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nora bateson

intro’d to Nora here (via John Kellden share):

talking zoom dance ness.. and talking literal dance..

7 min – it’s hard for all of us to hold this conceptual model in mind….my father was good at it.. when he looked at something he saw it in terms of the relationships.. the patterns it was in.. most of us are battling the labels/compartments/et al – we have been trained to do..

8 min – on the question of subjectivity… ie: how do you describe a living system… how do you incorporate the complexity/expectations..

10 min – i tried to do that with gregory… but he’s not here to defend himself.. if he were .. he’d be saying.. don’t box me in.. don’t make me linear.. don’t complete me… because that in fact is death…

labels ness… the death of us ness

not who is gregory bateson.. but who is my gregory bateson.. because that’s the only one i can give you..

what it is to be subjective in a complex system..

what do we have if we don’t have subjectivity

11 min – showing trailer

he was always learning.. from him i learned that learning never stops

challenged us to rethink/stand back and try to perceive in a diff way.. to see how reality is actually happening..

he was interested in larger problems…

the major problems in the world are the result of the diff between how nature works and how people think.. what does it even mean to change the way people think..

he asked the question – what is it about our way of perceiving that makes us not see the delicate interdependencies in an ecological system.. that give it its integrity.. we don’t see them and therefore we break them  – m c bateson (sister)

14 min – i hope it may have done something to set you free from thinking in material/logical terms.. when you are thinking about living things..

how do we think about living things..


daughter of gregory bateson

nora on ed change

nora on finding a way

nora on healing

nora on voice change

nora on changemaker’s trap

nora on what now

nora on stages

nora on ready ing

bateson measuring as managing law

bateson numbers law

bateson reductionism law

bateson safety law

bateson simple/complex law

warm data


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Her work asks the question “How we can improve our perception of the complexity we live within, so we may improve our interaction with the world?”.

ai humanity needs.. augmenting interconnectedness

ie: 2 convers as infra via tech as it could be..


fb share by Jon:

Nora Bateson on globalization and our continuing predicament:

“”The entire system from education to medical– From business to media, from military to agriculture is entirely baked in.

I have lost faith in just about every human system. Nature remains as the only honest voice…and she’s screaming.

The clock is ticking and still most people just assume that tomorrow will be like today.””

holmgren indigenous law

ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way


liminal leadership – nov 2017

liminality et al

This kind of leadership cannot be found in individuals; rather, it is found between them. It cannot be found in organizations, nations, religions, or institutions; rather, it is found between them. I have called it Liminal Leadership to highlight these relational characteristics.

Inter-systemic change is at hand. More than change and more than system change, the interdependency between systems of economy, health, politics, ecology, and communication is where the change lies. This is a murky territory of alive in-betweenness.

deep/simple/open enough

Needs—like to breathe, eat, love, and make community—are arguably impossible to change, whereas rethinking the structure of society is merely extremely difficult.

maybe not even extremely.. maybe we’re craving it so much .. that it will be just like flipping the light switch.. once we’re free.. to try a nother way

Competing for ideas on collaboration is a perfect illustration of why so much change-making today is riddled with toxic fumes of the last century’s hero-envy.


The future lies in the capacity to understand and respond to interdependency..t

thurman interconnectedness law

So many lines have been drawn between clusters of people now that it is difficult to keep track..t

nationality: human

binary ness

I am not sure what humanity has hidden in our inner wilderness. I am willing to hold the door open because the alternative is just too dark.

Remember the Nazis at Nuremberg who said, “I was just doing my job.”

supposed to’s

This interdependency is what gives every living system its vitality. It is the most ubiquitous experience of every living organism. And yet, it is not mentioned in the UN or the constitution. It does not have a Wikipedia page. It remains, it obtains, and it continues, regardless of not being recognized. The interdepending keeps interdepending just out of our hearing range, just out of our color spectra, just beyond the horizon of our logic.

Making sense is sensorial. Increasing sensitivity is necessary to find new ways through old patterns..t

not yet scrambled ness

Years, decades, and more than a century have passed in which brilliant minds with breaking hearts have tried to create change in the institutions that frame our lives. They tried incrementally changing the system from within. They tried using the legal system to change the laws. They tried becoming politicians, teachers, doctors… but the institutions did not budge. The multifaceted crises the world faces today are proof enough that the establishment is not built to question itself. The pillars of civilization are pinned under the stone slab of the last several centuries of assumptions. Pillars of politics and money, of education and medicine, of psychology and religion. Structure is hard, and hard to change.

I wanted to think that there was a possibility of incremental change, even a little, and that democracy, even though it is not perfect, would be able to improve with the hard work and sparkling minds that have walked through the past decades. However, increasingly, I am seeing that a refocus is needed..t

begs a means 7bn can leap to a nother way

aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake


fb share

Some patterns don’t change easily, and their unraveling is an incoherent phase on the way to new sense-making. I see confusion as an important theme of 2018. Confusion & care-giving: these are openings to mutual learning, (symmathesy).

I want to honor those already in the throes. Many people are breaking now, emotionally, physically, financially, ecologically and culturally. Like canaries in a coal mine, they are showing us the dis-integration of our current systems.

The pain is systemic, making it hard to identify, and to treat with any singular causality or strategy. Nothing fits in the boxes anymore. Those of us that are pulled from our daily tasks to tend to this pain are syncing to another rhythm. Leaving the pattern of 5 year plans and career development is what must be done to nurture, and to mourn, to revive and to reconstruct. The alternative is inhumane. My father used to ask: “What makes a civilization worth saving?”

In coming decades no one will care how much money or fame or bitcoin or social media contacts any of us had… the only thing that will matter is how willing we have been to learn.


Peter Vander Auwera (@petervan) tweeted at 5:58 AM – 3 Jun 2018 :
I’m #reading Small Arcs of Larger Circles by Nora Bateson (

poems.. essays.. published 2016

To achieve change, Nora Bateson reminds us that the systems we are seeking to change are not just the sum of their parts but the “parts” are alive, interconnected, co-evolving, and mutually learning new ways to interact in changing contexts

Original Tweet:

“It might be that we are navigating with the wrong map,” Bateson suggests. “There is no language to define the spiraling processes of the vast context we are participants in. We do not have names for the patterns of interdependency.

Understanding living systems, suggests Bateson, begs for a new language that transcends even our ideas about a “circle” or “web of life.” We are not beads on a string or nodes in a net. We are fully integrated, constantly changing, forever learning, living entities with permeable boundaries.

idio-jargon as language

We are vitae with infinite possibilities of interaction, not parts with functions.For larger living systems, comprised of those interacting vitae, she proposes the word “symmathesy,” from the Greek sym (together) and mathesi (to learn). A forest or a human society is not hard-wired. These are living processes, in which the participants are mutually learning.


Warm data, Bateson explains, is information about relationships.

let’s try self-talk as data..

Physical change, for example – even at a celestial, ecosystem, cellular, atomic, or social level – may involve resonance; the response of one physical part of a system to oscillations or vibrations in another part. However, resonance is not a “thing” that exists in space; resonance implies a relationship.

This is where imagination becomes as important as rigorous science or politics. The creative arts serve as a metaphor for social change because art is not about an explanation, but about play, feeling, and relationships. “Art is relationship,” Bateson observes. Art is where we learn about grace, contradiction, and about the integration of apparent opposites. Art is about pattern.

When a society or an ecosystem change, what changes is not the “parts” but the patterns among the living participants. Understanding ecology is not like understanding how a clock or an algorithm work. Ecology takes us into the realms of shifting patterns, living communication, symbiosis, and mutual learning.

undisturbed ecosystem

suggested to library for purchase



nora bateson (@NoraBateson) tweeted at 2:16 AM on Sun, Jun 10, 2018:
Here is a little film made about a session I did at Harvard with Gail Taylor and Patricia Shaw on Emergence. They do a nice job of discussing Warm Data & Symmathesy! #WarmData #symmathesy #complexity #emergence

5 min video

self org.. w/o a plan

even when we recognize self org.. our thinking often jumps to how we might control what emerges..  entails of letting go of pre conceived solutoins

why we haven’t yet gotten to global equity

hard to grasp the loopiness of emergence

ie: me is composed of not me

the it is me.. i’m never just me

when things we like spontaneously sprout up we might call it serendipity in hindsight but in moment we often suppress deviations from the norm before it’s even possible to guess the nature of what is germinating

the undiscovered self..

symmathesy: a living system that forms by contextual mutual learning thru interaction.. can we symmathesize..?

ie: we could convene people that otherwise wouldn’t interact.. use processes that surface many voices..t… and craft spaces..

2 convos.. as infra

gathering in a space

zooming in and out.. can help us suspend our pre conceived solutions making it easier to follow the thread of what is unfolding..

zoom dance

a radical rethinking of causality.. .. embracing the messiness of complexity w a sense of curiosity spontaneity and play.. in other words.. engaging emergence..

fromm spontaneous law


It takes complexity to perceive complexity.This is what I am working  with right now. That means more than one texture of language, &  multiple forms of expression describing entirely different contexts of  complexity are necessary. Flat monotone jargon is not enough. #WarmData

Original Tweet:

perhaps not only is flat monotone jargon not enough.. perhaps it’s getting in the way.. imagine if we let go enough.. to not have to keep universally defining things.. (so many saying we need a new language/verbiage.. ie: symmathesy  .. which ends up meaning.. that we defn more words and then think we have to train/teach those words into others.. et al) but maybe what we really need is letting 7bn daily idio-jargons.. be the new (non)language.. to get to the energy we need most (7bn alive people)..simple enough..

@NoraBateson i think it takes simplicity to transcend complexity .. the simple unity of consciousness, the simple unity of nature .. complexity is an aberration of intellect, simplicity is the wisdom of unity

Original Tweet:

perhaps in an undisturbed ecosystem.. complexity and simplicity are one in the same

@monk51295 @gregorylent the opposite of complexity is reductionism… not simplicity. :-)

simplicity is complexity with grace.

Original Tweet:

complexity w grace.. sounds like an undisturbed ecosystem..

bateson simple/complex law

simple enough.. assume good

@gregorylent @monk51295 I would say complexity is another word for life. It is the ‘being’ processes of several variables in relationship, and interdependency form contexts. Responding to responses to responses…

Original Tweet:

so the grace.. (letting go ness ie:undisturbed ecosystem).. to trust the being..

@gregorylent @monk51295 haha… well for me it is an adventure into the many multitudes of differences interacting. That is why i say that complexity and simplicity are the same… but redutionism… now that’s a problem. When contexts are broken that which gave them life is obscured.

Original Tweet:


warm data

nora bateson (@NoraBateson) tweeted at 3:04 PM on Tue, Jun 19, 2018:
The #BBCClickRadio program today did a great little segment on #WarmData — and on the use of it to address #immigration less binary description and more complexity. I am so pleased. @GBoddington and @GarethM  Thank you! Perfect! here is more on Warm Data:

Warm Data” can be defined as: Transcontextual information about the interrelationships that integrate a complex system.

I was not clear what it was yet, I was only certain of one thing: that a new kind of information was needed to balance the information produced by research that decontextualized its subjects of inquiry. In short, the way in which we make sense of the world has everything to do with the way we behave in it, so I saw a need for another sense-making as a necessary component of shifting behavior. Five years later the International Bateson Institute is now utilizing “Warm Data” in our research and findings on addiction, how systems learn, health and ecology.

self-talk as data

 How has it come to this? And how can new patterns of interaction in our societies be encouraged to emerge?

2 convos.. as infra

The observer matters, and teams of observers matter. Since data are always derived through the particular lens of the researchers, descriptions of their filters of perception are vital information and must not be sterilized out of findings.

actually.. what matters more is that we get the whales out of sea world..

Nora responds to someone on twitter asking about warm data:

nora bateson (@NoraBateson) tweeted at 1:24 PM on Sat, Aug 04, 2018:
Here you go… enjoy!


on entropy ness from small arcs of larger circles

nora bateson (@NoraBateson) tweeted at 11:07 PM on Mon, Jun 25, 2018:
Thank you.

Mutual learning happens in the entropy; we need the confusion to release the new.”


nora bateson (@NoraBateson) tweeted at 4:34 AM – 14 Jul 2018 :
It may turn out to be much easier to work on systems change than to try and separate each crisis into a silo of responses. Complex interdependence is a cental characteristic of all of the critical issues we face now. #food #climate #WealthGap #Refugees #exploitation #Mindset (

indeed.. begs we go deep enough


beyond words ness

nora bateson (@NoraBateson) tweeted at 5:59 AM on Fri, Jul 27, 2018:
Possibilities of communication are limited by context. Communication therefore is not what is or is not said. Rather, it is what is possible to say. The vitriol that has become normal is a violence to the context of public communication. Speak to mutual learning & dignity. #meta


nora bateson (@NoraBateson) tweeted at 4:32 AM – 7 Aug 2018 :
“All the world is a stage.”
Change the play.
#systemschange #WarmData #climatechange #ecology #symmathesy #art (

global do-over


nora bateson (@NoraBateson) tweeted at 6:13 AM on Mon, Nov 05, 2018:
The distraction of fighting for the meager leftovers after the wealthy corporate robbery of life, future, human rights and ecology while trillions in off shore accounts could be used for building a new way of life: #Refugees #permaculture #ecology #education #health #cleanenergy

short bp


bateson reductionism law:

nora bateson (@NoraBateson) tweeted at 3:48 PM – 31 Oct 2018 :
May each person be seen in their complexity. Reductionsim isn’t useful for discussing people. This is a great act of revolutionary love, to allow yourself and others to be complex. It is very simple really. #complexity #identity #transcontextuality (


on fb thread michel posted about jp nora closes a comment with:

The question for me is not how to go backward… but how to be in relationship to each other and our planet and not fall prey to the old scripts of exploitation.

yeah.. we’ve got to get the whales out of sea world first..


nora bateson (@NoraBateson) tweeted at 2:15 PM on Fri, Jan 04, 2019:
The thing about systems-change is that it’s: deeper, messier, more indirect, more interdependent, more invisible, more surprising, more beautiful, more painful, more difficult, *but simultaneously easier than is predictable. Let me repeat that it is indirect. #complexity #culture

*simple enough.. no train


nora bateson (@NoraBateson) tweeted at 6:23 AM – 27 Feb 2019 :
Here is the film the quote is from. (

what languages are you fluent in

3 min – the thing is.. we do measure people and in doing so.. erase them..t

measuring things.. of math and men

what is it in the world that has not been described/perceived.. what tenderness has been invisible that now the common sense is aching for.. are there new textures of being yet unfound

6 min – that is where art lives.. in the possible


nora bateson (@NoraBateson) tweeted at 7:45 AM on Sat, Jun 15, 2019:
For those working toward addressing the collection of crises in today’s world such as: climate, racism, wealth gap, mental & physical health, justice, species decline.A shift in approach to research & discourse is needed to reflect the deep entanglement of all of these issues.

ie: 2 convers as infra

because what we need most: the energy of 7bn alive people

cure ios city.. augmenting interconnectedness.. and trusting an undisturbed ecosystem


bateson measuring as managing law:

nora bateson (@NoraBateson) tweeted at 4:04 AM on Mon, Jun 17, 2019:
It may be tempting to measure happiness… But measuring becomes managing which contribute to the conditions of control that produce unhappiness, anxiety, anger, & depression. Is there something real to be tended that is safely outside the reach of measurement? Please. #WarmData



This quartet…Joe Brewer Daniel Christian Wahl Kate Raworth and me. In Rotterdam at Reporting 3.0
Warm Data
Doghnut Economy
Regenerative Cultures
Capital Institute



nora bateson (@NoraBateson) tweeted at 6:08 AM – 27 Jun 2019 :
2. And all of this requires a cultural epistemological shift to a kind of living that is premised upon interdependence to each other and the biosphere. It’s not really about making rules,they will just be broken. It’s about wanting something different, non material, non monetary. (

ai humanity needs.. augmenting interconnectedness

mufleh humanity lawwe have seen advances in every aspect of our lives except our humanity– Luma Mufleh


nora on interconnectedness

Culture that celebrates the cunning & cleverness of people who win at being predators shouldn’t be surprised they occupy pinnacle positions.Justifying exploitation as normal or necessary was a dead-end game.The future is in the integrity of recognizing interdepedence. #GameB

Original Tweet:

thurman interconnectedness law: when you understand interconnectedness it makes you more afraid of hating than of dyingRobert Thurman (@BobThurman)

ai humanity needs.. augmenting interconnectedness

ie: 2 convers as infra via tech as it could be..


between nora and george via john

George Pór (@technoshaman) tweeted at 1:45 AM on Tue, Oct 01, 2019:
@NoraBateson, in response @jhagel’s tweet, could this be a good “warm data” question:
What can education/workplaces be, in a changing world, which wouldn’t destroy the creative genius of the child within each of us?

@jhagel: Our natural creative genius is stifled from the time we are born, but especially once we go to school. We need to find the five-year old within us again. That capability that we as a five-year-old possessed, never goes away

ie: cure ios city

1 yr to be 5 again


nora bateson (@NoraBateson) tweeted at 9:45 PM on Thu, Oct 10, 2019:
The time it takes for change to occur can be quick, and the time it takes for the condions of change to ripen & become ready is a variable. It’s X + 1 minute. You just never know where you are in the time line of X. Sometimes it’s closer than you think. #complexity #SystemChange

great news.. because what we need is a global re-set/do-over.. like a burst of entropy or a cold water swim.. and best to re-set/leap in sync


nora on zoom dance ness

nora bateson (@NoraBateson) tweeted at 2:49 AM on Tue, Oct 15, 2019:
The anti—venom:
Beyond the boundaries, separations, and compartments there is a vista from which the interdependency of life is more vital than the drill down on fragmentations. Zooming in and out simulateously… Context heals.

graeber/wengrow back & forth law et al


I want to first make sure people are covered, cared for and know they are not forgotten. Then take out the businesses that are destroying the planet, with working people on board. In the meantime it’s probs best to pack up the CEOs and 1% to their luxe Mars adventure asap.

Original Tweet:

but we need all of us.. no?

begs a means (tech as it could be) to listen to (aka: free) everyone at the same time

let’s do this firstfree art-ists.

for (blank)’s sake


nora bateson (@NoraBateson) tweeted at 11:54 PM on Thu, Oct 24, 2019:
This era is one in which old structures are essentially liquifying. As political ideas, socio-economic forms, gender assumptions & cultural habits turn to goo, the impulse is to put new structures in place.But this is not that moment, this is the liquid liminal time. Solids melt.

liminal/liquid structure: 2 convers as infra

@clayforsberg: We must evolve from a culture of static planning and structural reliance to one of learning to appreciate the messiness of uncertainty and contextual interconnectedness. Our mission can’t be control – but rather the nurture of ever-changing relationships.

to augment our messy/uncertain/antifragile interconnectedness


nora bateson (@NoraBateson) tweeted at 4:13 AM on Sun, Oct 27, 2019:
Catching new light,finding new gestures,fumbling into senses yet unmade. One small rip in the matrix at a time– & some sudden big rips– buzzing doorbells of learning. Unexpected arrivals connect new patterns–sizzle the frame. #sensemaking #SystemChange #WarmData #symmathesy


idio-jargon et al


nora bateson (@NoraBateson) tweeted at 1:30 AM on Tue, Dec 10, 2019:
Here the thing about system change: relationships are upstream of structures. If the structures are changed before the relationships change – – the pull of relational habit will morph structural change to serve those relational processes. #WarmDataLab

unless we have a means to leap and detox simultaneously.. (assuming the relational habits that would pull against the infra are habits of ie: whales in sea world.. that we’re wanting to detox)

@NoraBateson: If you think of structure as a consequence of relationship you are thinking like co-evolution. If you think of relationship as, a consequence of stru ture you are more in mechanistic, industrial thinking. It works for machines but not culture.

would also work for whales in sea world..


nora bateson (@NoraBateson) tweeted at 3:29 AM on Sun, Dec 15, 2019:
What would you really want someone to promise you?
True love forever? No.
Ever increasing wealth & comfort? No.
Those rigid promises require compromising other contexts of life.
-that they would respond to life’s twists & turns with all of the integrity they could muster. Yes.

rilke love one another law et al


nora bateson (@NoraBateson) tweeted at 6:03 AM – 20 Dec 2019 :
Time brings a way through the impossible
But it oozes, slimey
By the twisty
unweildy bits.
The tangents, detours,
The curly pockets of crud and life.
“Hindsight” by Nora Bateson (

1 min read – poem

The clear path is itself a warning.
— trimmed and tucked by Procrustian impulses of industrial habit.

Weird dreams, untidied
sing the airy maps
So they will not be found …
By the ones looking for management. 
And numbers will mock their lovers.. t

bateson numbers law

sparks love-hate law


nora on voice-change


nora bateson (@NoraBateson) tweeted at 11:50 AM on Wed, Jan 01, 2020:
New Years reflections…
#complexity #sensemaking #future
“Hindsight is 20/20” by Nora Bateson

I have benefitted from the exploitation of others and the natural world. Sick but true. There is nothing to gain by justifying or denying that fact. My comfort has been made possible by the suffering of others. There are generations of pain, trauma, and confusion that have been produced by the systems that give me my food, clothing, transportation, banking, and everything else in my world. No point in pretending that is not true. Even though my family has been advocating for the interdependency of life across many fields for at least three generations, I am still dressed in blood.

One thing I am starting to get the hang of is igniting suspicion toward those impulsive solutions that appear at first to make the most logical and rational sense, recognizing that they are probably informed by the same systems that created the problems to begin with.


nora bateson (@NoraBateson) tweeted at 1:31 AM on Fri, Jan 17, 2020:
The funding world is a mess. It needs a complete restructure to deal w complex problems facing communities now. Focus is misplaced on KPIs & impact metrics instead of social connective tissue. Dangling small pots of money in front of fragmennted communities makes angry rivalry.

graeber min\max law

graeber grant law

graeber bi law

we need to try/code money (any form of measuring/accounting) as the planned obsolescence ie: ubi as temp placebo..


nora bateson (@NoraBateson) tweeted at 3:29 PM on Fri, Mar 06, 2020:
If changemaking is for the changemakers is anything changing?Who are the conferences for? Who are the books for? Who are the tweets for?You already know I am w you.I am most useful now when I go where the lingo is jargon free, where people arent trying to pull swords from stones.

idio-jargon..  as jargon approaching the limit of infinity..  as jargon free

equitable access to communication.. et al

literacy and numeracy as colonialism/control/enclosure


Word to consider:


A tiny little concept that unravels the fragility of the entire socio-cultural-economics of the last century (and those before).

What is essential?


Original Tweet:

maté basic needs: authenticity and attachment

let’s re\set around that

ie: 2 convers as infra


A lot of imagination & swift systemic thinking is needed now.The issue isn’t just the virus -it’s the virus landing in a stew of fragile systems: health economy, education, politics, culture, tech. Current institutions cant hold.

No one will develop immunity to systems crash.

Original Tweet:

there is a nother way to live (via tech as it could be).. listening to and facil ing the curiosity/imagination of 8b people.. everyday.. and that fittingness making us all anti fragile


nora on ed change:

nora bateson (@NoraBateson) tweeted at 2:48 AM on Fri, Mar 20, 2020:
Education is stalled, & there is a moment to make significant inputs into the possibilities of education for the future. Every move now matters. Rapid systems change is on. Every small move is part of every long term possibility.

I published this piece in September 2018 in the World Academy of Arts and Sciences Journal special issue on education. As we enter this confusing moment of Covid-19 isolation and systems change, it seems to me to be a moment to rethink most of the ossified patterns of the last centuries, and break free. Education is certainly at the core of this change. This is a long read, but maybe you have time…

Starting Monday March 23rd, will be doing a series of calls online for parents interested in mutual learning with their kids in discovery of complexity…Since the schools are closed anyway, we might as well completely rethink what education can be.

Putting the world back together now from the fragmented, decontextualized and silo-ed bits it has been broken into is a challenge that rests on the possibility of intergenerational collaborative exploration. To form and find interconnections will require humility and a new kind of attention to interdependent processes in complex systems. New sensitivity will be needed, new perception, new language, new ideas.

ai humanity needs: augmenting interconnectedness

To discuss changes in the education system so that it might better serve the citizens of tomorrow is to discuss system change across multiple sectors, nothing else will do.. The generations need each other, if there is any hope at all it is the relationship between generations, cultures, classes, and even species.

in the city.. as the day.. has to be all of us.. a people experiment.. global systemic change

Education change is system change.

if equity is everyone getting a go every day.. redefining public education becomes revolution of everyday life.. aka: global equity

adding page here: nora on ed change


nora bateson (@NoraBateson) tweeted at 1:07 AM on Fri, Apr 24, 2020:
Time in isolation is losing its edges. The grammar of days has come unclocked.The suns up & suns down are counted in laundry loads.They are blurring.But the crow of our rooster beckons a deep, ancient comfort. It sounds like life, sun & dust. Vague childhood sensing awakening.

in the city.. as the day.. ness


nora bateson (@NoraBateson) tweeted at 7:22 AM on Wed, Apr 29, 2020:
As this pandemic moves through time, the whole world is looking both out the window & into our interior realms. Inward & outward: the depth of change needed to shift the course of human history now is within the complexity of every single relationship, in every single moment.

the zoom dance our souls crave


nora bateson (@NoraBateson) tweeted at 1:24 AM on Sun, May 03, 2020:
The need to pour assets into next system is acute now.But urgency for employment calls to rebuild systems that were obsolete, exploitative & deadly. New forms of work are needed.
Ironic to hear of a cry to go back to normal so we can get back to our work on systems change. Hmm.


nora bateson (@NoraBateson) tweeted at 6:19 AM on Tue, May 05, 2020:
here is a little piece I wrote today about what is concerning me now…

The most important aspect of a healthy body, or healthy family or a healthy community is not the health of the individuals, but the the relationships between them. .

and relationship between them depends on healthy individual.. ie: we would naturally have/crave/become better relationships if we were living our fittingness

brown belonging lawthe opposite of belonging.. is fitting in.. true belonging doesn’t require you to change who you are.. it requires you to be who you are.. and that’s vulnerable.. –Brené Brown

thurman interconnectedness lawwhen you understand interconnectedness it makes you more afraid of hating than of dying – Robert Thurman

Beyond the din of people arguing about the binaries of incomplete research around masks, transmission, lockdowns and going back to how things were- beyond all of that mess… there is a meta message that has a nasty bite to it. ..The meta message is that the era of the ‘individual’ is going to be hard to get out of. ..Going from individuality and personal freedoms to recognition of interdependency is an invitation for all the trickery of the addiction

The human mind has an unmatched capacity to reason that which is unreasonable. There is no lack of imagination, it is just placed toward the project of keeping the addictions in place, rather than living differently..

It is easier to identify myself by my profession, my address or my car than to recognize that I am a living system in relation to other living systems..

consequences of radical change in industry and supply chains. The hoarders actually grasped a vision of interdependency in their panic, though perhaps not consciously.

I am not so worried about whether the masks work to protect against the virus or not. ..Rather, I am disturbed deeply, by the attitude. I am disturbed by the way the communication and information has been both delivered and received. The revving up of the cry for the loss of personal rights, has grafted onto certainty that the super-tech surveillance of a future of military cyber dystopic life lies ahead…  Fuck the government, the banks and the militaristic nightmares. I am good with that. But take care of the other human beings and the natural world we live in.

I am worried that the melting of the existing system has begun in full, and that people are still hoping the old structures will protect them from actually having to care for each other.

Hold on. Let’s go back to normal long enough so that we can get things normal again, then we can go back to trying to get that grant for systems change.. t

So, we need the existing system to be healthy enough to provide the assets to build the bridge to the next system, but at the same time we need the existing system, (that is all of us btw) …to be frail enough that it gives up wanting to survive. Because if it can muster the strength to survive, it will. Addiction.

The communication and information realm is actually insane right now. Mired hopelessly in cultural double binds, and traumas. When I take a break from being horrified, have to admit that I find the whole world right now to be utterly incoherent..

perfect opp to change up how we communicate.. ie: try listen & connect ness..

we’ve been incoherent (or coherent about whales in sea world) for some time now

Tell the people what they want to hear, and that becomes etched in stone.

 Is this global frenzy of contradictory information making people cold? The deep freeze does not bode well. This is a time to find human impulses in the shards of the broken structures. Maybe the structures are not yet broken enough for us to be released from them.

What is the measurable value of changing the education system so that the next generations may be more proficient at complexity and systemic understanding than their parents? What is the measurable value of achieving any of the falsely described Sustainable Development Goals? What is the value of changing the entire socio-cultural system so that it does not need the precarious life-support of capitalism? Wrong question. The question is: ‘Why are these the questions?’

rather.. perhaps.. what are you curious about today.. because why are these the questions keeps our energy/perpetuation there

This is the reveal. The deep hunger in the existing system, however destructive, is to keep going.

The justification for the coldness is numbers..t

we need to let go of any form of measuring/accounting.. and focus on maté basic needs

Normal is beckoning. Normal is urgent. Normal is the survival of billions of people. Normal is a reboot of the inter-systemic death machine that got us here in the first place..t

“That things ‘just go on’ is the catastrophe.” — Walter Benjamin..t


why leaping is legit

nora bateson (@NoraBateson) tweeted at 0:43 AM on Mon, Jun 01, 2020:
Complex systems:
Change happens “gradually then suddenly.”
The time needed is X + one minute.


1\ undisturbed ecosystem (common\ing) can happen

2\ if we create a way to ground the chaos of 8b free people


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Multiple contexts are now in transformation.
Law, health,education,tech,politics, culture.
As the illusion of systemic stability crumbles. I try to keep asking:
What is essential?
Because so much that is valued is not…& so much that has not been valued is. #PeopleNeedPeople

essential: maté basic needs.. to get at the essence of us

perhaps if we focus on (build our infra around) just those two (authenticity & attachment).. fewer people would need urgent care.. more people (everyone) would be freed up to care


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Say it so people understand = old language perpetuates old thinking.
Say it in language & communication that is fresh = It’s “abstract” b/c existing habits of making sense wont track.
Language matters. How are descriptions of current times forming pathways to the future?

idio-jargon.. to undo our hierarchical listening

from same thread

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Stretching Edges

8 min video

it’s amazing how the need to eliminate confusion creates more.. the habit of demanding certainty.. is sterilizing what might have been understood within..

entropy ness

singular defns..

what languages are you fluid in


3 min – the thing is.. we do measure people.. and in doing so.. erase them..t

what am i not seeing/hearing.. where are my numbnesses.. what is it in the world that has not been described/perceived.. are there new textures of being yet unfound..

5 min – i do not make sense alone


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People lifting language from my work.Not mentioning where they got it. Come on!Ideas & words come from contexts.I dont want to see people calling themselves “change makers or anti-rivalrous”  showing so little integrity.Seriously there is no place for this predatory habit now.

this unsettles me.. ie: how to track any words/works/meanings et al.. why i like idio-jargon.. but even then people could use same words

language as control/enclosure


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The idea to change “behaviors” for new ways of living is actually a reductionism of the wider relationships generating particular ways of being/communicating. Behavior isn’t isolated, it’s in relationship,context. Being w people who are changing is being in changing relationship.

yeah.. our obsession w behavior.. totally messing with us.. enclosing us


Freedom of speech v cancel culture is a meta binary. The culture of public debate & cancel culture both generate & feed on polarities like this one. Add tech algorithms & the binaries & inequality of voice are 100x worse.Needed now is complexity held in a tone of mutual learning.

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ie: cure ios city

we need a means to undo our hierarchical listening (ie: 2 convers as infra).. so we can truly hear each voice


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There is no easy method out of this.
The rejector forgets their own experience of being rejected.
And the question is critical, vital, essential to the coming decades.
Justification to reject the well being of others will divide us all.
Beware the metrics of rejection.

begs a means to undo our hierarchical listening.. to self/others/nature

ie: cure ios city


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When people think about mimicking nature, how do they know they are actually perceiving “nature” & not their own illusions of it?

assuming we are already a part of nature..

when they quit thinking they know

from like a child: how to look at the world before knowing (or without thinking about) the name or function of everything that catches the eye.

‘in undisturbed ecosystems ..the average individual, species, or population, left to its own devices, behaves in ways that serve and stabilize the whole..’ –Dana Meadows


telling people what to do ness

I’m careful how I think about care.
Care can be oppressive.
Care can be debting.
Care is nasty when someone assumes they know what is best for another person- Or group -Or a forest.
Care can be a violent implemention of a model.
Or care can be responding to complexity w affection
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