a raised eyebrow

raised eyebrow

A huge element to this quiet revolution, is the part that most don’t want to let go of.

partial freedom.

bansky quote.

It’s hard to go that far, to trust that deep, but until we do, perhaps we’re operating with yet another band-aid fix. A prettier, stronger, more humane band-aid, no doubt, but a band-aid nonetheless.

Until we completely trust in the person/learner/learning, perhaps we won’t get past our obsession with proof/consumerism/scarcity/dependence/directives.. into a world/economy that our souls (even if they can’t yet seem to believe in it, still) crave.

Project based learning is greater than…, 20% google time is so much better than…, competency based assessments are so much kinder than…, and yet.

Until we get a 100% mindset, restored/created/instilled in each one of us, perhaps we will always be trumping authenticity with attachment.

And yes, perhaps we will get to incredible. But most likely not to breathtaking.

Incredible is good, no doubt. But is it what we would pick for our own children. Would we pass up breathtaking for our own children?

So what this means is, when we clothe each sentence with, … after they graduate or do well on some test or get that degree,.. no matter how much freedom we think we are giving, it’s not freedom.

Unless we offer 100% freedom, we offer a raised eyebrow.

This will keep most from breathtaking.

It will keep many from breathing.

Perhaps, as unassuming, and unthreatening as it seems, ..a raised eyebrow is the biggest elephant in the room. An elephant swimming.. in the compromise.

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via Krishnamurti:

When we are working together for an ideal , for the future, we shape individual according to our conception of that future; we are not concerned with human beings at all, but with our idea of what they should be. The what should be becomes far more important to us than what is , namely , the individual with his complexities. If we begin to understand the individual directly instead of looking at him through the screen of what we think he should be, then we are concerned with what is. Then we no longer want to transform the individual into something else; our only concern is to help him to understand himself, and in this there is no personal motive or gain. If we are full aware of what is we shall understand and so be free of it; but to be aware of what we are, we must stop struggling after something which we are not.


a recent example of a raised eyebrow from adult to adult – from Aaron’s little experiment:


As a style of public argument, this is highly effective, especially if salted with a pinch of condescension. It typically has the effect of shutting down debate right there because after all, who are you to question authority so?

who are you to question authority so? – has got to be nipped in the bud. it’s running schools, communities, it’s killing people/us.

begs we become not indigenous/unoffendable


huge insight as a parent from Whitney‘s /whitney-johnson-on-mothers-day/

No matter how many doors science could open, …

would I have closed the door on her?


and Seth‘s – field guide to the meeting troll – holds insight as well


Suggested book reads:

Krishnamurti – The Significance of Life – free download et al

Yaacov Hecht – Democratic Education – (education cities – soccer storie – raised eyebrow – et al)

Ellen Langer –  Mindfulness (focus on outcomes can make us mindless, notice the unlikely)

Mary Catherine Bateson – Peripheral Visions (swimming in the vulnerability of context)

Suggested talk:
Jeff Lieberman – on noticing now
Kathleen Taylor – authenticity
current (2017) raised eyebrows:

india – bi et al

[basic income]

2017 is not messing around. Looks like India is set to announce #basicincome as the way forward. And they’re right. businessinsider.com/india-indian-g…
The most striking thing which we hadn’t actually anticipated is that the emancipatory effect was greater than the monetary effect.
can we keep it there..? or will india feel obligated/watched/judged.. like i do.. even me.. who’s so on the edge of luxury.. and not even getting straight up handout (borrowing).. yet feel that raised eyebrow..
Wall Street Journal (@WSJ) tweeted at 4:24 AM – 4 Jan 2017 :
Google is to launch a tool to enable small businesses in India to create a mobile-friendly website for free https://t.co/npjgzyLylF (http://twitter.com/WSJ/status/816606125294551044?s=17)
World Economic Forum (@wef) tweeted at 4:38 AM – 4 Jan 2017 :
Migrants sent half a trillion dollars home last year. These maps show where the money went https://t.co/yTbDd3vkN7#migration https://t.co/SnQKgrMK50 (http://twitter.com/wef/status/816609856874549248?s=17)
migrants… to get money..that s fake…
so now india…how much will india feel like ie:me even

rp – bi et al

[borrowing income]