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been listening/following from a distance..

ie 1: from indy‘s page

Simone Cicero (@meedabyte) tweeted at 7:54 AM – 5 Dec 2016 :

Democracy cannot be reduced to the vote: functioning democracy reqs democratising capital, knowledge… @indy_johar (

1\ *Democracy sits on the stack of the military and the rule of law. These two conditions need to exist prior to any form of functioning democracy. They are put in service of democracy – but are also independent pillars of democracy formation. We must acknowledge we are not free of the war machine and the destructive power of war or structure of security. In fact many of our democracies are increasingly in a constant state of war focused on preserving and enhancing interests – we must reconcile this reality – our pretty “libertarian” dreams sit on the shoulders of the war machine – in all its forms from economic, military and cyber war. (Let’s not glorify this but we must acknowledge this reality in our politics)


2\ *Representative Democracy is just a form of societal decision making architecture, as much as the famed “market” is a model of societal decision making and “learned societies” (the professions) are another model of decisions making architecture — where the primacy of knowledge & practice holds power — in preference to price or collective agreement) – increasingly this historic triad has been disrupted by rise of scalable social networks and their power to influence societal decision making. Together theses societal decision making structures come together to build a complex and balanced interplay of decision making — fusing long term thinking, with distributed long tail thinking and supply demand matching logics.

*and that’s why.. #1..

if we insist on society decision making (ie: consensus).. and public consensus always oppresses someone(s).. then we need force (

no longer need to rep.. no more rep ping.. violence ing

we have the tech capabilities (io dance ness) to redefine decision making..


they were charged to *look after the public interest, not our interest, or just our communities interests — but the public interest

perhaps … the idea that anyone has to.. *look after public interest.. rather than trust (aka: 100%) us as one.. trust the dance.. is what’s keeping us from us..

we shouldn’t perpetuate efficiency of a mode/medium/means we no longer need.

ie 2: from gregory‘s page:

Simone Cicero (@meedabyte) tweeted at 2:59 PM on Tue, Oct 08, 2019:
“Sometimes the dissonance between reality and false beliefs reaches a point when it becomes impossible to avoid the awareness that the world no longer makes sense. Only then is it possible for the mind to consider radically different ideas and perceptions.”
G. Bateson

hmm.. not sure that’s the only time it can happen.. i think if people are able to access a nother way to live today.. one that their souls already crave.. they’d take it.. regardless of their analysis/awareness of the immensity of today’s non-sense

adding page this day (via michel fb share):

Simone Cicero announces:

“I’ll be in Madrid on October 18–20 to speak about these and other related ideas and inspirations with giants such as Nora Bateson, Perry Timms, Paul Tolchinsky, Stelio Verzera, Jon Husband, and more. Join us there, there’s still time.

nora, jon, ..

We are exploring the deep and ecosystemic meaning that any choice in business has. It will inspire and challenge a new understanding of the world of work.”


notes/quotes from post: A New Cosmology of Organising – Platforms as cosmo-techno-organizing

Despite a feeling of widespread confusion is in the air, we are slowly becoming aware of one thing: having routinely delegated our sense-making to the conformist replication of a mindless industrial bureaucracy — and having accepted its narrow frames of imagination — it’s showing dire consequences. Everything is falling and we can’t think of anything different.

perhaps 2 convers as infra. . found in the cracks..

cracks in ref to this tweet:

@meedabyte: If the new story of organizing can only be seen through the fissures and the cracks, this may be a good moment to look.

The industrial machine is not going to cope with such unpredictability: it’s too fragile.

hmm.. i thought unpredictability was antifragile

Different levels of collapse will be happening, when unpredictability breaks down the machine agenda

With the demise of predictability, not only Game A (the industrial civilization) is collapsing, but our episteme is failing too. Indeed our rationalist and mechanistic episteme only works in a predictable and thoroughly causal world, where you never need to question the frame..t

whales in sea world

The bad (or good) news is that our identities, as a consequence of the collapse of the system and the failure of our episteme, are breaking down badly.

identity ness.. irrelevant

We are partners in crime in the destabilization of the world.

We find ourselves not only egocentricnarcissistic and individualists but also… colonialists.

in fact.. collapse already widespread..It’s just that is not here, not for us, and therefore we’re not paying attention…We just don’t think about this, or if we do, that’s just a noisy thought, in the background of our productive participation in the mindless industrial machine.

quiet enough to see

But what could be then the meaning of organizing when the world we used to know is disappearing before our eyes? What is the information and knowledge we’re seeking with organizing, through the collapse of the mechanistic, rationalist, and industrial world?..t

self-talk as data for finding locals w/like daily curiosity

ie: augmenting our interconnectedness

This new cosmology needs to take into account that our perception of the world as a complicated machine — to which we relate as individuals separated from it— needs to go. It entails going beyond individuality, accepting interdependence andthe embeddedness of humans in the world. It needs us to bear the weight of complexity, the impossibility to know through exact models.

In an industrial society one doesn’t really learn: one passively receives an education that is premised on keeping us separated from any profound processes of sense-making that could question the frame.

if equity is everyone getting a go every day.. redefining public education becomes revolution of everyday life.. aka: global equity

An education system that is in service of an economic system effectively becomes a self-colonization and the reduction of humans to pieces of a complicated machine: to ensure the flawless progress we are “educated” — as consumers, employees — and just allowed to play a pre-defined role. A thoroughly toxic information ecology, based on algorithms that reinforce our biases, has even grown organically around this model, ensuring that conformism resists the tides of deeper consciousness.

So how do we organize in service of learning in interdependence?

let’s just facil daily curiosity  ie: cure ios city.. via 2 convers as infra

If the new story of organizing can only be seen through the fissures and the cracks, this may be a good moment to look.

indeed.. and act

“For a man to change the basic beliefs that determine his perception — his epistemological premises — he must first become aware that reality is not necessarily as he believes it to be. Sometimes the dissonance between reality and false beliefs reaches a point when it becomes impossible to avoid the awareness that the world no longer makes sense. Only then is it possible for the mind to consider radically different ideas and perceptions.” – Gregory Bateson

again.. not sure we have to get to that point.. if we just free people first

let’s do this firstfree art-ists.

for (blank)’s sake

a nother way

I’ve been working on the concept of platforms for years now, and I know that most of the attraction that platforms offer to our idea of organizing has been related to the effects of *plummeting transaction costs in economic activity.

yeah.. *wrong/cancerous focus

perhaps let’s try/code money (any form of measuring/accounting) as the planned obsolescence

ie: ubi as temp placebo..

Despite platforms present themselves to the designer as tools of dominationmonopolization, extraction, and control this shouldn’t impede the mindful designer to seek to use them to create spaces of true learning and pursue a reintegration of the organization in the landscape and the community, by means of them.

ie: hlb via 2 convers that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way

Acknowledging that the episteme and the identity that produced such tools and technologies are profoundly colonialist — I made the example of the smartphone earlier on— and still wanting to interact with them in creating a networked, evolutionary, and re-embedded breed of organizations surely manifests itself as a truly deep and uncomfortable paradox, and a somewhat old and burning question, the question concerning technology


mufleh humanity lawwe have seen advances in every aspect of our lives except our humanity– Luma Mufleh

ai humanity needs: augmenting our interconnectedness

This, I believe, is our moment. A moment to become fully aware of our potential and — at the same time — to de-exceptionalize both the human and the techno-organizing.

It’s the moment to acknowledge and frame our relationship with techno-organizing as part of a process of re-embedding ourselves in the landscape and in the community as bridges to the cosmos..t

ie: 2 convers as infra.. in the city.. as the day..

It’s the moment to look at our organizing beyond any simplistic, mechanistic, and Cartesian episteme and to develop such a relationship with our organizing that makes us able to see, through it, the beauty of the universe and — just as a part of it — of all humans. Our organizing needs to become and act of co-existence.

begs we get us whales out of sea world.. and start trusting each gut.. which begs a mech to listen to every voice.. everyday.. ie: tech as it could be..

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T @meedabyte: Post availabile here  “A New Cosmology of Organizing”
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Latest newsletter: A New Cosmology of Organising issue’s thread weaves together #platforms #cosmotechnics #crypto & more. Feat: @econaut6@doctormickey @jhagel @jseelybrown @MazzucatoM @sahana2802 @Kusti @EskoKilpi @ljin18 @leashless – pure wisdom

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john, john sb, mariana, esko, vinay, ..


Stelio Verzera (@ShiverTweet) tweeted at 0:30 PM on Sat, Oct 12, 2019:
There is one “killer feature” that all the people I have witnessed evolving fast and healthy have in common. They all have a sincere and deep ability of receiving all kinds of feedback in their life journey, with gratitude, curiosity, kindness and enjoyment for the opportunity.

Simone Cicero (@meedabyte) tweeted at 1:46 PM on Sat, Oct 12, 2019:
Seems like you’re projecting your pattern of the-best-are-feedback-receivers on people. Which sounds wrong at least for 2 things: there’s no killer feature in people and you’re searching and finding a pattern imho.

Stelio Verzera (@ShiverTweet) tweeted at 2:16 PM on Sat, Oct 12, 2019:
No Simone, I am not projecting nor searching, it is just my observation of a pattern. And “killer feature” was in quotes.


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