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Lisa’s The Mesh, is a combo of shirky’s cognitive surplus, godin’s linchpin, the lab, hans rosling’s leveling out, zuckerman’s global voices, etc…

She writes:

perhaps we are moving into an era when feeling secure and happy will be uncoupled from what we individually own.

used to be that autonomy and excess was our status
now perhaps civic behavior and community is coming aback around.

Lisa’s the mesh is a great read if you doubt the possibility of less is more.


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ah.. i love Lisa Gansky..


lisa is co founder of boundaryless convers

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april 2014:

lisa gansky post

What happens is that objects are closer than they appear – like the side mirror on a car – a lot of the time we have our head buried and breathe our own exhaust so we lose perspective.

From her position the ability to learn from your mistakes is to really acknowledge that you made them. “It has been very helpful to be an arm’s length away from the businesses she works with – as an advisor, investor and especially as an annoying friend. I have been able to come in and say that these are experiments in an A/B test way – if we are detached from the result it allows for honing, responding, refining to build teams, business models and products. Many large companies turn on a lot of things and never turn them off – when you make something a ‘lab’ it stops being about the team failure or people losing their jobs and becomes about learning about what works and what does not.”

Her idea is that the self-created urgency creates the fog machine and we lose our ability to see clearly because it is so noisy in between our ears. “I know it happens to me and it happens to you. There is this sense of self-importance ‘I am the one who has to do all these things’ – this self-created urgency / I have to be in the middle of everything”.

We had a visitor from Seoul in San Francisco last year. He shared a lot of experiments his city are doing – one thing that he really echoed with me is that the best translation of sharing in Korean is ‘belonging’. We are poetically moving into the age of belonging and are connected to each other and our things in ways that were never possible before. I am optimistic in increasingly meaningful ways and it bodes well for our shared future. 

Lisa is looking forward to conversations about rethinking the structure of ownership. She is interested in open source, in co-ops and structures that enable us to be more nimble and less attached to lawyers. In other words, more connected to each other.


oct 2014 interview:

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