alex osterwalder

alex osterwalder

intro’d to Alex via bif.

esp liked his bif10 talk.

– 11 yr old son stressed about school. the more i failed the closer i got to my profession. i want my kids not to fear failure.. i want them to learn how to fail successfully. i learned how to question things and not take them as normal. (art by kids – lovely) i failed a lot. but that got me closer to my profession. i’m allergic to admin.

kids change us.. our perspective. perhaps we get better at grokking what matters.

[my baggage – the idea/notion of business]

his profession et al..

The Business Model Canvas

at stanford 2012:

first thing – burn the business plan. the planning is good.. but it’s an evolution


Alex Osterwalder (@AlexOsterwalder) tweeted at 4:52 PM on Tue, Jul 21, 2020:
Give less advice.
Listen more carefully.
Ask strong questions.
Reframe people’s thinking.
Help them break through.

maybe we just focus on listening deeper (and maybe the rest is like you asked about.. blah blah)

imagine if we just focused on listening to the itch-in-8b-souls.. first thing.. everyday.. and used that data to augment our interconnectedness.. we might just get to a more antifragile, healthy, thriving world.. the ecosystem we keep longing for..

what the world needs most is the energy of 8b alive people


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