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Wow that’s big news: NIMH is abandoning the DSM! 

all fitting with Lucas’ words 3-4 years ago:


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fractal/story to Lauryn. no?

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feb 2016

Hate to plug my own story but if you want to know why fentanyl is so scary, Fusion just did a huge package on it

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23 people just died in buffalo from a batch of heroin possibly laced with fentanyl.… (h/t @ZachWritesStuff)


dis order

dec 2016


If you wanna see me talk about the limits of Jane Jacobs, here I am

forthcoming book: how to kill a city

vital little plans – urban flights – nathan storring

problem w/jane – 1/2 right.. over focus on aesthetics.. ie: small streets.. varying size of bldgs.. miss econ component.. so when look at w village now (where she wrote book) only mn/bn aires are able to live there.. death and life ignores need to protect cities from gentrification.. jj might have called success.. she said.. greatest threat to neighborhood is its success… attracts people… so privileged move there.. so w/o rent control et al.. nice neighborhoods become rich neighborhoods..

9 min – st lawrence neighborhood – toronto.. best ie.. brought people out of poverty.. walkable.. integrations… after 45 yrs.. not many places have taken all that in..

18 min – the half right ness.. it’s about how we interpret/remember her..


21 min  – jennifer keesmaat (chief planner for city of toronto).. keeps saying.. why we need policy.. jacobs things don’t seem relevant.. when there are other things more (impending)


I talked to @ptrmsk about his new book and what people misunderstand about #gentrification:

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Gentrification might be a new term, but housing inequality has been going on for hundreds of years. People have been coming up up with new and inventive tactics [pro-squatting movements ] to fight these systems for so long, and that gives me hope that these people know what they’re doing. What remains to be seen is how we can motivate all the people who haven’t started to do that work.”

___________ (@ptrmsk) tweeted at 9:30 AM – 20 Apr 2017 :

i was interviewed about Detroit’s “recovery,” incl. one of the bigest points I’m trying to make about ALL cities: (

What’s happening is not a rebirth of the city but a focused concentration on one particular part of it.

Some people’s lifestyles and lives being prioritized — through tax breaks, through incentives, through media coverage  — over other people’s lives.

usually improvement is synonymous with displacement. That’s just the way the system works.


This paragraph from HOW TO KILL A CITY about post-Katrina New Orleans is so well-written and so telling

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Peter Moskowitz (@ptrmsk) tweeted at 6:45 AM – 1 May 2018 :

Would hope we acknowledge this every time we have the “are antidepressants good or bad” debate (

Peter Moskowitz (@ptrmsk) tweeted at 6:48 AM – 1 May 2018 :

(Feel like I have to say this every time but: I’m not anti taking antidepressants but leftists tend to lack a systemic / anti capitalist critique of why we are all so sad all the time!) (

systemic ness.. aka: getting back to undisturbed ecosystem


Peter Moskowitz (@ptrmsk) tweeted at 8:33 AM on Wed, May 02, 2018:
i wrote a kind of how-to on my PTSD recovery. Would appreciate shares and comments, cuz I feel like practical PTSD information is really hard to come by!

Capitalistic work standards will make you feel like a failure because you are taking the time to recover. You can work against that feeling. Give yourself time. Lots of time. That’s still something I have to remind myself of daily: there is no set timeline, I recover when I recover, and I’m in it for me and my happiness, not so that I can be more productive.

systemic shame from major source of problem


P. E. Moskowitz (@ptrmsk) tweeted at 6:32 AM – 8 Jun 2018 :
Our culture produces isolation along with our sadness: we are told to figure out ways to be happy and productive and that there’s something wrong with us if we’re not. So we end up feeling not only sad (which we all should be because the world is terrible) but also like failures (


P. E. Moskowitz (@ptrmsk) tweeted at 6:51 AM – 26 Jun 2018 :
More and more people are realizing working thru the system will never work. That we have to distrupt.
That scares the shit out of people (DC journalists, politicians, etc) whose entire lives are based on the idea of the system working. (

as it could be.. for all of us.. has to be all of us



the worst part of depression isn’t being depressed, it’s feeling guilty and like my life will collapse if I can’t work every second of the day

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depression is weird cuz like when ur depressed u are correct in feeling that the world is shit and everything is terrible and when ur not depressed all of that is still true and yet you somehow feel okay with it

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krishnamurti measure law


p.e. moskowitz (@_pem_pem) tweeted at 8:42 AM on Tue, Aug 13, 2019:
TELL UR DOG ABOUT IT (bark bark)!
USE IT AS A FRISBEE AT UR LOCAL PARK (mediocre frisbee)!

suggested to library to purchase – thanks library


a thousand sixteen year olds are asking me to debate them over mental health and capitalism. I don’t think twitter should have an age limit but plz if ur 16, my tweets are not for you. ur still like learning math or whatever.
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math or whatever? the things that (i assumed) made the drs give you the drugs to be able to sit still for?

fitting with the two book titles below: how to kill a city (how to kill a kid) and case against free speech (we need to listen deeper)


hi i reached out to the people who told me i deserved to be in jail for parallel parking and interviewed them. and discovered the internet had made us all insane. <3 // for @Curbed / in this weeks issue or @NYMag

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‘”We’ve also found newly creative ways to be mean,” Gorcenski observed.’

thurman interconnectedness lawwhen you understand interconnectedness it makes you more afraid of hating than of dying – Robert Thurman

Of course @_pem_pem can turn a viral parking job into a digital theory and ethics exploration.

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this is soooo meeeeee
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links to art piece of a face/flower titled: This flower wishes to fade, 1939 #paulklee

batra hide in public law et al

wish to fade


this is not a problem unique to covid. yelling at each other while the ship sinks is the modus operandi of american life. but it’s just been heightened to the point where it feels extra ridiculous. even people able to see the systems behind other failures are falling for it.
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yeah that..

we need a legit re\set

ie: org around legit needs

a nother way




how to kill a city

case against free speech