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via Dave Gray (also: anatomy of social network; liminal thinking; et al)

intro ing school of possible (via dave on fb):


The School of the Possible is a self-funded, fully independent research and development lab.

Update: A few people have asked how the School of the Possible is different from Singularity University. That question is answered here.

Singularity University focuses on finding the Singularity, and the School of the Possible focuses on finding the Synchronicity.

let’s go w this sync.. ie: as it could be

lab of possible (via dave on fb):

The first School of the Possible lab page describes the research agenda of the school as well as our approach and our findings to date:


The Lab of the Possible is the research and development arm of the School of the Possible.

We measure success by the number of ideas which we can successfully grow into labs, expeditions, and platforms

Our goal is to have a page in our lab for as many ideas as possible.

how about we just facil 7bn curiosities .. everyday.. let’s sync that..

as it could be..

ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way


what you can do today to heal this broken world


But this experiment is important enough that I need as many people as possible to try this one..t

imagine an experiment 7bn people are already craving to try.. imagine that sync

I noticed that all of science, or a lot of it, and the entire industrial world, and the whole industrial platform, relies for its foundation on some basic assumptions which are quite dubious and can be flipped…I mean, once you see these assumptions for what they are, and you really start to notice them and ask questions about them, you realize that not only are these assumptions highly unlikely to be true, they are arrogant as all hell and they are easily shown to be false, simply by observing them carefully with non-industrial eyes.

disturbed ecosystem.. black science of people.. dear dave.. this includes anything that is measuring transactions.. because ie: 10 day care ness

the experiment: Imagine for a minute that the universe is conscious, and it is made up of all living things, which are also conscious, and that the consciousness of the universe has a purpose, a small flip of a very few assumption, a whole alternative world with a whole different set of rules and laws open up.

aka: undisturbed ecosystem

We can’t even figure out how to design experiments to demonstrate its (consciousness) existence.

perhaps one using self-talk as data

A more intelligent assumption would be that consciousness is something that we have not yet learned to *measure from the outside, we can only know that we have it because we can experience it from the inside

measuring.. is part of the disturbance..

And language as defined by linguists is too narrow for our work. To grow worlds language needs to be a tool that can be adjusted and modified. If we are to build worlds, we need to think of language as open-source code we can use to give more possible facts a chance to become actual fact. New words are often necessary…And so, if we want to create new worlds, we must be ready to invent new versions of language, because language is a kind of world-growing code.

this is why idio-jargon matters

 We can let the world choose from a giant catalog of possible worlds, and we are, right now, manifesting a global network of possibility thinkers and world-growers.

why from a catalog.. that’s too pkg deal ish for what we’re capable of today (as it could be).. let’s just go off 7bn daily curiosities

so many people seem to walk around in that kind of hypnotized sleepwalking daze that the synchronicity these days seems to manifesting in the popular mind as zombies, wandering aimlessly and always mentally off somewhere other than where we actually are.

wilde not us law

The Universe is pure purpose and consciousness, the enemy of entropy, expanding and unfolding and mysterious and incomprehensible and not only vast but getting vaster faster and faster!

i believe entropy is a very positive/needed part of the universe.. and we’re missing it

That theory is based on a lot of noticing and wondering and if you start noticing and wondering yourself and performing your own personal idiosyncratic experiments

exactly – detox (notice dream connect do) as detox.. via self talk as data.. to idiosyncratically get at our basic needs.. aka: eudaimoniative surplus

We can test this together by experiment, but I think there is only that one assumption you have to change. One small assumption. Everything is conscious. And it will change your perspective of the world altogether.

holmgren indigenous law

The problem boils down to this. There are too many us’s and too many them’s.

thurman interconnectedness law.. and binary ness

There can be only only one us, and there can be only one them.

one ness via discrimination as equity

a strategy to win and level-up to level two, or whatever number you want based on how you decide to count levels. ..a game that pits level two humans against level one humans, I am confident we will win. We just need to get enough people to decide to join the game.

why winning..?  isn’t that still us and them ness..? what we need is a game/life.. that everyone already wants to play/join..which means it has to be deep/simple/open enough for 7bn to resonate ie: short/bit

(on may 4) ..what would be the best day of the year for Possibility Day

holiday ness.. oy

I am not old old, but I’m getting older, and if I am lucky enough to leave a legacy, I want to leave a legacy that’s fun, and playful, and includes everyone who wants to be there, that has room for everyone to have fun and be playful.

then don’t go part\ial Dave.. for (blank)’s sake

To win, we need a way to redraw the lines in your mind between good and evil, so not only you, but everyone in the world, has perfect clarity about where they stand and what they need to do

winning ness is a disturbance..and thinking about lines of good and evil is a distraction.. actually it’s irrelevant..

and.. i don’t know the star wars story.. we can’t assume something man made is known by all.. there’s something deeper that is already in each heart.. just needs uncovering.. that’s our best best for sync..

And we can do this, but we can’t do it by telling people what they ought to do or what side to be on. Their own response to this complex dilemma *must come from a place deep inside them.

*exactly.. but better yet.. not a response.. a re set..  (and not one about winning)

That compass is called your purpose, and if you want to be part of growing a new and better world, it is job one.

but everyone is not as free (luxurt law et al) as you and i dave.. that begs we do this first: free art\ists

And I’m doing everything in my power to make sure it’s a beautiful mind.

can you hear me..? that’s the biggest problem.. no..? we need a mech to hear every voice.. not just some.. has to be all of us

Remember. There can only be one good team and only one evil team.

gotta go deeper man.. do you want some to play a fun game..? or do you want global equity (everyone getting a go everyday)..?

So really, people, we have to spend less time and energy on the little games and more time and energy on the big game, the infinite game. We must put purpose first.

agree.. go deeper man

The beauty of this line is that you can easily determine which team you are on

let’s try daily tribes.. via daily curiosity..

We need to be committed and activated because it doesn’t run on money. You can’t quit your day job.

you have to quit your day job/money.. that’s the only way we’ll all be us..

And this document is the declaration of independence.

see.. we need a declaration of interdependence..

Most people have seen Star Wars, but some people haven’t. On May 4th, if you can, find someone who hasn’t seen Star Wars and make sure they see it. Because you don’t want to be alive in 2018 and miss out on a key that could possibly unlock a higher level of human consciousness! Do you? No way anyone should miss that.

it’s got to be simpler/more-equitable than that.. the story/narrative/movie.. has got to be one that is already in each one of us

 It’s a pretty neat trick. You notice, and you wonder.

let’s do this w 7bn people.. ie: 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..

Notice and wonder out loud, because Jedi are all around you and they are all listening

that’s one of the biggest kickers.. we can’t hear.. that’s why we need a mech to listen.. and ground the chaos of all that wondering and noticing..

not going to get a global movement.. which you need for the sync our interconnectedness craves.. unless it’s via no training/prep (ie: like reading your 63 minutes posts/strategies/rules/organization/..).. it’s got to be simple/accessible enough for 7bn today ie: 3 shipables

let go

aziz let go lawas if the organization of daily life needed a name, a website, and an English-language spokesperson to exist


dave fb share w/in convo:

Because the School of the Possible is actually a network of purpose-driven individuals, the hierarchy works in the opposite way.

listening in opp way: as it could be

When a person puts up a lab page they are declaring an intention to explore an idea for making the world better. This includes developing a research program and collecting evidence to support your idea. The research program frames your life’s passion project as a research lab where you can start marketing your idea and gathering people with similar or shared purpose around your lab.

imagine doing that every day.. w all of us.. sans research programs and evidence and marketing your idea et al

The lab owner can change goals if they want at any time. But the lab is yours, it remains yours, and nobody can tell you how to run it or what to do.

but in a subtle way.. having them come to your lab page/site.. and asking them for their research program and marketing.. is telling them how to run it..  why not just gather daily curiosities as data.. and facil that.. rather than requiring all the other assumptions

aziz let go law

the great thing about our labs is that you don’t have to quit your day job to join. It’s as simple as sitting down and answering a few questions in order to articulate your life’s purpose in clean scientific language.

we need (and now we can) to let go of the day job.. it’s killing us


in fb convo i suggested self talk as data (unless the tech helps you find the people.. perhaps we’ve just been focusing on the wrong ‘talking’ .. perhaps the talking has to be to/with yourself first.. everyday.. ie: what am i curious about.. say it’s building a treehouse.. the tech could then find those other people so you could do that.. today)

Dave’s response:

And I think I have a recipe for exactly this. What do you think of this:

‪Here’s a recipe that, if you actually try it, is also a vote for the future that you want. Part of the vote is also a promise that you are ready to work to help manifest the future world that you want to see.‬

‪Here is the recipe


We need to begin by getting the attention of the right people.

to be sustainable.. i think the focus needs to be more on.. 7bn people focusing their attention on ie: eudaimonia.. because: energy and alive ness matter most..

“How would you go about creating a purposeful social network without any money in the foundations?”

you can do that small scale..  but it won’t get to global equity.. and certainly not fast enough.. so i’ve come to this conclusion.. short bp

When people start to talk about purpose and action, they need to hear a vision for why it matters and they will need a next step.

this is huge.. unless the vision .. and mattering.. comes from within each person.. each day.. it won’t last.. and it certainly won’t be our best.. it won’t be that undisturbed ecosystem.. that needs no money

I want people who are sick of the talk and want to start doing something to come together and start making the future instead of thinking we can all sit around and talk it into existence.

i’d say our bigger/deeper problem has to do w listening.. rather than doing.. i mean.. we’re all doing so much already.. (kierkegaard busy ness law).. and that’s a big part of the problem.. doing more of the wrong things.. or rather/even.. the good.. but just not the ones that matter .. which is huge if we’re looking for sustaining global equity.. it has to matter to each person.. everyday..

so perhaps it’s more about the right kind of 2 convos

as it could be


bits from fb convo – api

Dave: If you have a purpose that you care about, why would you not want to join a purpose-driven social network? [..] I don’t need people to join a social network at all. I just need a standard api that I can use to access people through a purpose lens. It’s a sales channel and a support channel that I’m trying to open.

Robert Scoble: LeRoy yeah there is that, too. Most people have no idea what an API is. And I know what it is but it has nothing to do with being human. Is a way for software to talk to other software.

Dave:  in this case it’s an api for humans, not software, written in human language

begs the language be idio-jargon

a bit later in diff thread of same convo:

Dave: Brenda, Kim, all I want from you is one page that describes what you are doing and why, who can help you and who you can help. There’s nothing after that you have to do. 

that’s already too much for most people.. 1\ too many strings/hoops/longevity (what if it changes tomorrow)..  but probably even more relevant in answering your frustration.. 2\ most people don’t really know that thing (they may know a thing.. but most likely it’s not their thing/eudaimonia) .. even if it’s just for today.. hence the necessity of a detox embed

This is the minimum information I need to connect you to the network I’ve been growing my whole life. I’m not asking for anything beyond something that should be an important and enjoyable exercise.

yes.. in an undisturbed ecosystem.. we are way beyond that

[your offer is very generous.. just .. in my opinion.. not what we need.. it’s not enough]

I just need a page with what you want and I will promote your purpose not only within the network but to all of my customers and readers and fans.

I’m offering all my promotional capacity and in exchange asking not for money or anything other than a document that will give me the info I need to promote you.

I have to say I’m puzzled by people’s reluctance to put their purpose into a medium post. I thought it would be a no brainer for most purpose-driven people.

and back to another thread.. same post..

Dave:  I think I’m just going to do this the old fashioned way, engaging one person at a time and doing it through conversation. That’s been the only thing that has really worked so far.

that’s cool.. but it won’t get us to global equity.. which is what we have the means for today.. (as it could be)

then start of a new thread.. same convo/post:


Correcting some misconceptions:

1. I am not trying to change anyone’s mind about what their purpose is. *I just want to promote it for them. The reason for this is because the fact that they have a purpose is all that matters to me. This is related to a trust that I have in the universe that many don’t share.

what if it changes everyday..?

trust in the universe.. huge.. but i think it has to do with an undisturbed ecosystem..

2. To achieve what? Better clarity and understanding of all these purposes. Your purpose is potential energy that can fuel our future but as long as your purpose is isolated, it’s a candle. We don’t need a thousand candles right now, we need to connect them so they can become a more purposeful force.

Why does everyone think they can win this on their own?

i truly don’t think that’s the issue..

This is what I’m thinking. (join or die.. image)

wow.. do hope we can f2f

new post same convo:

Dave: You do realize, my dear busy friends, and I know you do have ideas, but do you realize that you have spent more time and energy explaining to me why you’re too busy to make a purpose page than you would have spent *simply making a purpose page?

I mean, I’m grateful for your attention and I thank you for answering my questions.

But is talking to me really more important than telling the world what you want and why, offering your help, and asking for the help you need?

1\ *deeper than that.. ie: more strings if you’re promoting everyone.. ie: explaining to you takes less time than explaining to everyone of your promotees.. (this all has a lot to do costello screen service law)

2\ is telling you the same as telling the world..? what hasn’t been done yet.. is a means.. for everyone to be a part.. which is what we need most..


d moved convo to twitter.. so will be adding some tweets here:

@xchixm @UsefulArts @RonColeman @gregorylent Yes, agreed. I am spending my brain power exploring alternatives that are more oriented toward making existing systems obsolete by designing and prototyping systems that simply work better.

Inspired by #buckminsterfuller #biomimicry #empiricalmethod #complexitytheory

Original Tweet:

yeah that..  let’s do that.. short bp might knock out most existing systems.. getting us back to an undisturbed ecosystem..


all this heavy emphasis on purpose.. while i’m reading Krishnamurti‘s total freedom.. ie:


such ideas (purpose) and ends have become merely a haven of refuge .. you begin to use these ideal to measure your experiences..

the very inquiry into the purpose of life indicates the lack of intelligence in the present; and the man who is fully active – not lost in activities, as most americans are, but fully active, intelligently, emotionally, fully alive – has fulfilled himself. therefore the inquiry into an end is futile… you want to arrive at that perfect evasion which you call ideas at that perfect refuge which you call the purpose of life, which is but an s escape from the present turmoil


back to tweets

We don’t need money to invent the government we want. People don’t need money to self-govern, any more than beavers need money to build dams. It’s what we do.

So why are we letting an abstract concept like money, a fiction, stop us from creating the government that we want, now?

Original Tweet:

moneyless ness via short bp

If you don’t have purpose and meaning in your life, you have a hole inside you that you try to fill with other things that give you temporary pleasure, but when that fades you find yourself deeper in the hole.

Discover your purpose and it will nourish you


Original Tweet:

from my gut.. and from Krishnamurti‘s total freedom et al.. perhaps better (more humane) than purpose.. is curiosity..

again.. this piece seems vital.. that it’s a daily (hourly.. spontaneous) awareness/aliveness energy.. not from answering someone else’s questions.. or reading .. talking to someone else.. but from asking your own questions.. having your own self-talk  .. in your own language/way.. as the fresh.. getting a go ness.. everyday..

imagine a govt: cure ios city.. sans money

@RealBradZ #blockchain is brilliant!

#inoticed that blockchain seems very wasteful when it comes to energy.

#iwonder if we could invent a trusted ledger system that doesn’t cost the planet so much fuel?


Original Tweet:

imagine the energy saved if we disengaged from thinking we need a trusted ledger (a book or other collection of financial accounts of a particular type) system

@RealBradZ #Blockchain is fascinating!

#inoticed that it expends a great deal of energy to create a trusted distributed ledger system.

#iwonder if there is a more energy-efficient way to do the same thing.


Original Tweet:

notice dream ness

and to the energy.. best energy efficiency would be if 7bn people were free.. let’s trust that


Dave Gray (@davegray) tweeted at 6:55 PM on Fri, Aug 10, 2018:
Some interesting labs going up at the #SchoolofthePossible
Check them out!