maté and almaas on trauma and spirit

3 videos of (my most quoted mentor) gabor maté and (his most quoted mentor) a h almaas on trauma and awakening []

hosted by alex howard: @alexhowardtv


video 1 (39 min): The role of spiritual awakening in trauma healing – gabor

notes here: gabor on role of spiritual


video 2 (43 min): How trauma can be a portal to spiritual awakening – hameed

notes here: hameed on role of trauma


video 3 (17 min): Next steps for Trauma & Awakening – alex

talks about himself..

talks about program.. 4 sunday’s in oct.. 3 hr sessions is.. 6-9 uk time.. lifetime access.. 10-1 in us?

what we’ll cover w spontaneity.. each will be on their own..


1: hameed

3: gabor

2&4: hameed and gabor

topics: what is awakening.. what is trauma.. trauma vs ordinary suffering.. impact of genes/context/environ/ego.. danger of spiritual bypassing.. surrender and letting go.. hameed’s theory of holes.. how to integrate what we’re exploring into everyday life..

what is included: lifetime access.. private community group.. bonus content


i want to make this as accessible as possible.. i don’t think there will be another program to get gabor and hameed together.. unique..

3 bonus sessions included in this program – 1\ value of $90 2\ value of $30 3\ value of $180 – 400 hrs online courses


cost is $297

i think it’s a conversation that has to happen.. it’s so important..

you can pay in dollars, euros..

dang.. not important enough..




almaas holes law

gabor on why addicted to everything

gabor on addiction/trauma/needs

wisdom of trauma (doc)

et al