wisdom of trauma (doc)

(2021) film featuring gabor matéwisdom of trauma(doc)

[wisdom of trauma (day 7); wisdom of trauma – parenting;..]

film by zaya and maurizio benazzo [https://www.scienceandnonduality.com/team] – film site: [wisdomoftrauma.com/hub/]

oh yay

can we be human beings in the midst of civilization.. because what we call civilization demands the denial of human needs..t


maté basic needs

we keep spinning our wheels.. (and killing ourselves) trying to org around non legit/deep needs.. let’s org around our essence.. ie: a nother way

gabor on addiction/trauma/needs

hari rat park law.. jensen civilization law..

every human being has a true genuine authentic self.. and the trauma is the disconnection from it.. and the healing is the reconnection.. t

let’s just focus/org on our/that essence.. ie: a nother way

gabor on addiction/trauma/needs

maté trauma law

why do we get disconnected.. because it’s too painful to be ourselves.. t

hari present in society law

hari rat park law

cummings art\ist law

so trauma is not the bad things that happen to you.. but what happens inside you as a result of what happens to you

ie: missing pieces

yeah.. that is.. by the time you were 5 yrs old.. you were completely alone

and/or very much not yourself.. let’s try 1 yr to be 5 ness.. get us back/to that not yet scrambled ness


A feature-length documentary to be released in June 2021.


notes/quotes from film 1:27:

[all quotes from gabor unless otherwise stated]

2 min – i’m a retired medical dr.. common template for all afflictions is trauma.. and there’s a wisdom in trauma.. when we find that our traumatic responses as infants are not ourselves.. and we can work them thru so we can be ourselves

4 min – genuinely an epidemic – anxiety.. et al

james doty – i used to think i was a rarity.. but huge numbers carry .. this monkey on their back

james doty

5 min – trauma is not the bad things that happen to you.. but what happens inside of you because of the bad things that happen to you

7 min – trauma is a disconnection from self.. because too painful to be yourself.. also means when i have gut feelings i don’t follow them.. effects how our brains develop.. limited/constricted by trauma

9 min – fritzi: i think society got prison wrong.. seeing what’s wrong w people instead of what happened to people..

incarceration.. just mercy.. bird uncaged

10 min – gabor at chrysalis recovery house, vancouver, women who had been evicted


13 min – that’s the trauma.. by the time you were 5 yrs old you were completely alone.. from the secrecy/silence of trauma/abuse.. can’t pick out who’s at fault here.. didn’t begin w anybody.. just goes on and on from one generation to the next

15 min – when the pain is there and there is no one to share with.. disconnect from self.. lost self..

missing piece #1almaas holes law – et al

16 min – children don’t get traumatized because they hurt.. they get traumatized because they’re alone when they hurt.. t

missing piece #2almaas holes law

17 min – a baby that you don’t pick up will actually die because they get overwhelmed by their feelings.. over stressed.. they need mother/father’s brain to regulate their own brain.. never mind the mother’s milk.. the infant just wants to attach.. can only be done for infant physically.. genuine human needs.. nothing more normal than child sleeping in arms of parent

maté parenting law

19 min – his story.. 1 sent away from mother.. for 6 weeks..

20 min – for trauma to happen you don’t need war, genocide, racism .. just need parents so alienated from their own gut feeling that they would let their infants cry w/o picking them up

missing piece #2almaas holes law

21 min – allison: my job was to be wrong in the family.. mom: i just don’t understand you (when i was 6)..

in exiling you .. they’re exiling their own pain and stress

22 min – as a child we have 2 fundamental needs.. one need that’s with us.. 1\ non negotiable – attachment.. and the other 2\ authenticity – our connection to ourselves.. t.. w/o our authenticity.. how do you survive in nature.. it’s a survival necessity..

imagine if we use these two basic needs.. as infra.. to undo our hierarchical listening.. and get back/to us.. back/to the dance..

ginormous – a nother way

(org around legit needs)

23 min – what happens.. if in order to survive or adjust to your environ you have to suppress your gut feelings.. your authenticity..t

maté trump law

hari rat park law

cope\ing ness

ie: if anger not allowed.. child will disconnect from it.. then set for depression .. physical ills.. how about helping to move thru the angry.. we don’t want people who are not angry.. we want people to know that anger doesn’t have to be destructive


26 min – see how everything that you judged about yourself actually served a purpose at the time

russell brand interview

russell brand and gabor on addiction/trauma/needs

27 min – gabor on addiction – makes you suffer but can’t give it up.. not why the addiction.. but why the pain..t

maté addiction law

28 min – 2 myths 1\ addiction is a choice .. so punish addicts 2\ inherited/biological.. more humane.. not punished.. but ignores why people got really addicted.. wanting to escape suffering is normal

cope\ing ness

29 min – jhuta: feeling i had to be the best.. doing so many things.. i was just trying to find my way in the world.. pressure was on.. i needed the meth to stay up

31 min – our society doesn’t understand addiction.. feel addiction completes them.. why the finger pointing..

on working in vancouver for 12 yrs.. they were that desperate to escape from reality.. where i met joey carter.. starting giving him drugs he needed

drug injection sites et al..

33 min – by meeting people where they’re at and not trying to change them.. joey is an ie of that

35 min – (chrysallis house again).. on drugs/sex to feel things .. feel free.. to pay rent.. these are all wonderful things.. addiction not a bad thing.. actually a solution to a problem.. if we understand addiction is a response to trauma.. see the wound as driving the person..

37 min – under the traumatized persona there is a healthy individual who has never found expression in this life.. they were never given the venue/relationships where authentic humanity could be expressed.. t

the reason i jump (film) ness.. language as control/enclosure et al

are we free.. making decisions by awareness.. or responses we’ve developed via trauma.. well insofar as we’re not conscious.. we’re not free

whales and none of us are free if one of us is chained

40 min – we have a social structure that induces trauma et al.. in a lot of people.. so all this looks perfectly normal/natural.. t

sea world ness.. we have no idea what legit free people are like

39 min – russell: system can’t alter self.. g: that’s exactly what i’m saying..

begs a legit re\set.. ie: a nother way..

imagine if we

40 min – disconnect on earth has a lot to do w our bodies.. and a lot to do w patriarchal perception.. speaks to a blindness/passivity.. which is a sign of collective trauma

avg teach gets no training on trauma.. same w prisons.. these institutions need to be informed of what trauma is and how to respond to it

no.. that’s tackling w bandaid.. part\ial ness.. we need to go deeper and let go of these institutions.. they are perpetuating it ei: supposed to’s of school/work

42 min – fritzi: we heal in community.. it takes the othering out and brings the human in.. we have to start seeing each other for what’s happened to us and not what’s wrong w us

43 min – romie: the pain is the root cause of people trying to fell comfortable in this world.. using street drugs is a method

44 min – jhuta on being homeless..

45 min – romie: homelessness is a very painful thing.. good thing to acknowledge them.. #1 thing they are suffering from is feeling looked down on.. people passing them by.. sense of self attacked.. reinforced as non existent.. humanization of homelessness is where we need to start.. we’re working w people.. if i lived in that world.. i would want to use too.. to make me feel. not like that for a moment

home less ness

47 min – tessa (harm reduction specialist): i took this job.. because housing was seen as a right.. then pain starts surfacing – realm of hungry ghosts et al

no-strings apartments et al

realm of hungry ghosts

49 min – rae: met gabor oct 67.. looking for cartoonists.. asked gabor if i could draw him.. i did this before i know who he was.. what a mysterious guy.. dark .. intense.. he was so interesting to me..

gabor by rae

50 min – i’ve always been a rebel.. ie: in communist hungary grade 6: ‘incites other students’.. so that tendency to resist arbitrariness. . what i’m being told.. what the official line is.. i’m not one for group think.. it really helps me to see thru all kinds of nonsense that people accept w/o questioning.. on a personal level.. i’m also a contradiction.. my longing is really a sense of being excluded..of impossibility.. i very easily go there.. that is my baseline

arbitrary ness

rae: very early .. i saw the clearly light that he was and the dark that he was.. so i saw brilliance and trauma/dark.. by then i knew directly that he’d been in the holocaust.. but it was going to be my job to heal him.. to bring him to that light.. i really believe that the purpose of marriage is to go back to the original trauma which comes from the family.. i married a man who was so much like my father

51 min – my scientific interest as well .. has been having to deal w my own trauma.. all the accolades.. yet depressed.. bad marriage.. children scared of me.. didn’t like being alive

52 min – rae: my nervous system is so wired that if i’m not authentic to myself.. i get sick..

when i compulsively shopped for discs and lied about it.. rae would get a neck ache

53 min – russell: how are you gabor maté not processing your trauma?.. that’s like steve jobs saying he can’t get his phone to work.. g: until i realized i was traumatized.. late 30-40s.. i started waking up fairly late in life.. message i got as an infant.. that i wasn’t wanted.. so try to make yourself needed.. ie: med school.. that’s highly addictive.. get validation all the time.. med school is very hard on people.. then and now.. now word of trauma in med school

55 min – modern med paradigm separates mind from body and individual from environ.. a cultural manifestation.. increasing stress in society.. ie: emotion affecting lungs et al

56 min – what are steroids.. cortisol.. stress hormone.. we’re treating everything w stress hormones.. maybe should see all about stress.. the fundamental problem is capitalism.. should say.. materialism.. ie: med school driven by pharma et al

sicko – mm ness et al

perhaps let’s try/code money (any form of measuring/accounting) as the planned obsolescence

w/ubi as temp placebo.. needs met w/o money.. until people forget about measuring.. until we forget about any form of m\a\p

57 min – people atomized.. auto immune disease spreads.. diseases are normal responses to abnormal circumstances.. what i would consider normal in this society is actually insane.. in the most health obsessed society ever.. all is not well..

crazywise (doc) ness

hari rat park law.. hari present in society law et al

58 min – illness is org working against host org .. cell division meant to be coordination.. gets out of hand.. and now have cancer.. search has always been to find what’s wrong w individual cell.. our how you kill the individual cell.. so treatment if restricted to bio plane.. cut out, poison it.. or burn it.. we could say.. it’s here now.. what’s the teaching..

when body says no et al

heal (doc) et al

1:00 – tim (cancer): what i discovered was that everything was a band aid

1:01 – not opposed to meds.. but they’re not the answer.. at best .. should be a stop gap until get to real issues.. to get to healing of a deeper sense

healing (roots of)

1:03 – tim: so i turned to ayahuasca.. for psycho anal

gabor on ayahuasca – experienced love/gratitude i’d never been able to experience before.. at that state.. no need to search for anything else..

unconditional love one another ness..

1:05 – psychedelics get the conditioned mind out of the way.. has to be combined w adept therapy

carhart-harris entropy law – that hard won order et al

1:06 – gabor and tim going thru a session for his stage 4 cancer.. g: people w cancer i’ve seen have hard time expressing healthy anger.. don’t want to disappoint people.. deprive self of energy

1:08 – tim: this little boy that just wanted to be loved/accepted wasn’t .. so had to figure out how to be loved/accepted.. boy .. i was angry

1:09 – all the work is to get rid of the fear.. or just acknowledge it as part of you..

1:10 – i developed a method of compassionate inquiry.. essence is that the truth is already inside us.. we just have to ask the right questions to let people arrive at the truth

imagine if we just focused on listening to the itch-in-8b-souls.. first thing.. everyday.. and used that data to augment our interconnectedness.. we might just get to a more antifragile, healthy, thriving world.. the ecosystem we keep longing for..

what the world needs most is the energy of 8b alive people

when it arises.. don’t try to figure out how better to do your work.. just hear/see/feel it

1:14 – gabor and tim ferriss.. notice 1\ we don’t respond to what happens.. we respond to our perception of what happens 2\ of also possible perceptions we choose the worst one 3\ we don’t choose.. we just jump there.. that’s what trauma is.. responding to the past.. ie: you are the one that doesn’t respect/care about yourself.. no longer victim.. as source.. now you’re powerful

tim ferriss

1:17 – on society that honors essence of human nature..t not that i’ll see it in my lifetime.. we need trauma informed med care.. trauma informed ed..therapy.. et al

now possible.. if we org around legit needs.. ie: a nother way

we just need to be legit free first.. so let’s do this first

and so actually.. you could in your life time.. if we went deeper (than training et al).. and just trusted.. like you say.. what’s already in us first.. as the first gap ness..

fritzi: on gabor’s work making people feeling less shame et al

1:19 – trauma informed.. is seeing the healthy person inside..

romie: gabor allowed me to see human crisis.. human not being seen as they need to be.. the human.. not the problem

1:20 – every human being has a true genuine authentic self.. and that true genuine authentic self can never be destroyed.. t

almaas holes lawa hole is nothing but the absence of a certain part of our essence. .However to say we have lost parts of Essence does not mean they are gone forever; they are never gone forever.

song: no shame


1:23 – rae: it’s been spiritual work for us both.. an incredible love story.. it’s really inspiring how he’s changed

1:24 – song: mind over matter – courtney wilson.. performed by sea stars




from wisdom of trauma livestreams – day 3 – on indigenous solutions [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxUpUe3kpsI&t=1s]

Examining the Root Cause of Addiction from an Indigenous Lens Panel w/ Gina Perez-Baron (alchemy integrated medicine – https://alchemyintegratedmedicine.com/), Pat McCabe (woman stands shining – https://www.patmccabe.net/), Daniel RYNO Herrera, & Dr. Gabor Maté

this section gabor asking what indigenous insight can you share w all of society (as far as dealing w addiction, trauma, et al)

8 min ish: on the gold being w/in each of us

29 min – pat: a mad love affair w earth and all on it.. when you are part of that larger community.. that mad romance..

thurman interconnectedness lawwhen you understand interconnectedness it makes you more afraid of hating than of dying – Robert Thurman 

29 min – pat: it should matter to all of us how indigenous live in place for so many years

i think we need the gold in each one of us.. meaning.. i think even the indigenous are sea world ish.. we all need a re set..

30 min – pat: we’re all in for a leap and an upgrade in understanding.. so it’s not only about looking back and retrieving but continuing the practices that allow us to listen currently.. t

huge huge huge.. ie: a means for non hierarchical listening of/for all of us.. a leap.. in sync matters

32 min – gina: there’s a lot of new ideas.. easy to think.. i invented this.. i don’t think we’re educated enough to understand.. we haven’t invented anything.. really.. planting us back.. bringing us home.. important to acknowledge that and do our hw.. t

rather.. educated too much.. ie: if (gold) already in us.. just need means to listen deeper.. need detox/dehierarchicalization

33 min – gabor: what we’re finding out about all this fancy science.. just goes back to wisdom..t

already in each one of us..

let’s listen/org/infra for that.. ie: imagine if we

36 min – gabor: the sense i get from all 3 of you is reverence.. deeper connection to something.. we take so much for granted


day 4 – https://twitter.com/Alanis

how do you trigger that sense of self


maté trauma law et al

maté and almaas on trauma and spirit