package deal


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package deal


: a group of people or things which must be accepted together

Full Definition of PACKAGE DEAL

1:  an offer or agreement involving a number of related items or one making acceptance of one item dependent on the acceptance of another
2:  the items offered in a package deal
adding page while re reading McKenzie Wark‘s a hacker manifesto.. the part on education – section 27:

27. Education is slavery, it enchains the mind and makes it a resource for class power. 

When the ruling class preaches the necessity of an education it invariably means an education in necessity.

Education is the organisation of knowledge within the constraints of scarcity. 


just huge.

Education ‘disciplines’ knowledge, segregating it into homogenous ‘fields’, presided over by suitably ‘qualified’ guardians charged with policing the representation of the field. 

the commodity of the pkg deal

why do we keep on not questioning.. the pkg deal..


even domain of one’s own is compromised by this idea of a pkg deal. it’s like getting a house.. your own house (domain) but .. not only are people telling you how you have to decorate it.. you have to pay for (and live/be happy with) those decorations..

great to have own domain.. but why do i have to include eng 201 and/or algebra 101 and/or whatever in it.. if it’s mine.

so it’s not mine. really. it’s a painting of me.. that you designed.

(like Peter‘s rousseau ness) – esp p 4 – the subtle ways (and in the name of seeking good) we bypass indiscriminate freedom..


spinach or rock ness

100% ness

partial freedom

red flags


oops – had grokking page for p’s un alphabetized.. missed original package deal

could fix into one – but leaving as a reminder.. this is one of wishes for app chip: organizing chaos better



John Holt on his vision of public education, personal development, and what a deschooled society would be like.

‘Learning, in short, comes in packages—..A strange procedure. ..more to do w/merchandising than with learning.’


from David Wengrow‘s what makes civilization:


what more then can be inferred about the institutions responsible for producing these accounts? clearly they were in a position to influence the flow of labour and resources between various sectors of the sumerian econ.. measurements/classifications.. indicated.. systems of quality control..  signs often depictions of ceramic containers in which they were stored/transported suggested that packaging had itself become a strong marker of id for finished products

pkg deal – even applies/d to humans