt.. we have to remember that..


jan 2017 – time to wake up



aug 2016 – via fb share

My sister Shailene Woodley standing with frontline communities to protect their land and water from the Dakota Access pipeline! Stay strong -prayers out!



Jacelyn Charger


june 2016

april 2015:

xiu saving planet

Kid Warrior: The Xiuhtezcatl Martinez Story

how much reach i got just by being silent – (his brother on silent protest)

the biggest challenge we face is shifting human consciousness.. not saving the planet..becase the planet doesn’t need saving .. we do

indeed. revolution of everyday life ness. another way.

people say we’re the future… we’re not going to wait until then. we’re going to do something now..


from 2013

Xiuhtezcatl [“Shu-TEZ-caht”] is a 12 year old (now 14) Change Agent. He has been speaking at environmental events since he was six years old and has organized over 50 gatherings, rallies and conferences to raise awareness about the state of the planet his generation will be inheriting, inspiring youth to take positive action to protect the environment.  (via vimeo link below)

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez: new character in 2 Degrees from Green Turtle Films on Vimeo.


earth guardians site

from site linked to graphic above:

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, from Boulder, Colorado, came into the world through the Aztec culture on his father’s side, and an environmental activist on his mother’s side. 

His deep connection with the Earth inspired him to be a voice for her at a young age, giving his first speech at a climate change rally when he was six. 

Xiuhtezcatl is the youth voice for the Earth Guardians, a non-profit environmental group for youth, following in the footsteps of his older sisters. 

Xiuhtezcatl has worked with Boulder City Council Officials, County Commissioners, Senators, Congressmen and woman and collaborated with over 50 environmental organizations. 

He and a team of youth are demanding that the government develop a climate recovery plan to ensure a sustainable future for his generation and those to come.

In May, 2012, he and a delegation of five youth went to Washington DC to meet with representatives from all three branches of government, expressing their concerns and working to garner the support for climate change efforts. Over 80 members of Congress and the Congressional Progressive Caucus publicly supported the youth delegation and their work to ensure a healthy future, despite the fossil fuels industry’s efforts to place their own profits first.

Xiuhtezcatl was the youngest, and called by the media globally one of the most inspired speakers at the Rio+20 United Nations Summit in Rio Brazil 2012. He spoke on UN panels and at many of the UN side events. 

Xiuhtezcatl’s story was featured in a short film Documentary by Peter Gabriel‘s organization Witness, and it won 2012 Best Environmental Film Documentary of the Year. 

Trust Colorado

Xiuhtezcatl continues to inspire youth and adults alike, encouraging people everywhere to become more aware and educated, and to work together to face the threats to our environment, our atmosphere and our future. He is a living example of one of his favorite hero’s Mahatma Gandhi and reflects the change that he wants to see in the world.

Live as if our Future Matters


may 2013

via http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jacob-devaney/teacher-and-principal-pre_b_3256988.html

Teacher and Principal Pressured to Resign Over Students’ Presentation About Fracking

At Evergreen Middle School near Denver, Colorado, young members of Earth Guardians made a presentation and sang a rap which has infuriated local parents and brought angry threats upon the school and the youth. Some are calling it “liberal indoctrination” others calling it “censorship,” the school has apologized, and what started out as a simple presentation by 13-year-old Xiuhtezcatl and his 9-year-old brother Itzcuauhtl has turned into a national story.


fight the war


xiuh on indigenous

“There’s an Indian word, ‘Tekoa,’ which is used for ‘village’ or ‘territory.’ But a better translation is ‘way of being,’” said Levi Moises, 25, a youth leader for the Earth Guardian’s in Brazil.  “For indigenous people here, the connection to the place where they live is in itself a major achievement. But modern society does not accept this, and always requires that the space be commodified, tamed, or changed to the fullest. In short, we remain pillaged. Our territory (and resources) are stolen by the state and sold to entrepreneurs.”

Until we realize that we are one people, we are all connected, and we all depend on each other and the Earth for the survival of humanity, we will continue down this path of separation and disconnect. We must reconnect with our indigenous roots because no matter where we are from, or who we are, we are ALL indigenous to somewhere. 


april 2014 – on ed:

xiuh on ed


may 2014 denver post:

xiu in post


tedxfrontrange may 2014:


Xiuhtezcatl studies at watershed school..


dec 2014 – interview with Bill Moyers:


You’ve founded a hip-hop group called Voice of Youth. How does presenting your advocacy through music affect its interpretation?

Martinez: If I present myself as an environmental activist, only a certain group of people are going to listen to me. But if I present myself as a 14-year-old hip-hop artist, a new group of people will hear my message. Music has the power to touch people’s hearts, wake people up.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Martinez: Let’s hope that I’m not still doing this. Not because I don’t want to, but because I hope that in 10 years we won’t need constant supervision of human lifestyles. As long as there’s a problem, though, I’m going to be on the frontlines. I’m going to be spending every minute I have fighting for what is right and for my voice to be heard.


april 2014: Mobilizing a Teen Army to Save the Planet



june 29 2015 – addressing the General Assembly on behalf of civil society at a high-level UN meeting along with Robert Redford.

xiu with redford

– – – –

Xiuhtezcatl, Indigenous Climate Activist at the High-level event on Climate Change



aug 2015 – teaming up w/20 other youth.. and suing u.s. govt for burning fossil fuels..



sept 2015 – release of – Indigenous Roots – Earth Guardians official music video


sept 2015 – (posted by Xiuhtezcatl on fb) san fran for soil not oil conf/march.. w/ Vandana Shiva:

Having such an amazing experience at the Soil not Oil conference in San Francisco. I am learning a lot and our EG crew is offering a lot to the older generation on the front lines of the movement! Discovering new ways together to really make this an intergenerational movement and make these movements move and cross over into main stream. Pic is with one of my most favorite hero’s and friends Vandana Shiva and Miguel Robel’s friend and the organizer of this amazing event. We are doing a big march in San Fran tomorrow!

xiu with shiva

xiu and vandana


sept 2015 w/ xiu:

Xiuhtezcatl in a meeting with the Prime Minister of Bhutan and the head of the world bank Jim Yong Kim before the – GEF Investing in our Planet Conference.


on cnn while in paris – nov 2015:




link twitter

earthguardians on twiter:

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this doesn’t need to be rare.

imagine – facilitating authenticity…

finding all the geniuses inside.. waiting to be seen/heard/loved.


jack et al

and imagine if we called – facilitating curiosity – school – in the city – as the day?

7 billion such researchers/entrepreneurs/happy people.. no?

a nother way

ie: hosting life bits.. for (blank)’s sake


standing rock message




fb share:

Future Generations Lose again at the third Presidential Debate – “It is a tragic failure that a question about the most pressing crisis we face on this planet was never asked!”


what’s crazy is.. your generation is thinking it has to have a seat at the table (ie: topic of debate convo).. when you have so much power – in the interconnectedness tech allows – that table is not longer an issue..

let’s take ourselves (all of us) off hold.. and boldly disengage from irrelevants..

a nother way .. ie: hosting-life-bits via self-talk as data



Xiuhtezcatl Martinez on Swedish Television speaking about the Federal Lawsuit, the election, and the DAPL. #nodapl fb.me/3m8ARcnnU

what’s at stake right now is the existence of my generation..

in sweden to receive environment prize

climate change most important issue of our time..

i’m very optimistic.. i think voices of young people.. have greatest impact..

vi har redan skapat historia – we have already created history..

part of something bigger..  climate movement allows me to be part of a generation that is rising up to create change in the world..

problems portrayed but not solutions.. i’m not the only leader.. but 100s of 1000s of youth..

main issue.. climate change.. our lifestyle has big impact.. already millions of climate refugees all over world impacted by climate change.

q: are you positive about the future  a: you gotta be


Thank you Iris Covet Book for covering my story and spreading it thru mainstream media! @dmansyur @iriscovetbook https://t.co/d9niXWoZG1

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/earthguardianz/status/807277643443896320

The face of our future is a 16-year-old boy calling us to action against climate change for the sake of your children and grandchildren

Xiuhtezcatl Tonatiuh (pronounced Shoe-tez-kaht Ton-ah-tee)

Xiuhtezcatl exudes, “The combination of both generations can create a better world for the future where we can balance ways of life that existed in the past, but also taking advantage of technology and creating societies that are less destructive to the planet but can continue to move forward into the future.”

eagle and condor ness

There was never really a defining moment because being born into that culture taught me that being with nature was just a way of life. Since I could walk, I was learning traditional dances. Since I could speak I was learning our languages and our songs. All of that revolved around prayer and ceremony for the elements that give us life. That shaped the deep connection that I have with the natural world, and I am apart of it just by being on the Earth.


It’s easy to fall into hopelessness because when we look at crises that face the world, it’s incredibly overwhelming.

I see a general disconnection with human beings to problems that matter.


We need to focus on long term solutions


It’s not just about one person, it’s not just about me, it’s about inspiring leaders all over the world to make change.


I just watched Leonardo DiCaprio’s new documentary Before the Floods, and he said that the ice sheet in the Northern Hemisphere will be gone by 2040.


I truly believe that with the right steps humanity can be trained to fall back in love with the Earth through music, art, culture, nature—these are all aspects of what it means to be human. I think falling back in love with our humanity is what it will take for the human race to understand that we are in danger of going extinct because of our consumption and the destructive relationship we have with the planet.


I think living in this country it is very easy to be blind to the world, because we *have everything we want, we are so privileged in this country where it is easy to detach ourselves from the problems that are affecting other parts of the world.

*many don’t.. read taibbi‘s divide et al.. you talk about many as well..

it’s about the infrastructure that threatens and destroys our ability to live on this planet.

a nother waya nother way/systemic-infrastructure..

we can’t not