will hall

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[oakland, ca]

intro’d to will via crazywise.. then read his outside mental health


‘Experiencing mental health crises and personal critical responses’
Will Hall speaking at INTAR India 2016 Lavasa, India.

4 min – i don’t know if i identify so much with that word recovery .. what i really identify with is really a process of liberation.. because i think all of us are in a process of liberation..

free\dom ness – a nother way.. to set/keep 7 bn free.. as the day [aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]

what was really important for me in my own liberation process was an ongoing struggle with what could really be understood as a de colonization of my mind from psychiatry

5 min – when i was in the hospital.. i was really implanted with a lot of beliefs/frameworks/scientific-understandings.. that really came from a position of power not from truth.. and it was really a colonization of my own psyche.. and so i’ve been going thru a de colonization process

sounds like all the institutions.. ie: school.. science of people ness

huge – supposed to’s.. killing us

recent interview on mad in america. . about the connections between transforming the mental health system and struggling with the legacies of colonialism and *oppression.. because i believe that

anywhere we don’t listen to all the voices.. aka: any type/space of public consensus.. there is oppression.. of people/being

holmgren indigenous law..

each of us is learning how to find our authentic voice

let’s make this equitable.. (everyone getting a go every day).. and try  hosting-life-bits via self-talk as data..

not voice less