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intro’d to Srećko here (on diem25 ness w yanis varoufakis et al):

Srećko Horvat (@HorvatSrecko) tweeted at 3:42 AM – 16 Jun 2017 :

The #G20 in Hamburg will be one of the most important international political events this year. #DiEM25 will be there. This is our credo: (

constructive disobedience

then found this in his stream:

Srećko Horvat (@HorvatSrecko) tweeted at 5:10 AM – 14 Jun 2017 :

When you give something to someone, it is only truly radical if you are giving without expecting anything in return (

The problem is that although you seem to have so many choices in the end it actually narrows your imagination

spinach or rock

This is the problem with consumerist culture – sex has become commodified.
An even bigger problem is that actual love, and there is a difference between love and sex, became commodified as well. Love also appears as just another interchangeable product in the market, so if you cannot find someone, there will be somebody else.

you are encountering this excessive energy, the radicality of love or even the radicality of sex, then you know it is something which *cannot be exchanged any more

*exchange ness

obligation.. no strings..10 day cares..  et al

Within this kind of philosophy, before Bataille, the Nyau believe there always is – and should be – *something which cannot be accountable or exchanged in these classical economical terms. An interesting artist from Malawi called Samson Kambalu is dealing with this.

*how about all the things..

To put it straightforwardly, when you give something to someone, it is only truly radical if you are giving without expecting anything in return – when it is a gift without creating a debt.

no strings..

debt et al

radical econ as jump start

Because by doing this you are actually subverting the predominant paradigm which is the ‘economy of indebted men’.

This has been best described by Nietzsche who pointed out that the etymology of ‘debt’ in German language comes from ‘Schuld’, which at the same time means ‘guilt’ and ‘debt’

When you are indebted, all your future acts – including emotions – are actually governed and influenced by the very beginning of this indebtednes

voluntary compliance et al

Will I give this interview? No, I won’t agree to this interview as I don’t have time. I don’t have time because I have to do something where I will earn money and I have to earn money to repay the debt. Thank God I don’t have any kind of debt at all so I don’t have these problems. I think we can really speak about a different kind of psychology or moreover another mode of existence today. And the problem is that this way of functioning also transfers itself onto the most intimate sphere

so why not disengage diem25 from any measuring of transactions – be that radical

a nother wayshort planshort/bit

basic fact is that we’re all human beings so as human beings you have good and you have bad people human beings.. each has some good and bad.. let’s just assume good.. for all of us


5 min – what do we do the day after..

7 min – all big revolutions in 20th cent had to do something w love

13 min – these crises can only be solved on an international level..  can’t just leave.. ie: refugees, ecological, ..

14 min – european foreign policy: export (export wars), import (import refugees), export (export them to turkey)

17 min – there is no refugee crisis in europe..  compared to number of refugees in lebanon.. where 40% of population are refugees more than 1.5 million.. europe doesn’t have a refugee crisis.. and compared to what’s coming.. the refugee crisis will look like a footnote to a tragedy

refugee ness

18 min – via noam – this is nothing compared to ecological crisis.. then will have 3 mn refugees coming to europe


precisely because of this.. only way to solve it is on international level

19 min – in my opinion it’s a structural problem and the structure is called capitalism

refugee crisis can’t be solved like a fireman trying to solve a fire w/o fighting the source of the fire.. it can then go on an on for centuries..

let’s go deep enough.. systemic global change.. as it could be

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Philosopher, co-founder of



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Srećko Horvat (born 1983) is a philosopher, author and political activist. The German weekly Der Freitag described him as “one of the most exciting voices of his generation”  and Hollywood director Oliver Stone called him “a charismatic Croatian philosopher” Writings by him have appeared in The Guardian, Al Jazeera, Il Manifesto, El Pais and The New York Times .

Horvat was born in Osijek, Croatia, but lived for the first eight years of his life in exile in Germany, before returning to Croatia in 1991. He has published extensively about the Occupy Wall Street Movement; the World Social Forum in Senegal and Tunisia; Participatory Budgeting in Porto Alegre; the Zebaleen in Cairo; Cyprus, China, Lebanon, Israel, and more. He has been involved in setting up the Democracy in Europe Movement 2025 (DiEM 2025) along with Yanis Varoufakis.


Horvat is regarded as one of the “central figures of the new left in post-Yugoslavia”. He has participated in different activist movements in Croatia. In Germany he published the book After the End of History: From the Arab Spring to the Occupy Movement (Laika Verlag, 2013), where he is engaged in debates and interviews about Occupy Wall Street, Chinese capitalism, poststructuralism and postcolonialism with different thinkers such as Francis Fukuyama, Stéphane Hessel, Terry Eagleton, Gayatri Spivak, etc. In his work with Igor Štiks he has been advocating “direct democracy as a necessary corrective (and possibly a true alternative) to electoral democracy and partitocracy” and, more recently, he is claiming that “it is becoming more and more clear that a movement without a party is impotent, and that a party without a movement can only repeat the failures of the past”

He was one of the founders of the Subversive Festival in 2008, a festival which included Oliver Stone, Alexis Tsipras, Aleida Guevara, Slavoj Žižek, Tariq Ali, Zygmunt Bauman, David Harvey, Saskia Sassen, etc. In 2013 together with the programme team he left the Subversive Festival “due to differences in understanding the goals and direction of the activist platforms within Subversive Forum and, more generally, the general purpose of Subversive Festival”

Zygmunt, David, Saskia


My newest piece for the Guardian, or why the #G20 actually doesn’t exist anymore.…

We came to Hamburg to protest about G20 – and found a dystopian nightmare


DiEM25 (@DiEM_25) tweeted at 5:45 AM – 6 Jul 2017 :

“Protest is not enough. What we need to create is a new political subject” @HorvatSrecko on Constructive Disobedience #DISobey #DiEM25 #G20 (

let’s try .. a nother way..


Democracy Now! (@democracynow) tweeted at 5:15 AM – 9 Jul 2017 :

Croatian philosopher @HorvatSrecko: Austerity is “feeding the neofascism which is rising all around the world” (

one thing g20 agrees on.. is that they disagree on all fronts

have to get out of this double black mail.. have to create a 3rd space

a nother way


Ivana Nenadovic (@IvanaNenadovic) tweeted at 4:30 AM – 23 Mar 2018 :

@HorvatSrecko the co-founder of DiEM25, talks about the pan-European movement, Europe, Yanis Varoufakis, Alexis Tsipras and his friend, Julian Assange. (

Srećko Horvat: If the DiEM25 Manifesto would be implemented, there would be no Brussels bureaucracy

What we have to do instead of it is something I would call “manufacturing discontent”

it was precisely the discontent of the Greek people which turned this logic around

Please, describe Yanis Varoufakis in a few words.

In two Greek words: MOLON LAVE!

Molon Lave means “come and take (them)”. It is a classical expression attributed to king Leonidas of Sparta as a response to the king of Persians, Xerxes I, and his demand that the Spartans surrender their weapons.


DiEM25 (@DiEM_25) tweeted at 6:40 AM – 5 Apr 2018 :

The fantastic documentary about the last #G20 is out!

Here’s an excerpt featuring #DiEM25’s @HorvatSrecko, @cat_fighter_ and many others! Watch in full (mostly in German) #protest (

9 min – i think we have to rethink past and existing forms of resistance

1:11 – we have to rethink in what way can we resist.. what i think more and more.. we have to think about new forms of digital resistance.. more than physical resistance..

1:12 – we’re putting our desires/emotions/wishes/searches onto internet.. but not internet of people but of monetary capitalism.. ie: working for free for google..

1:13 – i think this will be the main question of protest in future/today.. how can you resist if you are not even aware that you are oppressed..

1:15 – to rethink the very concept of disobedience

mass protests may not change anything..

1:16 – what is missing in all of these forms.. constructive disobedience.. if we protest tomorrow.. 100 000 people.. we need to know what kind of world we want to create tomorrow.. not just protest


2016 – Love Has To Be Reinvented | Srecko Horvat | TEDxBrussels


not will i find love in the future.. but what will love look like in the future

3 min – dating co’s – everything you have to do is show up at the date.. dating outsourced

yanis: not only outsourcing.. but subcontracting.. get rid of risk and lower cost

4 min – 1\ if you outsource falling in love.. you are outsourcing the very source of falling in love.. the fall.. no one else can do that for you

5 min – 2\ penetration of economics in most intimate sphere.. more and more we perceive love as a kind of investment

next step.. find someone to dating for you

6 min – but no.. this is not the next step.. it’s masterdating.. when go alone to restaurant.. and don’t feel depressed.. dating w better side of yourself..

7 min – solo wedding for only 2000 euros.. go to kioto.. w/o stress of wedding..

8 min – ies show.. we are reaching peak of a narcissist culture.. people only focused on selves.. and .. people are more and more afraid of falling in love.. precisely because of the fall.. lose all coordinates

9 min – this is the reason we build all kinds of walls..

one of the biggest problems.. live in a culture of narcissism.. 2015 – word of year – selfie

10 min – the biggest threat for love.. narcissism..  die because falling in love w self.. each falling in love actually contains a wish to inhabit an image where you can see what other sees in you.. but w all new trends/tech.. it’s precisely narcissims

truly radical love is the pure opposite of outsourcing.. contracts.. subcontracts.. narcissism

poet – deboer (?): if love want to have any future.. it has to be radically (?)


jan 2018 – Brainwash Festival: Naomi Klein, Srećko Horvat & Joris Luyendijk


57 min – universal basic dividend – you don’t fund ubi from taxation.. but from the shares on capital.. instead of pure redistribution i think we have to change the very foundations of the system.. that it would be impossible at all that someone has 100x more than someone else..t 

begs we go deeper.. ie: short bp where ubi is temp placebo – a means to disengage from money/measuring

2 convos as infra

as it could be


Srećko Horvat (@HorvatSrecko) tweeted at 5:33 AM – 10 Feb 2019 :
@samim @channeldraw @DiEM_25 @EU_Spring @deineuropa @l_marsili @yanisvaroufakis @DiEM25Berlin @JKCorden @IvanaNenadovic @BlokusGeorg @zackexley @FinkeldeyJasper It would certainly be a better world than the one we have today! You might find it interesting that @DiEM_25 actually advocates sortition (this is how our Validating Council is chosen) and children’s representation in governing bodies and institutions. As a small step… (

@samim: Our governments should be run by children (Paedarchy) and Randomness (Athenian democracy). Seriously!

ie: cure ios city

in the city.. as the day..

1 yr to be 5 et al


TrueRT @eiderdaus: Srećko Horvat: ‘The current system is more violent than any revolution’ | Books | The Guardian

Original Tweet:

His book is a rallying cry for resistance to the rapacious forces of capitalism, an emotive argument against the complacent acceptance of “Tina” – the idea that “there is no alternative”. (Poetry from the Future: Why a Global Liberation Movement Is Our Civilisation’s Last Chance.)

In common with many millennial revolutionaries, central to Horvat’s political outlook is the belief that climate change is humanity’s greatest existential threat since the last ice age.

gotta go deeper..

ie: almaas holes lawmaté basic needs

“I’m very critical of so-called cultural Marxism and identity politics,” he says. “I don’t think the solution to today’s problems is just to advocate more of your identity whether you are gay or vegetarian or whatever. I think we need something much deeper..t.. The Greek worker and German worker have to realise they’re in the same shit even if the German worker has a better salary and lives in a more functional country.”

Is it better, I ask hypothetically, to have greater equality but a lower standard of living or to raise the base standard of living even if there are greater inequalities? He gives a long, thoughtful reply that doesn’t answer my question, finishing with an attack on simple redistribution: “Rutger Bregman and Thomas Piketty constantly talk about taxation, taxation as if the true solution of inequality lies in taking more from the rich and redistributing it. I think we have to radically transform society so that it would be impossible that Warren Buffett or Jeff Bezos can be the richest person in the world. I think taxation is not enough.”..t

ie: a nother way.. sans money/measuring

Horvat’s previous book was called The Radicality of Love, in which, paraphrasing the French far-left philosopher Alain Badio, he wrote: “Love is communism for two. But love is as difficult as communism, and can often end up as tragic as communism. Like revolution, true love is the creation of a new world.”

radicality of loveon hold in library via prospector – thanks library.. (new book isn’t registering anywhere)

Indeed, it’s (vis) such a paradise that I find it hard to imagine how Horvat can remember that the world is such a nightmare.

We need to be mad prophets who might turn out wrong.. t

7b of us do.. everyday (has to be all of us.. has to be everyday anew)..

ie: 2 convers as infra via tech as it could be..

Back in London, I write to ask him if he thinks the radical change he’s calling for can take place without the use or threat of large-scale violence… “I believe that the current system,” he replies, “with its never-ending war against the majority of people, other species and nature, is already more violent than any revolution.That said, I don’t like violence of any sort.


DiEM25 (@DiEM_25) tweeted at 5:12 AM – 4 May 2019 :
“In a situation where people like #Assange, @xychelsea & @Snowden cannot be w/ us here today, we have to become them & talk instead of them thinking what they would say. Because this is just the start of a long battle for freedom of the press” @HorvatSrecko #FreeAssange #Snowden (

julian, chelsea, ed


interview on his new book – poetry from the future

Srećko Horvat (@HorvatSrecko) tweeted at 1:21 AM – 14 Jun 2019 :
“Today we live in the arcades of 24/7 capitalism, a sort of narcocapitalism that is based on acceleration and the total colonization of time itself. We need to break with this temporality of late capitalism.” (

Your new book is called ‘Poetry from the Future’. Noam Chomsky has said of it: ‘A compelling vision, an urgent necessity, and not beyond reach’. 

..the title of the book comes from a quote by Marx from his Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte, where he says that “the social revolution can’t take its poetry from the past, but only from the future”. We need a revolution in temporality. While most of the revolutions are actually a “tiger’s leap into the past”, the new revolution has to make a leap into the “open air of history”..t

We need to break with this temporality of late capitalism. On the one hand, create temporalities that are not pre-programed and measured, while being commodified every second..t

ie: cure ios city

On the other hand, given the climate crisis and extinction, we should be aiming at a different notion of time, unlike the one based on extractivism of time from the future.

Brexit is perhaps the best contemporary embodiment of what Hegel meant by “bad infinity”. Namely, an infinity which is actually a finite infinite that is constantly delaying the final moment of its finitude.

YB: You have recently stated that ‘the current system is more violent than any revolution’…t Could you elaborate on that?

My point is that we should always examine the structural violence that is everywhere…t

structural violence

Perhaps the revolution isn’t, as Marx believed, the locomotive of world history, but it is rather – as Benjamin would have said – the emergency brake.

DiEM25 was never just an electoral experiment, but a movement that is simultaneously working on many levels.You can say that we attempted to “hack” the European elections, and to a certain degree we succeeded, at least by using the elections for imposing a true transnational campaign, by using the elections in order to grow and build the needed infrastructure for the future.


Jason Hickel (@jasonhickel) tweeted at 5:15 AM – 9 Aug 2019 :
“Love is communism for two.”
Love this little quote from Srećko Horvat. (