supposed to’s of school/work

on the (cancerous) supposed to ness..



of school (because we don’t trust curiosity.. et al)

scienc of what happens to people

and work (solving other people’s problems to earn a living.. et al)

bucky earn a living

being the death of us.. keeping us from us/fittingness.. making/keeping us like whales in sea world

let’s stop that..

let’s do this firstfree art-ists.

for (blank)’s sake

there is a nother way to live

[perhaps virus as opp .. and/or at least eye opener.. to things we thought were impossible]


noticing that when people aren’t going/doing the supposed to’s of school/work.. the air clears .. the literal air/pollution (in little time if in sync).. and hopefully the air in people’s minds.. and all the other things supposedly impossible


supposed to’s.. of school/work

telling people what to do ness