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If you’ve been following us at all… no doubt he’s influenced us.. (yet/and.. 10 years on there’s this: seth on modern curriculum)

Every day. Ongoingly.

Like today..

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seth godin

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Icarus Deception (the most rational thing to do, is irrational art)
ridiculous is the new remarkable
ridiculous the new remarkable
out on a limb
Linchpin (find the thing you can’t not dobecome indispensable)
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Poke the Box – the art of doing.
Stop Stealing Dreams
stop stealing dreams
 We are all Weird 
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Seth in Future of Learning documentary – by Ericsson:


part of Graham Brown-Martin‘s learning reimagined series (dec 2013):


latest Godin gatherings – krypton community college:

krypton community college


mar 2014 – an ebook he created for is 2nd skillshare course:



#howdesignlive conference… may 2014:

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19 min – anxiety

(seth – most profound sentence i’ve ever written in my life)

anxiety is an accidental by-product of the modern age… 150 years ago we invented this idea that dancing with fear was something that economy would pay us to do…

35 min – if you feed the community first – you get better at dancing with fear

For the [creative person], what’s going on outside is trivial compared to what is going on inside… Don’t try to change the structure of the outside world [hoping that] then you’ll be fine, then you’ll be creative and then you’ll be brave. No. First, figure out how to be creative and brave and courageous, and the outside world will change on your behalf…

It’s always the same case — it’s always the case of you’re a human, trying to connect to another human. And if you just pick one human that you can change for the better, with work that might not work — that’s what art is.



nearly impossible conf 2013:


at 2014 maker faire (maker/hacker spaces):

somewhere along the way – we ended up needing a maker faire..

where did the notion come from that we as humans had to make a kit and follow instructions…

what makes it art/creative/innovative (ie: not a kit) is – that it might not work

we don’t have to get better at being industrial – we have to get better at being connected


dec 2014 – on being:

all i do for a living is notice things

art is the act of making something that you forget the name of what you’re seeing..  robert irving

40 min – so the telling.. is it telling.. or being.. that would/could spread…?

the desire to hide.. so strip places where you would have the desire to hide..

47 min – everyone can make art


interview with Nikola:

“This idea of jobs is temporaray” @ThisIsSethsBlog interviewed by @singularityblog

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being human – what do we call it when we do something that might not work.. filled with generosity… something distinctly non industrial

4 min – industrialized human activity does not feel to me like a higher goal.. like a useful reason for someone to go to work..

6 min – i don’t think doing work for profit is part of being human… it’s an artifact of industrialism… culturally we’ve made to say that we need that to be alive.. but i don’t think that’s true at all

earn a living ness

let’s be careful… it’s not the work for money.. we get the chance now for more people to do that kind of work – work that matters..

art… any activity where you’re being a human

money\less ness

9 min – getting paid for it (art) is an artifact of glitches in our society not a moral requirement

10 min – ..  this idea of jobs is temporary.. 

economics is based on scarcity. ie: if there’s enough food, then the idea of working to get food to eat goes out the window

13 min – high recommendation to read David Graeber‘s debt

18 min – transhumanism… humanity/human not pinnacle of evolution.. but merely one stage of it.. tech will allow us to be more human, live a better life, be more productive/creative… one of the most common ways of attacking transhumanism is by quoting the myths of icarus.. – Nikola

19 min – that defn is benign… like no one could be against it.. and we’re doing it – Seth, ie: Negroponte last year – a pill that teaches you spanish… so that means somebody could swallow wikipedia..

21 min – i don’t buy that nature is an endower… we have algorithms.. but the algorithm doesn’t have a point of view… ie: toupee, mascara… we are a tool making creature..

24 min – a full-out human – a human totally present in the moment – when we culturally admire humans who are being human – that’s what we admire them for – doing things with hubris – dare to be human as opposed to being cogs in an industrial machine

33 min – we don’t know what to do with random ness – so we make up a story

34 min – on the randomness that happens when things get very very small.. and as a result – you can can’t predetermine it – (because of drift.. random ness of small)

the ginormously small ness

37 min – Nikola – on guests being able to see end of world easier than seeing end of capitalism

39 min – industrialism has encroached on our definition of capitalism…

40 min – we can create a culture where you can be ethical because it’s the right thing to do, not because you get paid to do it… ethics/morality merely parts of being human .. not something you ought to get paid for

41 min – the world small is silly.. the question is .. who is putting things out there.. from their heart.. forward thinking..

43 min – i was friends with harry harrison, isaac asimov, cory doctorow… science fiction is really important.. but it’s not important because it’s right.. because it’s almost never not right.. but important because it makes us think deeply about what might be... i don’t think any of us ought to believe that we’re right


july 2014 – 30 yrs.. 30 projects


sept 2015 – Seth talk at inbound

6 min – the work that matters is not being done by anyone else

7 min – giving away credit and taking responsibility


9 min – the internet could save your life.. from a live time of drudgery.. of doing what you’re told

11 min – we were taught to do things that work

13 min – only way you can do something new is if you can keep these two ideas in head at same time: it might work and it might not work…. don’t wait to get picked

17 min – we let other people define our agenda…  the art available to us… of changing other people.. there will be no one in front of us..

19 min – we are spending an enormous amount of time trying to get our ducks in a row… what are you going to do with that duck.. what’s the duck for..

ellen langer – on keeping all frogs in a bowl… sometimes we’ve gotta let some frogs jump out

brené – and having never done it before..

22 min – crappiness is about compromising… so we can get it out of the meeting

23 min – on taking responsibility for something you don’t have any authority for.. then giving away the credit

27 min – how do you choose to matter…

28 min – now you can just go around… the only thing that makes it to the best seller list isn’t for everybody

29 min – writer’s block.. came when writing became a profession

31 min – reassurance is futile.. the work you need to do.. the less reassurance we can give you the more important the work is

32 min – the stories are all invented…

32 min – the right question… who needs to be seen

33 min – infinite games (no one wins, no time limit, ..) and finite games (time limit, somebody wins, rule).. in a connection economy .. the infinite game is what we’re playing

nonrivalrous ness

34 min – weaving.. not winning..

35 min – it’s always too soon to take this leap, ie: book invention before book stores; car invention when driving was illegal

36 min – notice, imagine, connect, do… things that matter…

39 min – oz… first bring me the broomstick.. he was sending her away.. because he didn’t want her to come back.. all the people you are looking for reassurance from

41 min – you need to stop scratching imaginary itches… all the reassurance in the world is going to do nothing for your itches… but scratching.. is taking your eye off the ball.. from what it is you could have been doing all along

42 min – people like us do things like this…

43 min – the answer is changing your culture.. to a culture that do things a nother way


oct 2015

the best way to deal with a feeling is to realize that it’s yours.


live seminar for good causes 10/09

21 min – i’m frustrated because this is too important to not do just because there’s some politics that are at work

time to leap frog to betterness..

31 min – if you can figure out how to get your idea to spread..

indeed.. esp if ongoingly.. it perpetuates itself..

45 min – permission is when the other person misses you so much they call when you don’t show up… your asset is the permission people have given you to talk to them

51 min – go to people who’s world view is – we must take action

54 min – on working on latent world views… so no need to sell..


The idea awareness cycle


mar 2017

“We’ll keep your resume on file”

Of course, when you hear this, it’s almost never true. It’s just a nice way of saying you didn’t get the job.

But, in a project-oriented universe, smart organizations work hard to make sure they’ve got a file of essential talent. People who are skilled, passionate and open to making change happen.

I’ve been making projects happen for thirty years. Along the way, I’ve discovered that sometimes, you come up with a project and then find people to contribute. But other times, you find the people or the platform first, and then the project arises.

If you’re seeking to be in someone’s file, it helps to build up a body of work, and to maintain a presence on the web so that people can see who you are and what you do.

And if you’re seeking to make projects happen, it helps to keep your file of skilled and passionate people up to date…

I’m updating my file for the next few days. If you or someone you know is open to full-time or perhaps project work, I hope you’ll take three minutes to use this form to let me know. Thanks.

of course apply
first read
2001—I spent ten hours a day, just about every day, researching and writing Survival is Not Enough.


2006—This is Broken, a talk I gave exactly once, took months to create. I’m glad Mark filmed it.

7 min – love the energy he has in this talk.. having fun..

on app:

for time..fulltime.. because if your art.. perhaps why we haven’t yet gotten to equity because we haven’t yet figured out how 7bn can go full time.. not partial

for location.. ny.. just meaning.. from anywhere.. and slidedeck as sites..

for work: listening

for accomplish.. next experiment: model a mech that could facil the daily curiosities of 7bn people free art ists.. location: anywhere


role models as tool for decision making:

Are you spending time in the gym trying to be more like Jackie Joyner-Kersee or Dwayne Johnson? Do your policies push our country to be more like China or Denmark? Will this policy create a place that looks like Bakersfield or Portland? Are you investing in the style of Warren Buffet or Mary Meeker?

The role model’s image brings with it all of the nuance that’s missing from a dry discussion of tactics. It forces us to get real and to look further into the future.

i don’t think the role model’s image is enough nuance.. today we have the means to facil (listen to).. the nuance of 7b people brave enough to change their mind everyday.. to think for themselves.. a new.. everyday..

i think we can do way better.. go much deeper .. perhaps if we focus/listen-to/facil daily curiosity .. decision making as we know it will become irrelevant.. ie: curiosity and decision making

i think part of our problem is that we don’t start-with and trust what is inside each person.. first.. everyday

tech as it could be..

augmenting our interconnectedness.. not helping us ie: imitate


seth – the room where it happens (in a space ness)

The best way to be in the room where it happens is to be the person who called the meeting.

Things rarely happen on their own. Everyone is waiting for you to organize the next thing.

today we have the means to not org other people.. let’s try that..

ie: 2 convers as infra via tech as it could be..


seth on opp to leap



Original Tweet:

My gen was dominant voice for 60 yrs. A voice that worried about next 24 hrs, not next 24 yrs. That’s about to shift, regardless of yr born..What can we do that matters instead?

let go of ‘dominant voice’ mentality

ie: listen to 8b daily curiosities as data to facil/detox us

tech as it could be..


The unheard voices

Original Tweet:

begs a mech to listen to all the voices.. everyday..

use that data to augment our interconnectedness

ie: tech as it could be..

roy voiceless law et al


seth’s ie of hierarchical listening – oi