same on issuu:


good dandelion. bad dandelion.

good starfish. bad starfish.

we get to choose.


perhaps we need to realize.. we are choosing.


and stop that.

and start this.


sinclair perpetuation law:

upton sinclair get a man

so much wondering …

about how many (well-intentioned, good-hearted, in service of others) people aren’t imagining a day when what they do.. becomes irrelevant. and so by that..

they/we perpetuate..

the disease (or whatever) that our life’s mission is all about curing.

ie: in love w the job.. the feeling of helping.. so much that you can’t see a time when you no longer have that job/helping role.

huang job security law

feedback loop is broken



10/28/15 6:59 AM
A brilliant German word: “verschlimmbessern,” which means ‘to make something worse by trying to improve it’. Happens everyday everywhere.