technology {tech}


for practical purposes…

what tech wants quote

Perhaps tech wants to help us get back to us by connecting us in a more timely and serendipitous manner.

in a city.. as the day..



perhaps tech


Technology (from Greek τέχνη, techne, “art, skill, cunning of hand”; and -λογία, -logia) is the collection of tools, including machinery, modifications, arrangements and procedures used by humans.    – wikipedia


technology is/was supposed to help us along.. free us up.

perhaps we’ve just forgotten how to prune.

.. a questioning of technology became necessary and urgent for Heidegger because modern technology brought with it a new way of ordering the world, which he saw as contaminating man’s authentic sense of being, ..

Heidegger understands the question concerning technology as essentially linked to the question of being.           -Paul Nadal


perhaps it’s time to prune.

perhaps some of the tech we no longer need: money, credentialing, political system, …

are getting in the way.

by becoming the way.

[can’t see the forest for the trees ness]

.. it is downright irrational if one holds on to an old technology that is not naturalistic at all yet visibly harmful, or when the switch to a new technology (like the wheel on the suitcase) is obviously free of possible side effects that did not exist with the previous one. And resisting removal is downright incompetent and criminal (as I keep saying, removal of something non-natural does not carry long-term side effects; it is typically iatrogenics-free)  

– Taleb, Antifragile


perhaps it’s time to model another way. a global systemic change.

about a problem deep enough to get to the root/soul of all of us. (two needs)

via a mechanism simple enough to be accessible/usable by all of us. (talk to self. map in heart.)

within a system open enough to set/keep all of us free. (entire/eclectic city)


perhaps technology can offer us a placebo-like temporary fix.. getting us back to us.

perhaps it can ground the chaos as we offer 7 billion people unlimited options/choices.

perhaps tech can listen to each of us, our curiosities, without an agenda/judgment.

giving each one of us access to spaces/chambers of permission, with nothing to prove.

and then using that self talk as data to facilitate connections.

shortening the lag time between intention and action.


what i've seen most people






tech as it could be



“technology is any competence without comprehension” – Maurizio Ferraris


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Clive Thompson – Smarter Than You Think
Ethan Zuckerman – Rewire
Sandy Pentland – Honest Signals
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Fred Turner – Democratic Surround
talks: Deb Roy, Neil Gershenfeld, ..