same song

same song second verse english accent little bit worse


from fried ham (camp) song

Fried ham, fried ham
Cheese and bologna
And after the macaroni
We’ll have onions, pickles and pretzels
And then we’ll have some more fried ham,
Fried ham, fried ham!

Same song, second verse, English accent little bit worse ...
Same song, third verse, Southern accent little bit worse …
Same song, fourth verse, Opera style little bit worse …
Same song, fifth verse, Robot style little bit worse …
Same song, sixth verse, Tongue stuck to teeth little bit worse …
and on and on and on …


adding page while listening to everyone (during convid19) talk about not changing after major crises.. just tweaking.. leaving bigger /deeper issues still unchanged..

i’ve used phrase before .. many times.. but forgot it was from a camp song.. actually had remembered it being from queen’s bohemian rhapsody (yeah i know)

hoping we (finally) are brave enough to say.. good bye cycle.. as things supposedly impossible.. are staring us in the face..

let’s go deep enough.. to get to the root of healing.. virus/us ness et al

no more same song


mad world: ‘when people run in circles it’s a very mad world’