heal (doc)

90% of what takes people to the dr is stress related illness

if you’re running a fight/flight response all the time.. your immune system is compromised.. chronically

we have the most money going into healthcare than any country and the worst stats of health

in a way we have more faith in the power of cancer to kill us than in the infinite possibility

every organ in human body has ability to heal itself under the right conditions.. what are those conditions.. that’s the question

medicine does miracles.. with trauma

belief itself shifts biology

2017 documentary – 1:34


Featuring Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton, Marianne Williamson, Michael Beckwith, Gregg Braden, Anita Moorjani, Anthony William the Medical Medium, and more.

Director Kelly Noonan Gores’ documentary takes us on a scientific and spiritual journey where we discover that our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions have a huge impact on our health and ability to heal. The latest science reveals that we are not victims of unchangeable genes, nor should we buy into a scary prognosis. The fact is we have more control over our health and life than we have been taught to believe. This film will empower you with a new understanding of the miraculous nature of the human body and the extraordinary healer within us all.

notes/quotes from doc

holding onto things creates density in our body.. that western med labels as (disease)

3 min – k: when i was a kid i remember thinking how magical it was that when you get a cut.. all you did was clean the wound and it healed all by itself.. i feel like we’ve forgotten how intelligent the body is.. i’m convinced we have more power to heal than we’ve been led to believe

4 min – got to get to root cause of your dis ease.. if you’re going to find freedom

bruce lipton: if i change my perception.. i change the signals that are going in and adjusting the function of the cell

7 min – gregg braden – the best science of our time is now showing that every organ in the human body has the ability to heal itself give the right envrion.. all of these organs are actually designed to repair/heal themselves under the right conditions, given the right environ.. what are those conditions.. that’s the question

9 min – marianne williamson: we would not have been able to evolve w/o a mech that allows us to take a hit.. that’s what injury/disease is.. you took a hit.. but the immune system is the way the body corrects

joe dispenza: that intelligence that’s giving us life.. that’s keeping our heart beating and digesting our food.. that runs thru the autonomic nervous system.. it is the greatest healer in the world.. all we have to do is get out of the way

11 min – elizabeth: i had never heard of anyone living form stage 4

k: are we at the mercy of some random fate (w cancer et al) or is there something else going on

12 min – jeffrey thompson: ultimate cause of disease is stress

unwanted stress.. m Paul J Rosch et al

joan borysenko (older short blonde): 90% of what takes people to the dr is stress related illnesses.. they leave w every kind of med

3 stresses: physical (accidents et al); chemical (bacteria, viruses, hormones and foods); emotional (tragedies).. all those knock body/brain out of balance

bruce lipton: fight or flight takes 100% energy

peter crone: no longer need 100% energy.. yet system runs same way.. as though life threatening.. so till releasing cortisol, nor\adrenaline

13 min – bruce: if running a fight/flight response all the time, by defn you are mobilizing resources from your gut/elimination/immune/brain systems.. and putting that energy into your muscles to fight for your life.. that means.. your memory is not all that good.. concentration is down.. can’t digest food properly.. can’t eliminate toxins properly.. and your immune system is compromised.. chronically.. all the time

bruce lipton: stress hormones inhibit the immune system.. ie: when transplant organ.. dr gives new body stress hormones first.. then immune system won’t reject the foreign object

the net result – illness and disease.. that is the only consequence that will come from the chemistry of fear.. and yet.. look at the world today

15 min – eva’s rash.. tiring/daunting to have to go to the dr so much

18 min – kelly brogan: we are 3 centuries in to a mindset in medicine that was predicated on work of descartes, newton, darwin.. this idea that our symptoms are meaningless.. that our body is a machine.. full of organs w buttons and levers that need adjusting and that you’re really not here for any purposeful existence.. you’re here to live/survive until you die

what computers can’t do

medicine from newtonian existence looked at body as a physical device and if there’s anything wrong w it, it is a consequence of a problem in the mechanics of a physical machine.. really cool until 1925 – quantum physics – said that invisible energy around that was out there that we did not count, and even talk about in medicine because body is physical.. turns out.. our perception of what is physical is an illusion.. there’s nothing physical at all.. it’s all energy

entropy ness – what world needs most: the energy of 7b alive people

19 min – david r hamilton – if you look inside any part of your body w a microscope.. you find cells.. look inside cells.. dna.. look inside dna.. atoms.. look inside atoms.. nothing there.. well there’s protons, neutrons, electrons.. and what’s amazing, is inside the atom.. there’s 99.99999999999999% empty space.. actually you can think of particles as just waves of energy.. think it shifts your mind from thinking that something is seemingly solid and permanent.. to perhaps something can change and something can be healed

20 min – david: long long time ago the word spirit was – invisible moving forces that influenced the physical realm.. quantum physics is taking us back to a time that said the invisible forces that we have been discounting in medicine turned out to be the primary forces that control everything.. mind, consciousness, and this is why if you want to come back to the supreme power over our biology.. it’s thought ..the invisible energy from our mind.. that not only shapes our body, but shapes our relationship to the world

22 min – anita on cancer – and on death bed facing her father (in other realm) .. w unconditional love.. realized why she had cancer.. every decision she had made up to that point was from fear

k: shift from fear to love.. and body healed

23 min – kelly turner (blonde): stats on radical remissions survivors.. for every single cancer type.. when i looked at data.. they were all using these 9 – only 2 are physical: radically changing diet; using herbs and supplements .. the rest are emotional, mental, spiritual.. and that hit me like a tons of bricks.. (other 7: taking control of health; following intuition; releasing suppressed emotions; increasing positive emotions; embracing social support; deepening spiritual connection; have a strong reason for living).. there really is away to activate the immune system with mental/emotional work

26 min – kelly brogan (dark hair) (who in trailer? said body has capacity to heal that i was never informed of as a med student or resident) – knew conventional med wouldn’t help her.. so went to natural.. put it into remission.. i never learned that nutrition has anything to do w health

27 min – michael bernard beckwith: we have a sick care system.. where drs and ins co’s are basically treating symptoms but aren’t really getting to root causes and in many cases aren’t dealing w the whole person.. rather.. give drug to symptom.. which then has a side effect.. keeps on spinning.. more toxicity..

healing (roots of)


bruce lipton: conventional med tied up in old belief system is locked into the cause of illness, is tied into our genetics and our bio chem.. therefore the pharma industry is the great savior.. because it’ll make the chemistry that should bring us back to health again.. turns out.. that’s totally false. there’s so few diseases that are actually organic.. in fact.. 100% of diabetes type 2 has nothing to do w genetics and everything to do w lifestyle.. 90% or more of cardiovascular disease has nothing organically wrong w the individual.. it’s just the consequence of dealing w stress

bruce: does this mean medicine is all negative.. absolutely not.. medicine does miracles w trauma.. if i physically hurt myself.. car accident.. don’t send me to a chiropractor/massage-therapist/homeopathy.. i want a surgeon

outside messing with us.. taking our shell.. begs we have a means to replace the shell first

28 min – deepak: medicine is useful.. pharma med, therapeutic interventions, surgery etc are useful i would say in maybe 10% acute illnesses.. otherwise.. if you have a chronic illness, doesn’t matter what it is, cancer, heart disease, auto immune illnesses, use a holistic approach, which means everything.. from ind, body, emotions, energy healing,.. anything that influences your experience of mind, body, emotions

29 min – anthony william (medical medium): not about the skeptics.. about the person healing.. what they need (when have no other answers) .. that’s the focus

31 min – anthony: the reason we call it auto-immune is because we don’t know the cause of the symptoms or the disease or illness that’s occurring.. psoriasis eczema, ms, fibromyalgia, rheuma arthritis.. cause unknown.. what’s happening is there’s a pathogen/toxin involved.. something causing the problem/symptoms.. the body is trying to protect you from it.. the key to getting rid of it is knowing how to use certain things like, herbs/foods.. most importantly is the foods.. to know what starves it

32 min – k: turning to nature and food as medicine is what ancient civilizations have been doing successfully for 1000s of years.. so w eva .. start w seeing nutritionist

mark d emerson: i looked at her blood lab.. she is really inflamed.. chronic inflammation.. we literally have trillions of bacterial microbes, good microbes .. in our body.. we actually have more bacteria in our body than we do our own human cells.. and the majority of these live in our gut.. and what the microbium is .. like a little universe inside gut.. that constantly is cleansing us, stimulating immunity, building vitamins and keeping pathogens out of our system.. so if someone’s microbium gets killed off for various reasons.. mostly bad diet, stress, meds, .. you can kill off enough of the microbium where the actual intestinal wall starts to get injured.. so if wall gets holes in it.. junk is bleeding into your bloodstream and then going all over your body.. the key is.. we gotta remove that.. the offending items.. fix the diet


34 min – mark: a whole food plant based diet is really an unprocessed, predominantly plant based food.. fruits, vegies, whole grains and legumes.. all the foods that are nutrient rich.. so if we can stimulate your immune system.. remove offending things you’re doing to yourself everyday.. you heal way faster than it took to get in the disease process.. and that’s the beauty of healing

this is also why we can leap to a better way to live.. 7b people waking up.. in no time

35 min – david r hamilton: organic chem.. leggos w atoms.. so i worked for one of the world’s largest pharma co’s developing drugs for cardio disease and cancer.. i loved the science of it.. but what fascinated me was what happens when you test the drugs.. 100 drugs.. 100 placebos.. coming out similar.. what we see here is belief itself shifts biology.. and i don’t think that’s taught enough in med schools

36 min – joe dispenza: so how is it you can give someone a sugar pill, a saline injection, or perform some false surgery/treatment and a certain % of those people will accept/believe/surrender to the thought that they’re getting the actual substance/treatment.. and they begin to program their autonomic nervous system to make their own pharmacy of chemicals that matches the exact same chemical they think they’re taking.. so the question is.. is it the inert substance that’s doing the healing or the body’s innate capacity to heal


perhaps for a global cure.. we try bi as temp placebo

ie: money (any form of measuring/accounting) as the planned obsolescence

37 min – bruce lipton: while everyone seems to be aware of the placebo effect the result of positive thinking.. the important question is this.. what is the consequence of negative thinking.. it’s equally powerful.. can cause illness/death just because you believe that

michael bernard beckwith: on giving so much authority to someone in a white coat.. doesn’t mean you don’t go to a dr.. but if give self over totally.. victim twice.. to condition/diagnosis and to authority figure telling you what’s going to happen

38 min – deepak: ok.. believe the diagnosis.. but not the prognosis..ie: 3 months to live.. et al..

39 min – kelly turner: stats are impersonal.. and  you are a person and no one knows what you’re capable of ..

42 min – on elizabeth (w stage 4) not wanting to do chemo (anti meds her whole life).. but when she did she met w a spiritual/psych (dianne porchia) .. who helped her see the medicine as helping her like little pac man killing cancer cells.. medicine not poison

44 min – kelly turner: power of belief is almost everything.. what your telling yourself at this moment is telling immune system to stop and run from stressor, or .. everything is cool, relax.. clean up if needed.. you’re either in fight/flight or rest/repair.. and it’s your beliefs that toggle that switch.. so beliefs are everything

45 min – bruce on stem cell research and fabricated culture medium..  same cells in 3 dishes of diff environ (culture medium).. in one dish cells form muscle, other bone, other fat ..what controls fate of cells? they were genetically identical.. environ was selecting the genetic activity of the cells

hari rat park law

borysenko (older short blonde): that’s what the field of epigenetics is all about

46 min – bruce: the nature of biology is simple.. bio organisms adapt their biology to fit into an environ.. ie: liver is not touching the environ.. it depends on nervous system to send info so cells adjust bio.. one problem w that.. consciousness is an interpretation.. so my mind is interpreting the environ.. so if i change my perception/mind/belief about life.. i change the signals that are going in and adjusting the function of the cell.. significant.. i .. by my ability to change my environ and perception of environ have the ability to control my genetic activity.. i’m not a victim of my heredity.. i’m a master of my genetic activity.. there’s a mind between the environ and my cells.. the mind is comprised of 2 interdependent elements working together.. conscious and subconscious


unself consciousness

48 min – bruce: the conscious mind – latest evolution of the mind – is the creative mind.. when the conscious is engaged in thinking.. the sub is the default program.. the auto pilot.. so conscious could be engaged.. but sub will carry out.. walking et al.. i don’t need conscious for that.. already programmed for that.. when we look at the world.. actually operating thru sub.. the programs in sub primarily came from downloading other people’s behaviors.. mother/father/siblings/community.. in first 7 yrs of life..

why the supposed to’s.. of school/work.. so dangerous.. we’re learning from people who are already whales in sea world

gregg braden: we are essentially an open sponge to the world.. absorbing the patterns from all those people we are exposed to.. so if we have caregivers who are really conscious and have learned to manage their emotions and heal their hurts in a healthy way.. that’s a really good thing.. very few people i know were blessed enough to come from those families

not sure if they even exist.. needs to be all of us for the dance to dance.. so.. none of us truly well enough to model

49 min – darren weissman: let’s say growing up in environ where there’s trauma in household.. when we don’t have tools to process our emotions in a given moment.. that becomes a memory that’s not fully formed.. we end up seeing ourself in the world around us.. as if we’re still 4 yrs old in an environ of conflict/trauma/drama.. we filter/feel that again and again.. every time colors/sounds/smells/taste/feelings get triggered.. and so recognizing that these symptoms and stressors are meaningful and brilliantly intelligent in waking us up

maté trauma law

51 min – elizabeth – working w dianne.. we started talking/releasing old stuff that i really didn’t even think of – fears et al.. ie: adopting a belief when she was young that she was pathetic..

dianne: healing can involve inner child.. sacred anger (throw rocks to move stuck energy)..

53 min – e: i didn’t know i has such a detrimental mindset.. ie: easier to give then to ask..

k: tendency for people to figure they did something wrong if sick .. if we stay in fear and resistance.. not only wasting valuable energy we could use to heal.. but closed off to info/possibility.. ask: what is this pain/condition trying to tell me

54 min – crone: 6 stages of how a disease comes into existence.. 1\ accumulation – accumulate too much (energy)..ie: too much fire in system may have sour belch from time to time.. no big deal

testart storage law

crone: 2\ aggravation – now it becomes aggravating to the system..now a heartburn.. no prob.. solution take meds.. don’t have to deal w why do i have the imbalance.. because considered somewhat normal to have heartburn

55 min – crone: 3\ spread – now excess heat in system and hasn’t been addressed spreads – because still putting heat into system – spicy/alcohol/et-al

4\ crone: localization – excess now finds a weak spot in system where ewe’ve lost some integrity.. ie: old hs injury..

5\ crone: disease – manifests as disease.. ie: progresses overtime to maybe arthritis

6\ crone: becomes diversified – actually alters the tissue system itself.. maybe become rheumatoid arthritis

crone: the beauty of that system is that if you understand those 6 stages.. if you want to prevent disease.. what do you prevent?.. excess accumulation.. build up.. to me.. where the biggest build up is.. is right here (points to head/mind).. that whole disease process applies to the physiology and the psychology

testart storage law


56 min – patti penn (meeting w gal w rash – one guy say from inflammation): fear of going on plane.. sweaty palms et al.. that’s a physical response to emotion.. imagine if you were denying something daily.. and it has no where to go.. until it starts to build.. into you know.. pick your disease

57 min – kelly turner: this idea that emotional blockage can lead to physical blockages.. so the idea then is to release them.. and you can do that however you want to.. zoomba/shaman/soul/psychotherapy/burned-letters.. it really is whatever works.. whatever is going to allow you to let go of that anger/resentment/grief/trauma.. esp trauma which can often be locked away inside your brain in the subconscious part

i sat w my anger long enough until she told me her real name was grief – from anger page.. linked to the mind journal

maté trauma law

59 min – braden: when we have an emotion w/in our hearts.. that emotion sends a signal to our brain.. and the quality of that signal determines what the brain does in response to the emotion.. so if coherent.. nice/even/smooth waves (of gratitude, compassion, love) from heart to brain.. brain will match that smooth, even, org’d chemistry.. and it will release the chem that supports life in our body – heal/grow/repair.. this is where our immune systems become really strong

1:00 – braden: on the other hand.. the stress chem.. when we feel those moments of frustration/anger/hate/jealousy/rage/fear.. the signal looks diff.. lot of very chaotic.. unorg’d jagged waves going from heart to brain.. and brain says.. i need to match this chem.. this is stress chemistry

darren weissman: when we are in a state of stress.. our energy field goes into a state of resistance.. that’s why a polygraph works.. in that energy our blood is affected.. doesn’t flow as effectively.. heats/cools/resists.. that affects our ph.. we become more acidic.. in a localized or systemic full body acidity.. inflammation occurs.. it’s just a reactive way of pumping more blood to attempt to help w healing.. however.. starting to go down a slippery slope.. cause that inflammation is a fire.. that starts to burn the house down

air bags in car

inflammation et al

1:01 – patti penn: so we have things building.. and they came out in the skin.. things that you pretend don’t bother you

1:04 – michael bernard beckwith: i always say all forgiveness is self forgiveness.. because all the resentment/unforgiveness/rancor/anger .. all of those thoughts are something that’s happening within me.. even if someone did me wrong.. i still have those thoughts .. those thoughts are affecting me/body/blood-chem.. so when i begin to forgive the so called other person.. i’m released rancor/resent/animosity.. releasing all that unforgiveness.. so actually .. forgiving myself.. nothing to do w them.. everything to do w me

1:05 – crone: forgiveness .. when it comes to emotions.. is the greatest access to letting go.. hatred of parent, judgment of co worker.. just let go of that inner judgment blame.. and basically a victim mindset.. if you can let go of that.. and realize that life is actually working for you, not against you, then again, you’re gonna generate healing

let go.. (of that control unforgiveness or whatever holds)

we haven’t yet gotten to global equity

judge\ment, blame, .. to unconditional ness

1:05 – braden: what about children.. coming into world w condition.. how can that be their sub conscious..  i don’t know.. what i do know w/o a doubt.. is once they come into this world.. their body will respond to the environs and conditions we give to them.. our job is to learn to optimize those conditions

optimal has to be.. and can now be.. all of us.. ie:

undisturbed ecosystem  ‘in undisturbed ecosystems ..the average individual, species, or population, left to its own devices, behaves in ways that serve and stabilize the whole..’ –Dana Meadows

eudaimoniative surplus


environ that focuses on maté basic needs

1:08 – beckwith: many come into world w very special gifts..

higashida autism law et al

beckwith: on the other hand.. world is filled w many toxins

hari present in society law et al

marianne williamson: if the entire society is allowing econ forces to prevail rather than humanitarian principles.. love of earth/each-other/children.. then you get what we’re getting

mufleh humanity law

begs we try money (any form of measuring/accounting) as the planned obsolescence

1:09 – bruce: we have most money going into healthcare than any country in world today and worst stats of healthcare.. problem.. pharma is corporate.. systems for profit

1:10 – hamilton: i entered pharma .. i just wanted to cure cancer.. turns out that most friends/colleagues in pharma .. also just wanted to save lives.. only when you get higher up in co that goals begin to change (ie: martin w drug going from 13.50 to 750 overnight)

kelly brogan: pharma pattern – told there’s a problem, and problem may not actually exist.. at least not in way we’re told it does, then we’re offered a product based on resolution of the fear inspired by awareness of this problem.. ie: can’t sleep.. when research.. product designed to solve problem actually creates/perpetuates problem

1:11 – bruce: pharma looks at destination it wants to fix and ignores the fact that when you add a drug there are multiple drug interactions which are not side effects but direct effects

kelly brogan: then have to decide if risks are worth it.. that has a more concerns.. we have a body of evidence that these meds are no better than a placebo.. then the bigger question of what are you opting out of when you choose to manage your symptoms in this way.. story of caterpillar.. man snips chrysalis to help the struggle.. then butterfly dies.. because it needs to go thru the process of emergence and struggle literally.. it physically needs to do that t be able to manifest

fever et al

1:14 – jeffrey thompson: sound treatment – collecting electrical info from heart.. sound frequencies for healing.. makes the sympathetic nervous system push in to clutch.. looking for zero.. zero stress in autonomic nervous system.. or homeostasis..  if does level – go into 2 paths after zero.. ie: goes back up.. unable to go into relaxation phase (which is what parasympathetic nervous system is).. means she’s had this chronic stress for a long time.. her nervous system is still too worried to completely let go..

1:15 – jeffrey: people ask me what kinds of conditions can you heal with this.. anything that has stress as its cause.. and as far as i’m concerned.. that’s pretty much everything.. (he takes her headphones off- she/eva says wow) that’s the first words out of everybody’s mouth – wow

1:16 – k: what thompson showed me is that eva is in a constant state of stress.. even when she is relaxing hard for her to switch to parasympathetic nervous system which is where you need to be if you want to heal.. which shows.. healing really needs to take place on multiple levels.. when it comes to stress.. the tool that’s absolutely changed my life and millions of others .. is meditation

1:17 – joan borysenko (older short blonde): mind is yapping all the time.. and it’s telling us generally scary/limiting things.. the mind is wonderful when you are using it as a tool.. it’s not so great when it’s calling the shots.. in very first research on meditation.. done by mentor of mind dr herbert benson.. he said.. ‘well it shuts down the fight/flight response’.. the fear response..  and it stimulates the parasympathetic/relaxing nervous system.. and that’s what heals.. so at the very most basic level.. meditation relieves stress

deepak: on many kinds of meditation.. self reflection (ask self who am i); self questioning (questioning beliefs); mindfulness (terrible word.. because not using your mind when you’re practicing awareness.. the awareness of a thought is not a thought); transcendence (using a technique like a mantra/sound that competes w your thoughts and ultimately takes you to a place where there is no thought/mantra and you’re just left w awareness).. as we practice these we get in touch w our core being/consciousness/soul

1:20 – kelly turner: your pituitary gland does amazing things when you are in meditation.. it releases oxytocin, dopamine, relaxant, serotonin, endorphins, everything good that your body can make is released when you make the spiritual connection.. there really is this internal process that we can flip on like a light switch if we just take a moment to connect.. doesn’t need to be meditation/prayer.. it could be going for a walk in nature.. your mind needs to quiet, your breathing needs to slow, and you want to feel that unshakable peace

1:20 – dispenza: we did an amazing study.. 120 people to measure their circulating cortisol levels and a chemical called immunoglobulin a or iga.. trained them for 4 days (in meditation).. majority of people’s cortisol levels diminished.. which means they were no longer in survival.. no longer stressed.. but relevant thing that happened.. their iga levels went from about 51 to 83.. right to the ceiling of what’s considered high.. and some people were up in the 100s.. now iga is the primary defense against bacteria and viruses.. greater than any flu shot

1:21 – gores: best part about meditation is that it doesn’t cost anything.. can do it anywhere/anytime.. just quiet the mind and get rid of that excess mental baggage

testart storage law

k gores: but the mind isn’t all bad.. you can actually use your imagination thru visualization to activate a powerful healing response

1:21 – joan: there’s no question that what we imagine can affect our physiology

1:22 – hamilton: been interviewing hundreds of people doing imagine visualization and what 90% of them do is take a visual pic of illness and convert it to wellness.. that’s it.. just do it over and over again.. ie: people getting chemo imagine the drugs as little fish nibbling at the tumor.. they see tumor getting smaller and smaller till it’s gone

1:24 – gregg braden: we are deeply connected thru phenom known as entanglement.. a physics term that tells us once something is unified, once something begins as a whole.. even though it is separated physically.. energetically.. everything is still connected (then goes into us being all one because of big bang).. and that allows us to participate in the healing of our bodies and of our loved ones in ways that science is only beginning to understand..

ie: undisturbed ecosystem ‘in undisturbed ecosystems ..the average individual, species, or population, left to its own devices, behaves in ways that serve and stabilize the whole..’ –Dana Meadows

1:26 – rob wergin: on faith healing – if you get out of the way.. then anything is possible

1:32 – kelly turner: as soon as you believe that people are sending you love.. you have this oxytocin response.. and oxytocin release has been associated w increased natural killer cells, increased white cells, the immune response just goes thru the roof

1:33 – joe dispenza: once hear diagnosis.. common responses are fear and sadness.. they can think positively all they want.. but if they are feeling fear.. that thought never makes it past the brain stem into the body.. because it’s not in alignment w the body’s emotional state.. get that person to change the emotional state.. and get them into a state of gratitude.. if give thanks in a state of gratitude.. your body believes it is receiving something.. because emotional signature means it’s already happened..

gregg: the more we can feel the feeling as if our healing has already occurred, giving thanks for that healing already being present.. that is the trigger for our bodies to grow the nerve cells to make the connections to trigger the brain chem to reflect that healing.. we have this advanced nervous system that we regulate thru the choices we make.. what we think/feel/believe.. and specifically the emotions that we choose to respond to what life brings to our door..

tweet yesterday:

Nikola Danaylov (@singularityblog) tweeted at 8:41 AM on Sat, Sep 28, 2019:
#Stoic #philosophy: we suffer not from events but from the meaning – i.e. the story we attach to them. https://t.co/VBOxyjJLrb

you decide how you respond to externals

1:35 – anthony william: if you have something residing in  you.. stress can trigger it.. everything can trigger it.. but there has to be something in there to trigger.. the key is knowing what the real cause is.. so you can have things go wrong and not go down because of it

1:39 – k groves: on the courage and cost to do holistic.. as a society we’ve been conditioned to believe that conventional drs know best and that convenience is key

1:43 – k groves: choose to focus on what you want.. don’t get sucked into the fear of what you don’t want

song: tap me out and tap me in.. body talks and meditation helps – building trees – nahko & medicine for the people

nahko & med for people




holmgren indigenous law


maté basic needs law
healing (roots of) – [here Gabor talks about A H Almass as person he may quote most ..maybe person i quote most is Gabor .. since my he’s basis/insight of a nother way]
human nature
when body says no

et al