What about structure?

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This is asked perhaps most. From just about everyone. [Often people are referring to standards/basics as structure.] A lot of people say they couldn’t handle free, that they need structure.

Perhaps we ask: What doesn’t have structure? Perhaps nothing.

So the focus is more, who gets to decide/construct the structure… no?

Lauren shares a revelation about structure:

it’s not that there’s no structure – it’s more about making your own structure..

Perhaps the things that matter most, have a much more complex (networked individualism) structure, making it often invisible to us. We’ve grown so accustomed to a pyramid as structure, to an assumed expert in a room, to a prescribed curriculum as structure, with foundational basics.

Perhaps tech can help us see – beyond the pyramid, to the art-ist, the genius inside each one of us.

bot ist art ist entire cleanerest

It’s not that there’s no structure, it just needs to be my/your structure. [hello stigmergy ness]

The structure needs to be created by the person who gets you up everyday.. the person who takes charge of your day.

We’re just suggesting that person should be you.

For those saying… If given freedom, I don’t know what to do, I need structure.

Perhaps not. Perhaps you need to chill for a while, in a space, where you have nothing to prove. Perhaps you need to start talking/listening to yourself – everyday. The art of being alone, of breathing, of realizing that you are the it worth sticking to. Perhaps that’s more important than getting in, passing the test, waiting.

Given real choices, people will choose for themselves better than others will choose for them. What is much more important, every human being is likely to know better than anyone else when he has made a mistake, when a choice he has made is working badly. Given a chance to correct that mistake, he is more likely to do so than someone else. – John Holt

Finding the balance between mind- wandering and mindfulness. Perhaps embracing/trusting mind wandering/wandering suits them both. Imagine the big pyramid we’ve grown accustomed to, we’ve standardized, becoming smaller and smaller. Imagine this small (tailored/shrunk per choice) pyramid fitting within each person’s own art-ist network. Just in time. Need to know. Perpetually, in beta. Wandering

We craft the structure most suiting to us, so that we do what matters enough to wake us everyday. Hungry for more. Free from the drowning of our mind in assumptions of productivity

We’re thinking perhaps tech can help jolt us get back to a more natural state/balance/structure, by shortening the time period between finding what matters and finding our people. By iterating, over and over, and back and forth, between hungry wandering and mindful being.


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