change the story

adding page (and new notes to original ones from david korten‘s page) as reread (21).. read was a recommend by luba vangelova.. and just into 1st chapter reread.. guessing it didn’t resonate – even though much of it is spot on.. was because focus of ‘story’ seems to be old story (aka: poison).. anyway.. that’s what i’m seeing so far.. that we need to let go of the ‘story’ ie: imagine if we just lived a nother way

and maybe that’s ‘story’.. whatever.. we just need to let go of any form of m\a\p.. any form of democratic admin.. otherwise.. spinning our wheels in same song/story of sea world.. of tragedy of the non common

which.. by end of re read.. is what he doesn’t do.. he doesn’t let go of that same song.. so not really changing the story (ie: end pages .. vision includes money, employment, ed, et al.. all the supposed to’s of school/work)


notes/quotes copied from original .. and added to in 21ff:

notes/highlights – (2015) – by david korten

change the story

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l 34 – reviews

korten has unearthed a simple truth: the story that enslaves us is not the real story.

l 126

foreward (by club of rome)

destroying life to make money counts as wealth creation

l 137

we welcome the author’s search for meaning and purpose and for realistic strategies

oi.. loaded..

on the new econ working group initiated by david: it is dedicated to articulating and popularizing a bold vision and implementing a strategy for a new econ that works for all people and the living systems on which their well being *depends..

still loaded..

let’s try this econ: oikos (the economy our souls crave).. ‘i should say: the house shelters day-dreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace.’ – gaston bachelard, the poetics of space

the deeper problem is that we (as whales – all of us) have no idea what our *legit/essential/essence needs are.. so we keep spinning our wheels around non legit needs

p 2

prologue – in search of a deeper truth (david’s backstory)

p 7

I came to see a near-universal pattern. Economies were growing financially at the expense of life.

p 10

We spoke of economic development as a process of monetizing relationships that had once been based on a sense of mutual caring and *obligation between people, and between people and the land.

*red flag

p 11

it took me rather longer to realize that this misdirection is the consequence of an illusion: that money is wealth and the measure of our individual and societal worth..

focused on money, rather than on the life we really want, we yield the power and will of our life energy to institutions structured to seek financial gain by any means.

deep enough

what we call development isa process of alienating people form the lands and waters from which they make their living.. they then become dependent on money to obtain essential like food, water, shelter, and energy. that makes them dependent on the institutions that control their access to jobs and credit.. the means of acquiring money

deeper issue.. that we focus on food, water, shelter, energy.. rather than getting 8b people back/to grokking what enough is.. otherwise.. will still be spinning wheels in scarcity land.. because we all keep taking more.. having less.. than a body needs.. to dance

As our dependence on money replaces our direct relationships with one another and nature, we turn to money as the measure of our accomplishment and relinquish control of our lives to institutions that control our access to it.

manufacturing consent.. what if money

deeper.. we need to let go of any form of m\a\p

we have an econ designed to make money for rich people.. w need an econ designed to support everyone in making a living

and perhaps.. let go of focus on ‘making a living’ ness..

ie: oikos (the economy our souls crave).. ‘i should say: the house shelters day-dreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace.’ – gaston bachelard, the poetics of space

moved from manila to nyc in 92 to share what we had learned about the nature and causes of , and the alts to the development failure that we had witnessed. it would also be an opp to study and address what we were coming to recognized as the source of the problem we had gone abroad to solve..

schooling the world ness


led to my connection w small/extraordinary group of international activists.. international forum on globalization (ifg).. ifg provided a forum to share stories of devastation.. and developed the reality based counterstory that corps use trade agreements to run around democracy to consolidate global corp rule.. many people recognized the truth of this counterstory, and a global resistance movement was born. in the us that movement burst into public consciousness w the historic 1999 seattle wto protest

battle in seattle

p 13

the defining struggle of our time is a contest between corp/people power.. between money/life as defining balue.. and between plutocracy/democracy as our system of governance..

democratic admin still killing us.. still devastating us.. unmooring us

p 15

wall st interests proposed that to save nature we must value her, and to value her we must price her.. bhutan happiness commission: ‘time is life.. extreme contrast to western axion: ‘time is money’

the economics of happiness

p 16

(at club of rome) i shared simple version of what i’m calling the distant patriarch, grand machine, and living universe.. cosmologies and how each of these *characterizes reality.. and on them all being element of larger more complex reality

*fiction/non-legit stories.. not reality.. so dragging them into the whole.. clinging to them.. will just perpetuate our broken feedback loop

p 17

they (publishers) suggested i develop the essay into a short, accessible book for people who need no proof that we humans are on a bad path, who are well aware that a global econ driven by soulless financial markets and corps threatens our common future, and who are looking for a coherent and practical articulation of the truth in their hearts..

if legit in their hearts.. don’t need book.. net a means to set 8b people free.. ie: a means to undo our hierarchical listening.. so 8b people can legit hear what’s in their hearts.. today..

it (this book) touches on pretty much everything.. to keep it short posed a significant challenge. of necessity, it limits the elaboration of nuances and the documentation of conclusions..

some reviewers noted their unease w references to spirit and the sacred and suggested elminating them to make the book acceptable to a broader audience.. i appreciate their hnesty and inteion, but htey have missed my central point

and again.. if central point is ie: sacred – already in each heart – we’re missing the point by then trying to spell it out in a story.. that is too confined for people to legit hear what is in their hearts.. ie: a story with any form of m\a\p.. any form of democratic admin

p 18

we humans live by our shared framing stories and have a deep need for a sense of purpose and meaning. if we do not share an authentic sacred story, the void will be filled w an inauthentic story.. and that is our problem. an econ, a society, built on the foundation of a lie cannot work

yeah.. that.. part of the problem.. thinking we crave purpose/meaning.. are we sure? or is that whalespeak ie: would a healthy 5 yr old (not sure if there are any.. but if) crave purpose?.. i think sea world thinking is deeply embedded in that ‘story’ – of craving meaning/purpose et al


1 – our story problem

i’d say that it’s still.. that we think we need one.. rather than just that we need a means to listen to each heart.. everyday.. let the stories emerge/change ongoingly

politicians dependent on big money to fund their campaigns advance policies that favor the interest of money over the interest of life.. economists ease the conscience of those politicians w assurances that such policies accel growth in the gdp, which in turn will end poverty and fund *techs to eliminate our human dependence on nature

*huge.. we need techs to get us back/to hearing nature et al.. ie: to undo our hierarchical listening

p 22

we cannot eat, drink, or breathe money. no matter how fat oru bank accounts or advance our techs, we depend on earths’ health for food, freshwater, clean air, and a satble climate..

true.. but much deeper.. ie: we have to legit live a nother way.. otherwise.. same song.. same old story (of spinning our wheels in not enough ness)

the essential role of a sacred story

many indigenous people use the term sacred to refer to what is most important/essential to the well being of he community and its members, and .. most worthy of special respect/care.. it is in that sense that i speak here of sacred stories

all good and well as long as the story/essence is truly deep enough.. to be our essence.. ie: maté basic needs

we humans live by stories. a shared story is the basis of the ability of any people to live together as an org’d society. a society’s ability to org as a secure/prosperous community depends on the authenticity (validity) of its story

yeah.. i don’t think so.. not by stories.. ie: history ness is killin gus).. unless ‘story is just to let go

ie: ‘org as a secure/prosperous’ et al.. poison to fittingness.. to brown belonging law.. et al

authentic stories are generally the product of hte shared experience of a people

we have no authentic stories w/o 1st ie: brown belonging law et al (which begs a means to undo our hierarchical listening to self/others/nature)


Any mention of how people and nature are doing is usually in the context of assessing the implications for the GDP and stock prices—financial indicators that speak to how money and the moneyed are doing. To listen to the discussion, you would infer that the purpose of people and nature is to serve money.

(another): tech innovation to free us from our dependence on nature

huge.. if we use it to get back/to nature/us.. ie: tech as it could be

Economics courses in our most prestigious institutions teach this story as settled science. The corporate media constantly repeat it.

science of people in schools ness

on the fatally flawed story (i’m guessing of sacred moneys/markets – heading of this section).. profit itself is not the problem. a modest profit is essential to the health and survival of any private enterprise.

wait.. what?.. whoa. huge part of the fatally flawed story..


on romney 2012 declaring that corps are people.. (then goes on to distinguish between people/corps) we/people live in community and exercise moral conscience and sensibility in our relationship w our living neighbors.. we bear legal responsibility for our crimes and our harms against others..

oi – loaded

corps.. have no fear of imprisonment or execution for its crimes

oh my.. what an awful story for humans.. to live in fear?

the only consequential thing that a crop has in common w a living human person is the legal doctrine that grants it some of the same rights enjoyed by natural persons – but w/o the corresponding responsibilities

whoa.. loaded.. red flags.. big time


corps.. favor financial speculation over real investment

still loaded.. life isn’t about investing.. even in seemingly good things


most efforts to avoid further collapse focus on treating the symptoms of a system failure w marginal adjustments: a new reg, a tax on bad behavior, a subsidy incentive for good behavior.. such adjustment might be appropriate if we were dealing w a broken system.. when dealing with a self-destructive system supported by a false story, the only solution is a different system grounded in a different story.

global systemic change.. imagine if we.. there is a nother way

some defining elements of the emerging story.. i call it the sacred life: money is just a number useful as a medium of exchange in well regulated markets

it’s not legit alive life.. if there’s any form of m\a\p.. let go


living econ gives.. every person a voice in decisions..

this and other bullets subtly loaded.. ie: decision making is unmooring us law

i believe that the critical elements of this sacred life and living earth story live in the human heart.

indeed. whatever you call it.. whatever it is that we need and are craving.. already written on each heart… so what we need is time and space.. to listen to that. everyday. a nother way

if you really believe that.. let’s trust and org around that.. ie: via a means to undo our hierarchical listening.. so we can hear what’s on each heart.. imagine if we


among ie’s of opp: universal ed is increasing literacy and sophistication among the excluded

oh my

lit & num as colonialism et al


we cannot act coherently as a society w/o a shared framing story


‘in undisturbed ecosystems ..the average individual, species, or population, left to its own devices, behaves in ways that serve and stabilize the whole..’ –Dana Meadows

it defines our shared valued/priorities, the questions we ask, and the options we consider.. it shapes political debates, our institutions and our interp of current events

oh my.. yes.. definitely poison .. story as poison if for/as this

for this reason.. no matter how discredited an established story may be, we cling to it in our public discourse until it is replaced by a more compelling story.

says right before that.. that we cannot act coherently as a society w/o a shared framing story.. it defines our shared values, ad priorities, the questions we ask, and the options we consider.. the debates… et al. then right after that.. he’s suggesting the story be part of our academic curricula.. and a part of assessing the performance of the economy.. so.. what if he’s doing what he just described.. and so – as he says.. we reinforce it. because we haven’t stepped away, zoomed out, enough.. to ie: question school… question performance…

then next para says.. corp interests repeat and reaffirm sacred money/markets story at every opp.. that’s what is being done here.. same song unless it’s different.. which it can’t be unless we let go of any form of m\a\p.. any form of democratic admin.. ie: ‘clinging to repetition in public discourse.. ‘

those of us committed to advancing justice, sustainability, peace and democratic governance campaign and org around individual issues.. often define by id politics.. in so doing we concede the framing story and play into the divide and conquer strategy of elite politics

already playing into it .. as long as any form of m\a\p.. any form of democratic admin


2 – our quest to know

rather.. whales‘ quest to know.. ie: thinking we’re about intellect ness as huge red flag

on 3 familiar cosmologies: the distant patriarch (western religion), the grand machine (science), and mystical unity (eastern religion)


the underlying intellectual frame of the grand machine cosmology strips our existence of meaning and purpose and undermines our sense of moral responsibility for one another and nature

loaded.. thinking we’re about meaning/purpose/responsibility strips us


we do not lack for examples of the human capacity for greed and ruthless competition in disregard for the well-being of others. such behavior, however, is a mark of psychopathic and sociopathic dysfunction. emotionally healthy humans are characteristically caring and sharing – traits essential to healthy social function.


3 – brief history of story politics

we humans have a deep need for meaning, for answers the the ultimate questions

we whales.. i don’t think legit free people would obsess on meaning/answers et al

this chapter presents a big pic overview of the politics of our *human search for meaning.. put into context (other stories) and reawakens us to our true nature as living beings born of a living earth and creates a context for a radical living **democracy

*whale search

**oi.. let go of democratic admin ness


the earliest peoples were hunter gathereres wholived by harvestign the gifts of nature

? are we sure..? or maybe garden ers.. ? sans hunting..

their (hunter gatherers) *most revered members were those who possess special abilities to mediate the tribe’s relationship w the spirits that animated all being..

*if so.. yeah.. huge red flag already.. need to look deeper than hunter gatherers et al

if essence already in us.. need no mediator..

under religion – earthly rulers as reps

same.. need no reps


their priestly classes secure their authority by declaring certain ancient texts to be the word of god and subject to their exclusive interpretation

lit & num as colonialism

the word of teh church was canon law, w often dire cosequences for those who disobed

in beginning you said this was essence of human being vs corp? fear of punishment for disobedience


(under mystic) if god is an inner spirit, then there is no need for a priesthood to intermediate

yeah to that.. set us free.. then trust us


the great the focus on detail, the easier it is to miss the nature and essence of the whole

and too.. to what’s inside.. essence.. as you noted on blind man and elephant ness

perhaps the most dangerous premise of the sacred money/markets story is the conceit that w enough money our human techs will liberate us form a dependence of nature.. therefore we need not see to her care


confronting the unknown

the current frontier of science is the expanding recognition of the staggering limitations of our human understanding.. of how and why the universe evolves toward ever increasing complexity, beauty, awareness and possibility

because essence is inside.. can only see w heart et al.. and.. am thinking if 8b people were legit free.. how/why would be irrelevant s


biologists have only begun to id and catalog the vast variety of these micro-orgs, let alone understand their varied functions and methods of their self org, adaptation and co evolution

why do we think we need to do this?.. am thinking it’s a whale thing.. legit free people would be too pre occupied with enjoying/living/being the dance


we had best not presume we can control, dominate, or free ourselves form dependence on that which we are only beginning to understand

yeah.. that.. that’s why we think we need to know.. in order to control.. and that’s why we haven’t yet gotten to legit change


the work of our time is to learn to live in alignment w the structures and processes of a living earth. we must reinvent our future. this requires that we reinvent our sacred story and the institutions that structure our relationships of power

so loaded. and a popular highlight for his book.. oi

the greater the opp to replace them (old story) w a story and instituios better aligned w our needs/undertsanding

same song if we don’t legit grok our needs.. and if we don’t let go of understanding ness

ours is a moment of opp unprecedented in the human experience to reinvent our story/institutions/future w conscious collective intention

yes.. great opp.. and we’re missing it w trying so hard to define/story it

the living earth.. is .. *evidence based statement of truth w profound implications



4 – a living universe

it is increasingly evident that there is also a third element (to mechanism and chance in quantum physics and bio systems’ capacities for self org) – *intelligent self org – of which we have only the most elemental understanding.. it may be the most important..

self org yes.. but only if we let go of *intellect ness


the *more we learn, the more it seems the metaphor of organism is far more apt than the metaphor of mechanism as the lens thru which to view the epic unfolding of the universe..

or the *less we ‘learn’.. as ie: organism as fractal ness is already in us.. just need to listen deeper

under heading – deep intention – each (sci, religion, mystic) add to our understanding of the wonder and the genius of creation

our thinking we have to understand it.. kills it.. ie: defining kills the organism as fractal ness

put it all together an we begin to discern a living universe cosmology that evokes a radical vision of deep intentionality and purpose.. for humans it evokes a possibility of radical democracy

oi oi oi


the same drive to become, and *to know and express our possibiltiies, is a defining quality of our species

*whalespeak.. let go


on humans distinctive in capacity for agency.. used w sense of creative *responsibility.. can be blessing.. used as license for individual excess.. deadly.. the **cause of this misdirection is not an inherent flaw in our nature; it is a flaw in our story

*red flag leading to that misdirection **cause is thinking we have a ‘story’

agency is power to choose

once choosing.. not agency.. not legit free

in the living universe.. agency is intrinsic

if so.. then not about choosing (aka: dm).. about curiosity/itch-in-the-soul

(intrinsic agency is) essential to the creative learning that expresses itself as the universe unfolds

this is response mode.. not dance mode.. red flag


it is a well established finding in the field of group dynamics that team dm is more creative and effective in dealing w complex problems than an individual decision maker..

yeah.. see.. exactly that.. meaning.. living free is not about dm.. decision making is unmooring us law

it (body) comprises tens of trillions of individual *choice making cells.. each engaged in managing its own health/integrity under changing and often **stressful circumstances

*in a sick body yes.. but not in a healthy body/ue

**that’s hari rat park law


on body health/integrity.. as *choice making body.. even under conditions of extreme stress/deprivation, these cells **self org to fight off a vast variety of invasive viruses, cancer cells and pathogenic bacteria that pose threats to the health of the whole..

*oi.. let go.. here’s why it hasn’t yet worked.. even in yes mag and idea world

**this is defense mode aka: energy suck.. that’s not what alive ness is about.. not what organism as fractal is about..

cells lining human stomach replace selves every 5 days. surface of skin regens every 14 days.. red blood cells renew approx ever 120 days

shed ness.. everyday anew ness.. groundhog day et al..

ie: equity: everyone getting a new go.. everyday

visualize your body continuously re creating itself in a constant exchange of energy, nutrients, water, and info

just that it can’t if always in defense/response/dm mode.. to your point (p67) on distraction ness..


these miraculous self direction processes mostly occur far below the lee of my conscious awareness. so long as i provide the essentials of nutrition, hydration, rest, and exercise, my cells fulfill their *responsibilities to maintain my body’s healthy function w/o specific instruction from any central dm authority **that we know of

*red flag

**oi.. thinking we can know kills us.. kills the alive ness.. saying ‘that we know of’ distracts us.. into thinking we need to know something

cells can/do go rogue and becomea trhate to the whole.. cancer is an ie.. the healthy cells self org to elminate them

perhaps we should all be ‘going rogue’ ie: carhart-harris entropy law.. everyday a new.. the ‘going rogue’ you describe.. (as threat) is because we’re whales in sea world

we humans are behaving as rogue cells in the body of living earth and have activated earths’ defenses, notably climate change and deadly infectious diseases..

that’s because we’re not listening to ‘rogue’ ness.. because we’re not not listening to fittingness.. because we’ve broken brown belonging law.. et al

In the most mature expression of our human consciousness, we develop a capacity to recognize and honor simultaneously both our oneness and our individuality.

networked individualismone ness.. dancing with the it is me ness.

it helps us *achieve spiritual *understanding, accept *responsibility for consequences of our personal *choices, and create an **econ that meets needs of all members of earth’s community of life

*red flags

**not all because focus not on legit needs.. we need to try a nother way


even if i had the capacity to consciously discern and care for a single cell, i could not possible track and care for each of the tens of trillions of cells that make up by body.. this of the *distraction..

*exactly.. that’s the too much ness of democratic admin.. of any form of m\a\p


my body’s capacity for *intelligent choice resides at the cellular level far below my conscious awareness for good reason

huge.. living is not about *intelligent choice.. choiceness is exclusionary/enclosure because has 1\ limited/binary options and 2\ pre req of intellect ness

my body’s meta consciousness (as distinct from individual cell) is free to concentrate on managing my body’s relationship to the world beyond the boundary of my skin, decision beyond the ability of any individual cell

rather.. free to be free.. free to dance.. not to manage/dm.. that’s the energy sucking distraction (aka: cancer) you just addressed..

my body’s meta consciousness thus establishes the context of the self managed choice making of he individual cells

needs to be context of alive/listening/being.. of/to curiosity/itch

the cells take it from there, allowing my conscious mind the *freedom to engage.. in creative inquiry and expression

not *free if any form of m\a\p.. if any form of democratic admin.. let go


if each human is a choice making manifestation of the spirit

oi.. let’s just ay if each human is legit alive/free..

.. while remaining mindful of my *responsibility

distraction/cancer/loaded.. red flag we don’t really trust what is already in us.. red flag we’re assuming a hierarchy of human beings


a dream in the human heart

in private converstions..

exactly.. resonations with this.. of realizing from private convos.. it must already be in each one of us.. so let’s trust and org around that..


but.. rest of book is not trusting/believing that.. this is huge.. wish we could talk.. in private – one on one

I have come to suspect that some version of this story lives in every human heart—no matter how suppressed it may be.


let’s settle on that.. and org around that.. trusting that..

imagine if we just focused on listening to the itch-in-8b-souls.. first thing.. everyday.. and used that data to augment our interconnectedness.. we might just get to a more antifragile, healthy, thriving world.. the ecosystem we keep longing for..

what the world needs most is the energy of 8b alive people

we need a means to undo our hierarchical listening ie: 2 convers as infra

Our brains are wired to connect.

so simple enough mechanism … just to unleash – what’s already there..  8 billion + people can be trusted..

tech as it could be

at our most mature, *it is our nature to feel a deep connection with and caring for all being..

here he’s talking attachment.. and authenticity.


if legit in our nature.. thinking anyone needs: training/ed/managing.. any form of m\a\p.. any form of democratic admin.. is a huge red flag ..

we all just need to get out of sea world ie: hari rat park law.. with a temp detox embed (detox as a means to undo our hierarchical listening)

The Original *Instructions are integral to our human nature, and they manifest through the whole of life. This comes as no surprise to anyone who is paying attention.

so – to help the shell-less turtles (returning their shells – via placebo perhaps).. believe it’s legal to think for themselves… that’s all we need. we don’t need to prep or train or whatever.. just free art\ists.. – let’s do that first. no?

huge .. but too.. need to be careful.. not sure they are even *instructions


extreme individualism, greed, and violence are pathological; their expression indicates physical, developmental, cultural, and/or institutional system failure

rather.. indicates the need for hari rat park law.. because if think it’s institutional failure.. we keep spinning our wheels to fix same song.. even when we think/say .. we are changing the story

we are creature born of an evolving living universe on a *quest.. to *guide us to our place of *contribution to that quest, it seems we are born w a dream in our heart of a world beyond individualism, greed and violence..

*red flags.. don’t think we’re on a quest/search.. ie: nothing missing in a legit undisturbed ecosystem.. it’s a dance.. not a quest/search

it is a dream of living democracies, self governing communities in which we together envision and shape our common future. it is the vision of self organizing local markets in which we provision ourselves thru fair and equal exchange

oh my.. oh my

marsh exchange law et al

see you’re defining the story/dream w a poison embed.. let go


we thrive in jobs that allow us to express creativity, exercise initiative, and be of service to others

oi.. we don’t thrive in jobs.. ie: graeber job\less law et al


5 – children of living earth

ch 5 – not sure why we have to have this detailed of a story.. if it’s already in our heart.. no? how many will you lose when you talk like the story you are telling is fact. undermining their own curiosity/heart.. compulsory curriculum ish.. no? is there a real purpose/need for this?

(above written p21.. 21.. yeah)


as is common in adolescence.. our ability to reshape our world developed faster than our capacity to act w wisdom and emotional maturity

this is whalespeak.. adolescence ness..

so annoying when we talk like this.. matter of factly.. throwing out large numbers to validate.. to sound authroiitative.. scientific.. such enclosure.. lit & num as colonialism et al.. ugh

(notes from p 21 not sure what p 36 is.. but obviously not so critical of usage as 21.. ha) p. 36 – wonder about the use of adolescence.. wonder if that’s part of a verbiage pkg that comes with the science of people in schools.

the loss of ordered structure..

carhart-harris entropy law

science has only the sketchiest idea of how it works..

so why do we blah blah about any knowing ness.. ie: numbers, prolific assumed assumptions, order ness


to maintain these flows, life self-organizes everywhere as a system of bioregional communities that scale upward like nested russian dills from the micro to the global.. some systems theorists refer to this as a holonic structure..


self-organizing ness

structure – art-ists

..individual cells and organisms can no more exist outside a larger community of living organisms than the community of life can exist without the self-directing agency of the individuals that constitute it.

then he writes: the more complex, diverse, and coherent are the relationships internal to each community, the greater the community’s resilience and creative potential..

i would take out the word coherent.. and the last phrase.. replacing it with.. the greater its antifragility.. no? [coherent: logical and consistent.. ?]

as individual organisms and species evolve in community, they *learn to meet their own needs in ways that ultimately contribute to the generative capacities of the whole.. as each individual species has a *responsibility to contribute , so too does each have the *right to share in the community’s *product.. interests that *reward

*red flags

learn? or already know?.. rather.. we scramble ourselves to whales ness.. then have to detox to get back/to that not yet scrambled ness.. ie: undisturbed ecosystem has no need for training.. it dances sans any form of m\a\p

responsibility ness comes w thinking we have to learn it.. that we need rewards et al.. for motivation.. comes w thinking it’s about production.. rather than about dancing..


a growing body of evidence suggests

cancer.. let go

earth however, is not a machine. she is a living organism. her abundance and ability to support human life depends on the health of her complex and interdependent living systems. the more we abuse her.. the poorer her health..

abuse: thinking we can know living ness.. that we can know organism as fractal ness


5 pts in 1991 lecture sponsored by schumacher society: *1. each has own inner voice 2. can’t survive in fragments (tim berners lee and net) 3. don’t get another earth 4. can’t have well humans on a sick planet..  5. earth & human dance

*if truly believe these words.. let go


in #4 – rights of human

that’s whalespeak.. legit free/alive beings have nothing to do w rights ness

taking these self evident truths seriously changes everything

oi.. hasn’t ever yet.. because not self evident to everyone (such an enclosing/loaded statement).. and even worse.. not legit truths.. we aren’t taking essence ness seriously.. ie: not trusting it to be/see enough.. let go


6 – making a living

to participate as productive members


the biosphere self org’s as algobal system. the locus of intelligent agency, however, is everywhere local and involves tillions of individual choic makers – noen of whom is in a position to dominate the rest.. thsi makes possiblelife’s finely tuned micro adaptation to constatnly changeing local conditions thru unimaginably complex process..

oi.. what we need/are (as legit free beings) is ie: curiosity over decision making.. the dances dances when we’re not responding/deciding/reacting/adapting.. in the sense of ie: brown belonging law et al.. this just all sounds too much like reactors than alive beings


processes we have barely begun to id, let alone understand – all w/o evidence of a central decision maker or control mech

id ness and thinking we understand or need to understand.. are killers to organism as fractal.. to alive ness.. let go..

the imperative is clear. each community learns to adapt to the distinctive conditions of its place to meet its own needs while engaging in a balanced and mutually beneficial exchange w its neighbors.. each individual species learns to adjust its breeding and consumption accordingly..

this is whalespeak.. aliveness.. legit free beings.. is not about adjusting/exchanging/benefits.. et al.. accordingly is poisonous

it is a brilliant design w clear and unforgiving incentives.. get it right and thrive for the long term.. get it wrong and die

oi.. huge red flagsincentives et al

natural systems accompish this coordination w/o the intervention of a cental authority

and w/o knowingness.. and w/o incentives.. and w/o rights.. et al.. w/o any form of m\a\p.. w/o any form of democratic admin

managed permeable boundaries

the libing organism must defin and maintin itself w/in a managed membrane. this boundary is esential to tis bility to maintain its internal flows of energy, nutrients, matter, water, and info in thermodynamic disequilibrium

i don’t think we have any idea what any of this means.. ie: skin ness.. entropy.. permeable.. we just think we know from whale pov.. let go

cell must have ability to resist intrustion by toxic substances.. (on walls of cell et al).. the same principle appies at every level of org

yes to organism as fractal ness.. not to whale as fractal.. what if toxicity et al (at least as rat park relevant) .. only exists in sea world


life in its natural state self org’s to make a living in community w joyful exuberance. premonetization human socities (few of which remain)

not sure we’ve yet had any (ie: undisturbed ecosystems).. meaning .. sans any form of m\a\p.. living is not about ‘making a living’

the system imposes a mandatory sequence of money before life. it segments our lives into disconnected commutes enclosed in steel boxes w wheels between home, work, shopping, school, church, and places of recreation

in legit undisturbed ecosystem.. no work, shopping, school, church, et al


the joy/beauty of making a living and engaging as a contributing member of a living community of life are stripped away.. stripped of our humanity, we increasingly resemble the money seeking copr robots we now serve and that mainstream econ theory assumes us to be

this is whalespeak.. already stripped if talking ie: making a living, contributing, member, et al

imagine a world..

perhaps if the – imagine a world.. is enhanced (shorten time between intention and action) to hasten us back to our innate ness.. that last paragraph will become irrelevant 

yeah.. let’s try imagine if we


(this is part of his imagine a world where): the boundaries of local govt jurisdictions

huge red flag..

imagine if we just focused on listening to the itch-in-8b-souls.. first thing.. everyday.. and used that data to augment our interconnectedness..

(this is part of his imagine a world where): office workspaces.. rec facilities and investment or employment opps.. ed, econ hub.. providing w ed, sci, and manufacturing facilities.. youth would take a year to explore.. money, markets, businesses, and govts are all part of this picture, but they are structured to support balanced exchanges..

huge red flags


7 – enslaved by corporate robots

early humans lived in intimate relatinoship w one another an nature.. our numbers wer few and we fulfille dour essential needs dirrectly form local lands/waters using simple, minially intrusive techs

where? when?.. we keep using sea world histories .. and end up perpetuating tragedy of the non common.. because going back to the old isn’t deep enough.. no legit ie yet.. we keep focus/refocus ing on non legit necessities.. we need a nother way

earliest trade involved barter

ie: of repeating/perpetuating whalespeak.. graeber’s debt (book) et al..

the earliest trade involved the barter of things..? – David Graeber – no barter..? – only wondering/questioning.. because that could be a raised eyebrow.. a 10 day care centers slide in.. that compromises.. our potential.. ie: wether we did/didn’t in early days.. do we need to barter?

somewhere around 3000 bce turning to imperial rule by kings

on kings ness.. any form of m\a\p.. so #’s pointless and cancerous


and the cultural stories that legitimated their power

like we all keep doing.. history ness is killing us.. let go

fielding their own armies and navies, corps became favored vehicles for colonial domination and exploitation

same w lit & num as colonialism


corps shed any credible presumption.. global corp became favored institution of those who aspire to rule empires beyond the reach of *democratic accountability..

*already killing us – let go of any form of democratic admin


the result was a near complete insulation of decision making from teh exercise of moral sensibility – even human intention

matter little when dm not the point (of alive living ness)

The poor to whom Truman referred as “underdeveloped” were subsistence producers who had no need of money income because they lived directly from local lands and waters without market intervention. By this reckoning, the developed are those who depend on the exchange of money for their means of living—food, shelter, water, education, recreation, and health care. Those in transition from under-developed to developed are “developing.”

how crazy are we..

subsistence producer contribute nothing to the gdp.. an indicator of dependence on money and thereby dependence on those who control the creation /allocation of money

schooling the world ness


Economists and development agencies point to growth in GDP and money incomes as proof of development success. Mostly the success reduced previously self-reliant peoples to conditions of involuntary servitude to international banks and corporations as their governments ran up massive foreign debts they could not repay.

gare enslavement law et al


mathematical voodoo

we all use this.. you have been.. we need to let go of any form of m\a\p

of math and men et al


the goal is not to tame them (corp robots).. it is to eliminate them and replace them w institutions accountable to deeply democratic living earth communities

let go.. don’t replace.. that’s just taming.. same song et al


8 – a new economics for a new econ

*intellectually sound econ that embraces values/insights of sacred life and living earth story


begin w the household

yes .. let’s.. ie: oikos (the economy our souls crave).. ‘i should say: the house shelters day-dreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace.’ – gaston bachelard, the poetics of space


the household wants to find jobs for all its job seekers at the highest possible wage

oh my

graeber job\less law.. earn a living ness..


the distinction is less consequential in an econ org’d around locally owned family or cooperatively owned businesses that function as extension of the local households that own and staff them

oi.. still cancer.. such cancer

vest power in living people: 1\ root power in local ownership and local decision making.. 2\ secure means of living for all members 3\ reward civic engagement, responsibility.. 4\ encourage everyone to contribute.. and recognize the right of each .. 5\ maintain permeable managed boundaries..

red flags red flags red flags


Focused on caring for money, we neglect everything that is essential to our well-being.. ie: fin returns rather than.. water, fertile land, or skilled workers..

non legit needs.. go deeper.. ie: a nother way

money, markets, and corps can all be useful servants.. they are terrible masters.. we are in desperate need of a living wealth econ to guide our way to restoring money, markets, and corps to their proper servant role

oh my.. any form of m\a\p is cancer..

let go


living wealth econ

A living-wealth economics will focus not on how best to allocate money to maximize financial returns, but rather how best to allocate our life energy—essentially human time and talent—to maximize living returns to people and nature.. augmenting earth’s natural processes

ie: non hierarchical listening.. imagine if we.. (not as he has listed in rest of book: job skills, making a living, rights, moneys, dm, property, incentives, democracy, coops, et al)

zinn quote on people energy


9 – a living econ for a living earth

p. 117 – the u.s. created a decentralized, community-rooted banking system in response to the financial crash of 1929? (financed war, created middle class, ..:..put man on moon..).. then wall street stepped in, dismantled it.. put in place a system devoted .. to speculation and the gamin of global financial markets..

? how could it be dismantled if community rooted and decentralized.. how could it pay for war if community rooted..? i don’t know..

21: great ie of same song ness..oi

p. 118 – we have the right and the mean as democratic societies to restore sensible financial rules and create a financial system based on these same principles.

or make it all irrelevant.. no?

democratic admin is killing us.. this book is killing me

radical econ

p. 119 – bullets of govt regulatory, in living economy… and one includes paid employment..(?)

shaped by the pressures of the money economy, our academic institutions have become factories for producing compliant debt-burdened workers for indentured service to corporate robots.

we have an urgent need for leaders with the skills and understanding required to advance our turning to a living economy..

or space and permission for 100% of humanity – to do it together.. no?

one can learn a great deal about the inner workings of machine by disassembling it, …then restore to its original state.. to disassemble a living being is to kill it… and thereby destroy its essence..

we need decision makers in all these fields skilled in creating and managing the institutional physical infrastructure of a society in which life is the goal, money and markets are the means…

? – money and marketing the means –  isn’t that what got us here in the first place. am i misunderstanding this?

on re read.. no.. he’s same song ing us.. whalespeak.. so too on the dm – decision making is unmooring us law

most of leaning relevant to our turning from a money econ to a living econ is taking place outside the walls of academia. those who lead the way exhibit a deep love of life and possess the wisdom of the heart. some may have advanced academic credentials; most do not……

Learning accumulates in the cultural and social DNA of the communities in which it occurs. There is a great need for systematic documentation to facilitate sharing and thereby accelerate humanity’s global learning process.

document everything ness… app output

not sure of need to accelerate the process.. just to do it better.. no? cut a bunch of stuff out.. ie: all the just in case stuff.. all the rules stuff…. actually (21) any form of m\a\p.. any form of democratic admin

p. 124 – each of the system changes outlined above is essential.

i don’t know if they are deep/essential enough.. for the change we want..

21: they are not.. let go

ie: there’s a nother way


If, however, we limit ourselves to what is politically feasible, we in effect declare that human survival is politically infeasible.

technically possible.. to have no hunger.. no homeless.. et al.. politics/rules/policy getting in the way..

The only intelligent course is to define together what is necessary.

2 needs

i have witnessed in my lifetime a number of politically infeasible transformations. ie: collapse of british rule in india, transformation of race relations and gender roles, the fall of the berlin wall and the disintegration of the soviet union, the end of apartheid in s africa, and the ouster of the marcos dictatorship in the philippines.. each seemed impossible until it happened..

now to work on something that goes deeper – and ongoingly regenerates itself… ie: beyond happened once.. ongoingly happening.. every day. do over.

above on answer to Peter

p. 125 – won’t change through political confrontation w/institutions of money econ.. rather.. change the story that legitimates their power.. everything else then follows..

and we probably need to model the story rather than just tell it


10 – own the story, own the future

fitting (w same song ness of his not really changing the story) that he’s using ‘own’ .. twice even

Popular movements dedicated to advancing democracy, racial and gender equality, environmental health, and peace organize around discrete issues.

need for deep enough ness

as the living econ gains in scale and visibility, it provides a growing range of attractive opportunities for employment, shopping, and investment…

lots of (orange highlighted) phrases through here.. worried that about partial ness.. or again – maybe i’m mis understanding.. investment..?

ie: working with govt on building codes.. i get that – andrés ness (hacking codes).. but i think we go more for baan ness (self-organizing – trusting local)


The physical encampments of the Occupy movement served as social laboratories in which a new generation explored the processes and possibilities of radical self-organization in community… (said w/o money – but is that true…)

then: the more sophisticated organizations are asking “does our work merely provide temporary relief for a few victims of a failed system, or does it make an incremental contribution to shifting power … national people’s action is a leading example.. – since 1972

such organizations.. rather than provide temp shelter.. recover homes illegally foreclosed by wall street banks.. return to owners and homeless.. rather than soup kitchen.. create coop community gardens on rooftop vacant lots banks cooperatively owned by the people who depend on them for financial services – an example of deep power-shifting system transformation..

deep enough? i don’t know.

lacking a name and a unifying story, this movement of movements remains invisible to the broader public..

true.. and that could very well be it. but it seems many have come up with names and stories.. just not deep enough.. to resonate with 7 billion people today.. with a mechanism simple enough to be used/accessed by 7 billion people today. in a system that would free and keep freeing us all… every day.

what we need is to model a nother way for 8b people to leap to


Imperial rulers, whether king or corporate robot, depend on the obedience of the ruled. Their seemingly invincible power is an illusion. They hold only the power that the people yield to them.

to become a truly transformative force, however, the emerging movement needs a shared public story – one that connects and frames the movement’s varied elements and the vision of possibility that together we have the potential to make real. a compelling and broadly inclusive story of possibility is the key to building the movement’s visibility and coherence.

story – yes (or maybe no).. perhaps model first..? ie: we didn’t learn to walk from a story.. no?

radical economy – David and Charles Eisenstein and Daniel Pinchbeck:

convince people show graeber longer

in notes:

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in acknowledgments:

march 2012 – green econ retreat was awakening for david

yes – as go to communications for news of new economy – sarah van gelder – editorial vision

gar alperovitz, … gus speth… frances morre lappé,.. kat gjovik… (staff of living economies in bainbrige).. gopal dayaneni, … otto scharmer

in about the author:

co-founder and board chair of yes magazine, co-chair of the new economy working group, the president of the living economies forum – while at stanford

with Fran.. set up the college of business admin in haile selassie 1 uni in ethiopia….

vietnam war – captain in air force.. special air warfare school..

central american management institute in nicaragua – he was adviser via harvard business school

in 1990 founded people centered development forum, now th eliving economies forum.. to expose failed econs and define new ones

returned to u.s. and wrote when corps rule the world – living in ny – 1995

95 – founding of yes magazine


definite frustrat\ing books