adding page while taking in Zeynep Tufekci‘s twitter and tear gas


fb (2004) twitter (2006) iphone (2007).. social mechs.. they change the operation of a key resource: attention..attention is rarely analyzed on its own; a significant oversight given its importance.

@michaelerard – attention

attention is oxygen for movements. 

in 21st cent and in networked public spehre.. attention as a rexource allocated/acquired on local/national/transnational scales and censorhip as a broad term for denial of attention thru multiple means



4\ draconian move increased global/domestic attention…

keep in mind that attention, not info per se, is the most crucial resource for a social movement


sm platforms are designed for inefficient allocation of attention..

thinking the best way to pay attention.. is via curiosity.. and so fitting this is also in her book:


in the mountains of chiapas, i learned a zapatista saying: ‘preguntando caminamos’ it means ‘we walk while asking questions’ it is in that spirit that i present this book


adding page while also taking in Mehdi‘s talk



holmgren indigenous law



Maria Popova (@brainpicker) tweeted at 5:02 PM on Sun, Jul 02, 2017:
“Attention, taken to its highest degree, is the same thing as prayer. It presupposes faith and love.” Weil, forever

Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.