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study of change

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Remix via wikipedia:

Calculus is the mathematical study of change..

Soul Biographies is about people and organizations (collections of people) being truly seen. Behind their masks. It’s important. For when we are truly seen, we change. And so does the world.

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This is the mission, the point of doing all this. 

It (calculus) has two major branches, differential calculus (concerning rates of change and slopes of curves),

thumbprint as differentiation

when you’re looking at change, in a moment in time, or as an individual, small matters. as small/minute/detailed as the lines that distinguish each thumbprint. differentiation/discrimination to infinity – keeps us from prejudice, as we approach zero reason/ability to label. when we celebrate, lean into, onlyness, distinguish uniqueness, we allow each of us to be seen.

also – the smaller or more instantaneous the checkpoint (tangent line to the curve), the more we’ll tend to stay alive/mindful/authentic, rather than fall into a bot-ism – of sorts.

and integral calculus (concerning accumulation of quantities and the areas under curves);

interconnectedness as integration

when we find/become/see each person as unique, when we each begin being our own unique self, we naturally crave collections of our people. we notice/embrace our interconnectedness. the more we bring our small – infinitesimally detailed version of ourselves (smaller and smaller approximation rectangles of the integral) to the table/gathering/collection, the bigger the collection/us (area under the curve) becomes.

Calculus has historically been called the calculus of infinitesimals. The word calculus comes from Latin (calculus) and means small stone used for counting.

The smaller – or the more tiny checkpoints – (instantaneous moment for differentiation; self-reflection for people) the closer it is (we are) to aliveness/authenticity. What is your story now, and now, and now. This allows people to live in perpetual beta. This allows people to change, every day, every moment. Tiny iterations all day long, allows us the freedom, to be ourselves.

The smaller – or the more stories – we hear for each one of us – (the smaller the integral for integration; common/fractal stories for people) the closer we are to realizing/embracing our interconnectivity. Tiny collections/connections all day long, allows us the freedom, to become us.

people community public

this tiny little moment – called  today.

today i am alive. 

changing with every breath.

change is beauty. beauty is change.

falling in love..

with the questions.

with breathing in the day.

with now.