we rise

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by Xiuhtezcatl Martinez


to the youth who don’t have a voice and to future generations who will inherit the earth



we are in a place where we can’t afford to wait for others to solve this problem for us.. t

we have all the tools we need.. the only thing missing is the will to help us get there.. 


my story is more than just activism.. i’m just a regular kid chasing big dreams in a crazy world..t

me too man.. let’s connect..

ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way


i knew i had an opportunity to say more than what was on the page..

my friend paul basis tells me that the power in your words is in the space between them.i took my time so people could feel everything i said..

i felt like i said what i wanted to.. besides the people in the room weren’t the ones i was really speaking to..


speeches don’t change the world, movements do.. but words/messages can spark a flame to ignite a movement..

graeber model law

so often people compromise themselves in order to accomplish their political objectives. the goal of my speech was to defy that. i don’t ever want to have to be something that i’m not to make a difference in the world..t

i gave that speech because i wanted to show the world that kid w a passion and a voice could make a difference, regardless of who he is or where he comes from..

i was able to show up in a fully authentic way, in a place where such blunt honesty is rare..

the failure of global leaders to solve this crisis is direct result of their lack of imagination.. we the people have to push them beyond what they see as politically possible..

or just do it..

i’ve learned that big dreams often come from total nightmares.. together we’ve got this


another world is possible..

even rip out the pages and give them to your friends.. please pass it around..


part 1 – roots of revolution

we are all indigenous to the earth – xiuhtezcatl tonatiuh

holmgren indigenous law


1 – indigenous roots

man does not weave this web of life. he is merely a strand of it. whatever he does to the web, he does to himself – chief seattle

mexica origin – eventually became modern day mexico city


1521 – genocide via spaniards

we lived a forbidden life and were no longer allowed to carry our id or practice our ceremonies, rituals, and language… the mitotiliztli or ‘sacred dance’ was one of the strongest cultural and spiritual expression of our people. but, like everything else, we had to mask these ceremonies and dances as tributes to he catholic saints. that was the only way we could dance publicly w/o fear of having our legs or hands mutilated as punishment…


our ancestors secretly passed our culture/stories down.. for many hundreds of years.. in early 1900s.. thruout mexico there was a tremendous discrimination/oppression and hatred toward indigenous people.. in response, many decide not to pass langue/culture/heritage onto children.. in fear they would recognize the same oppression they had lived..  my great grandma chose to not pass on our language to my grandfather.. .. it wasn’t until around the 1950s that the ceremonies and rituals started to appear again in public..


my mom remembers (the naming of me xiuhtezcatl tonatiuh)… we sat outside the sweat lodge by the fire and listened to the prayers and songs they were singing inside for xiuhtexcatl

your own song ness


part of being indigenous is understanding a connection to the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the earth we walk on.. while we might come from diff walks of life, places in the world and religious or spiritual beliefs, it is in our nature to want to fight for the health of the planet..


i know we can reverse the damage cause by hundreds of years of neglect and thoughtless action.. but only if we return to a way of living that recognizes that all of life is sacred.

the future of the planet needs to be shaped by an important balance of technology, media, innovation, and indigenous wisdom..

eagle and condor ness

when i came back to live in the us, i was shocked to see that the culture norm is to put your grandparents in retirement homes the moment that they can’t take care of themselves..  separating ourselves from our elders breaks a connection w/in families and the knowledge and wisdom they have to offer..t

we’ve been so focused on growth, progress, and development that we’ve forgotten who we are..t


at least we should leave flowers.. at least we should leave songs.. nezahualcoyotl


call to action: authentic spirituality, not cultural appropriation

for a long time nonindigenous people have used indigenous knowledge and wisdom to profit or enhance their own social status. this si not the way the teachings were intended, and it’s important to address and bring an end to cultural appropriation.. .. well-intentioned people can cause harm when they adopt spiritual practices..


2 – kid warrior

even i first few years of my life, i could tell something was wrong with the world. it didn’t take a climate scientist to see the way we as a society were living wasn’t sustainable..


when people saw me speak as a little kid, i came across as fiery and determined. i was exposed to such big issues at a young age, and it was a lot for a 6  yr old to come to terms with. i know now that, to deal with shit this serious, it’s best to not take yourself too seriously..

during those early days in boulder, i found one of the most important things a human being can find – my voice..

not voice less ness

(watching the eleventh hour)… how could we let this happen.. the planet was falling apart, while people went to school and to work w/o considering the impact that their actions are having on the earth...

begs a pause.. to reset..


we realized our size had nothing to do with our ability to effect change


we didn’t know every stat about climate change, we didn’t know every econ and polit impact of a fossil fuel infra, but what we did know is that our futures were impacted by the choices of our leaders.. and by the industries that threaten our communities.. we felt as though we had a responsibility to do something about it. so , we did

one of the benes of fighting for a cause at a young age is that your ideas have no boundaries… we just followed our hearts and did what we thought was right.. t

holmgren indigenous law

we didn’t listen to anybody who was trying to tell us that we were too young or that our voices didn’t matter..

1 yr to be 5 ness .. to disengage/detox from supposed to’s


once you’ve found your direction, surround yourself w people who have similar ideas and want to put their skills into actions.. it’s going to take effort from all of us

imagine a mech to facil this everyday.. for 7 bn of us.. via 2 convos

call to action: pursue your passion

ask yourself.. what makes me feel alive

thurman alive law

zinn energy law


3 – composing revolution


hip hop born in bronx in 70s


to solve the problems that we saw in the world, we needed to examine the root..t

roots of healing .. deep enough


call to action: start your own crew (means earth guardian crew – sign up on site)


kathy jetnil-kijiner (marshall islands): (about un poem to daughter) suddenly, we weren’t diplomats, we weren’t fighting, and we weren’t politicians. they were just parents, too.


kathy: that definitely give me hope. just the fact that she can still stare at the world in wonder.. that there’s still ways to stare at the world in wonder.. our youth and our elders give me hope


4 – moving from crisis to opportunity


the fact is that we had been sleeping for far too long. our alarm was going off for years, and we failed to answer the wake-up call.. (talking in regard to climate change)

i need you to wake up

it seemed easy to stay asleep, esp w a president like obama.. based on the things he said during his campaign, many thought he would be our champion..


traditional and indigenous wisdom has now been replaced w cultural disconnection and attitude that more is never enough..


giving corps same rights as people.. lack heart, empathy,  and don’t die from old age..  people go to jail.. but corps rarely held accountable

it is not just the climate that is broken, it’s our political system made for and by the wealthy and powerful..


call to action: become a political warrior

the first step in combat a corrupt political system is to make sure we’re all paying attention

but not necessarily to the system/people/shiny.. rather.. paying indigenous attention.. let’s focus on that.. ie: what you write in following – seems like a distraction.. if we have focus on the root.. ie: familiarize yourself w local/congressional elected officials.. letter writing.. phone calls.. meetings..

part 2 – the movements and our opportunity to turn the tide


5 – holding back the sea


speaking w bill mckibben.. i began to see that climate change is more than just an issue; it’s a lens to view all the issues we face. everything from our econs to our energy and food systems contributes to a changing atmosphere and is impacted by climate instability. climate change is what brings all issues together

maybe.. but human energy is what makes change.. we have to go deeper than climate change as our focus..  we need alive people.. (as you have said.. the earth doesn’t need fixing.. we do)

this is huge.. this hastens recovery/healing.. by disengaging from irrelevants.. ie: B/b et al


climate change isn’t just environmental.. also a race/poverty issue.. people who live by coast aren’t only ones impacted.. pine beetle epidemic in co.. more than 60 mn acres of forrest die off from n mex to bc.. in colorado alone.. lost more than 70% of lodge poles pines.. dead trees perfect starter for rapidly spreading wildfires..


also floods.. warmer air holds more moisture..

This one number shows why climate change is making hurricane season worse https://t.co/exs8WjPYjR (http://twitter.com/TIME/status/906123723182407681?s=17)

the air can hold 7% more water with every degree Celsius that the temperature rises.


a lot of people would rather turn the other way than face it, but for those like kathy on the front lines of climate change, that’s simply not an option..


when it comes to climate change, wealthy and white voices often dominate the convo and often leave out important issues like indigenous sovereignty..

that.. on all issues..


big oil and gas has tried to fool us into thinking that fracking for gas has about half the climate impact of coal.. because it gives off roughly half the carbon emissions when it burns.. however.. looking at full process.. fracking often has more of a climate impact that coal because of methane leaks.. over a 20 yr period.. methane is a hundred times worse as a heat-trapping gas than carbon dioxide.. the health impacts of fracking make it a terrible alt on its own, but combined w increased climate impact.. completely wrong direction for global energy..


we cannot rely on our so-called leader/or govt bureaucracies to ignite the shift in thought, action, and behaviors we so desperately need. they have failed us for hundreds of years.. putting financial agenda above our communities…

it’s more the system.. than the people.. we’ve seen good people (and as you said in prologue xv).. compromise self in order to get voice/action in the system.. this inch by inch leads to trump ness..

this is why i believe it’s so huge that we don’t go at this by trying to work w/system.. (ie: doaa taking 1.5 yrs to get paperwork to return to her fam to return masa to hers; eviction all about paperwork; you and your 20 suing govt.. start in 2015.. court date for feb 2018; et al).. 1\ we don’t have the time  2\ the dance won’t ever dance.. until we leap.. for (blank)’s sake

it’s all a matter of how quickly we’re able to get emissions under control. even though this is the most critical issues our world faces, the media is mostly silent about it.. that’s why my little bro, itzcuauhtli, decided to *use silence as a megaphone to uplift voices of people most affected that so often go unheard..

let’s use this *megaphone: ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way

fastest way.. getting 7bn alive/awake/free people.. listening to their heart.. indigenous awakening..


first thing he said was ‘i love you guys’.. when it comes down to it, the movement is about love

love is the movement.. no doubt.. ie: why kathy’s poem so touching.. love of a child..

love propels us to do things we wouldn’t *ordinarily do. these are the actions that inspire the world.. define a generation and get people to finally pay attention.

so imagine.. if love was the given.. perhaps the things we *ordinarily do.. would become irrelevant.. ie: go to work/school/war..

the solutions are here.. and they are spreading, but not fast enough..t

because we keep going for partial – can’t be part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake..  a nother way

even climate change focus.. is partial to our recovery..


we consume an alarming rate of meat in the us. the meat industry is one of the greatest pollutants of our air and water.. displacing forests.. using fossil fuels to create space for cows to live/eat.. burn large amount of gas to transport meat…

also read about vegen/veg ness causing imbalance..


350.org – 20 000 climate actions in every country except n korea

this to me.. seems to say.. perhaps there’s a nother way.. w/those numbers .. seems we could have changed things by now.. if we were focusing deep enough..


6 – wilderness warriors – where have all the wild things gone


the rainforests are the lungs of our planet


fall back in love with the natural world, and let your commitment stem from that place of connections..


7 – troubled waters


like our rainforests, our oceans are responsible for holding an incredible amount of he carbon dioxide and heat produced by the earth


ocean absorbing vast amounts of energy it needs.. 93% of energy .. climate change affecting coral reefs specifically.. a diff shift than seeing anywhere else on planet..  first time a full-on kill an ecosystem – jeff orlowski


overfishing.. shark poaching..


oil and water don’t mix – deep seal oil drilling.. oil spills..


paul watson (@captpaulwatson): one of most insidious threats to life on sea.. plastic.. nothing is really being done about it..

? what about boyan’s work..?

whales contribute to the phytoplankton. they’re literally the farmers of the sea by providing the nitrogen and iron in their fecal material every day. one blue whale defecates 3 tons a day.. you diminish whales .. you diminish sea birds.. marine life….. phytoplankton..we don’t survive if phytoplankton disappears.. that provides about 80% of the oxygen we breathe..


paul: i was w greenpeace for 7 years.. i just got tired of hanging banners and taking pictures.. i just don’t like protests.. it’s very submissive ..like ‘pleasepleaseplease don’t kill the whales.. they’re going to kill them anyway.. i felt there had to be a better way ..so i set up sea shepherds..

like world change and all the B we keep jumping thru


paul: i;ve always felt that if we’re going to save ourselves, i don’t really worry about saving the planet. the planet will do quite fine w/o us.. probably better off.. we’re going to save ourselves then we really have to harness imagination and courage to fuel the passion ..t

indeed..  so let’s facil that.. by listening to 7 bn curiosities everyday.. using that as our data focus.. to connect us.. hasten this clean up.. change.. wake up.. revolution.. whatever

self-talk as data.. a nother way

paul: i always feel that the answer to a seemingly impossible problem is to find the impossible answer… we find that impossible answer thru imagination and passion

paul: i actually see the election of trump in a positive manner. that is, he’s shaken up the entire system.. .. he’s gotten people so angry.. that more and more are becoming involved..


ie: trudeau is very outspoken on climate change and trump denies climate change, but what’s the diff between the two? because both of them do absolutely nothing about it..


13 greenpeace activists hanging from bridge in seattle – kayaktivists protest may 2015 – against shell.. in sept.. shell abandoned search for arctic oil afer spending an astounding 7 bn on its quest.. the dedication of activists to block the ships and the negative pr th eco received had taken its toll..


beyond pirates and hanging from bridges.. ie: lauren singer.. 5 yrs garbage in a 16 ox jar.. avg american would have produced 6500 pounds .. then suggestions.


adrian grenier (@adriangrenier): how many diff ways can we tell the same story.. info does exist.. at end of day. what real change is that making.. i’m actually working on that, personally; in fact, shft is transitioning from being a media co to trying to *figure out how we can bring these ideas into tangible experiences..  t

that’s what we’ve been trying to crack because i can only watch so many documentaries about the same topic.. you know…”

*this – ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way


8 – future food


our current industrialized food system has caused us to lose connection w where our food comes from . in that, we have lost part of what it means to be human. food is what sustains us. when we take for granted what we put in to our bodies we neglect an important part of ourselves..


peru – successfully growing food w/o machines, chemicals, or fertilizers on these steep mountainsides.. nothing was flat.. the diversity of the local food groups was unbelievable..


what the world saw as underdeveloped (no car.. wifi.. running water.. plumbing).. i saw as a beautiful, simple way of living..

most important lesson from trip .. that poverty isn’t synonymous to suffering. these communities had a more sustainable method of agriculture than most of the world.. they are almost entirely independent and have been able to preserve a way of life that maintains a sacred balance w the earth tha many of us have forgotten.. above all .. these people are among the happiest i’ve ever met.. the less they have in lives.. less there is to stress over.. healthiest i’ve met w/o access to health care..

ladokh ness.. affluence w/o abundance ness


re emerging for many nonindigenous people in the ideas of permaculture.. it’s why many of the principles w/in permaculture seem obvious to people who have been living this way for thousands of years. principles like producing no waste and using and valuing diversity..

upcycling permaculture.. et al


in india.. monsanto control 95% of the cotton seed.. they’ve patented it as bt cotton… deadly arrangement for the smaller farmer  which is 65% of india’s farms.. the debt these farms accumulate to grow gmo cotton puts them in a perilous situation if anything were to go wrong.. w climate change leading to more extreme weather .. become more common for india’s farmers to see weather events wipeout entire crops..  farmers going bankrupt and losing hope .. as ability to support family vanishes..

in india.. estimated that a farmer commits suicide every 30 minutes..


monsanto has created a trap for farmers, making them reliant on their seeds and pesticides.. while driving up costs over time


vandana shiva notes driven up prices on patented seeds as much as 8000%

in us.. farmer suicide is double the national rate..

vandana and seed freedom


logically speaking.. local/organic food should be less expensive.. it costs money to send food across the planet and use expensive fertilizers and pesticides.. to keep this costly food system in place.. the us govt spends around 100 bn in subsidies every year.. most of which goes to big factory style food system. this makes fo ran uneven playing field for small local farmers, who can’t compete with an artificially cheap food market

if we accounted for the true cost of the food we eat in terms of subsidies, health-care costs, and environmental impact, a fast-food hamburger would likely cost around five times as much.. how many time shave you heard someone say i would eat healthy but it’s too expensive.. that’s often true ion the individual level, but when you look at the costs to society, it’s a completely diff story..


if we don’t support the industrial agricultural practices, they won’t exist..

the healthiest soil is living soil, full of good bacteria, fungi and worms.. this kind of soils absorbs the carbon and prevents it from entering our atmosphere and trapping heat..

we’ve lost 75% of the world’s crop varieties over the last century..

monsanto is the face of the problem., but if we really want to create serious change.. we have to start eating diff and sourcing locally..


dj cavem grew up in low-income neighborhood of five points in denver.. .. the freshest thing you could get on my block was a lemon at ta liquor store.. – og .. organic gardener


dairy, like the beef industry.. is a huge contributor to greenhouse gases.. because cows are ruminants who burp and fart methane as part of their digestive system.. methane is one fo the worst greenhouse gases, far worse than carbon dioxide and recent studies show that just methane from cows contributes about 4% of human related climate emissions..


food not lawns – chris castro… ideas for us..


suzy amis cameron (muse school in la): one of the top three contributors to climate change is animal agriculture..


9 – the true cost of fossil fuels


we are so desperate for fossil fuels that we are literally blowing up mountains to get at it..

emissions from burning coal not only contribute to climate but cause acid rain, smog, respiratory illness…


also have to stop oil and gas drilling.. new methods of extraction are more expensive and more resource intensive than even and include tar sands mining, deep sea oil drilling and fracking..


once industry   extracts the black tar, they have to export it overseas, because the cost of mining for tar sands is so high, it’s only profitable in foreign markets.. this means.. pipelines..


imagine our great grandchildren reading about the time we almost wiped out life on earth, because of burning dead stuff we dug out of the ground..


10 – fracking for fool’s gas – crisis of a false solution

fracking – method of extracting oil and gas that’s trapped in shale by shooting water and chemicals deep into the earth.. extremely toxic.. poisoning water, air, climate.. and our democracy


josh fox – gasland… mark ruffalo.. moves to gasland that doc portrays…


x: you are cofounder of solutions project.. mapped out way entire world can go 100% renewable.. while creating jobs and saving lives.. *what do you think is keeping us from making this transition as quickly as possible..?

m: the two i’s: inertia and ignorance  – some of it accidental, but much of it willful.. we have cheap fossil fuels.. that we have built an entire econ hegemony on .. gives fossil fuel.. and transportation industries an outdated and unprecedented amount of influence..  what makes human beings do thoughtless.. senseless things.. – money and power.. .. unfortunately there are some very cynical forces that will do anything to stop the current system from being disrupted…. we must address the ignorance of society at large.. and spread word that renewable energies are ready to go now.. and will give people a better life and world..

or perhaps.. model a nother way to live.. where all of us .. even seeming.. cynical power/money mongers.. are free.. that’s the only way to *hasten this to its max..


m: we all share some basic understandings unless our minds and hearts have been poisoned in some way. we have an innate decency and compassion in us..t

assume good.. as we detox.. in sync

makes alternative something we’ve never tried..

m: my job has been to draw the cameras to me so that the people who need to be heard can step into he field of the american viewers’ sight

x: do we need to change our approach to match the reality of a trump admin

m: we need to resist and renew. w every action there is an equal reaction

times beg we don’t react.. rather.. ignore/disengage from irrrelevants.. and model a nother way


joined longmont on banning fracking


instead of honoring the choice of the people.. gov hickenlooper joined the oil and gas industry and straight up sued us.. while this may seem ridiculous for a dem gov.. hickenlooper was an oil and gas puppet from the very beginning.. soon earned name frackenlooper.. for his willingness to do anything .. to please his corp funders..


weld county is 30 min away from my home and one of the most densely fracked places in the country.. infant mortality rate spiked around the time fracking started there..

estimated that fracking along the front range of colorado accounted for 55% of ground-level ozone..  while ozone a leading cause of asthma and lung disease.. hickenlooper said suspending ozone regulations ‘would be good ide’ – fracking has destroyed colorado’s once pristine mountain air..


front range.. gets an f for air quality..

talk/perform  what the frack  at evergreen middle school.. parents who work in fracking upset.. even death threats.. claimed were brainwashing kids.. but, i knew what was up, they wer going after mea nd my bro because we were exposing the truth – the greatest enemy of the fracking industry…parents pushed to have the teacher fired and made the school district distribute oil and gas propaganda to all the teacher and parents..


march 2017 – while writing this book.. court sided w us.. huge victory…. decision became even more important after a home in firestone exploded from gas migration coming off a nearby oil and gas well.. killed two and injured another.. erin martinez.. a high school chem and physic teacher…


they endorsed fracking because they feared that, if they didn’t , all the fossil fuel money would par into the hands of republicans.. and they would lose elections. this si what i mean when i say fracking hasn’t just polluted air, water, climate, but also democracy..

germany .. like other european countries has learned from our mistakes.. as of 2017.. fastest growing large econ .. w highest budget surplus.. result of germany org ing .. taking over the electrical grid and taking on the corps to create a better environment for themselves..now country is 1/3 renewable..


11 – from protestors to protectors – standing rock


i don’t think we’ve lost our humanity, we’ve simply forgotten it..t

begs we detox.. in sync


part of what makes us indigenous is a deep respect /understanding that w are a small part of a very fragile world, and maintaining that connection is crucial to our survival..t

thurman interconnectedness law


standing rock.. by being called water protectors and not protestors..showed we should be defined by what we love/seek to defend, not by what we oppose..

jasilyn charger – w/in week 2 friends committed suicide.. that summer 30 teen suicide attempts in reservation..



the small, tightly knit group of young people, mostly under age 25, had gone from fighting to prevent youth suicide to trying to prevent society from killing itself by poisoning the water/air/climate..t


dallas goldtooth (@dallasgoldtooth): the only way change is going to happen is if we do it all together..t

a nother way.. 7 bn can leap to


dallas: what can we do in this moment and in this time to help mitigate that as much as possible..t

go deep/simple/open enough for the intrigue/accessibility/sustainability of a leap


in attempt to protect their ancient burial grounds from bulldozers, the tribe produced evidence that the  pipeline route went thru these sacred sites. the very next morning, energy transfer partners bulldozed the entire area where the burial ground had been shown in court docs.. water protectors broke down the barriers to the area they were bulldozing and were met by a militarised police force that sprayed mace and unleashed attack dogs.. that bit protectors.. democracy now caught the whole scene on video and it went viral.. social media began to blow up w #waterislife.. it’s mind-blowing that the youth were able to give birth to such a powerful moment w just prayer and the strength of their will..

standoff continued to escalate.. on thanksgiving weekend.. police fired water cannons and rubber bullets at protestors in subfreezing temps.. at least 17 protectors were hospitalized w hypothermia dn more w rubber bullet wounds.. one young woman nearly needed her arm amputated.. from a concussion grenade blast police deployed. people watched in horror as images of peaceful protectors contrasted w the brutality from a militia-style police force..


dec 2016 – obama halts pipeline permit.. then trump.. approves..

still.. the mark of my generation had been made.. during encampment.. the international indigenous youth council (iiyc) was formed w leadership from jasilyn charger..


they had laid the groundwork for the movement of our lifetimes…standing rock was not just about one pipeline.. it symbolized a struggle for justice of all kinds.. racial/econ/treaty/gender/climate.. .. standing rock made it impossible to ignore the historic and present oppression of indigenous people.. t

standing rock

the treaties signed by the us govt, which gave indigenous nations sovereign rights and territory have been almost completely ignored by our court system. fed judges have ruled that treaty law does not apply to oil and gas pipelines because colonizers created the court system.. they stacked the deck against indigenous people and loaded their bank accounts..as they continue to exploit sovereign territory for corp profit…. as can see w/ dapl and kxl .. the fossil fuel industry is an existing expression of colonization..t ..our society has been corrupted by mindset greed.. which teaches us to continually take w/o ever giving back.. we’ve forgotten that we are all indigenous to this earth, and our home is sacred beyond measure..t


impoverished by an economic system that doesn’t recognize the value of wisdom..t native peoples have struggle to survive after being pushed to the least-desirable lands.. poverty has ripped apart native communities, giving rise to alcoholism and teen suicide, as kids look out at their world and see little opp for themselves.. breaking the cycle of poverty starts w offering *these youth the chance to recognize a better quality of life

*agreed.. but has to be all of us.. old.. young.. rich .. poor..  key: sans money/measuring ness.. let’s go deep enough – a nother way


one of the only ways out of this is thru college education

totally disagree.. you’re not listening to your own words.. ie: economic system that doesn’t recognize the value of wisdom

ie: schooling the world

but even then student loans saddle too many young people w crippling debt.. its time we reconstruct our econ system to fit w indigenous wisdom.. so that giving back is balanced w taking

indeed.. we have to restructure the day.. the mindset..  the convo.. beyond anything we’ve yet tried..imagined..


on george wallace and gen wesley clark.. asking forgiveness..


on need for legal aid.. .ie: chase iron eyes.. was accused of felony while trying to establish the last child camp…. there were 141 people arrested same day

chase iron eyes

support indigenous youth.. ie: one mind youth movement.. omym.org


wells fargo and citibank.. fund multiple pipeline infra projects.. bank divestment


it’s important to do research before taking action so that we don’t reinvent the wheel..


shailene woodly: for me it’s never been about finding a voice or even figuring out my role. it’s been more about listening to the guidance and really standing strong and striving for something…. *standing up for something because my heart tells me to .. not because my mind tells me to..

divergent.. and snowden..


listening to heart – (2 convos).. everyday.. nother way

shailene: if my mind wants to do something because it sees something’s wrong, i have to make sure that my heart and mind are in alignment..

quiet enough for.. eudaimonia ness..

shailene: there are so many things to fight for.. so many things wrong.. that if we force a particular type of activism instead of really connecting w something that we’re meant to do, then it’s easy to get lost in the chaos..

the last thing we need in this world right now is activists lost in chaos..t

we need people who are grounded/centered and in prayer..

begs a mech.. to facil/ground the chaos of 7 bn people listening to their heart..


shailene: it’s important to remain humble and to remove ego from the situation.. so that we might actually listen.. i believe that a reason we have these divisions amongst our communities is our inability to listen.. to receive that info and to learn 


shailene: at end of day, you take labels/politics/divisions aside.. we’re all human beings just trying to survive and do the best we possibly can… science has its place..but the most important thing we can do is listen to stories and listen to experience .. and indigenous communities hold these stories and these experiences in a way that i haven’t witnessed in most other communities..t

nationality: humantoo big to know.. too small to label.. begs we listen .. everyday


shailene: on a mass level and on an insular, independent, heart -based level, we really need to start recognizing that most often in our world, we remain apathetic and numb to situations until they directly affect us..


shailene: when you are in that space (nature) and connected to all things, i find it pretty difficult for ego to dominate.. i find it pretty simple for innate love, for unconditional love to take over.. that’s all we’re doing really.. we have all these diff labels (soc justice, environ justice..) but it’s just love.. unconditional love that nature provides.. if we’re able to listen..t


shailene: i get called an idealist or a ridiculous optimist, but i also sort of feel like the idea/concept of idealism in general is a very adult way of looking at an imaginative, wonder-filled, creative situation..t  there’s no right/wrong way to do anything.. we’re all here to learn.. witness.. serve.. love.. that’s the goal..

our *kids have so much ability to recognize where shifts can occur and how they can play, and how they can show up unconditionally with love, **day after day after day, because they don’t have ego developed yet. our elders have developed ego and let go of their egos.. because they’ve seen where it’s gotten them, and where it hasn’t gotten them. in that idealism,

..we are able, for a second/millisecond.. to remove our egos and just pray.. and allow ourselves as adults/teenagers/youth.. to ***strip away all rules/restrictions.. all things we’ve been told that are black and white and find the grey again.. t

find the rainbow again, find the colors again, and infuse that into a world that desperately needs some cushion and some relaxation and some reprieve from the b & w nature of right and wrong and rules and laws..

overcome ***supposed to ness.. by experimenting w..*1 yr to be 5.. and **groundhog day equity ness.. and accessing cross generational expertise..via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day.. a nother way

part 3 – the game plan


12 – justice, not just us

the perfect balance of nature exists w/in the interconnectedness of every species in an ecosystem. everyone of them plays an important role, t..no matter how big/small.

this is why we need to leap to a nother way.. thinking.. since we’re so intoxicated.. a leap .. all at once.. all of us.. is the only way we can dance the dance.. [aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]


(at rio+20 – brazil).. i felt like the passion of each individual was exponentially amplified by coming together.

imagine the exponentiality of doing that with all 7 bn plus of us.. everyday..


we have been programmed to believe that our id’s divide us, but the more we understand each other, the more it actually rings us together..t

ie: one ness; thurman interconnectedness law

deirdre smith: trying to think outside parameters society has set about how we solve problems and who gets to lead is actually require for us to find root and connection of our issues..t

deep/simple/open enough.. a nother way


we can do a better job of including more types of voices ..t

yeah.. today we have the means to include 7 bn a day.. ie: self-talk as data via idio-jargon

blm – black teens 21x more likely to be killed by a police officer than white teens

threats to civil dissent are a threat to us all – deirdre

burke freedom law


everybody will be included in the movement to build the future we are striving for


asks van jones (@VanJones68) – what can we do to speed up the transition.. while making sure opps come to those who need it most

noting.. Xiuhtezcatl keeps asking.. how to hasten.. by setting 7 bn free.. all at once.. so the sync can happen.. trusting that all you just said (ie: that it has to be all of us..).. is true.. trusting that dance.. for (blank)’s sake

van: it’s not about making big rich groups more diverse.. it’s about making the diverse groups bigger and richer..


the other dilemma.. how do we deal w people that .. right now.. from paycheck pov.. benefit from pollution based econ.. those people are human being si w families and dreams and part of the transition to a clean and green econ would be taking away some of their livelihood and opps.. are we gonna continue to use the words ‘just transition’ and hope that nobody notices that we have no plan for just transition”..t

here’s a plan van: short bp


van: even when good people run, they can’t get heard.. the minute you become a politician, you’ve gotta spend half your day dialing for dollars, and the other half.. dealing w other dumb people who are in office who are mean, and if you’re not bought off, they’re bought off. a trap..

so.. why keep playing that game.. let’s disengage.. from irrelevants

van: people are awesome except when we suck.. this constant foot race between the two.. half your day, you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing.. then you waste a bunch of time playing a video game.. yelling at bro.. eating crap.. same person.. just that choice.. and strengthening the muscles for good choice is what’s making the diff

who’s deciding what’s good (ie: who’s to say video game.. is bad..?).. this supposed to ness and busy ness is messing with us more than anything..  begs hari rat park law.. and trusting us.. let’s give that a go..

there’s an awful lot of untapped good in the country.. and .. people are more awake than they’ve been in a long time.. they just don’t know what to do yet.. .. i’m just trying to make sure that people don’t become what we are opposing..t

zinn energy law

let’s try hari rat park law.. a nother way

van: i’m not stupid.. you’re not gonna trick me into hating some poor white dude that has fewer options than my children. what kind fo idea/hard hearted person would i be.. what kind of trumplike person would i be to not be able to make any room in my heart for someone who made a bad decision.. as many bad decisions as i’ve made..

right.. i know you ness.. but won’t work unless we go there for all of us..  ie: what does trumplike mean..


13 – a rising generation






it will take building an immense amount of people power to win demands that align with our vision of victory for the future..

begs our vision is one 7 bn people would resonate with today.. deep/simple/open enough

we need to organize our communities w more passion and skill than ever; our very survival depends on it..t

let’s try this.. ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way


a world in crisis offers us an opp to build a more just one in its place