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perhaps the best security… is giving 100% of us something else to do.

tech that gives


perhaps then:

1. 100% of people would be so caught up in the luxury of doing whatever they wanted/dreamed of [assuming people are good]


2. at least a smaller percentage of people would be running a muck


and perhaps.. our encryption/protection/privacy – comes from the too much ness of documenting everything. begging you to connect with the actual person in order to decode. (like we create our own layer of security – much like what David writes about what the too much ness of bureaucracy does for us – in a bad way)

and again – not even that you couldn’t decode it.. but you have no desire to (for bad) because you’re too busy being. the desire to decode it (for good) is embeded in a desire to connect with the person.


let’s re\wire.

everything else we keep trying– just keeps piling on more to defend/protect/regulate/protest…

what if 100% of us weren’t so blinded/lost/angered/worn by the typical 7ish hours of supposed tos, ie: work/school/whatever, but instead were spending our days, the meat of our days, doing/being the thing we can’t not do/be.

what if we ran out of time to harm/steal/accuse/fight/hate/regulate…

the state of being free.. from danger. [can that ever happen?]

how about..

the sate of being free.. to be.




added the page in the midst of snowden/dirty wars/taibbi/swartz/Ed/….

specifically.. after reading this post tweeted by Alexis:


comment at davos 2015 at 45 min – security in open:

not about education or economic status.. but about how much you feel you are a contributing player in the community/society

50 min – Ken Roth – only have a right if you act responsibly.. danger… then someone is deciding what responsible is.. and right is contingent upon that

55 min – to have an open society you have to have a cohesive society.


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ps in the open

global systemic change


seems our only insurance/security.. whatever.. is if we let go.. and go with antifragility.. with gershenfeld sel

ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way


Ilan Goldenberg (@ilangoldenberg) tweeted at 8:43 AM – 3 Feb 2018 :

9. God knows how many times I saw stupid things being done in government in the name of “security.” (

Ilan Goldenberg (@ilangoldenberg) tweeted at 8:41 AM – 3 Feb 2018 :

1. In the wake of the Nunes memo let’s have a broader conversation about how genuinely screwed up our entire security & classification system is & the governing problems it causes. (

Ilan Goldenberg (@ilangoldenberg) tweeted at 8:51 AM – 3 Feb 2018 :

33. So maybe it’s time to have a serious discussion about how we classify things & protect information because how we do it these days is causing a lot of damage & just isn’t working /END (


from Erich Fromm‘s escape from freedom:


the new security is dynamic; it is not based on protection, but on man’s spontaneous activity.. it is the security acquired each moment by man’s spontaneous activity. it is the security that only freedom can give, that needs no illusions because it has eliminated those conditions that necessitate illusions.. 

security ness.. and again.. why gershenfeld sel would work


Joan Baez:


1:00 – joan: and is there such a thing as security.. i don’t think there is.. in the end.. what does security mean (girl w her: the search is over)


from Krishnamurti‘s total freedom:


the problem is to experience directly the state of complete uncertainty.. to be w/o any feeling of security .. t.. and that is possible only if you understand the total process your own thinking.. or if you can listen w your whole being, be completely attentive w.o resistance..

taleb antifragility law


the truth is that as long as there is a point in the mind which is moving toward another point, that is, as long as the mind is seeking security in any form, it will never be free from pain.. security is dependency, and a mind that depends has no love..t..  w/o going thru all the process of examination, observation, and awareness, just listen to the fact, let the truth of the fact operate, and then you will see that the mind is free from pain..


in ‘s democracy not.. but miss


security, understood as equal access to the means to meet one’s needs, would be a basis for social freedom, not something we have to sacrifice liberties in order to achieve..

security.. maté basic needs