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  • I believe this use of shiny developed on the Colorado College campus, and have no idea if it has reached beyond that. It started out being used to mean “distracting in a good way,” its definition has now expanded to include “very good.” It is often used in place of other slang words like “cool.”

    I didn’t get my work done because I was distracted by all kinds of shiny people.

    • See more words with the same meaning: good, okay, cool, awesome, fun.

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oooh shiny:

It is used to (meanly) describe people with ADHD because they get frequently distracted. If your question was something that was spazzy or something, they could be making fun of you.

oooh shiny:

It’s an expression used to imply that you are easily distracted by something. Example: A little boy is walking down the sidewalk, talking to his friend. He suddenly stops in mid-sentence and totally forgets what he is saying because he sees a new shiny toy train in a store window. “Ooh, shiny!” he says. He has completely forgotten what was going on because he was distracted by the shiny object.
People use this expression also as a joke to indicate that they have ADD or something of the sort and are easily distracted. My sister in law would say as a joke, “Hey, where can I find a spoon? I need….Ooh, shiny!” and look around as if totally distracted.
personal dip/dive..
we need to stop letting shiny distract us from equity.
so – perhaps (big perhaps – it’s just the thinking in my head right now) the last 5 years has been me intensely playing catch up… to/with/for the thing i can’t not do. which means..
listening.. to why we’re so messed up. why we’re not better off.. as a people. as an equitable humanity.
perhaps my 10,000 ish hrs have been focused on practicing/iterating a different sort of (musical) scale.
scales w words
a scale about a quiet/sustainable revolution.
i see so many amazing people, with so many amazing attempts/intentions/actions.. and i keep asking/iterating/prototyping..  why hasn’t the world changed faster/yet/more .. and why are things not become more equitable/sustainable…?
ie: i’ve been asking over and over..
scale as song
.. ok – so that’s cool – why didn’t it work/sustain/endure/change things up.. enough/more..
and over and over (as i’m sure everyone has seen before/along with me – yes i’m slow) it seems the shiny (good and/or bad) thing always wins.

we lose our way.. because of the shiny thing.

we get so close.. and then… something shiny distracts us.

we get so far away.. that the shiny thing doesn’t even have to be shiny. (ie: common core. yeah. 20 yrs sure on that.)

i guess my perspective (as does yours) decides what’s shiny and what isn’t.
the thing is (warning – blatant assumption that we’ve found a narrative for 100% of humanity..)- i think –

everyone getting a go – matters most/first.

i’m thinking shiny will remain (distracting from good) shiny until/unless we all agree on something that matters to all of us – ie: a narrative for 100% of humanity – to wake us up, break us out of our frenzy.
assuming that deep down.. everyone wants everyone to have a go.. then we have tons of (distracting from good) shiny things out there. especially since today, we could turn this on a dime. it’s not like we need to continue the shiny (in the mean time) because change is so far off. 100% global change is no longer far off.. if we focus on just that.
if we indulge in this.. that we all want everyone to have a go… (distracting from good) shiny becomes… any talk/action that perpetuates perpetuation/waithood/status quo/what we’ve always done.

politics. policy. market. marketing. success. competition. reward. credential. diploma. achievement. gap. prep. training. earning a living. status quo. rules. the law. protection. character building. good.

these are all words that hint at (or blatantly blast) a potential of wandering away from the focus – of everyone getting a go.
we know too much now.. we have too many capabilities.. to perpetuate any more waithood… no?
something that’s better/better looking than what we have now.. may very well be our most ominous distraction.
perhaps we take a breath… decide what matters.. and get that thing done. what if we decide that people getting to decide everyday – is what matters. everyone getting a go – every day.
once we get to the place  .. where everyone is getting a go.. (and perhaps.. it will only take a very short time to get there if we all join in) ..shiny can be your path. you choose. every day.
the synchronicity of us.. being/listening to us.. could get us out of a blind shiny frenzy .. into shiny that feeds whimsy/curiosity.. and sustains the betterness our souls crave.
but we’ve got to dance better together for that to happen. no? just for a short while.. for a short/intense/focused while. perhaps we dance to the same song.. set ourselves free with one big thunderclap/movement/awareness..
the thing is.. while many of us are ok (for now) with being distracted by multiple levels of shiny, a lot of people don’t have a choice. we need to make this particular game.. fair. [none of us are free if one of us is chained ness]
equity everyone every day
maybe we redefine/awaken/unleash shiny..
shea the sun shines
Susan Cain (@susancain) tweeted at 6:14 AM – 4 Jan 2018 :

“I was what author Glennon Doyle would describe as shiny. She says, “You can either be shiny and admired or real and loved.” Being shiny means not being you. Shiny doesn’t last, or feel good, or matter. Loved is always the better bet.” @bemorewithless (