adding page while reading Rebecca Solnit‘s hope in the dark..

in particular..

ch 5 – a history of shadows

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the limelights there (onstage) are so bright tat they blind you to he shadowy spaces around you, make it hard to meet the gaze of the other people in the seats, to see the way out of the audience, into the aisles, backstage, outside, in the dark, where other powers are at work.

the idea behind representative democracy is that the audience is supposed to choose the actors, and the actors are quite literally supposed to speak for us…

no longer need this (rep democracy ness) .. today.. we can all act/speak/listen/choose… everyday..

democracy is too much about decision making.. love/interconnectedness is about curiosity

perhaps we have the tech capabilities (io dance ness) to redefine decision making.. disengage from consensus

be\cause public consensus always oppresses someone (s)

let’s not perpetuate efficiency of a mode/medium/means we no longer need.

perhaps we be brave enough to disengage from what’s irrelevant. from all the manufactured consent ness.. the voluntary compliance ness. perhaps we reimagine our broken feedback loop

a nother way

ie: hosting-life-bits via self-talk as data.. as the day..  [aka: not part\ial]


democracy now!

democracy os

democratic education

economic democracy (doc)

film and book by Astra Taylor: what is democracy and  democracy may not exist but will miss


from Fabiana thread may day 2017

CrankyPappy🥃 (@CrankyPappy) tweeted at 5:07 PM – 30 Apr 2017 :

Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts & murders itself. There never was a democracy that did not commit suicide.
~ John Adams (

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 5:18 PM – 30 Apr 2017 :

@CrankyPappy The only real democracy was in ancient Athens. These things that commit suicide are ponzi schemes where sociopaths game the “representation” (

Radoslav Sharapanov (@radogado) tweeted at 1:56 AM – 1 May 2017 :

@fabianacecin @CrankyPappy No it wasn’t. Slaves and women (85% of population) had no right to vote. (

Емил Nikolov 🎩 (@EmilKNikolov) tweeted at 9:55 PM – 30 Apr 2017 :

@fabianacecin actually democracy has never worked! It killed Socrates in ancient Athens. (

be\cause public consensus always oppresses someone (s)

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 7:09 AM – 1 May 2017 :

You can always say “System X doesn’t work because People.” No System will EVER “work” then by your definition of “work.” (

prior to now (but i’d suggest rather.. eudaimoniative surplus).. we now have means to facil all the voices/curiosities.. a nother way: hlb that io dance

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 7:10 AM – 1 May 2017 :

People will always do dumb shit. Social system, social organizational, “serious” games creation is about betterment. (

i think that’s less true than we think.. ie: sci of people ness.. but even so.. we can design for that and to dance with and so.. to diminish that..

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 7:10 AM – 1 May 2017 :

“Democracy killed Socrates!” “Democracy allowed for women not vote, slaves etc.” Well, ANY system you throw at a dumb culture does that. (

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 7:11 AM – 1 May 2017 :

Social systems are vehicles to help a culture heal itself and evolve. Either they hamper or help that process. They are heuristics. (

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 7:11 AM – 1 May 2017 :

Everything we have now is WORSE than actual Athens democracy. We bitch about “majority dictatorship” and reinforce minority dictatorship. (

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 7:12 AM – 1 May 2017 :

Here is the video. (

3 min – so.. go to a rep system.. but only those allowed to vote are..

4 min – toqueoville.. if have to choose between options.. wealthy will make theirs seem like only one

5 min – everyone so focused on right to vote.. forgot that reps.. can’t really rep.. end up with bosses instead of reps – rousseau

6 min – enter.. the pkg deal..

pdg deal

7 min – who gets to top.. the dull ones.. the ones who agree with everybody..

back to public consensus ness and supposed to’s

9 min – prior didn’t say democracy – said republican rep.. john adams: democracy will soon degenerate into anarchy.. democracy never last long

james madison: democracy incompatible with personal security and private property

key.. if being.. rather than having.. security and property irrelevant.. let’s design for that.. a nother way

10 min – word democracy not even mentioned once in constitution they wrote

human\e constitution ness

then said.. opp of rep govt is a democracy.. but called same..

so what is democracy

more from Fabiana on democracy

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 8:13 AM – 4 May 2017 :

Choosing actual democracy (i.e. “direct” democracy) is choosing to see what humanity as a whole wants to try out for itself. (

‘as a whole’ begs we go deep enough.. ie: something resonate with 7 bn today.. since we now have the means for that.. no more need for ie: consensus.. beyond ie: maté basic needs

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 8:12 AM – 4 May 2017 :

The absence of democracy means what we try out as societies is determined by a minority that can figure out how to get into power. (

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 8:11 AM – 4 May 2017 :

Majorities are displays of overwhelming desire to try out something. If most your brain cells want to eat a turd, you do. (

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 8:14 AM – 4 May 2017 :

The only way humans learn to govern themselves is if they can try it out and make mistakes. (

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 8:18 AM – 4 May 2017 :

Learning to self-govern requires daily decision-making–from all. If all people are not deciding on all issues around them… no democracy. (

daily is huge.. since we now have means to facil all the voices/curiosities.. a nother way: hlb that io dance

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 8:19 AM – 4 May 2017 :

Democracy (actual) is not in itself intended as a governance system. It is a meta-system intended for people to learn the next system. (

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 8:21 AM – 4 May 2017 :

The practice of the political ideal of democracy–learning to self-govern–is both manifest in and enabled by the ideal of Basic Income. (

not manifest in.. bi is tied to measuring things – we have to disengage from taht..

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 8:21 AM – 4 May 2017 :

Basic Income and Direct Democracy are closely linked. They are both meta-systems intended to enable unpredictable good things down the line. (

? not bi ..

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 8:22 AM – 4 May 2017 :

Meta-systems are things nobody gets. Forget about explaining this to people. They can only be demonstrated in practice. (

so.. we model..

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 8:24 AM – 4 May 2017 :

It is easy to wield, use Basic Income after it is deployed. It is a trivial points system. Using (Direct) Democracy is not so immediate. (

killer trivial pt system..


Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 8:25 AM – 4 May 2017 :

But were the conditions to exercise (Direct) Democracy present, the results would be far more astonishing than those of Basic Income. (

and.. bi is a cancer.. so.. let’s go w/conditions sans bi (or bi as temp placebo)

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 8:25 AM – 4 May 2017 :

In fact, that’s why Basic Income is the absolute first step. Basic Income IS the main enabler of the conditions for a (Direct) Democracy. (

as temp placebo

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 8:26 AM – 4 May 2017 :


as temp placebo

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 8:26 AM – 4 May 2017 :

Sorry for the caps. The insight jumped on my face and it startled me. (

perhaps like when i started to think .. we do need money (as temp placebo) to keep people from thinking about money/measuring

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 8:27 AM – 4 May 2017 :

Now I have to figure out the ordering between Basic Income and the ridiculous, cause-free insanity that is throwing people in cages. (



Harold Jarche (@hjarche) tweeted at 5:58 AM – 18 Oct 2017 :

governance, reflection, practice (

“Democracy is a market based decision making system. We need a network based decision making system now.”@JohnRobb

ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way


Ethan Zuckerman (@EthanZ) tweeted at 6:20 AM – 17 Oct 2018 :
“Remember: Democracy doesn’t mean majority rules. It means we all agree on the rules.” Ominous Vox piece on the implications of a US political system that seems tilted against one party: (

imagining 7bn agreeing to just 2 rules..  ie:  2 convos


databite 118 –

democracy is like.. chasing a (hoola) hoop.. you catch it before it falls over.. that’s the game.. always have to be by its side to keep it rolling.. democracy is the hoop.. it’s not like one generation did it and we all sit back and take pics.. we’ve all got to do it – Shoshana Zuboff @shoshanazuboff

resonating to everyone.. everyday.. but begs as the day.. or it won’t work

and.. democracy is too much about decision making.. interconnectedness/love.. is more about curiosity


eric and cathy on democracy and informed populace/citizenry

TED Talks (@TEDTalks) tweeted at 5:27 AM – 29 May 2019 :
“Democracy is one of the most faith-fueled human activities there is. Democracy works only when enough of us believe democracy works. It is at once a gamble and a miracle.” @ericpliu (

no.. love/interconnectedness is.. democracy is too much about decision making.. love/interconnectedness is about curiosity

comment to tweet:

Democracy can’t exist without an informed citizenry.

and then another tweet at time:

Cathy Davidson (@CathyNDavidson) tweeted at 5:30 AM – 29 May 2019 :
This should be something we do not need to say but we need to say it over and over. Corollary: there is not democracy without an informed populace. There is not success in life without curiosity, creativity, and an openness to learning. (

this is main reason democracy is killing us (and perpetuates by calling it a given.. ie: shouldn’t need to repeat)..  informed populace

love/interconnectedness trusts that all we need is already in us


requiem of american dream


iain (@iainzeno) tweeted at 6:10 AM – 9 Sep 2019 :
@TonyGreenstein @davidgraeber “any process of democratization, opening the floor to everyone, will necessarily mean a lot of angry people with no training are going to be placed in front of microphones. (This is the reason why few parallel scandals come out of the Tory side, despite the wider prevalence..)” (

you have to train for democracy.. red flag


Stephen Hurley Loves Radio! (@Stephen_Hurley) tweeted at 5:57 AM – 15 Feb 2020 :
Framing the current tensions in Ontario education as a type of PR war is insulting to those working in education AND to the public. This is not about winning the hearts of a malleable consumer. It’s about reclaiming the idea that public education is a vital organ of democracy. (

this is one reason why democracy ness unsettles me.. informed citizen ness et al.. perpetuating the supposed to’s/cancer.. of school/work