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Wow that’s big news: NIMH is abandoning the DSM! 

all fitting with Lucas’ words 3-4 years ago:


we crafted a slidedeck:

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fractal/story to Lauryn. no?


feb 2016

Hate to plug my own story but if you want to know why fentanyl is so scary, Fusion just did a huge package on it

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23 people just died in buffalo from a batch of heroin possibly laced with fentanyl.… (h/t @ZachWritesStuff)


dis order

dec 2016


If you wanna see me talk about the limits of Jane Jacobs, here I am

forthcoming book: how to kill a city

vital little plans – urban flights – nathan storring

problem w/jane – 1/2 right.. over focus on aesthetics.. ie: small streets.. varying size of bldgs.. miss econ component.. so when look at w village now (where she wrote book) only mn/bn aires are able to live there.. death and life ignores need to protect cities from gentrification.. jj might have called success.. she said.. greatest threat to neighborhood is its success… attracts people… so privileged move there.. so w/o rent control et al.. nice neighborhoods become rich neighborhoods..

9 min – st lawrence neighborhood – toronto.. best ie.. brought people out of poverty.. walkable.. integrations… after 45 yrs.. not many places have taken all that in..

18 min – the half right ness.. it’s about how we interpret/remember her..


21 min  – jennifer keesmaat (chief planner for city of toronto).. keeps saying.. why we need policy.. jacobs things don’t seem relevant.. when there are other things more (impending)


I talked to @ptrmsk about his new book and what people misunderstand about #gentrification:

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Gentrification might be a new term, but housing inequality has been going on for hundreds of years. People have been coming up up with new and inventive tactics [pro-squatting movements ] to fight these systems for so long, and that gives me hope that these people know what they’re doing. What remains to be seen is how we can motivate all the people who haven’t started to do that work.”

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i was interviewed about Detroit’s “recovery,” incl. one of the bigest points I’m trying to make about ALL cities: (

What’s happening is not a rebirth of the city but a focused concentration on one particular part of it.

Some people’s lifestyles and lives being prioritized — through tax breaks, through incentives, through media coverage  — over other people’s lives.

usually improvement is synonymous with displacement. That’s just the way the system works.


This paragraph from HOW TO KILL A CITY about post-Katrina New Orleans is so well-written and so telling

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how to kill a city