sicko – mm

documentary via Michael Moore

23 min – how it works.. supposed to be fair.. but w/ins co… it’s their money.. it’s not unintentional.. not a mistake/oversight.. you’re not slipping thru cracks.. somebody made that crack and swept you towards it.. and intent is to max profits..

27 min – healthcare that leaves no one behind.. but it was as if he was nothing

28 min – dr linda peno.. former medical reviewer at humana – 1996 testimony before congress… public confession.. 87 i denied operation that would have saved his life.. no person/group held me accountable.. because i saved co 1/2 million.. and furthermore.. secured my rep.. and insured my advancement.. few hundred a week as medical reviewer.. to 6 figure as phys exec .. in all my work.. i had one duty.. to use my medical expertise for financial benefit of org i worked.. i was told repeatedly.. i was not denying care i was simply denying payment.. i know how managed care maims/kills patients..i’m here to tell you about the dirty work of managed care.. i’m haunted by thousands of pieces of paper on which i’ve written that deadly word.. denied

29 min – michael: how did we get to point that drs/health-ins co’s actually being responsible for the deaths of patients.. who invented this system.. how did it all begin.. where did hmo’s start..

30 min – thanks to the wonders of magnetic tape.. we know.. feb 17, 1971, 5:23 pm, white house..

ehrlichman: we have now narrowed down the vp’s problems on this thing, to one issue, and that is whether we should include these health maintenance orgs like edgar kaiser’s permanente thing

nixon: now let me ask you, you know i’m not too keen on any of these damn medical programs

ehrlichman: this is a private enterprise one

nixon: well that appeals to me

ehrlichman: edgar kaiser is running his permanente deal for profit. and the reason he can do it, i had edgar kaiser come in, talk to me about this. and i went into some depth. all the incentives are toward less medical care, because the less care they give them, the more money they make.

nixon: fine.

ehrlichman: and the incentives run the right way

nixon: not bad.

it’s that way with ed et al too..  if we listen deep enough.. via the wonders of magnetic tape ness.. or whatever..

imagine we use magnetic tape ness for good/preventive [gershenfeld something else law et al] ness.. just like imagining health care for good – rather than for profit/B/b..

ie: hosting-life-bits via self-talk as data..

a nother way to live.. for all of us (has to be all of us)

31 min – next day – feb 18, 1971

nixon: i am proposing today a new national health strategy, the purpose of this program is simply this.. i want america to have the finest healthcare in the world.. and i want every american to be able to have that care when he needs it..

it worked.. in ensuing years.. patients given less and less care.. health ins co’s became wealthy…

went on for years.. until this man came.. bringing this little lady: hillary

32 min – bill: announcing president’s task force on national health reform.. chaired by first lady – healthcare for everyone….

34 min – bunch of political high men screaming: socialism experiment

35 min – the ama did not want medicine for everyone..

all listened to reagan on evils of socialized medicine..

36 min – scare tactics.. healthcare industry spent over 100 million dollars to defeat hillary’s plan.. and they succeeded... she wasn’t allowed to bring it up in white house for 7 yrs..

37 min – u.s. slipped to 37th in healthcare around world.. congress busy w other matters.. celebrating..marshmallow peeps.. healthcare goes unchecked.. making obscene profits.. turning ceo’s into bn’s and skirting law..

38 min – biggest accomplishment.. was buying our u.s. congress..

for her silence hillary was rewarded and became 2nd largest recipient in senate of healthcare industry contributions..

39 min – handing out cash to pres bush and others.. why.. they wanted a bill passed.. to help sr’s w their prescriptions..  really a bill to hand over 800 bn of tax dollars to drug/health ins industry by letting drug co’s charge whatever they wanted and making private health ins co’s the middle man.. everybody was going to get cut..

appointed to get job done: congressman bill toesman – secret weapon.. i love my mother.. – medicare prescript/modernization act of 2003

40 min – what they didn’t tell us.. that sr’s would pay more for prescriptions than they did before.. over 2/3 of sr’s still pay over 2000/yr.. when all over.. 14 congressional aides who worked on hill quit jobs and went to work for med.. as did billy toesman.. to become ceo of pharma.. for salary of 2 mill/year

43 min – on canada’s free healthcare

44 min – illegal.. but we’re americans.. we go into other countries when we need to… americans marry canadians for healthcare

45 min – then propaganda on how bad canadian healthcare is

then 46 ff min – talking to real canadians about it

49 min – where medical matters are concerned.. in canada.. it wouldn’t matter what political party you are …

on believing.. healthcare ought to be universal…canadians didn’t until we met up with .. tommy douglas.. one guy.. changed everyone’s mind..  he’s most revered in history..

51 min – canadian dr – glad i work in system where i never have to make a patient which part of body to save..

then went on .. to other parts of canada.. asking random people… total opposite to propaganda.. ie: no deductible… no pay for any healthcare.. little waiting.. et al… fabulous system to assure that the least of us and the best of us are taken care of.. canadians live 3 yrs longer than us

54 min – then to great britain – if under 16 or over 65 everything is free

56 min – 6 mos off paid, 6 mos off not paid.. and medical bill doesn’t exist.. (for baby delivery)

no billing dept..

imagine how much less B/too much ness

er visits.. free..

laughed at for asking how much it costs..

57 min – british hospitals.. money comes out of cashier window.. to pay for travel..

moore laughable/irrelevant law

58 min – on thinking hnc – universal health care – would be bottom of rung care.. but no..

59 min – in america.. we’ve socialized a lot of things…fireman, teachers of for free, postal service, library

except – school not free.. ie: compulsory/manufacturing consent/voluntary compliance  .. and library not accessible to all… and postal service not accessible to those w/o address/homeless.. et al..

1:00 – asking tony benn (former member of parliament).. when did this free health care all begin.. he says.. it all began w democracy.. before we had the vote.. all power to rich people.. what democracy did was to give the poor a vote.. and moved power from wallet to ballot.. in 1930s mass unemployment.. but not during war.. if can find money to kill people can find money to help people.. 1948.. nhs  – paying for it as tax money.. not a charity

was amazed when said it started in 1948.. british has just came out of devestation of ww2.. in just one 8 month period over 42000 civilians lost lives.. what we thru in 9 11.. they went thru every single day.. how we felt.. pulling together.. and the first they did was pull together to pay for healthcare.. for everyone

1:02 – even thatcher.. healthcare is safe.. wouldn’t accept deterioration..  if said i’m going to dismantle healthcare.. would have been no revolution…

1:04 – dr in britain paid by govt.. don’t have to deal with money.. don’t have to tell anyone no..

1:05 – the better we do for our patients.. the more we get paid..

1:06 – democracy most revolutionary thing.. choice depends on freedoms.. and if have debt.. don’t have freedoms..

1:08 – poor/demoralize/frightened.. so think it’s best to take orders.. and on all the debts.. ie: college… perfect to employ.. what employer wouldn’t want to hire someone 1000s of dollars in debt.. because they won’t cause any trouble.. also need the health ins..

debt ness

1:10 – if not getting enough sleep.. take pharmas..  ask your dr.. ask your dr.. ask your dr.. for more drugs.. until time to retire.. haha

on ambulance and tests and such under kaiser… have to take w/in network.. by car.. et al..

1:11 – on children dying because care denied

1:13 – france healthcare free.. live not so healthy.. yet live longer than we do as well..

1:15 – 3 months off – 65% paid by govt 35% by company.. after cancer cure.. to recover.. went from 95 yr old to 20 yr old..

1:16 – dr in france: the principal is solidarity.. you pay according to your means.. and receive according to your needs

1:18 – americans in france: sick days.. unlimited.. how can you limit sick days..

1:23 – on days of for pay.. if ie: moving.. getting married.. and free help when have new baby.. et al .. in france..

1:24 – one thing that keeps things running here (france).. govt afraid of people.. afraid of protest/reactions.. whereas in states people afraid of govt.. afraid of acting up.. getting out.. in france that’s what they do..

1:25 – how pay for all this..? drowning in taxes.. so visited middle class family…. are you happy…. can’t you tell..?

1:27 – i wondered.. is there a reason our govt wants us to hate the french..?

1:28 – back at home.. hospitals had found a new way to deal w patients who didn’t have health ins and couldn’t pay their bill: kaiser.. put in cab and take to drop off points.. near other hospitals.. shelters..  dumping patients off on curb..

1:32 – who are we… is this what we’ve become.. a nation that dumps its own citizens on curb.. because can’t pay own hospital bill..

1:33 – judge society by how treats those who are worst off.. but is it also true that can judge society by how treats those best off..

ie: the heroes/rescue workers at 9 11…. et al.. many developed serious respiratory illness.. govt: not our responsibility because not on our payroll..

1:35 – all those who helped.. 9 11 .. telling stories of health issues.. not being taken care of.. denied.. denied.. denied…

1:36 – of course.. 50 mill dollar fund.. but govt.. made it very difficult for people to receive help.. via B/b ness…

1:37 – airway burned first week.. but we wanted to see if we could find more people.. i wanted to help.. i was trained for this.. regie had difficulty getting treatment.. too sick to work and no income.. had to move out of city.. it’s hard to figure out how you’re supposed to get help..

1:38 – on g bay..  i learned it wasn’t all bad news at gitmo.. health care et al.. physical therapy, x ray, 1 to 4 ration for health care..

1:40 – so one place on american soil that had free universal healthcare.. i took boat load there – 3 9 11 medical workers…. g bay – not cuba.. american soil

1:45 – i know what you’re thinking.. cuba.. most evil place in all the earth.. because that’s what we were told.. cubans have free universal healthcare.. most generous in providing drs to 3rd world co’s.. they believe in preventative med.. dr on every block..

1:47 – only problem with healthcare.. is that they don’t do it for profit..

1:48 – prescriptions 5 cents compared to 120 in america.. havana hospital – didn’t ask for paperwork..for intake session.. just name and date of birth

1:50 – it’s so hard for me to digest someone saying it’s free…

1:55 – if one enemy can hold out his hand and offer to heal.. then what else is possible..

1:56 – in the end.. we truly are in the same boat.. no matter our differences.. we sink or swim together..

if we see good idea from another country.. ie: cars, wine, et al.. so if they’ve come up with better way.. to be good to each other.. then what’s our problem.. why can’t we  do that..

1:57 – we’ll never fix anything till we get that one basic thing right: we not me

1:58 – if we ever did remove the chokehold of medical/college/daycare bills/debt/loans and everything else that makes usafraid to step out of line.. well watch out.. it will be a new day in america..


2015 – added to vimeo (2007 documentary)

‘Sicko’ is a documentary film made by the much celebrated filmmaker and activist, Michael Moore, who had also made ‘Bowling in Columbine’, showcasing the prevalence of violence in American culture, and ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’, critically evaluating the September 11th attacks on the twin towers.

In this film Moore focuses on the issue of healthcare in the United States from two perspectives – the uninsured and the insured, against the pharmaceutical companies making millions in profit.


forbidden cures

healing (roots of)


et al


Dr Beardface (@GFThommo) tweeted at 2:55 PM on Wed, Sep 27, 2017:
Always thought medicine is a bad analogy for education for many reasons. Here is one

from 2016

Researchers: Medical errors now third leading cause of death in United States


family making bn’s from opioid crisis

Carne Ross (@carneross) tweeted at 6:03 AM – 18 Oct 2017 :

It is often the case that philanthropic money for “good” causes is earned from bad deeds, here is one: (


Mikel Jollett (@Mikel_Jollett) tweeted at 9:33 PM – 31 Oct 2017 :

Number of people who go bankrupt every year bc of medical bills:

Britain: 0
Japan: 0
Germany: 0
Canada: 0
USA: 643,000



Sarah Kliff (@sarahkliff) tweeted at 2:01 PM – 8 Jan 2018 :

A stunning new research paper: American kids are 70 percent more likely to die before adulthood than kids in other rich countries. (


Randy Bryce (@IronStache) tweeted at 12:30 PM – 24 Aug 2018 :
The CEO of Pfizer got a 61% pay raise this year, bringing his total compensation to 27.9 million dollars.
There’s a reason we pay more for prescription drugs in America than in any other country on Earth. (


Matt Stoller (@matthewstoller) tweeted at 7:03 AM – 22 Oct 2018 :
Always strikes me as crazy that the third leading cause of death in America is medical errors. Roughly a quarter of a million people die from this cause every year, or 10% of all people who die. (


P. D. Mangan  (@Mangan150) tweeted at 4:01 PM – 23 Nov 2018 :
If you’re thinking about surgery, get it scheduled for a Monday.
Surgeries done on a Friday had a 44% higher death rate, and on a weekend, 82% higher, compared to Monday. (


Ben Wikler (@benwikler) tweeted at 6:08 AM – 10 Dec 2018 :
Sputtering mad as I read about the massive, smug cartel of generic drug execs responsible for price-fixing their profits through the roof and their customers to death. (

The alleged victims were American health-care consumers and taxpayers, who foot the bills for overcharges on common antibiotics, blood-pressure medications, arthritis treatments, anxiety pills and more, authorities say. The costs flowed throughout the system, hitting hospitals, pharmacists and health insurance companies. They hit consumers who lack prescription drug coverage and even those with insurance, because many plans have high deductibles and gaps on prescription drug benefits.

In just one instance of extraordinary cost spikes, the price of a decades-old drug to ease asthma symptoms, albuterol, sold by generic manufacturers Mylan and Sun, jumped more than 3,400 percent, from 13 cents a tablet to more than $4.70. The example is documented in a lawsuit brought against the generic industry by grocery chains including Kroger.

“It’s particularly ironic since the whole idea of generic drugs was we would get a lower price,” said Henry Waxman, the Democratic former California congressman who co-wrote the 1984 law establishing the Food and Drug Administration’s rules for generics. “If generic versions are higher than need be through rigged systems, that undercuts the whole idea.”

Ben Wikler (@benwikler) tweeted at 6:11 AM – 10 Dec 2018 :
My son has asthma, and we buy a constant chain of inhalers. Looks like criminal price fixing is behind the 3400% price spike. I want these corporate execs facing justice, stat. (

we need a global do over.. stat

Atul Gawande (@Atul_Gawande) tweeted at 4:26 AM – 10 Dec 2018 :
A third of people under 35 postponed, delayed, or cancelled care due to cost compared with only 8 percent of people 65 and older. (


gabor on pain/healing


The Wall Street Journal (@WSJ) tweeted at 5:03 AM – 7 Jan 2019 :
Eli Lilly says it has agreed to buy Loxo Oncology for about $8 billion in cash in a deal that expands the drugmaker’s oncology portfolio (


CNN (@CNN) tweeted at 5:31 AM – 2 Apr 2019 :
About 1 in 8 had to resort to borrowing to afford care in the previous year, according to a new survey. 65 million adults say they had a health issue but didn’t seek treatment due to cost. (


Sarah Kliff (@sarahkliff) tweeted at 9:35 AM on Tue, Apr 30, 2019:
One of the most heartbreaking things I’ve read in our ER bill database:
A 2-year-old eats a dangerous drug. Poison control tells her mom to take the toddler to the ER immediately.
But the family is already in debt from another ER bill. They can’t afford another one. (1/2)


The Wall Street Journal (@WSJ) tweeted at 5:00 AM – 2 May 2019 :
Shifting the U.S. health-care system toward a government-run Medicare for All program would likely lower some costs but could increase wait times and reduce access to care, a nonpartisan report finds.

begs we go deeper ie: address/facil maté basic needs

cure ios city  ..with 2 convers as infra ..via tech as it could be..


CNN (@CNN) tweeted at 5:30 AM – 7 May 2019 :
The federal government may be paying insurers billions more than necessary to cover senior citizens in the popular Medicare Advantage program, a new report has found (


Big Think (@bigthink) tweeted at 5:30 AM – 14 May 2019 :
Over half of Americans are stressed because of medical bills


NowThis (@nowthisnews) tweeted at 3:13 PM – 16 May 2019 :
.@AOC asked this pharma exec why a life-saving HIV drug costs nearly $2,000 in the U.S. and $8 in Australia (


Janet Gunter (@JanetGunter) tweeted at 5:16 AM – 19 May 2019 :
Can’t stop thinking about @amy4thepeople and @NSmithholt12 who lost her son because he felt forced to ration insulin. Unsure if Americans can perceive how barbaric the country seems from afar. (Not that they would care, but…) #insulin4all (

Janet Gunter (@JanetGunter) tweeted at 5:18 AM – 19 May 2019 :
After @NSmithholt12’s appearance on BBC World Service, they reported they were inundated with comments. They read one from a Somali listener who said something like “I thought it was bad here, but even we…” (

Janet Gunter (@JanetGunter) tweeted at 5:23 AM – 19 May 2019 :
Thank you to @ByDonkeys for reminding us that Nigel Farage wants “an insurance-based” system like the one that kills tens of thousands in the US each year (


nika rt

James Medlock (@jdcmedlock) tweeted at 10:06 AM – 14 Jun 2019 :
Increase in physicians since 1970: 150%
Increase in health administrators:3200%
Someone who’s good at the economy, please help us, our healthcare system is dying (


World Economic Forum (@wef) tweeted at 5:00 AM – 18 Jun 2019 :
American women are 50% more likely to die in childbirth than their mothers #health


brain on fire (doc) about Susannah Cahalan @scahalan


1:19 – in a system that’s designed to miss people like me.. i was found.. how many people do you think throughout history were diagnosed as schizophrenic, psychotic, bipolar, or maybe just plain crazy,..t..  when they had something that could have been so easily diagnosed..


crazywise et al


Ethan Nadelmann in doc – weed the people

21 min – reason it was criminalized was racism and xenophobia


Medium (@Medium) tweeted at 5:01 AM – 19 Jul 2019 :
There are only 10 medicines that doctors can use to fight fungal infections. And now, scientists around the world are sounding the alarm that five of those medicines have stopped working for some of the most serious of them. (

bandaids wearing out – go deeper – roots


Jason Hickel (@jasonhickel) tweeted at 5:17 AM – 31 Jul 2019 :
This is a staggering chart. Life expectancy is now declining across major Western states. In the US, life expectancy is lower than it was in Japan in the 1980s. (


Nicholas Bagley (@nicholas_bagley) tweeted at 6:06 AM – 28 Jan 2020 :
From @sangerkatz, this is an *essential* piece. Medicaid’s work requirements are a policy calamity because beneficiaries struggle to handle the paperwork.
If you think they’re lazy or that you’re different, take the quiz. They’re not, and you’re not.

title of piece: are you good enough at paper work to manage as a poor american

paywalled nyt piece

earlier tweet on have 10 days since initiation of first contact et al

utopia of rules.. too much ness


So now we can add Big Care to Big Food, Big Pharma etc:  large private care providers in the UK can expect profit margins of 21%; one CEO makes £800,000 a year
Original Tweet:

caring labor.. sicko.. et al


I don’t know who needs to hear this, but there is no such thing as pre-existing conditions. It is an invention of healthcare capitalism.
The rest of the world just calls it medical history.
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heal (doc)

great nhs heist (doc)

blood industry