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I’ve seen the tragedy of student suicides play out at both MIT and Cooper Union in the last few years, and am now reading about it at Northwestern.

Is there anyone/anything that is rigorously studying and hypothesizing what’s going on across the board? Is this about the life of students, or the lives of 19 year olds, or specific academic pressures or or or?

‘Is there anyone/anything that is rigorously studying and hypothesizing what’s going on across the board?’.. not sure what you mean by ‘across the board‘.. but that phrase is key.. because to get to the roots of healing.. it has to be all of us

longitudinal across time and across universities

gabor maté

suicide as one of cope ing strategies to ie: hari present in society law

earlier he ref’d a share that (it seemed) he saw as intuit heavy..

interesting but on a quick read (I need to put time into it) might have conclusions that are anomalous to Inuit communities in particular

across the board.. needs to be deep enough (beyond unis.. beyond inuit.. beyond non intuit.. whatever.. ) has to resonate with all of us.. today

from maté basic needs 2018 – podcast interview:

the fundamental reality is that we are all human beings.. and we basically all have the same needs.. your fundamental needs are human needs you share w every other human on earth

more from maté basic needs 2018 interview:

34 min – whole thing comes down to a human difficulty in holding pain – we look for external solutions to our internal pain.

32 min – so we have our pain.. but we don’t know how to move thru it.. because nobody is holding us thru it the way that we need to be held.. therefore.. pain becomes unbearable and promises to be eternal unless we do something to kill the pain.. and that’s where the addiction comes in..t

and so the addictions.. to drugs/alchohol/sex/shopping/eating/internet/porn/gambling/whatever.. always an attempt to numb the pain temp.. because of difficulty we have in holding the pain and being vulnerable to it

cope\ing – and addictions as slow suicide

23 min – human beings are ultimately creatures of connection.. if there’s no connection.. there’d be no human life.. no human being could evolve on his/her own.. if we were like snakes.. we wouldn’t survive.. we were wired to connect.. that wiring for connection stays with us all our lives.. so we’re social creatures.. that’s part of our nature

thurman interconnectedness lawwhen you understand interconnectedness it makes you more afraid of hating than of dying – Robert Thurman (@BobThurman)

hari addiction law

22 min – and fundamentally what happens is.. whatever diminishes/denies/subverts our need for connection is going to lead to some kind of pathology

22 min – trauma is the disconnection.. the essence of trauma is disconnection from *self/others.. t

*maté basic needs law

maté trauma law:

1\ every case of addiction originates in trauma

2\ trauma is the disconnection.. the essence of trauma is disconnection from *self/others

so seeing our cope\ing strategies (aka: addictions) as suicide in slow mo.

we never learned to move thru pain (attachment missing), so pain turns into trauma. then we we use any means to not be/feel ourselves (authenticity missing), and with this disconnect.. we suffocate from the day.. addictions/et-al as pain/trauma killers become the death of us


find quote: healthy society doesn’t have to other anyone
has to be all of us