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gabor and brian on virus ness

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don’t resent anything you experience w/in self.. allow it to be there.. and play.. sing.. listen.. dance..

don’t hang out with this virus all the time.. be alive in the context that you’re existing right now

3 min – b: on reconnect film

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what we see depends so much on where we’re coming from.. so when i look at covid.. i look at trauma

covid revealing certain aspects of our society.. ie: minorities dying more because immune system lower

6 min – ie: i don’t get to go swimming.. but i get to go on my bike rides.. compared to those living on street.. social isolation completely diff.. so this virus showing the fault line

people with pre med conditions have had most stress in life.. virus will select the most victimized/traumatized

7 min – the usual ways we can distract ourselves from traumas are less available to us.. so ie: violence/depression showing up more now.. so i see all that when i look at what’s going on.. that’s not all i see.. but i see that

8 min – we can see this as opp to really get to know what’s in us.. when we can’t escape.. or.. it can crush us..  there’s very much an opp here.. not just for individuals.. but for all of society..t

to (virus) leap

9 min – ie: isn’t it clear to us all that we’re all connected.. when has that ever not been the case.. same w individual.. when has it not been the case that i’ve had ie: anger inside me.. so can see self clearer.. but will we take the opp to change or go back to what it was before

14 min – b: most shocking for me.. i’m educated.. but for 30 yrs bad habit..

so what it takes (to change).. they have to get that their ordinary response is hurting them.. it doesn’t work.. but also have to have sense that there’s an alternative

16 min – the whole world is created to distract ourselves from ourselves.. and now all that is taken away from us..t

17 min – 5 min a day would give you enough info.. but we are using covid news feed to distract us from covid

18 min – covid has given us all a massive opp for a silent/private retreat

well.. like you said.. not all of us.. not those on streets.. right?

20 min – b: what about these new 24 hr relationships with our loved ones

i hear people finding it really tough being at home alone w kids.. meant to be out in field playing.. so hard.. but also heard.. now that no work/school.. a sense of closeness they didn’t realize they were missing before.. ie: not seeing kids whole day felt normal.. i think it can go both ways

21 min – london blitz.. some kids evacuated to countryside.. some stayed home w parents and bombing.. the kids who stayed w parents did better..

b: so emotional trumps safety

22 min – safety doesn’t come from lack of a threat it comes from connection – stephen porges – polyvagal theory..t

24 min – if kids not a disturbance to your life.. but they are your life.. that’s a big diff

26 min – we have a pandemic and a panic demic.. diff between fear and panic.. there’s a genuine threat.. but then there’s a panic around it.. i don’t think they’re the same..

29 min – won’t know till after if it’s over done or under done

extended lock down.. not based on science yet.. based on fear.. ie: iraq war.. people made to be afraid of weapons of mass destruction that didn’t exist.. it’s not that i don’t think politicians are capable.. but that doesn’t mean it’s happening all the time.. i think this is one of the times.. that people are genuinely afraid.. but again .. i have questions.. i do think people are overly afraid.. but that’s their own stuff coming up

32 min – people w exaggerated fear response.. goes back to their trauma.. perceive selves as under threat.. so any genuine threat exacerbates it

33 min – all kinds of genuine reasons for fear right now.. in response to genuine fear.. we can rationally strategize.. where other kind overwhelms us

35 min – lots of opp here to learn how to be with other people under stress

b: how much is that affecting us.. isolation

36 min – from 200 000 yrs ago.. until about 10-12 000 yrs ago.. we lived in small band h & g groups.. we wandered in the outdoors in a purposeful fashion w a small group of people that we were absolutely connected to and all children parented by all adults.. everybody in relationship w everybody else.. and physical touch was a big part of it we’re wired to attach and the mech of attachment include: physical touch.. for babies that’s only thing available; as we grow up other ways: be important to each other; copy each other; share intimate feelings w each other; hold image in heart even if don’t see them for a long time..

37 min – but the most fundamental, rudimentary, basic way of attaching is still the physical touch ..

maté attachment law

so we’re missing that in a big way now.. esp hard for people living alone.. who can’t go out and hug friends.. et al

38 min – this is really an opp for us to get in touch w our humanity.. most of the time we can escape from our vulnerability..t

39 min – b: i’ve never felt so grateful.. connected.. as now

i think that’s a common theme.. ie: my father in a forced labor battalion for over a year.. dig ditches et al.. under very severe conditions.. what always surprised me is that he talked about all those times w a lot of affection.. the camaraderie.. that’s why he was able to forget all the fear/terror.. the diff was that they were physically together.. this one..

we’ve never been so alone together..t

41 min – also the human creativity that emerges at such a time..

43 min – it’s an opp to learn/change ways.. whether we will or not i don’t know.. if something like the holocaust could happen and people still didn’t learn that you can’t treat other people like non humans.. then when will we have learned it.. if 40-45 million people died in 2 major wars.. we haven’t learned that wars are evil//destructive.. when will we have learned it.. much money spent on military.. if we haven’t learned from slavery/extermination.. we haven’t yet racism brings suffering on everybody.. when will we have learned everyone of these experiences there’s an opp for learning.. but whether we learn it or not i can’t predict..t

it’s also a question afterwards.. who gets to draw the lessons and prescribe what the lessons are.. some people have a lot more power to influence people.. what will the people of influence learn.t

great opp to let go of that hierarchy of listening.. (as it could be)

let’s do that first


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One thing #coronavirus has taught us all is that in society we need each other and we need physical contact with other people. Who are you most excited to see after lockdown?
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w russell brand:

Pleased to speak again with my friend @rustyrockets about #Coronavirus, how we respond to chaos, how trauma impacts our view of crisis, and much else. Full episode available tomorrow on the @hearluminary app.
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buddhist.. relax .. everything is out of control..

opp to learn.. how to be with whatever happens.. we’re not in control

does’t it clarify our values..  what is really important.. so it is a possible learning moment


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Dr. Gabor Maté (@drgabormate) on How to Reframe a Challenging Moment and Feel Empowered
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4 min – 1\ we respond to our perception of what happened.. 2\ of all possible interpretations we choose the worst one  3\ we didn’t choose it.. our brain just jumped there.. here’s why.. first time you were hurt.. where you perceived someone didn’t care about you.. that’s what trauma is.. we don’t respond to preset moment.. we respond to the past..

6 min – so great learning opp.. now get to know that we still ie: believe we’re not worthy of care/respect.. so it’s you not the other guy..

7 mi – problems are always teaching opps.. that’s the beauty of healing.. if you see that that guy did that .. you’re the victim.. but if you see that you’re the source.. now you’re powerful


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