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“All the while it poses the questions of whether democracy is compatible with inequality and global financial systems and the boundaries of inclusion.” https://t.co/eRg8MPYYc9
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a: terrible things have happened in name of democracy

g (silvia): original meaning: the power/govt of the people

a: democracy .. invites us all to come together and ask this fundamental question – how do we all live

no invite (host et al)..? no need to consensus that..

g (eleni): good city is a just city.. plato – danger to that is wealth and poverty.. people follow any demagogue that would lead them to defeat the rich.. this society dismembered because of ineq

10 min – cornel on plato.. democracy cannot be majority rule.. plato’s challenge will never go away

11-18 – all about voting.. (as the essence of democracy)


18 min – blm – all about rights


21 min – g: we thought getting the vote was the key.. that going to school (integrated) was key.. and it’s not opening the door.. democracy doesn’t fell like this in my head.. debt, fear, prison.. et al

22 min – g (eleni): agora means get together.. denotes the meaning of democracy.. you have to redesign the political space.. a community of citizens.. we need to change the way we think..

indeed.. including citizens ness et al

22 – 28 on undocumenteds

that’s why citizens ness sucks the life out of us.. we need to rethink a world with everyone.. ie.. nationality: human

28 min – a: i struggled w making this the focus on the film.. but i kept coming back to it

29 min – g: great .. you’re a metaphor of all of it.. i think we keep coming back to it: captures idea of people governing selves..

yet.. we can’t let go enough

34 mi – silvia – rule of money has extended itself to every corner of the world

35 min – george: (i’ve come up w one question – who rules).. not the people.. the money rules

36 – 44 – on money .. and occupies/protests et al.. against money and those with money.. attacking people, democracy thru econ means

perhaps let’s try/code money (any form of measuring/accounting) as the planned obsolescence

ie: ubi as temp placebo.. (rather than continuing to fight/talk-about/let money continue to rule.. let’s just make it irrelevant)

45 – 48 – on healthcare.. let’s vote.. i think we should vote

49 min – silvia – all the men of power are the men of money/property.. here.. (pointing to mural on wall – italy) power is very physically accessible.. today.. we don’t even see the physicality of money.. s

property ness

51 min – a: power less visible.. if can’t id it .. harder time resisting it

53 min – g: on rousseaus’s paradox..have to produce thru ed.. the orientation toward governing in common.. *the thing that will make us free.. is not automatically there.. has to be brought about by the form.. how do you make democracy out of un democratic people.. that’s our problem to day

yeah.. it is .. that’s our problem.. thinking that it isn’t..

and so setting up hierarch to educate that into us (educated citizenry et al)

56 min – angela davis: we have to abolish rather than fix the system.. the system cannot be fixed.. not the democracy of the founding white fathers et al.. that remains the challenge

yes.. moten abolish law et al.. there’s a nother way

59 min – christian: we must all first agree that all lives have equal values.. i see an historical moment where we can leap together forward or we can go back..

indeed.. leap to a nother way.. where everyone gets a go everyday –

g: i just see.. who gets to be a citizen.. who gets mobility.. on the need to put something together brand new

1:00 – g: on violence (in miami) rishi: more trauma here than in a war zone.. g: i really believe trauma is a political disease.. when vast ineq worse for everyone

g: the proper answer is more in the middle and i don’t know what that is.. (a: what would you do).. spend more money on ed than on (wars)

1:05 – interviewing students.. a: could you imagine school another way.. where students had a set at the table.. g: my voice not really gonna change nothing.. it’s all about other people’s say.. better to go out.. do what you gotta do.. and get it over with

1:07 – if could change something in school: g: food.. the get together part (to decide) is good.. but if we get something.. we lose something else.. what you (teachers) say to us all the time is go to college and do what you love.. but you don’t even love what you do

1:11 – interviewing ex prisoners.. for so long been told.. i’m not worthy of human contact.. et al.. i guess that’s democracy.. when the judge gives you a hug.. i think problem w democracy is that people have to act it out.. ie: press buttons to agree.. you’ve got guys who are going to fight the system.. what we were fighting was we were not able to have library.. it used to be illegal for us to read.. maybe they’re trying to do that again

1:16 – cornel: on every system based on domination.. in all of these arbitrary boundaries shattered.. democratic movement is one that embraces all our bros/sisters.. all those folks have same value.. and that’s a very diff way of looking at the world

1:18 – silvia: on communities (of old) w no rule and no property..

1:21 – g (eleni – greece): on citizen ship.. and public officials.. by lot not by voting.. so that random including everybody.. this is the original meaning of democracy.. not elective rule.. anybody could rule

why do we need some to rule.. leadership ness is killing us

1:25 – interviewing people from syria (if you had power to fight for freedom what would you do) g: i’d get people out of camps.. open borders.. no exceptions

siddiqi border law .. constant line law .. et al

1:29 – g: kids not interested in learning english.. just wanted to hear stories (from growing up afghan/pakistan).. democracy in one word to me.. is justice.. rule.. for everyone.. no matter rich/poor.. problem is i was born in afghanistan.. and problem of anyone born in poor country..

1:31 – (a asking on justice) not freedom because freedom of what.. democracy does not mean freedom of everything.. it’s justice

1:32 – interviewing people from greece

1:33 – a: democracy makes this big political claim that everyone is included.. can democracy ever life up to that

g: i’m skeptical.. i think to have democracy.. there has to be a we.. can’t be universal.. and it has to be bounded.. we have to decide who is in/outside of that.. have to have a constituent we

that’s why we haven’t yet gotten to global equity.. 1\ we can’t let go of those bounds.. 2\ we haven’t yet found something deep enough to be able to let go of those bounds.. (ie: something that’s already in everyone of us)

1:35 – g:i think the answer is to go local enough so that we aren’t contesting (the global).. but dismantling the globalized ones

again.. we’ve tried that..  what we need is something that is both local/global enough.. that also dismantles.. by being for everyone.. we haven’t yet/ever tried something that is for everyone.. from the get go.. and w/o that.. the dance won’t dance.. (whatever you call it – i’d let go of the word democracy)

ie: an undisturbed ecosystem.. ‘in undisturbed ecosystems ..the average individual, species, or population, left to its own devices, behaves in ways that serve and stabilize the whole..’ –Dana Meadows

ie: a nother way.. with 2 convers as infra.. via tech as it could be..

1:39 – protesters at border: we are human .. open the borders

1:40 – a: it seems to me if democracy is going to work it demands a certain intellectual engagement.. wrestling w ideas/deliberation.. do you think people want to rule themselves

1:41 – cornel – is it not the case that most of the people fear freedom.. platos challenge to democracy.. how many people really want to be free.. james baldwin – not many.. most people.. tell me what to do.. i think it’s because we never provide theoretical evidence (that a nother way possible).. they point evidence (then describes tragedy of commons ness).. that’s what we’re up against in democracy.. we look foolish

that’s whales in sea world talking.. from all the cancer.. ie: supposed to’s.. of school/work.. tragedy ness

every soul craves freedom.. we’re just not listening deep enough

1:42 – silvia – whole area of life missing – very important to bring a feminist position..

rather.. needs to be all of us (non-binary us).. listened to .. every day.. as it could be..

1:44 – silvia: what are the conditions to ensure this capacity of self rule.. not from above.. always from below..

2 convers as infra.. ie: cure ios city


also by astra: democracy may not exist but will miss



democracy now!

democracy os

democratic education