The only credentials/expertise we perhaps have (and keep seeking to have), .. we

quiet enough

[listening to our.. to each other‘s.. eudaimonia/fittingness.]


Fittingness, rather than fitting/getting in, as credential – how well your actions match your gifts, match who you are.

Which feeds into/out of and dances with – community.



via twitter convo – @rogre @willrich45 @hjarche Me too. Post-productive economy…… and art leisure…

It’s hard to shoehorn some of the most important things we do in life into the category of “being productive.


truman credit law:

It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit. — Harry Truman


what if – in the future/world (we all know is possible in our hearts), we are all so authentically ourselves/us that..

the only credential needed..

(to get in or join something or other or nothing) that you asked/want to join.

is that you decided that’s what you wanted to do.

what if that’s all we needed to know.

do you have a desire. (stand and deliver ness)

and are you ongoingly listening – to your/our song/curiosity/bent/whim.

that sounds crazy to us now.. but if we all felt that the world needed us to be us.. whatever that is.. when we do/be that thing.. any company/community that needed that thing.. would be wanting us. that person that is sold out to that thing that is needed – would be the most powerful/perfect fit. imagine 7 billion people that alive.

perhaps xmooc ness (drop out rate) is a transition to that. if we listen – that’s trying to tell us something. ie: that we are primed and ready for choice.

we need detox from assumed basics and toward permission to be us. toward permission/bravery to change our minds everyday.

perhaps the mooc drop out rate isn’t telling us how uncommitted we are. perhaps it’s telling us things more like – see – see all the people that are curious about things.. but that want to be able to have it be their choice (beyond finite set of choices). no strings attached.. no pkg deals.. ness. people are looking (desparately) for the freedom of that. even in the land of the free – we can smell a raised eyebrow in a few weeks/sessions/minutes.. no?

the dilemma of too many – trying to get into your business/college/community/whatever.. dies down. (as that’s part of the purpose of credentials no? to help narrow down who to let in.) right now – we’re telling people there is only one route.. so even if they don’t want to – too many people are trying to get in places specific places.

we really just need to stop that.

let things sift themselves out.

tech can help with that. tech can hasten the lag time of sifting. which is quite often what we fear most. no?

ie: hosting-life-bits via self-talk as data.. as the day [aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]


In the meantime, each year students have poured forth from universities, a clear, harmful case of education surrendered to credentialism. One wonders at the docility of the students who evidently must be satisfied enough with the credentials to be uncaring about the lack of education. Jane Jacobs



verifiability law .. unjustifiable strategy.. warning ness.. et al.. red flags



Wanting credentials, wanting confirmation, wanting approval … is a kind of aggression.


social credit


1/ If the primary purpose of school was education, the Internet should obsolete it. But school is mainly about credentialing.

schooling the world


Bill Fitzgerald (@funnymonkey) tweeted at 5:49 AM – 11 Dec 2019 :
If any part of you thinks that a blockchain for learning credentials is either needed or important, stop working in or near education. (

once we realize credentials are neither needed/important.. are cancerous to learning.. we’d all let go of education/teaching .. and jump back/into life


imagine if we tried a legit nother way