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interview with Ken Robinson – april 2015:

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5 min  -willing to take on mentor convos with others.. but not with self – on walking meetings (on ted above)

howard rheingold ness

the idea of walking and talking can’t be that new..

sitting is the smoking of our generation

in a generation from now things have changed because of invisible work…

we don’t know you for this.. – Jonathan

brand is the exhaust fume of the engine of your life.. what most of us really want is to be able to chase a burning question….

book – how ideas become powerful enough to dent the world

no pre-arranged marriage unless i get ed.. then 13 yrs bootstrapping a community college ed

30 min – islamic woman less agency because culturally – not as valuable as a man

32 min – the this must end is easy… it’s harder to define what you value/believe… brutally hard to say – this is something we can replace it with.. that is organically alluring.. – Jonathan

33 min – on chasing a question.. even if others don’t..

35 min – on invalidating the soft data.. causing a lot of pain – Jonathan.. even if deep down you have this knowing

36 min – how to value our intuition

42 min – sustained uncertainty – is it trainable..

44 min – carol dweck – if you don’t trust in the answer.. what do people trust in..? you trust yourself enough that you will figure it out.. you know you are resilient enough

47 min – what happened to you vs what choices do/did you make.. you have a muscle… to get back up again

50 min – i’m out there on the ledge as much as i have ever been – and if you’re not seeing that.. you’re not paying attention

52 min – we do have the connection – we just don’t tell that story… we’re not paying attention to the community we are in..

55 min – learning out loud for a reason

58 min – i bless them on – it was never about me – Jonathan

1:03 – my job is to hold the question.. and then pay attention

ie: what matters.. ness a nother way – iterating detox.. waking people up.. on the need for alive people

1:07 – have to be willing to not know – and listen
1:09 – enabling rather than empowering.. because empowering implies you didn’t already have it in you.. revealing what’s already in there
to live a good life – is to know what question you’re chasing

other interviews

Melissa and AJ – my first intro to good life project

Thomas Moran

Tom Kelley

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Bronnie War
5 min – was driving a tractor from age 7… from 10 – a car to the bus stop

7 min – i thought my longing for accessibility was stronger than my longing for silence.. but not so sure..
9 min – on not losing self in process of the madness…
first into banking… dad was a songwriter and an accountant and a farmer
16 min – pain as bigger catalyst than pleasure
23 min – their regrets gave me permission to break free of the boundaries that were holding me… exposed repeatedly able to incorporate them into my self/being
24 min – on palliative care
26 min – i grew to love them.. we got to know each other really well.. there’s no room for trivia.. just straight to the core..
32 min – and i promised her that i would.. live a life true to myself…she was in so much pain/regret for not doing that for herself… so i would have anyway…. being shown that first hand has helped me push through any fears i had .. that day changed my life forever
34 min – it’s such a gift to yourself if you recognize that time is a gift.. and not an ongoing gift…
36 min – facing death can also be a fabulous tool for living
47 min – i had to be shattered to get rid of that shell – of trying to fit in when i didn’t.. i wrote a lot.. i hung out with the seasons.. i moved with the days and the rhythm of nature.. before i had a conscious thought for the day – i would wake up crying… i swam and walked a lot..
50 min – i just wanted to love my work
54 min – jonathan asks if we have to reach that point of despair… answer: we don’t have to go thru all that pain.. but we have to go thru whatever growth to give ourselves permission….
jonathan – can breaking of current reality come more gently.. our shattering is our surrender to the truth of uncertainty…
bonnie: the uncertainty is where the magic happens..
regrets (trying to link to kathleen taylor et al) – shoot.. wordpress updating .. can’t find a way to link to something on this site..
dec 2016 – attention rule breakers..
from 10 min soundtrack:
starts at 1 min
it’s not that all rules/norms are bad.. important to understand where came from.. first master the norm/rule.. and understand why in first place
ok.. so i did master the norm.. cool.. for 40 plus years.. from an anal ish autistic ish.. driven ness.. so .. pretty mastered
i break them because i know them.. i spent a lot of time mastering them.. past life.. a lawyer..  make sure every word was vetted/researched.. so these conventions are what i lived for years.. but hated it.. not how naturally spoke.. but i understood why there.. and when i left.. left be in a more profound position.. of the how/why.. and how could sometimes revert to those rules… ie: was reason: safety.. ease of convo… if we don’t take time to understand.. we are very likely to fall into hole and not be able to operate optimally..
past life.. math teacher.. make sure every rule/algo vetted/researched… and practiced on human beings.. 7 hrs a day 12+ years…. et al
norm in food industry.. blue does not sell.. suppresses appetite.. so here’s a norm fiercely broken.. may not succeed..
risk w norms.. some not built on rational.. no longer valid.. et al..
yeah.. like beyond food.. how about.. what being human means..
anytime looking to do something.. and there are some set of rules/norms.. before decide whether to follow it.. ask: why does it exist in first place..
fear of chaos..
then can decide if should abandon it.. deviate from it