app flow (output)

app flow output graphic
















as tech/app/chip takes data/input (from self-talk) it offers..

3 things (outputs):


1\ a daily space ie: an echo ic chamber\safe space for people find/see/become their authenticity

note: we often talk of an echo chamber as a bad thing. we often think of me-ism as a bad thing. perhaps we have that wrong because we’ve only studied the science of people under compulsion/obligation, et al. perhaps the world would be better off if each of us were more true to ourselves (even in public). we know it’s the #1 regret of the dying. what if changing the world for good is as simple as creating spaces where people talk to themselves with nothing to prove.

[guard tech’s output against judgement/praise – any extrinsic motivations] 



2\  a daily connection/match-up to a potential tribe/affinity group via word recognition. data (self-talk) is used to find a local connection (via word recognition +). and outputs back to you a person/people to *meet up with (and a suggested location) that day. (*ie: like the cuddle app and/or e-180 and/or… any basic match dot com)

app scenarios graphic

note: not to stress about exact connections, as word recognition alone will surely mess up plenty. getting these connections wrong in the beginning is part of the design. allows people to improve verbiage while in the assurance that they get another try the next day and everyday.

[output – daily text message, ie: meet up with Tom & Julia at the library at 11.]  



3\  an ongoing trail/mapping/non-linear-portfolio as a person’s evidences/credentials/application/augmented-memory. w/o the person spending 70+% of their day proving/documenting themselves

ie: this site as output

jerry's brain graphic

note: initially may start with a very basic output.. more similar to Jerry’s brain perhaps, as it’s more readable by tech, and by people, especially as nodes grow in number. but with the understanding/opportunity for the output to be designed/co-designed (personal fabrication et al) by each individual’s flavor/whimsy/idiosyncracies

 [output – mapping w/person as center node, other nodes represent curiosities/connections] 



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