art-ists and bot-ists

botist perhaps artist

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Douglas Rushkoff warns us to Program or be Programmed.

If we look at ourselves over the last couple hundred years, we’ve done very well at efficiency. In that done-very-well-ness, many of us have become bot-like. We’re not sure what to do without being told what to do. We’ve become the machine.

Funny how we tend to think when we use tech, that we are becoming inhumane, stupid, et al. Perhaps tech really can help us to get back to us, by taking over on the automation part.

Perhaps tech can take care of (help us with) that stuff that is too big to know, but can be automated.

Perhaps people can keep on (or re-learn) that stuff that is too big to know, but can only be.

Reminds me of this:

The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.    -unknown

Can a machine become curious? Can it know you? Can it have empathy?

Perhaps we go out on a limb and be about being art-ists. Be about not missing/seeing/hearing the 7 billion + art-ists.

Perhaps whimsy matters, because whimsy starts with hunger, and hunger wakes up the breathtaking art-ist – everyday.

All the flavors of success.


from Erich Fromm‘s escape from freedom:


ie’s to glimpse spontaneity:  mostly known to us as artists.. as a matter of fact, the artist can be defined as an individual who can express himself spontaneously..  if this is defn.. then certain philosophers and scientist have to be called artist too..

so.. in talking of our undisturbed ecosystem.. all of us are artists..

and so.. let’s do this first: free art/ists


How to support 7 billion art-ists?

as they/we embrace uncertainty/chaos.

on free\ing artists .. in spaces of permission ..with nothing to prove.

as it could be..

freeman structure law (?)


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