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Gopal has been involved in fighting for social, economic, environmental and racial justice through organizing & campaigning, teaching, writing, speaking and direct action since the late 1980’s. He is a member of the staff collective of the Movement Generation: Justice and Ecology Project, which works to bring a strategic understanding of ecological crisis and transition to racial, economic and environmental justice organizers. Gopal is an active trainer and organizer with The Ruckus Society, on the Board of The Center for Story-based Strategy (formerly smartMeme), and on the Advisory Board of the International Accountability Project. Gopal works at the intersections of war, corporate globalization, global ecology, environmental justice and democracy. 

in Copenhagen: Climate Justice Fight Heats Up



detroit as case study

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Gopal is one of idec 2013’s coffee talkers:

idec 2013 coffee talkers


via rebecca solnit‘s hope in the dark..

out of all that conviction, all that passion, one thing stood out for me: gopal dayaneni, one of the key organizers for the antiwar actions, was asked by the daily newspaper why he was getting arrested. ‘i have a soul,’ he replied..