do whatever you want?

We can’t just have everyone doing whatever they want.

This is generally offered as a statement. Often as a rational, reliability-oriented, wise statement. But if you listen deeply, more often, it’s a question.

Our souls crave to do something that matters, hard work, that matters.. what we deeply want.

you can

[image: Keri Smith]

Yeah, it sounds crazy to us that are used to (pyramidically linear) structure and order. It’s hard to imagine that this could be realistic, let alone safe.

And yet…

Schools teach but a billionth of a percent of the knowledge in the world, yet we quibble endlessly about which billionth of a percent is important, and the order in which is should be presented.  – Seymour Papert

Perhaps the most risky thing we can do is play it safe.

safety addiction et al

Our county [larimer in colorado] is 6th in the nation in suicide rate. Every 9 days someone takes their life.

Globally, the current suicide rate is one every 40 seconds. Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death in 11-24 year olds.

The measure we are currently using toward success, the actions we are currently using to fix problems, even to determine which problems are problems, aren’t boding us well.                     – a be you book


don’t wait to be you.

the most rational thing to do is irrational art ..

..the thing you can’t not do.

The world is too big to know, and if we didn’t know that before, now we do.

You really can do whatever you want.

We think a user-friendly, gentle, practical, sustainable, thrivable way, might just be .. through redefining public education.

grit as sustainability. if i want.. ness

what do you want to do when you grow up – ness…


supposed to’s (are killing us) – Socrates

too much (suffocating us)


wasn’t einstein’s breakthrough for theory of relativity during the 2 yrs Princeton was shut down for..? 


ubi ness

Imagine the social progress and technological advances that would be possible if we could only free people to do the things that they love doing.

this is beyond ubi..  but ubi could be a temp placebo to getting us there.. where everyone has something else to do.. ie: gershenfeld sel

tech as it could be.. to undo our hierarchical listening ie: 2 convers as infra


howard thurman quote come alive


gaiman/degrasse whatever law

graeber min/max law

sinclair perpetuation law


follow your inner wiring – Emilie Wapnick


let’s try a nother way. we can’t not.