gabor on alienation

Gabor on alienation

marx said there were 4 alienations in this culture

1\ alienation to nature

2\ alienation to other people – leads to physical illness.. et al..t

attachmentmissing piece #2 from maté basic needs

3\ alienation to work – when we do work that doesn’t reflect who we are.. meaninglessness.. then try to fill that w all kinds of things/false-subs.. much of econ is based on loss of meaning

art – the thing you can’t not do – rather than work\ing for other people

4\ alienation to selves – at some point in childhood you got separated from selves.. no infant is born w/o gut feelings..  our gut feelings are not luxuries.. they tell us what is wrong/false..t

authenticitymissing piece #1 from maté basic needs

3 min – the good news is human beings can regain their sense of connection to selves as well as nature..t

almaas holes law

holmgren indigenous law

to move forward all we have to do is to get back to our true nature..t

possible today for everyone (has to be everyone).. via facil-ing daily curiosity  ie: cure ios city.. with 2 convers as infra.. and tech as it could be..